A Holiday for Sarah

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Sarah Nkomu, a teaching aid at a woman's college, is about to be deported, her work visa's time running out. Her friend Vicki takes her to dinner for Thanksgiving at her twin brother Graham's, where they talk about Sarah's difficulty, and the danger of her going back home. Graham has the answer and a romance is the unexpected result.


They had decided, he and Vicki that is had decided, that Thanksgiving would be at his place, at 'the house' this year. He was a good and avid cook and didn't mind at all when Vicki told, kind of asked, him if it were okay if she were to bring a guest.

"No," Vicki interjected into their phone conversation immediately, "It's not a girl friend of mine; so, get your mind out of the gutter."

"Didn't say a word!" he said with an obvious chuckle in his voice.

"You don't have to; I know you, Graham!" she shot back at him.

Vicki, Victoria and Graham Warren were fraternal twins. They had spent a life time, up to this point, up to this year, together. They were always that close. Then at the age of 37, they decided to go their separate ways with their housing. It had mostly been Vicki's idea. She volunteered to get her own apartment.

In that conversation, she mentioned that since she'd 'come out' and declared to friends the fact that she was 'lesbian' she wanted a bit of freedom to practice her lifestyle.

She got a grin on her face at that time, and said: "Graham, I'm simply tired of knowing that you have your ear to the wall in the next room listening for heavy breathing."

"Am not!" he shot back at her. "I have a bedroom cam installed in your room and don't need to have my ear to the wall at all."

At that point, Vicki simply whacked her twin brother on the shoulder, as he doubled over in laughter at his own wit.

Their move had worked well for them, and they each settled down to a lifestyle that pleased them. It didn't disturb their closeness at all. For Thanksgiving they were both looking forward to being together.

"I'll be happy to meet your friend!" he said.

The Warren twins, as they had been known in their neighborhood, had grown up together, gone to schools together and were both attracted to similar things. At this point in their lives, Graham was a tenured professor of international politics and history at the local state university, while Vicki held a similar position at the also local woman's college.

They often worked out together. Both were on the smaller side, though Vicki's fairly large breasts made her certainly a stand out. They sported dark, short hair, and were a very attractive couple.

In contrast to Vicki, with her freely declared and joyful sexual outlet, Graham was a bit shy about such matters. He wasn't the outgoing sexual person that his sister was. He was, it seems, more of a romantic and that very thought kept him from getting too quickly and deeply involved just in sexual matters, whereas for Vicki such matters were one of the joys of her life. Graham was simply more subdued.

Graham had been up early that day to do his preparations. He had baked pies the day before, when they'd had the conversation about Vicki bringing a 'friend' for Thanksgiving. Today he was up to his elbows in turkey, stuffing and singing along with the music that he had accompanying his tasks.

He had a taste for older folk music, and was currently listening to 'Peter, Paul and Mary'.

"Don't you just love them, Ghandi?" he asked of his large tabby.

Mahatma Ghandi gave an appreciative noise and Graham went on singing along with the music, as he worked toward getting the dinner ready.

When everything seemed to be under control with the cooking, he began to set the dining room table, setting it for three people, and using the best of their Mother's china.

When the house split came for Vicki and Graham, he had gotten, in the process, the house to live in, since they were not completely sure at the time that living apart was what they actually wanted. Over the course of the year that it had been, he had made it uniquely his own in decoration and arrangement.

The doorbell rang at 11:00 AM, the time that they'd agreed on for Vicki to arrive.

He went to the door and opening it, grinned and spread his arms wide for his sister. She went into his hug and kissed him lightly.

"You know that you don't have to ring the doorbell!" he said.

"Graham, it's your home and I respect that," she said.

"But who is this that you bring to my home and my table?" he asked softly.

Sarah Nkomu was from Africa. She had fled her own country, when her father's political fortunes went downhill, and, as far as she knew, she was the only one of the family to survive the upheaval. She was, at that time, 27 years old and had obtained a temporary work visa. She was trained with credentials in the same field that both Vicki and Graham shared and was able to get a temporary 'teaching assistant' position at the college where Vicki taught.

(That was, by the way, the lowest rung on the academic ladder at the school, but it was a job —- at least a temporary one —- in the U.S. and she appreciated it.)

