Encountering the Energists
Chapter 1: The Flame

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Science Fiction, Oral Sex, Squirting, Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story, science fiction romantic story, science fiction alien story

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Flame - Mike's life was perfect until it suddenly wasn't. Did it really end badly for him and his fiance Kaleigh? What eventually happens to them? An energy based alien species claimed him to aid them in their evolutionary process. You will need to read 'Before the Energists' to fully comprehend all aspects of this story.

6:13:38pm, February 14, 2003

In a state of pure peace, Kaleigh and my ‘essences’ watched from a bird’s eye view as my earthly body was utterly destroyed in our car crash. When we saw that her physical body was basically unharmed and slightly moving within her Maxima, her spirit turned to me and thought, “Am I still alive in the car?”

As I was forming a reply in my mind, we were instantly taken off and carried across a space so beautiful and colorful that it overtook our mind’s ability to comprehend. Before we lost our ability to think, both Kaleigh and I shared a feeling of ‘true love’, even though we couldn’t communicate with each other. During this brief time, I wondered if this deep feeling was our pathway to heaven. Neither of us had a chance to formulate an answer as we lost consciousness on our journey to where ever.

When our essences awoke or came to, Kaleigh and I were, for a lack of proper words, face to face with nearly pure energy beings. The first thing we heard was their answer to my last thought on our journey. They said, “This is not what you, Nevins would call heaven.”

Kaleigh’s spirit turned to me and said, “It’s definitely not what I pictured hell to be like though.” Even as we were in some strangely beautiful place, Kaleigh’s fearlessness came through in her initial words to me and them.

“We are, to use terms you can understand, called Energists. We are evolving from our completely pure energy and knowledge state of being into physical/mass based beings such as you humans. Even though we have all the knowledge and capabilities to control energy, we as a species, again using your terms, are in dire need of the knowledge you possess regarding how to live and learn in a physical realm of existence.” As their leader or spokesperson finished sharing that with Kaleigh and me, all of us materialized into recognizable human like forms. Kaleigh and I were our ‘old selves’ again, and the Energists appeared as humanoid creatures.

Similar to Kaleigh’s earlier show of strength, I fearlessly asked these strange Energists, “Where are we now, if this is not our heaven or hell? When we die or perish, we believe that our spirits and souls are immediately transported by our God to spend all eternity either with Him in heaven or completely separated from Him in hell.”

“We have ‘claimed’ you, Nevins and brought you, Plyer to our home or space-time continuum where our energy based essences have lived for an unknown time. We are in what you would call an alternate universe. It is here where we have our greatest control and power, and that is why we have brought you here to help us. We have conducted studies and had interactions with others of your kind who were also claimed. However, they were of limited value to our quest for the required knowledge to function in a physical world.”

“You were responsible for KILLING three of my friends on that road?” Kaleigh raged at the Energists. I reached over to take a hold of her as she was as angry as I had ever seen her. Not knowing what they would do to her or us if we didn’t behave appropriately, I attempted to settle Kaleigh down and find out what kind of ‘sticky-wicket’ we were currently in.

“Most of those claimed in the crashes on that road weren’t of great use to us. They were either teenagers or infants as you call small humans, or were not educated enough with limited knowledge or experiences in how to master complex actions in a physical realm of existence. Because these claimed people couldn’t provide the needed information to guide us into the future, we Energists did not ‘feel’ obligated to compensate them beyond allowing them to journey on to their afterlife destination.”

Listening to them explain why they claimed or killed various people on Hwy 216 and how they then allowed those poor people to journey onto their ‘afterlife’, I asked, “You claimed - killed a young woman named Danielle Smithson a few weeks ago. Was she allowed to journey on to what we call heaven?”

“Yes, please tell us that she has gone onto heaven or so help me, I will guarantee you won’t make any transition or evolution into a ‘whatever’ you hope to become!” Kaleigh fired off with pure venom in her voice.

The Energists acted without any undue alarm at Kaleigh’s threat and calmly replied to our questions and angry statements. “If that was her belief, which it strongly appeared to be as we studied her, then yes, Smithson has journeyed to your heaven. In addition, this young lady was much more helpful to us then all the others combined. Smithson was the human who directed us to both of you.”

Kaleigh and I looked at each other with shock and confusion. Kaleigh sternly asked, “How did my friend help you claim or kill us? She would never ever put another person in harm’s way or help you to claim anyone, especially us, as you just said.”

“First, we have only claimed Nevins as our assistant. Plyer, you will be returned to your former world at the appropriate time. Now to address your questions, we learned from our initial examination of Smithson’s knowledge base that both of you would be ideal helpers or teachers for us as we evolve into our new physical existence. Smithson informed us, quite unknowingly or involuntarily, if that helps with your present state of mind, that Nevins was a skilled instructor of humans in physical movements and decision-making. Based on this, Nevins is a near perfect match for the areas we require the most assistance with as we transition to our new state of being. Plyer, as an accomplished student of Nevins, would have been an acceptable helper to us as well. While you are younger and more vigorous, we have learned from our studies of various physical species through the universes that a wise, skilled teacher will be a more valuable asset to us than the less experienced student.”

Kaleigh and I both looked at each other with confusion on our faces. Why did they take both of us then if they only needed one of us, me obviously, to assist or help them with their evolutionary journey? The Energists analyzed our thoughts and eliminated them from our minds for the time being. A quick energy tracer from them focused both our minds back on what they wished to share with us.

The Energists then explained how they acquired a good bit of useful information about Plyer and me from Smithson. They learned our travel schedules, where we lived and when we traveled to and from our various domiciles, and our regular daily or weekly activities.

The key piece of information was the Valentine’s Day dinner and show, which Smithson postulated had the greatest likelihood for one or both of us to be on Hwy 216. With there being a tight time constraint in getting to Kaleigh’s church, the Energists assumed we would be more inclined to take that shorter and faster route to that destination. Thus, the Energists predicted that to be their most opportune time to claim one or both of us. All this information from Smithson greatly aided the Energists in being much more selective in their claiming process.

The Energists told us they were befuddled because we used a different route on most of our journeys between Tuscaloosa and Kaleigh’s family community. They asked us why we changed our habitual travel routines, and took another less direct or desirable route after Smithson’s death. Kaleigh told them that we were greatly saddened by Dani’s death and didn’t want to be reminded of that awful event as we drove past that accident site. While I listened to her reply, I noticed that the Energists were actively absorbing and integrating our experiences to acquire a more complete picture of their future physical world existence.

