A Visit to Grandmother's House

by Ann Douglas

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Finding a hidden compartment in the floor of her Grandmother's bedroom, Sally Liebowitz discovers a whole new side of the older woman's life

Sally Liebowitz hummed a tune as she walked down East 53rd st. It was a beautiful Friday afternoon and she was on her way to have dinner with her Grandmother. Actually she was several hours early for her usual Friday Dinner but it was such a beautiful spring afternoon she had skipped a boring lecture at the City University.

One of the conditions her parents had set when they agreed to let her move back into the city while she attended college, was that she check in with her grandmother at least once a week. Sally was sure that her parents were more concerned with Grandma Shirley keeping an eye on her rather than the other way around. Not that the 19 yr old minded. Shirley Klein was her favorite person in the whole world. If she hadn't been her Grandmother, Sally would've adopted her as such. All her life, Shirley had been the one to encourage her to reach out and grab all that life had to offer. The brunette smiled as she recalled Grandmother's favorite advice. "You can't just sit on your ass waiting for your ship to come in, you have to row out and meet it!"

She smiled at the doorman of Shirley's building as he opened the door for her. He assured her that her Grandmother was home and asked if she wanted to be announced.

"No thanks, Mr. Collins," Sally said. "I have my key. Grandmother usually takes a nap in the afternoon, I'd hate to wake her."

"Well, enjoy your visit." He replied.

As she entered the lobby, Sally could feel the gray haired doorman's eyes following her. Feeling a little frisky, she gave her ass a little wiggle. Might as well give the old man a little treat she mused to herself.

The long hair brunette liked to tweak the interest of the men she passed. 5'6" and 105 lbs, she had a figure that was more than pleasing to the male eye. The short sleeved yellow blouse and blue skirt completed the picture.

As the elevator rose to the 12th floor, Sally reached into her purse for her keys. Grandmother always told her, have your keys ready before you get out of the elevator. It's safer that way. Sometimes, Shirley Klein sounded like the proverbial Jewish Grandmother.

Exiting the elevator, Sally walked quickly to apt 12b and opened the door. The apartment was quiet as she entered, no television or radio on. Dropping her purse on the table, Sally was about to call out and then thought better of it. If she were napping, no sense waking her.

As was her habit, Sally took a minute to check out the latest addition to the photo gallery on the wall. Grandmother had been a professional photographer when she was young and still liked to spend at least a few days a month photographing the city. The gallery ranged from pictures of last weeks Memorial Day to a photo of her Grandparents and her father. Everyone said that Sally was almost the image of Shirley when she was a teenager, but Sally never really saw the resemblance. At least not in any picture she had ever seen. That was one thing she always found strange about the wall. There were dozens of photographs of every other member of the family, but almost none of her Grandmother. The great photographer was, she always claimed, camera shy. Reaching the end of the long wall of pictures, Sally decided she was thirsty.

Moving to the kitchen, she checked the fridge, only to find that there was no soda. Settling for juice, she poured herself a glass.

"I guess putting on the TV is out," Sally said to herself as she finished the glass and put it into the sink. "Maybe shouldn't have come so early after all."

A sudden noise from the direction of the bedroom startled the young woman. She quickly walked to the back bedroom and began to open the door.

"Gran..." Sally started to say, but the word froze in her throat as she looked into the room.

Stretched out on the bed, was her 62 yr old Grandmother - totally naked. Her legs stretched out in each direction, the dark haired woman was furiously pumping a large rubber dildo in and out of her gray haired pussy. Her eyes were tightly closed and a soft moaning could be heard from her lips. It was that which Sally had heard.

Sally's first impulse was to turn and gracefully exit. But she found herself transfixed by the image before her. In fact She found herself taking a good long look at her Grandmother. Shirley Klein may have gained a few pounds and wrinkles over the years, but she was still a good looking woman. Her hair may have been dyed, but that was her only vanity. She ignored the effects of time through a daily exercise program, one which helped keep her large breasts from sagging to the level of most women her age.

