Babies Are Pink

by Cantbuymy

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Petting, Lactation, Pregnancy, Slow, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A man finds love when he is not looking for it.

Here I sit, overlooking the manicured grounds of my beautiful home, and watching the sun set in bright reds over low hills. The previous owner had taken out all the trees to the west so that I can see just the setting sun and nothing else to block its wonders.

My name is Frank De Quisto and I am a 39 year old bachelor. As you will see I am successful and I have never been married. My first priority is my family. I am the head of the family, I am the oldest male that is why, and I have all the money. No it is not a crime family. While I am not married I have brothers and sisters and they are all married. I learned early that blood was the most important thing, and my blood comes first. Our parents died in a car accident fifteen years before and as the eldest it fell to me to keep the family together. There is noting I would not do for my family. I would kill for them or die for them; either choice was open to me. I would not allow our blood to be shed if there was any way on this earth I could prevent it. Maybe that is why I am not married, I am the head of the family and it falls to me to protect it and them. Not just my brothers and sisters but their mates, their children and even their grandchildren when the time comes.

I am reasonably fit, running daily and doing some gym work, which thanks to some good investments, it is in my house. I am content, but something appears to be missing; but you can't have everything.

I bought this grand home and all of its land at a fire sale. Some dot com went under after building this and I picked it up for ten cents on the dollar. Then he left and never came back. It was the last piece of property he had in his own name free and clear and he took my million and split. I had to deal with some of his angry creditors but there was no lien on the property and no mortgage.

The home is six thousand square feet, all on one level. There is a huge flat roof top that provided an even better view of the estate than at ground level, which also has a great sunset view, and every day at sunset I would go up and watch the world go to sleep. It had a 4 foot clear plastic wind brake all around as well as some tables with umbrellas and chairs. I had a special place where I sat and had a drink during the evening show.

Well there were some problems I had to deal with. There were the servants who had not been paid in months. I paid them and gave them two weeks severance pay and told them to go away, I did not need servants. And then there were a bunch of small contractors and workmen he owed money to, and I brought them all in for a Saturday meeting and we talked about everything. I ordered in pizza and those long sandwiches and all the other stuff men like. I even had their wives and children show up. For them I had more refined food, like lasagna, and some other stuff my sisters told me to get. There was pop corn and ice cream and snow cones and I had lots of toys for them to play with. You know those bouncy things the kids get in and get all wet and tired in but they can't bounce out of. I also brought in swings and clowns, and a guy that did magic. These were little people, not big contractors, who had advanced money for supplies and had payrolls themselves. I wanted to give them and their families a nice day.

I used a wall of whiteboards in the great room and wrote down everything so everyone could see what I was doing. The mothers looked in from the outside to see what was going on. This place had glass walls that went 40 feet so from the patio it was easy to see in. The place had intercoms so I turned them on so they could hear too.

Looks like the dot com had a problem with truth. He sold before any mechanics liens were filed and I could just blow them off, bad karma, if you believe in that shit. There was one guy who thought he was slick and tried to pad the bill and some of the others said that it was bull shit and I could see that without them telling me but I appreciated the heads up.

I understood their positions, I had been there before and at 39 I could be there again. So at the end of the day I paid everyone off. They were surprised how I did it because I did it with debit cards. I had set up a number of accounts with my company name and had debit cards issued under that name with a sub name of the contractor. Then I gave the cards to each person after I funded that particular account on the spot. I paid out over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars that Saturday.

They did not have to wait for a check to clear; they could just use the cards and start buying. I also gave them the password for that account and they could go on line change the password, and transfer the money directly into their own account. At the end of a three month period any money not spent would be sent to them in a cashiers check and the accounts would be automatically closed.

It was a great system and it saved everyone time and money. I should know how great it was, I developed it, sold it to a bunch of large multi billion dollar corporations and they used it for payroll and other things and that is why I could buy this place, I was rolling in bucks. Everyone wanted to use the system. Me and my computer system were happy.

By the end of the day everyone was paid in full. Well sort of. The wife was invited in at the final time to approve the deal, and to a wife, they all accepted the debit card for their husbands. They understood the fact that their men had to lift heavy weights and work hard and they would not be required to strain themselves carrying that card around. Everyone left smiling, even the kids, I had gifts for everyone.

I now had a big beautiful empty house and most of the value was in land. Acres and acres of prime land suitable for building Mc Mansions, or condo's or anything, it was already zoned. I decided to keep it as it was. I brought in a cleaning crew once a month and they cleaned the rooms I never used. A house keeper came in twice a week and cleaned the part I did use, did the laundry, things like that. I cooked my own meals and washed my own dishes.

I had all the women money could buy. You name it I had it. They all loved me, really they did, and they all told me so. They would not have pissed on me if I was on fire if I did not have money.

My life consisted of protected sex, work and more work. The sex stunk, but it was better that right hand and left hand sex. No one stayed they left before dawn, that was the rule. I would even have transport ready for them.

Yes I did have family. Brothers, sisters, in laws, nieces and nephews and they all worked with me. I liked having them around. They were not there when I woke up, or when I went to sleep. We did not make breakfast together or wash dishes and there was no silly banter around the kitchen table like I remember from my youth.

One day there was a knock at the door. I opened it and saw a little girl there. She was 4 foot 11, about 110 pounds, long brown hair, hazel eyes, and a cute round face. She was about thirty. "Can I help you?" I politely asked. After this happy greeting she responded with, "You can bring in my bags asshole!" and she walked in right past me. She did have a very cute southern accent though. Well at least this was something interesting in my life. I had just finished my run, taken a shower and was ready for a day of work in the home office when entertainment showed up.

Dutiful as always, I picked up the bags and followed her into my house, looking around carefully to insure that it really was my home. It sure looked like my home. I followed her into the great room which was inside the front door and set the bags down as she dropped onto the couch, obviously tired. Her clothes had that traveled in look but were not dirty. She was wearing Levi's and a long sleeve button down shirt. Yes it was a shirt, not a blouse.

"You have me at a disadvantage" I said and just as I finished she stood and yelled, "You at a disadvantage you asshole, remember Natchez?" Before I could answer she yelled "bathroom, morning sickness" and followed where I pointed to and began talking to God through the porcelain megaphone.

"Oups" this is not good I thought. I headed for the kitchen and hit speed dial. Five minutes or so later Maggie came out of the bathroom and via the closed circuit system I directed her to the kitchen. I was just finishing my last "You heard me" as she came in.

"Maggie I am sorry, you just caught me by surprise. I had my head where the "sun don't shine", I'm managing to get it all the way out now, so my ears are available for listening. What do you want me to do?" I was not really stupid and I fully understood the ramifications of "morning sickness."

As I said this I was finishing pouring some 7up into a glass. "Sip this it will help settle your stomach." Then I poured some OJ as well as some milk and coffee. I also gave her a piece of dry toast. She gave me a funny look until I told her that I was making breakfast and this toast was just to help settle her stomach and get it better.

I had this container of Polenta out and she asked what it was. "Grits to you" I said, and she smiled. I can cook that she said and got up to help. As we started to take out everything for breakfast I went right to the point.

"Maggie, what do you want?" I finally asked. Her mood changed and she looked down at the ground, she body gave a few little shakes and she started crying. I went to her, men are programmed to do that, and taking her in my arms asked again, softly this time, "Maggie, what do you want? Just tell me Maggie."

The damn broke and through her sobs she told me. "I don't want to be alone, and I don't want to be afraid, I don't want to be ashamed."

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