As the Energists hypothesized, our Valentine’s Day trip to Hepzibah was the first time we used Hwy 216 to get to the Plyer’s community. As this was the Energists only physical portal to our world, they took full advantage of this opportunity. Prior to claiming me and bringing Kaleigh, the Energists related how they learned that simply blinding a human driver was not enough to ensure their desired result. They explained how they almost ‘claimed’ Nevins/me by pure randomness on that icy Sunday morning as I journeyed to Hepzibah Baptist Church for the first time. After that unsuccessful attempt, they studied our vehicle systems to gain all the required knowledge to take full control over them to ensure success in their future claiming process.

Additionally, the Energists were surprised by how well a human, who just happened to be me, maintained control of a vehicle under such severe weather conditions, while physically blinded by them. The Energists knew that if a human could master and counter all those ‘negative’ physical complications, then a similarly knowledgeable human would be ideal for assisting them on their evolutionary journey. I smiled as they basically complimented me on my driving prowess. I then explained that they were unsuccessful because I accessed my prior memories, which subconsciously kept me from using or ‘locking’ my brakes as my car slipped on that icy curve. The Energists were digesting my story details like a spider does with a moth’s juices as they adjusted their knowledge on how previous physical memories or events could influence present or future physical actions.

I then told the Energists that I felt something, a strange presence, during that near accident, and the Energists acknowledged to us that we both were able to feel their presence on several occasions due to their physical entrance into our universe. When they ventured into our world, Kaleigh and I were able to sense their targeted focus on us as they analyzed our brain waves and memory networks. Kaleigh and I both recalled several experiences where we felt their presence, especially the time or two we traveled by their corporeal portal (the crash sites on Hwy 216) into our physical universe.

The Energists finished up their discussion about Smithson by telling us, “Based on this knowledge we gleaned from Smithson, we decided to recompense Smithson by granting several of her final desires before she journeyed to her final destination. Before you ask, we Energists could not undo the physical trauma done to her body after we acquired the needed knowledge. Therefore, we agreed to these few requests from your friend, Smithson.”

Kaleigh and I were amazed that these unique energy beings would display or grant some type of gratitude to someone who was just ‘claimed’ or considered expendable. The Energists read those thoughts and said, “We are not without ‘heart’ as you would call it. We only did what we had to do for the survival of our kind. The other humans did not provide any real help, so we didn’t, how would you say this, ‘feel obligated’ to offer them compensation. Smithson on the other hand, provided us with valuable knowledge, which led us to you. Thus, we ‘felt’ the need to repay her in some small manner.”

Again, we were initially surprised at their mindset regarding claiming or killing, and then at their later remuneration for services rendered. Kaleigh and I both came to the realization that we would do exactly what the Energists had done, if our family, country or species long term survival was at stake. We both recalled numerous examples within human history where our people had killed numerous others for the long term betterment of society. The use of atomic bombs in Japan was the first to enter my mind, while Kaleigh accessed a ‘Star Trek’ movie as her reference point. I inwardly smiled as she recreated Spock’s death, which saved the Enterprise for the betterment of numerous others.

As Kaleigh and I refocused back on the Energists, we sensed their appreciation of our slowly altered perception of their actions with Smithson and the other claimants. Then they naturally focused our minds again on what they did for Smithson by saying, “First, we allowed Smithson’s spirit essence to visit you and help you prepare for this event.”

My new body reacted with a combination of amusement and bewilderment at hearing that, so I asked, “Was that Dani I heard talking from or through Kaleigh’s body yesterday?”

“Yes it was,” was their simple reply.

“How come I don’t remember that?” Kaleigh queried our new hosts. I recognized the change in Kaleigh’s attitude toward the Energists. In her mind, they now had become our hosts instead of our claimers or killers.

“The only way to allow Smithson’s essence to communicate with you in your physical world was for Plyer’s cognitive processing to be temporarily shut down. This prevented her encoding and recall processes of that event.” I nodded at hearing their explanation because they used terms I was very familiar with and taught to my students. I later learned that the Energists tried to use words, phrases or terminologies, which I was familiar with to help with our soon to be intertwined communication.

Kaleigh slowly assembled the gist of their words, and when she integrated them with the knowledge I taught to her in classes, she accepted the fact that she wasn’t physically able to communicate with or experience Dani’s presence at that time. “That is why I didn’t remember saying those words to you when you bizarrely asked me what I said last night.”

I smiled at Kaleigh as she pondered the moment that Dani came to visit with us. Then she shockingly said, “What was it that you said to me, about, about what ‘Dani’ said to you? I’m beginning to understand and accept that we - you aren’t coming back to our home but uh, you told me I, er ... Dani said something about you leaving me and MY BABIES?”

I was just about to say something on that, when the Energists once again refocused both of us on their agenda and told us they would explain all that to us shortly. They then continued, “As a second reward to Smithson, we agreed to only claim one of you for our teacher or guide to our new existence. That is the reason why we decided to spare Plyer’s earthly life by protecting her physical body within a cocoon like shell during that major vehicle wreck.

When the Energists allowed Kaleigh to completely comprehend their plan to keep me and send her back, she vigorously protested and tried to explain why she was the better choice for their task. As she attempted to make her case, she soon realized she had a losing hand in comparison to what I could provide the Energists and her emotional resources nearly bottomed out. I wondered why the Energists had allowed Kaleigh to have full access to her human memories and emotions right now which I knew would have her on a path of complete despair.

I had to use all my cognitive energy and emotional abilities to settle Kaleigh down, and get her to reluctantly accept their choice. Kaleigh, with my help, soon realized I was the better choice for this unfortunate task, and that there was no way I would let them keep her over me if they allowed us any say in that decision.

Even after she accepted their decision, Kaleigh’s mixed emotional reaction to this event; pure love for me and unqualified hatred for them, shocked the Energists beyond their comprehension. They thought she would be immensely relieved to be the person left behind and alive. The Energists, in all their universal travels, did not recognize or understand our concept of sacrificial love, which created those mixed emotions within Kaleigh and to some extent, me. As I comforted Kaleigh, I subconsciously explained to the Energists how humans, if they truly love or care about others, would often willingly sacrifice their own life for them, especially with a family member or a true loved one.