Shirley had, Sally noted, the largest nipples she had ever seen, surrounded by dark 2" circles. That was one thing she had always been secretly glad to have inherited from her father's side of the family. While Sally's mounds were no where near in her Grandmother's class, they were a definite improvement over the flat chested 32a's of both her Mother and her maternal Aunts.

Finally backing quietly out of the room, Sally quickly decided to leave the apartment and come back later. Grandmother would be really embarrassed if she knew her Granddaughter had seen her fucking herself. As she rode down the elevator, Sally couldn't get the image out of her mind. It was hard enough picturing her parents as sexual partners. Thinking of Grandmother Shirley as having sexual needs was near impossible.

"Well it's been thirty years since Grandfather died, you dummy!" She told herself. "Do you think she just turned off a switch at 32 and just forgot all about sex. You should be so lucky to still be getting off when you get to be her age."

Taking a long walk, Sally killed about two hours and found herself back at the building about five. This time she had Mr. Collins call ahead.

"Oh my Sally," Shirley called out as she met her at the apartment door. "I was afraid that you had forgotten your old Grandmother."

"You'll never be old, Grandma." Sally replied as she kissed her cheek.

"Can I get you a soda?" Shirley asked as she closed the door behind her.

"There isn't any sod..." Sally started to reply then caught herself. "I mean sure, anything you have is fine."

"It's going to have to be something really simple tonight, Sally." She said as she poured a glass of fruit juice. "Mrs. Silverstein called this afternoon and asked if I would go to the theater with her. Mr. Silverstein has to attend a business function. I hope you don't mind?"

"Of course not, Grandma." She replied as she took the glass of juice. "You go and enjoy yourself, I'll be fine. I'll just crash on the couch and watch a movie on cable."

"If you'd find yourself a nice boy you'd have a lot more interesting things to do on a Friday night than babysit your Grandmother." Shirley said as she set the table. "In fact Mrs. Weinsten over in apt. 11c was just telling me the other day about her nephew, Norman. He's an accountant, not much older than you."

"Lets not have that conversation again, Grandma." Sally said with a sigh. "I'll find my own boyfriends, in my own time."

"Suite yourself, Sally." Shirley continued as she followed the place settings with a casserole dish and began serving dinner. "But if you keep letting all these eligible young men go by, I might just grab one of them for myself."

Sally nearly choked on the juice at that remark. For a split second, she imagined her naked Grandmother lying in bed with a "nice young man."

That's a crazy idea, she quickly told herself. Playing with sex toys was one thing, but the idea of Shirley having a lover young enough to date Sally was totally ludicrous.

Yet all through dinner, Sally found herself wondering if Shirley did have a man in her life. Not some young stud of course, but someone more her own age. Knowing her Grandmother's zest for life, she couldn't believe she was settling for a piece of rubber.

No sooner had they cleared the dishes when the doorbell rang. Shirley said she'd get it, it must be Mrs. Silverstein. Sure enough it was.

Golda Silverstein was about 5 years younger than Shirley. They had become friends about twenty years before when Shirley had first moved into this building. She had light blonde hair, dyed of course, and was on her second face lift. Sally had always found her a little stuck up, but then again she was Grandmother's friend, not hers.

"Sally darling..." Golda gushed as she reached out for the girl and planted a wet kiss on her cheek. "It's been far too long."

"Hello, Mrs. Silverstein." Sally said in an unemotional tone.

"My you're growing into quite a young lady." She continued. "Pretty soon some young man is going to sweep you off your feet. In fact, My Grandson Sidney just graduated from Columbia and..."

"Sally prefers to meet her own young men, Golda." Shirley quickly interjected.

"Oh well..." Golda said, a little disappointed.

"Thanks..." Sally said under her breath to Shirley.

"We shouldn't be too late." Shirley said as the two older women headed for the door. "Be sure to make sure the door is locked behind us."

"I will." Sally said with a smile.

Sally waited at the door until the elevator doors closed behind the two women. Then she closed the door and locked it. After stepping away from the door, she hesitated for a second, then stepped back and rechecked the lock.

"Now she's got me doing it!" Sally said to herself as she laughed.

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