Sarah was a lovely, lovely young woman. She was shorter that either Vicki or Graham. She was startlingly, beautifully black in color. She had hair that was only a small roll of fuzz along her scalp, leaving her looking almost bald. She wore huge, gold hoop earrings and had a world winning smile, which she trained on Graham, as they met.

Despite her relatively short stature, she was fairly large in the bust and had a pretty, rounded butt. Sarah was a beauty, an exotic beauty.

"Welcome!" Graham said, extending his hand but receiving a hug from Sarah instead. During the hug he just grinned at Vicki, who gave him a grin in return.

"Well, come in," Graham said with positive joy. "We'll be ready soon and I have a bottle of white, Mosel wine to toast the day."

"This is such a joyful custom of your country," Sarah said. "Taking time to give thanks for life and for bounties. I like that!"

"I'll drink to that," Graham said and they did indeed have a toast then.


First, at Vicki's request, Graham took Sarah, with Vicki accompanying, on a tour of the house. It was a lovely, large Victorian. They were both, Vicki and Graham, proud of the house and loved to show it off to friends.

Sarah was enchanted with the house, and said so.

"It was Momma's pride and joy," Vicki said, smiling at Graham.

"We have many happy memories of living, growing up in this house," Graham added.

"What a blessing that is," Sarah said, now with a tear glowing in her eye.

"Oh, sweetie," Vicki said, hugging Sarah, "We're not trying to make you feel bad here."

"It's not that," Sarah said, "It's so wonderful of you to share this with me! It's the first time that I've felt anything resembling happiness with the idea of 'home' for such a long time."

Vicki continued to hug Sarah and let her have her sadness. At one point, she opened her arms to invite Graham into the hug, and it ended being a hug for the three of them.

"I'm sorry for being emotional," Sarah said but Graham cut her off: "No, you be emotional; we're just happy to have you with us today. It's a reason for us to give thanks."

"And it smells so good!" Vicki said, causing Sarah to laugh and Graham to grin.

"Well," Graham said then, with a flourish, "It's about all ready."

Turning to Sarah he said: "Sarah, it's a typical American Thanksgiving Day feast. It's turkey and stuffing, potatoes, veggies, yams, cranberry sauce and pies."

"All made by the wonderful chef in residence," Vicki added, and they all smiled.

"So," Graham went on, "Let's begin with another toast."

They raised their glasses. Graham proposed the toast: "Here's to friends making Thanksgiving even better!"

They all drank to that. At that point, Sarah asked to be excused to wash her face. Graham showed her where the main floor bathroom was and she went there.

When Vicki and Graham were alone, he said: "Why in God's name don't you put a move on her? She's gorgeous!"

"I know," Vicki said, sighing, "But she doesn't swing that way. We've talked and I can always tell."

"Gorgeous!" Graham said.

"You go get her!" Vicki said then and they shared a laugh, as he said: "Yes, old slow but sure Graham and a beauty like that! I guess!"

"Don't you sell yourself short, bro," Vicki said, planting a kiss on his cheek. "You are handsomeness itself!"

He grinned back at her, as they heard Sarah returning.

When Sarah returned, Graham showed them to the dining room and they sat and Graham offered a Thanksgiving prayer. Before praying, he told Sarah that he was going to and that it was their custom, an expression of their faith.

"Yes," Sarah said, "My father's party at home was the Christian party, and that's one of the things that got him into trouble with the government."

In the prayer, Graham gave thanks for friends and family, mentioning Vicki and Sarah by name and then for family past and present, mentioning his and Vicki's Mom and Dad and also Sarah's family.

"Ready?" he asked when the praying was done.

"Ready!" both women said at the same time.

He went to the kitchen then and fetched the meal, one bowl after another. Both Sarah and Vicki were enchanted with Graham's efforts. They sat then and enjoyed their meal.

During the dinner, Sarah enquired about U.S. Thanksgiving customs and Vicki and Graham went into some of the background of the feast, mentioning the pilgrims and also that the holiday had been established by President Abraham Lincoln, and then regularized by President Franklin Roosevelt.

"Oh, yes," Sarah said, "Mr Lincoln, and Mr Roosevelt; we have heard of them in our tiny country."

Their meal was pleasant and put them in a mood to talk.

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