When the Energists related this sacrificial concept to the major religious belief in our part of the world, Kaleigh slowly and with great anguish, explained that a good number of humans believe that Jesus sacrificially gave His human body, His blood to repay everyone’s sin debt. Then true believers in Jesus would receive His Father’s free gift of eternal life with Them in heaven. When Kaleigh asked if the Energists believed in or knew of our God or other gods, they simply refused to get involved in that type of philosophical dialogue.

However both of us recalled the Energists saying they allowed their other ‘claimed’ humans to go to whatever end of life existence they held true. Kaleigh and I looked at each other and both took their words or lack of them as knowing that Dani was now with our God in heaven. When the Energists didn’t refute or eliminate those thought processes, we took that as additional proof, even though we really didn’t need the Energists’ confirmation, for our Christian belief.

With a figurative snap of their fingers, the Energists easily changed the discussion to their desired topic. They shared that they learned the true meaning of human love from Smithson. When Kaleigh asked what they learned from Danielle, the Energists said that if a person truly loved someone, he or she would be emotionally devastated at any sudden loss of that person. Then they related that Smithson forcefully exclaimed that we were ABSOLUTELY in love with each other and were meant to be together here on earth.

Based on Smithson’s request to spare Kaleigh’s life and by understanding the absolutely devastating impact losing me would have on her, the Energists decided to bring her here for a very short period of human time, which I later learned was between 4 and 6 seconds. The Energists explained to us that they had and were going to additionally enhance her psyche by granting us the perfect outcome of true human love. They related that they hoped this still unknown gift to Kaleigh would serve as a partial solace for utterly tearing our love apart to ensure their own survival.

Kaleigh and I still didn’t comprehend the meaning of their previous words, so the Energists told us that they imparted a small portion of their unique energy into us on that Sunday morning after Smithson’s funeral. When we both instantly recalled feeling something unique that morning as we made love, the Energists said that was their gift to us, which would enhance Plyer’s psyche and allow her to continue on with her human life without me there with her.

We were both still confused as to the complete nature of this gift. Neither of us felt enhanced in any special way at the moment beyond the awesome pleasure we experienced that morning. Wanting to see just how cognitively sophisticated we humans were, the Energists then gave us a clue by saying Plyer experienced the first ‘human sign’ of their gift this morning when she got out of bed. They told us that same physical sign occurred again while she was at work around 7:30am. I obviously was in the dark on that event.

While I was still confused by their clues or signs, Kaleigh’s cognitive and emotional essence immediately reacted with unadulterated joy as she deduced the nature of their gift to us, and more specifically to her. She turned towards me and said, “I’m pregnant with your child. God Mike, they helped us, me, oooh God, I’m gonna have your child!”

The Energists allowed us to bask and rejoice in that incredible news before they confirmed that Kaleigh was indeed pregnant. Just when we thought they couldn’t top that news, the Energists surprised us even more when they said we were only partially correct about this gift to Kaleigh. When I explained that this was the perfect gift and we didn’t need anything else, the Energists ‘laughed’ and informed us that Plyer was not going to have just one child but twins, a male and a female child. We looked into each other’s eyes and literally cried at hearing this incredible news.

The Energists were suddenly confused again as they recognized our extreme joy filled emotional response to their unbelievable gift. However they couldn’t fathom our apparent sadness or the presence of physical tears at the same time. After allowing us ‘time’ to gain control over ourselves, the Energists asked why we had that physical response to such apparently good news.

“Human and other physical creatures can react with similar responses to very different emotional situations. We have learned how to interpret the true meaning of these responses based on the context or situation in which they are generated. Tears can be associated with sadness, like at Dani’s funeral services, or they can signify great joy or relief. Those tears you just saw from us were joyful tears, mixed with a sense of relief on my part,” I said to the Energists.

“What is relief? And how were you able to mix those two together in one physical response?” they queried me.

“I felt relief, a lessening of concern or worry, because I am now confident that Kaleigh has a new purpose or goal in life, and will go on living it because of the children she is now carrying. I was concerned for her mental state of health, as she has experienced a lot of major mental trauma in her short lifetime.” The Energists quickly let us know they now understood that new concept.

“I am able to combine emotions together because we, humans are just able to do that. Do you recall Kaleigh feeling love for me and hatred towards you earlier? We humans don’t understand how we’re able to combine or integrate various emotions together at the same time; we just have learned how to do that and hopefully respond in an appropriate or socially acceptable manner to those mixed emotions.”

“Very good Nevins. This is further proof or confirmation that you are the perfect choice to assist us on our transitional journey. In addition, we ‘heard you question’ us earlier as to why we brought Plyer here, if we only needed Nevins to help us. That is indeed a fair question and we are now ready to answer it. We brought Plyer here with you, so we could ensure she was completely enhanced to overcome her upcoming earthly situation. If we did not inform her in a controlled manner why you were chosen to help us, combined with the sudden knowledge of her pending motherhood, we genuinely think she could have succumbed to those tremendous stressful situations.”

Both Kaleigh and I internalized what the Energists just said and showed them our appreciation for their thoughtfulness in caring for Kaleigh.

The Energists acknowledged our emotions and said, “We are not ‘cold hearted killers’ as you initially thought of us. We do not wish to harm you or your people. We have caused only the minimum human suffering necessary to increase the chances of our long term survival. That is the only reason we have claimed other humans. In addition, our desire to do no unneeded harm is why we honored Smithson’s requests and why we are compensating you, Ms. Kaleigh Plyer for the upcoming loss of your human companion, Dr. Michael Nevins from your life.”

This was the first time they addressed us by our full names and we both took that as semi-convincing proof of their benevolence towards humans. When I focused my attention back on Kaleigh, I could see that she wasn’t just physically stronger than 90% of human females, but that her spirit was also reenergized and her mind was suddenly sharp as a tack. The Energists confirmed that they had completely enhanced her in every way possible to overcome any situation she had to deal with upon her return to our previous lifeline.

The Energists said that they now had a better understanding of the conflicting emotions Kaleigh and I showed when we learned that I was going to be ‘claimed’ and she was going to be returned to her former life. The Energists also showed that they were somewhat proud of themselves for performing this ‘well-received’ action. The Energists then asked us to try to understand their position and their dire need for my expertise. When they recognized a small sign of our cognitive or mental acceptance of their unique situation, they correctly surmised it as a sign of mutual respect.

In addition, because I had already proven my worth to them in this brief ‘moment of time’ and would be their essential partner on their evolutionary journey, the Energists agreed to give us a few final moments together before they had to return Kaleigh and her enhanced essence back to her human body. Kaleigh, while currently heartbroken at knowing I wasn’t going to be returned with her, used my complete exhilaration and pure delight in knowing I was going to be a father for the first time with her to put on a brave face for me. We kissed for what I hoped was an infinite amount of time here in the Energists’ universe.

As we separated, Kaleigh said she would take perfect care of herself and of our two children. She said they would know everything about their father, and his family in Canada. She additionally said our kids would become the best children ever: academically physically emotionally and spiritually. I told her I knew she would be an awesome mom, and that our parents would do anything to help her with our kids.

When I asked her to please name our son after me, she said she would do me one better than that. Kaleigh told me she was going to name our boy Michael and our girl Micheline, with all their last names being Plyer-Nevins. I glowed with as much joy as any expectant father has ever displayed. I hugged her quickly and said, “I love you beyond time and space. I hope you know some part of me will always be with you.”

Then I took her hands in mine and I told her with all the love and sincerity I possessed. I then said she should give love another chance, should some awesome guy enter into her and our children’s lives.

Kaleigh smiled at me, shook her beautiful blonde hair and said, “No one could ever make me feel like I did with you during our too brief time together. I’m sure if I even tried to give some guy a chance, he would always fall far short of what you and I experienced. You should know me well enough that if I can’t experience that kind of love again, I sure won’t settle for anything less.”

I smiled and shook my head in begrudging acknowledgement of Kaleigh’s answer to my request. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose by adding, “At least promise me you’ll consider another gentleman should the perfect prince fall into your lap.”

My beautiful expectant fiancé dropped her head down some and softly replied, “I won’t rule out a true prince charming should that person overcome the infinitesimally small odds of existing AND then have him fall into my lap like you did.” Then as she looked back up at me, her smile expressed a mix of joy and trepidation as she confidently said, “As I recall, your favorite Cheaptrick song is The Flame, and I can easily see how it perfectly addresses this exact situation and this moment.”

Then with perfect pitch and clarity, I heard Kaleigh’s miraculously sweet voice, along with Robin, Rick, Tom and Bunny’s instruments in my head. That song was indeed perfect as Kaleigh sang,

Another night slowly closes in, and it feels so lonely. Touching heat, freezing on my skin, I pretend you still hold me. I’m going crazy, I’m losing sleep. I’m in too far; I’m in way too deep over you ... I can’t believe you’re gone. You were the first, you’ll be the last. Where ever you go, I’ll be with you. Whatever you want, I’ll give it to you. Whenever you need someone, to lay your heart and head upon. Remember after the fire, after all the rain, I will be the flame ... I WILL BE THE FLAME!

After I heard her sing that verse, the music stopped and she simply said, “You WERE the first and I honestly believe with all my heart, you’ll be the LAST too. Now do you understand why I told you I highly doubt there will be another prince charming out there for me? Your favorite beautiful song was astoundingly meant for you and me, right at this unfortunate moment in time.” I wiped the tears from my eyes as I remarkably felt the same feeling that Kaleigh conveyed in that song and in her words.

The Energists then reentered our personal space and allowed us to merge our two separate essences together one final time. We both experienced that same incredible sensation as on that Sunday morning when the Energists imparted some of their energy into us and helped us created two new lives within Kaleigh. Before we separated, we said we’d never forget each other and that our love we had would remain strong, linking us forever.

As Kaleigh slowly moved away from me, the Energists allowed her to access all my relevant memories which they believed she would need to successfully live out her former life. For example, Kaleigh now knew where I ‘hid’ our birthday videotapes and DVD, how to take care of my saltwater aquarium. More importantly she discovered how I would like my funeral services to be carried out, and the best ways to deal with my family as they certainly would have strong opinions and beliefs on how to carry out their youngest son’s final arrangements.

As we continually professed our undying love for each other, the Energists’ incredible energy field enveloped her and we were finally and with finality separated in both our physical and now ‘spiritual’ realms. I recalled a line from the final song she sang to me, ‘I can’t believe you’re gone.’ Those words pierced my heart like a double sided dagger as I felt completely isolated from the love of my life.

A deep sadness overwhelmed me as I watched Kaleigh’s life essence fade from my ‘sight’ as she was carried back to her physical body in her mangled Maxima. The Energists decided to mercifully carry my essence in another ball of their incredible energy, which allowed me to see that she was indeed safely back in her physical body. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw Kaleigh open the passenger door at 6:13:44pm, 6 seconds after we were whisked away by the Energists. As she walked guardedly away from that crumpled car, I fully believed the Energists were going to keep their promises to Kaleigh and me.

Surprisingly to me, the Energists asked if I would like to observe Plyer, her family and friends, plus my family’s interactions from now until my family departed Alabama for their home in Canada. I started to give them my astonished affirmative reply when they said, “We have learned what a rhetorical question is from you. You do not need to answer it as we already surmised your response.” I swore I saw a smile on the Energists’ physical faces. “We Energists are able to delay your duties to us for several of your earth days. As you may well have learned by now, we are not bound by these earthly time constraints in our universe at this moment in our history.”

In my overjoyed state, all I could say to them was a simple heartfelt, “Thank you.” I was also glad that my emotions cleared up as events were beginning to happen quickly around the crash site and I wanted an alert mind to analyze what was happening around my beloved Kaleigh.

In a little over a minute of earth time, several people had stopped along the road and were sliding or shuffling down the ravine to help Kaleigh as she searched for a way up the steep, jagged bank. When a big stocky guy said he was going to check on the driver, I heard Kaleigh say, “Please don’t, my uh, my Mike is dead. You don’t want to see how he looks right now. I uh, I just know he’s alive here in me, within our twins now.” Kaleigh rubbed her hands over her still rock solid stomach as she felt a part of my Energist enshrouded essence merge within her and the twins’ three week old bodies.

I heard the burly guy’s wife say, “Oh God bless you child. I’m so sorry that your husband didn’t make it. Here, let me help you up this hill.”

Kaleigh smiled through her surprisingly slight pain and sadness, and replied, “Mike, he was my fiancé, and we both just found out a few minutes, uh, a couple of seconds ago really, that I was having his twins. I’m keeping his essence within me and our babies. He was just claimed by the Energists and he’s going to help them transition into humanoid-like beings.”

I looked at the Energists when I heard her say that, and they told me that these people wouldn’t think twice about what she said. These people would interpret her words as just some crazy ramblings of a shocked, scared, and grief stricken girl. The Energists then said that Plyer’s knowledge of them and my ‘mission’ with them would fade as soon as she was placed within the soon arriving medical transport.

The Energists explained that it would be too cognitively taxing for Plyer to keep her memories of them and this event. Plus, they said they didn’t want her to be considered ‘mentally unstable’ should she continue to share, and rightfully insist that this extraordinary ‘out of this universe’ experience really happened. The Energists assured me that Kaleigh would keep all her memories of me, and would recall what we shared here together regarding her twin babies, but would not retain any long term comprehension of the Energists or their reasoning for ‘claiming’ me. The Energists’ plans for her safe reintegration into my old world made sense to me and I let them know I appreciated their concern for her long term health and wellness.

After I saw the fire, rescue, and police personnel arrive, I heard the fire chief tell a state trooper, “We just received word at 4:45pm today from ALDOT that they were finally funding the extra strong steel guard rails, which we’ve requested to protect drivers from these three deadly curves on this accused stretch of road.”

The trooper smirked and halfheartedly said, “It’s a damn shame that those rails weren’t there for that poor bastard in that mangled car. At least he didn’t suffer based on the look of that car cabin. Speaking of that car’s cabin, can you belief the absolute miracle here, which kept that beautiful blonde there from being killed or seriously hurt down there? Heck, looking at her, she doesn’t really have any injuries, just a scratch on her arm from a piece of flying glass.”

“Yeah Gordon, she must be part feline because that wreck definitely used up all nine of her lives in that crash,” the fire chief replied. The trooper laughed out at the chief’s comment, which drew the ire of his partner.

With a sharp, “Guys!” the female trooper suddenly nodded her head towards Kaleigh who was resting outside the rear of the waiting ambulance.

“Sorry Alisha, ma’am. We were just amazed that you made it through that wreck.” The fire chief offered his soft apology towards the tall, lean trooper and to Kaleigh, as he walked by them on his way towards the steep passage way down into the ravine.

I saw Kaleigh smile at the fire chief and mouth, “Humor in situations like this is OK with me. However, it wasn’t a nine lives type thing that saved me. They just didn’t need both of us.”

The female trooper and the head EMT looked incredulously at Kaleigh before they talked with her as she rested on the gurney at the rear of the ambulance. Kaleigh told them it simply wasn’t her time to die because she wasn’t needed by the energy beings. She haltingly related how they were satisfied with just claiming her fiancé. The trooper jotted down a few notes on who I was and how to get a hold of my next-of-kin, as well as her recollection of what had happened prior to her car being driven off the road. Both the trooper and the EMT basically dismissed Kaleigh’s accurate, yet fanciful representation of the event as a consequence of her trauma.

Kaleigh repeated her story to the other EMTs there but they too dismissed her words. Just as they were about to lift her into the ambulance, Steven and Tammy Plyer, Jim and Deni Timdal and Andy and Wanda Bush arrived on the scene. They rushed over to Kaleigh and her crying parents hugged her tight for about 30 seconds.

Jim Tindal clasped her hand and asked if she was alright. Kaleigh replied, “I’m Ok. I just, oh God, Mike didn’t make it but uh, I know he’s still alive out there with them ... I have some of him here with me too.” She once again touched her stomach as she related how I was still with or within her.

“We all have a piece of him with us Ply-baby,” Andy said to Kaleigh as he and Wanda rubbed her legs as she laid on the gurney. “He was a good man, especially for you.”

“No, you don’t understand,” Kaleigh cried out. “Mike is gone from this world but he’s helping those energy beings who also took Dani and the others from these crash sites. They didn’t need both of us, so that is why I’m back here now.”

“It’s Ok Kaleigh. We know you miss him,” her mother said with a calming voice. Both Tammy and Deni rubbed her arms as Kaleigh struggled to get up to make her point. “Just try and relax baby. We’ll get through this together.”

“No, no! Oh Lord, help them to understand what I’m saying!” Kaleigh cried out with anguish, which the others took as grieve caused despair.

“Jim, please say a prayer here to help Kaleigh right now,” Deni Timdal asked of her husband, who was looking down at the firemen as they worked on getting my lifeless body extracted from the mangled Maxima.

Jim turned around and placed his right hand on Kaleigh’s stomach and his left hand on Steven’s shoulder. He called on the Holy Spirit to come and enshroud Kaleigh and everyone there who knew me with a covering of His amazing peace after this tragic event. Kaleigh closed her eyes and respectfully listened to her Pastor’s prayer. Surprisingly she didn’t try to clarify or argue with them about what had happened after Jim finished his prayer.

When the EMTs said they were transporting her onto DCH (Druid City Hospital) in Tuscaloosa, Tammy said she wanted her taken to UAB hospital instead. After the EMTs lifted Kaleigh into the ambulance, she slowly and mercifully lost all memories of the Energists and my mission with them as they said she would.

Kaleigh was at UAB’s hospital with her mom and dad and the Bushs, when she started to respond in a more normal grief-stricken and shocked manner. The doctor who examined her said she came through this accident with no discernible injuries and was handling the psychological aspects of this event very well. The female doctor still told Tammy and Steven to keep a close eye on her as airbag deployment often cause concussions, which were often tricky to diagnose and could negatively express themself at a later time.

Kaleigh told everyone there when questioned by the tall female state trooper that her car’s steering and brakes appeared to fail as we approached the descending curve, and that I did everything possible to keep control of the car prior to the crash. I was happy to observe that Kaleigh didn’t recall us being blinded by that intense bright light.

After the trooper questioned Kaleigh and left the room, Steven Plyer stepped out with her to discuss her initial findings of this accident. Kaleigh then nonchalantly asked the doctor to give her a pregnancy test and to possibly perform an internal examine if it was confirmed she was pregnant. Everyone there was shocked at hearing her strange medical request. Kaleigh calmly told everyone there that she just knew she was pregnant, possibly with twins.

When the results came back positive, the female doctor asked everyone but her nurse to leave the room as she performed a simple OB-GYN and an ultrasound exam on Kaleigh. When she announced that there were no apparent injuries to her uterus or the fetal tissue in her womb, Kaleigh finally relaxed and treasured those memories, which the Energists allowed her to retain.

Kaleigh then informed the doctor and nurse that she had her yearly OB-GYN appointment scheduled for next Tuesday at Brookwood Hospital. The doctor strongly recommended that she keep it, regardless of her mental state. Kaleigh assured her she would do whatever it took to give these two children the best care and growth environment possible.

The nurse smiled and helped Kaleigh back into her clothes. She then stated, “I wish all expectant moms would have that attitude. Too many don’t focus on their baby’s welfare.” As Kaleigh slipped on her Fitness for Boomers jacket, the nurse said, “We’re getting you a prenatal vitamin package ready. The instructions are pretty straight forward.” Kaleigh smiled at the nurse and said she appreciated her care and concern for her health.

The older nurse was somewhat mystified at Kaleigh’s upbeat attitude at this tragic time. As she helped her into the wheelchair, the nurse said, “We’re sorry for your loss, but stay strong for your child or children.” Then after a short period of silence, the nurse asked, “Do you really think you’re going to have twins?”

“Yes, I just know, I feel like, uh I’m having a boy and a girl. And trust me; I’ll be strong for them as I’ve already made a promise to my babies’ father that I would be the best mother ever for our children.”

Just then her parents and the Bushs reentered the room and told Kaleigh they’d get her home. They all thanked the doctor and nurses for their help with Kaleigh. As they wheeled Kaleigh out of the emergency room, she surprisingly wished all the medical personnel there a belated Happy Valentine’s Day. It was now ten-past-midnight, February 15th, 2003.

The Energists definitely did a good job of eliminating all unneeded knowledge of their presence and their involvement in the crash from Kaleigh’s memories. I was very appreciative of this and let those feelings be known to them. Once again, the Energists incorporated all the scenes being played out before them through my ‘human responses and emotions’. It was during this time that I learned the Energists needed complete access to my neural networks to glean the exact pieces of information required to formulate their new and unique knowledge representations of these everyday physical situations.

Random Dates/Times after my Death

Before I began my earnest task of teaching the Energists, they let me observe several key moments in Kaleigh’s earthly life. In addition, when I was no longer able to observe her, they informed me of other important events in her life, as I was instructing them on how to become a physical being in a physical world.

I was informed by the Energists that Kaleigh’s car was found to have negligent steering and braking failures. The Energists also shared with me that Steven Plyer’s law firm had investigated and prepared a huge lawsuit against the auto dealership and the mechanic who performed the negligent routine maintenance on Kaleigh’s Maxima on Wednesday, February 12th. The Energists told me that this mechanic was indeed incompetent and that four other serious accidents were directly attributed to his shoddy work. In addition, this dealership knew he was incompetent, yet still allowed him to work on their customers’ vehicles.

On December 4th, 2003 (earthly time didn’t exist within our current location) I learned that Kaleigh, her five week old twins, and my parents were awarded a tidy sum of money when the dealership settled with them in an out of court agreement. In addition, that dealership was forced to close as the parties from the four other accidents also settled with the dealership at that time, which caused their insurance company to totally rescind their business coverage.

Four days later, the ‘piss-poor’ mechanic pled guilty to seven counts of criminally negligent assault for his role in causing several serious injuries. Kaleigh, with my parents’ consent, convinced her father and the district attorney not to pursue a charge of criminally negligent homicide against the mechanic for my death, as she somehow felt he was being punished enough for his actions. The mechanic was sentenced to two years less a day in state prison and was placed on seven years of probation for his deeds.

I asked the Energists if they helped Kaleigh realize the mechanic wasn’t completely at fault for our accident. They just physically smiled and imperceptibly nodded their heads in response to my question. I chuckled at their simple response for two reasons. First, I easily discerned their answer from their smiles, which led to the second reason for my bemusement. The Energists correctly demonstrated that they were learning the appropriate use of simple physical responses to communicate with other physical beings. To me, that was a huge leap in their transition, as I recalled how hard it was for children and young adults to pick up and recognize the nuances required for proper non-verbal communications.

It was a huge relief for me knowing that Kaleigh, Michael and Micheline, her newborn babies would be financially set for life, regardless of how her Fitness for Boomers club(s) fared long term. The Energists quickly comprehended that sense of relief in me as they were rapidly acquiring new skills and techniques that would aid them as they prepared for their ultimate transition into physical beings.

Tuesday morning, February 18, 2003

It was during my funeral arrangements that I observed Kaleigh and her family’s interactions with my Canadian family. They grew surprisingly close together as they dealt with all the issues surrounding my death and funeral. I was semi-concerned that my Irish-Catholic mother and my other family members would be somewhat ‘pig-headed’ when it came to accepting Kaleigh, and her family due to our relatively short relationship.

When I watched Kaleigh show our early morning proposal videotape to both our parents and siblings at the Plyer’s mansion, I slightly shuddered as I wasn’t sure how they would react to seeing Kaleigh in all her bosomy glory. However, the Energists informed me that they ‘edited’ the videotape in such a way that Plyer could share it with them or anyone without the embarrassment of having her breasts on such prominent display. In addition, they also told me they maintained an original copy of that proposal event for Plyer’s own private or semi-private viewing enjoyment.

As everyone watched this videotape on the day before my funeral at Hepzibah Baptist Church, my Canadian family came to the belief that I loved Kaleigh with all my heart. My family, especially my mom and my sister, then fully committed themselves to accepting Kaleigh, her family and her future children into the Nevins’ family unit. My sister Mary even agreed to accompany Kaleigh on her visit to the OB-GYN later that afternoon.

Tuesday afternoon, February 18, 2003

Both sets of parents plus my brother Joe, a Catholic priest, and Pastor Timdal worked out the final details on my pending funeral as Kaleigh and my sister were at her doctor’s appointment in Birmingham, AL. Surprisingly, my stanch Catholic family didn’t have but one objection or more appropriately, on addition to what Kaleigh, and Pastor Jim had planned for my funeral service.

My brother requested to have the Lord’s Supper as part of my service. Pastor Jim respectfully asked, “Would you like to have the full Catholic communion ritual for any of your Catholic relatives or friends? I’m sure I can get with Reverend O’Malley at St. Aloysius in Bessemer to get whatever supplies you need for your communion ritual.” I was impressed by the graciousness and tact shown by Jim Timdal towards my priestly brother and parents.

Somewhat surprisingly, my brother graciously said, “Thank you for that offer Jim. However, I think it would be best to use your non-Catholic ritual as it would allow anyone who wanted to partake in the Lord’s Supper that opportunity. Performing the Catholic or both communion rituals, might uh, raise unneeded ‘religious’ issues or discussions, which aren’t appropriate at this time. I know we agree that the point behind the Lord’s Supper is to show our gratitude for Jesus’ life and His sacrificial death for all mankind’s salvation. It’s not a Catholic or Baptist or any Christian denomination thing, it’s simply a true Christian believer act of worship.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more Reverend Nevins,” Pastor Jim replied to my brother’s simplified lesson on the meaning of the Holy Communion or the Lord’s Supper. After a few seconds of shared mutual respect, Jim asked, “Would like to read a favorite passage of scripture or offer any words at your brother’s funeral? I’m completely open to anything that you’d like done at Mike’s service.”

My brother paused for a moment before he softly and tearfully said, “Thank for that offer but I think I may need to be more of a ‘church member’ than a minister tomorrow. I’m still kinda stunned at my brother’s death ... I have faith that you will lead a wonderful Spirit-filled service for him and your words will bring His peace and comfort to everyone there.”

“Very well my brother,” Jim said. “If you decide or the Lord gives you some words to say, just let me know and we’ll work that out.” Pastor Jim then turned towards my mom and dad and asked, “Do either of you have any favorite songs you’d like to have played at your son’s service? I’m sure Ms. Stacey, our pianist will have the music or can find it prior to the service.”

My mother wiped her eyes as she sat at the Plyer’s dining room table and replied, “No, not really. I’m sure the music that Kaleigh and her friends have planned will be good for my b-boy’s Service. Thank you for asking.” My dad just shook his head when Pastor Jim looked at him.

Pastor Jim then asked everyone there to join hands and he led them in a prayer of healing and comfort for each person there in the room and for those who would be traveling to Alabama to pay their final respects to a son, brother, fiancé, friend, colleague or professor.

Kaleigh made sure my sister was with her the whole time she was back with Dr. ‘Tom Cruise’ Adcoke for her yearly physical and for her surprising prenatal exam. Kaleigh was given a clean bill of health and Dr. Adcoke said everything looked A-OK with her early pregnancy. He reviewed all the information Kaleigh needed to know nutrition for her and her unborn child’s health.

Dr. Adcoke was surprised at how knowledgeable Kaleigh was regarding the impact of fitness and physical activities on pregnant ladies. He told her she could continue with her swimming and upper body weight lifting but to limit or stop any strenuous high impact aerobics or lower body lifting. Kaleigh agreed with his fitness suggestions and would keep him informed on how things were going as this pregnancy progressed.

After some simple questions regarding Kaleigh’s last menstrual cycle and based on her forceful (100% correct) statement of when conception took place, they determined the due date for the baby (it was still too soon for the him to confirm that Kaleigh was going to have twins) was approximately October 7th. Kaleigh set up a series of appointments with the receptionist before she and Mary left the office.

On the return trip back from the doctor’s office, Kaleigh and Mary had a good ‘sisterly’ discussion on a good many things. I was overjoyed to see that Kaleigh and my sister were bonding so well together even during this time of sadness. Mary laughingly agreed with Kaleigh that Dr. Adcoke could pass for Tom Cruise’s brother. From my vantage point watching them, I had to admit that he indeed a bigger, more muscular version of the ‘Maverick’.

Kaleigh also shared with Mary how she seduced me on my birthday. My sister laughed and cried as she regaled her with most of the details of her birthday ‘striptease’ present to me. I wasn’t surprised Kaleigh left out the part about her collapsing from masturbating for me, as well as not telling Mary that we made love in her club’s Jacuzzi. When Kaleigh was done relating that truncated story to Mary, my sister told Kaleigh she had told me that very same morning that I needed to become more of a ‘dirty-old-man’ and find some hot little thing down in Alabama. Both ladies had a good laugh as they related their previously unknown, yet intertwined connections with me on my 40th birthday.

On March 5, after staying at Steven and Tammy Plyer’s home for two weeks after my funeral, my father invited Kaleigh, Steven Jr., and her parents to come up to London, Ontario with them. My parents wanted them to see where their youngest son grew up and received his early foundational blocks upon which the man Kaleigh fell in love with was built. Kaleigh agreed to visit with them, but told them it would be best for her to come sometime that summer as she really needed to get back in touch with her business. She explained to my parents that she had only been to her fitness club two times since the accident, and wanted to get reconnected with that one semi-unchanged piece of her life.

My mom and dad agreed that it was an important task for Kaleigh right now. Then my mother suggested that the Plyer family come up during the first couple weeks of July. That way they could attend their family reunion picnic and dance, which is regularly held on the second Saturday of July. My dad said it would be a good way for all of them to meet a good number of Mike’s relatives, who couldn’t travel the 900+ miles for his funeral.

Kaleigh and her parents agreed to plan a vacation trip for that time. Young Steven let my parents know that unfortunately he had a major chemistry class at UAB in the summer that he had to take in order to graduate on his current time line. Steven said the three of them would probably drive up in their RV and tow their Mercedes M-class SUV behind it, to have easy transportation and lodging while visiting London and the surrounding areas.

I beamed with pride as I saw that Kaleigh recalled a bedtime conversation and said to both sets of parents, “Your son, Mike told me about the Niagara-on-the-Lake wine region. I would really like to see it and do a little wine collecting, and possibly ride my bike along the Niagara River trail he described to me. Plus, we’d get to see the Falls and take in all the great observation sites along the Niagara River.”

“Oh yes,” Tammy chimed in. “Your son brought the best Riesling wines to our house from that area, which perfectly complimented some of our meals. And those ice-wines, th...”

“They want to make you slap your momma,” Steven quickly interrupted his wife with his perfect description of their wonderful sweetness. “They went sooo well with Tammy’s desserts.”

My father, who is normally quiet and reserved in all situations, burst out laughing at Steven’s phrasing and wrapped his arm around Kaleigh’s shoulders. “They are good, aren’t they? And your desserts really were incredible, Ms. Tammy,” he chuckled out. “Love that saying there Steven. Mind if I steal it sometime?”

“Thank you. Not at all, George, not at all,” Tammy and Steven said almost simultaneously in response to my father’s words.

My mother, a recently retired delivery room nurse then told Kaleigh, “Be careful with your exercising and activities now that you are pregnant. I know that you should keep doing your basic activities but you’ll be what, five-six months pregnant in July and I’m not sure biking on the Niagara trails would be a good thing for you or your child, twins.”

“You’re probably correct Ms. Nevins. I’m not use to being pregnant and I was picturing myself up there doing the things your son and I planned to do when we visited you this summer. I promise I’ll follow my doctor’s advice and not put my little ones at any unneeded risk.” Both sets of parents smiled at Kaleigh, and my mom gave her a gentle hug after hearing her words.

Before my parents left on their long journey back to London, Ontario, they thanked Steven and Tammy for their exceptional hospitality and complimented them on their immaculate home. My mother asked Tammy to share their sincere appreciation with everyone here in Alabama who showed them and their relatives such care and concern during the aftermath of their son’s death.

When my mother met with Kaleigh at their Buick Lacrosse, she pulled her aside. She then took out a small box from her spring cardigan and said, “Kaleigh my dear, after meeting you and seeing how wonderful you are, I can see why my baby proposed to you. Before we leave, I want you to have my mother’s wedding band (from the grandmother I never met). After I saw your beautiful engagement ring, I thought her wedding band would look terrific paired alongside your unique pink diamond ring.”

Kaleigh’s lips quivered and her body trembled because for the second time, another Nevins took her left hand and slipped a gleaming ring over her quivering finger. “Mike’s grandfather couldn’t afford a gold wedding band for my mother when he proposed to her, and gave her this sterling silver ring with a few diamond chips inlayed in it,” my mother said as she turned the sparkling ring around Kaleigh’s finger. “See, it looks lovely on your beautifully cared for finger.”

Tammy gave her daughter a chance to compose herself by asking if the ring was in the UPS package, which had arrived two days ago. My mother nodded her head and added that she had Mary go to their shared safety deposit box as soon as she returned home from my funeral, in order to send this ring down here prior to their departure from Alabama.

Kaleigh really broke down in my mom and dad’s arms as she admired the wedding band and engagement ring on her finger. After she settled down and regained a little of her voice, she haltingly said, “Mike and I didn’t have a chance to, uh, set a wedding date, as he uh, he, he only proposed the day before he died and uh ... I uh, I think from this day forward, I will always consider March 5th as our anniversary date. You, Ms. Nevins are just ... Oh, just ... Thank you! This means so, y-you don’t know how much this means to me.”

My mom and dad hugged Kaleigh, and my mother said, “That is a wonderful gesture Kaleigh. It just so happens that today is my deceased mother’s birth date, which makes what you said doubly special to me now.”

Kaleigh and Tammy just about fell out at that news because Kaleigh’s maternal grandmother was also born on March 5. The women quickly determined that Kaleigh’s grandmother was seventeen years younger than my grandmother. Afterwards, Tammy and my mother shared a little bit about their mothers and how similar their experiences seemed even though they grew up in different countries at slightly different times.

My mother summarized this unbelievable news and put it into proper perspective when she said, “The good Lord has plans for all of us, which we can never get our minds around. We just need to be thankful when He graciously allows us to experience a small sliver of His awesome power like this. I’m - we’re real happy now knowing that our son got together with you Kaleigh and that you will be having his child or as you believe, children. I wish, like we all do, that my boy would be here with you because I think he would have been an amazing dad. Unfortunately, God had other plans for him. So allow me to end by saying, may God bless you and that little one or ones inside your womb, Kaleigh.”

Kaleigh, with tears in her eyes, Tammy and Steven simply said, “Amen,” after my mother’s words and blessing.

My father stepped up alongside Kaleigh, wrapped one arm over her shoulders and lightly patted her stomach. Kaleigh placed her hands over my father’s hand and said, “You’re the first person to do that to me since I found out I was expecting your son’s children. I like how it feels and I can’t wait for you to do that again when my belly will be out to here in early July.” Kaleigh moved her hands about nine inches from her flat, toned stomach to show what she anticipated her belly would look like when she visited my family up in London.

The Energists allowed me to experience a small amount of their combined emotion as I watched that moment. I now knew both families had a real genuine connection, which eased my anxiety levels over this familial integration. It really was miraculous that a simple sterling silver wedding band, common birthdates and a gentle belly rub could cause such a profound connection. All this happened on a wonderful warm Alabama spring day.

When my parents were buckled into their car for the long drive back up north, Kaleigh surprised them by opening the back door of their car and lifting out an eight by eight by sixteen inch finely crafted and decorated wooden box. She then handed it through the open passenger window to my mother and said, “Mike was yours for a lot longer than he was mine, so I think y’all should have his ashes, his remains to carry back to Canada.” Kaleigh touched her stomach here and continued, “I will always have a part of him with me, and uh, it’s just best for you to have your son’s remains I believe.”

“Thank you child,” my mother said as she laid the box, containing my urn, on her lap and wiped the tears from her eyes. “I wanted to ask you for some of his ashes but just didn’t know how or when to do it. This means ... oh sweet Jesus, this means the world to me because even though he was 40, my Mike was still my baby. You’ll understand that feeling in a few months’ time I’m guessing.”

“Thank you,” my dad simply said as he reached over to touch the wooden box with his right hand, as he wiped a few tears from his eyes with his left hand.

“Y’all are most welcome,” Kaleigh said as she kissed my mom on her cheek and tapped the back of my dad’s hand with her right hand. “Have a safe trip and please call us when you get to your stopping destination tonight and also when you arrive home sometime tomorrow. It will mean a lot to me – to us, knowing you made it home safely.” Kaleigh leaned away from the open window and then tapped her palm on the top of my dad’s car to let him know she was clear of it.

I watched as my father drove his metallic silver Buick down the Plyer’s driveway. When my dad turned on the road leading from their mansion, it was the last time I was able to physically observe the actual happenings in my former world. The absolute last thing I saw with my own eyes was my beautiful Kaleigh staring up in the sky. As I was gradually enclosed by the Energists’ translocation bubble of energy, Kaleigh beamed brightly up at me with her million dollar smile as if she knew I was watching her from above.

Right before we started our communication-less hyper-incredible journey back to their universe, the Energists said, “We allowed your Kaleigh Plyer to see you one final time there in the sky. She will be able to access that exact memory whenever she feels the need to draw upon your love or strength to overcome any major feelings of loneliness.”

Before I could verbally thank them, they said, “You are most welcome, Dr. Mike Nevins,” as we were once again transported via their intoxicating translocation gateway to their home universe.

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