The Reluctant Cuckold

by Simon L. Josher

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Horror, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Revenge, Black Male, White Female, Violent, .

Desc: Horror Sex Story: Do you become a wimp of a cuckold or do you fight for your relationship? Is there a third option? Based partly on a true event and on a story told to me by an inmate when I worked in law enforcement. Read end of story for details.

This is fiction. If you think this is a how-to manual or directions on retaliation, you are a sick person and need counseling and therapy or even prison. If however, you have dreamed about retaliation but know what is acceptable and legal than you are probably no more insane than any prosecuting attorney. If you are not looking for revenge stories you need to go somewhere else.

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If you are reading this or watching the video, I am dead. I died happy and my wife's boyfriend is dead also. I killed him making it look like a suicide; videotaped it and sent it to the news media and my attorney so the police and the prostutor (I know it is mis-spelled, but it is spelled to reflect how I found most in my many years of law enforcement.) do not need to indict an innocent person just to satisfy their egos and their notches on the bedpost of their convictions.

My wife has not found out yet about all of her problems, but she will, starting with the AIDS, house foreclosure and ... Oh well, let me start at the beginning.

I am Simon Josher. I was a 45 year old man that had been divorced for 4 years when I married my second wife Ashley Jane 35 years old. She had a daughter Diane, 13 years old from her previous marriage.

My wife had the face of a blond haired angel, with the body out of Playboy. She seemed to love me but I was never sure whether it was for me or for my possessions. I was willing to take the chance as the sex was great and I was ready for the typical trophy wife.

When we got married, we had a prenuptial agreement in place because I wanted to protect my business. I wanted to determined her mindset and to make sure she loved me and not only for what she could get out of my business. I had already paid off one ex-wife in a lump sum settlement and did not want to pay for a gold digger.

I had a security business that I had built to a very comfortable level and used the money to invest in property and other businesses. The security business was helpful in investigating businesses that I wanted to buy and people that I had to deal with in these transactions.

Additionally, having over 13,000 people paying $40.00 a month to monitor their systems added up to a nice amount of cash.

We had what I believed to be a typical marriage for people in our circle. I worked 50-60 hours a week and she had her visits to the gym and clubs and took care of getting her daughter to school activities.

The summer Diane was ready to enter her junior year in high school she asked if I had a summer job that she could work in one of my companies. I told her what I really needed was an assistant that could be with me daily; going to the different jobs and appointments with me to take notes and then enter them into my computer. It would be essentially a field version of the executive assistant.

She jumped at the chance to do this. I told her that she should think about it because I could see several problems that might arise and wanted her to be fully aware of these before she started training.

"Come on Daddy Simon, that sounds like fun."

I explained that she would be accompanying me to appointments which might be a construction site or to the boardroom and everything in between. "We are going to be together many hours a week and that is far different than just going along on a "take you daughter to work day" environment."

I continued explaining that I would be telling her how to dress for the different appointments. I would also often give her instructions or orders and not take the time to explain why or what was going on until a lot later.

I explained that some of the directions I would be giving would be because of her youth and inexperience. Other directions would be the same as I would give anyone else and in some situations no explanation given until afterward when the business opposition might not be around.

Private time would also be lost because I expected to work about 22-24 days a month and she would not have time for her friends.

The last thing I want to let you know is that in many ways our roles are changed. While we are working, you will be treated as my employee not my daughter. I will not put up with any whining or arguing when I tell you to do something. If you have questions, I am very happy to explain.

In business and negotiations, one of the things that often happens is that one side accidently gives information that weakens their position. I have often used variations of this as a ploy to garner additional information. If I have suspicions that something is happening, I will try to set things up to let them talk when they think that there is no one of consequence around.

We talked further and I answered questions and explained some of the reasons and concepts for some of the things required for the position.

To my surprise she agreed and still wanted the job. I told her that I wanted her to go to her room and get out clothes for a boardroom appointment, golf casual, dress casual, and construction worksite so that I could see what she thought each of these meant. The construction site was fine. Her wardrobe for the other appointments styles was abysmal.

I asked her how she expected to do the job if she didn't have the clothes. I told her that people have to dress properly to work in a bank and other jobs that require some thought and that she needed to tell me her plans or talk it over with her mom.

As I expected, Ashley had no interest in helping Diane get things together for work. She told her that all she needed to do was to ask for a bigger allowance and I would give it to her. Diane told me that Ashley did not want her to bother about things like work and college and to just look for a man to support her.

Diane told me all about it and explained that she wanted to become an attorney and felt that this would be a chance to get some background knowledge of business. She told me that she did not want to be like her mom and wanted me to help her plan her life.

I told her that I would make her an offer. "Would you work for me for three weeks without a paycheck if I was to help you get what you need to work?"

"I would be happy to work for you all summer without pay, just to learn the business and to get away from Mom."

"Ok Diane, here is what is going to happen, when I get done at the office this afternoon be ready to go shopping and we will see what you need."

I had my secretary give me the list of stores that would have clothing that Diane would need. She also gave me a list of her suggestions for items so that the combinations would serve multiple functions. She had the list of accessories that she thought would help finish the outfits. She told me, "I have always liked Diane and would be happy to work with her so she would be what you need for an assistant."

I asked her if she was sure that it would not be a problem.

"No, I don't have any girls of my own, and you know how I love to play dress up with my girlfriends."

"No, Alice, I have never been with you when you are playing dress up. After working for me for 12 years I knew that you were probably bi-sexual, but I have never asked as your private life is up to you. As long as it is on your own time, consensual, and doesn't leave stains on the carpet or furniture, it is up to you whatever you want."

"Chief, have her bring everything into the office tomorrow. There is a pair of spare lockers in the ladies locker room and if she puts them there, I will help her get things ready each day. I have seen how these high school girls dress and I think that she will probably need some help."

Armed with the list of suggestions, I took Diane shopping. When we got done I was worn out and she was delighted. Clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, a couple handbags, and other items filled the bags. We stopped at the office and put everything in the lockers that Alice suggested and went home.

Alice came in the next morning with a smile on her face and said, "Well done, but I think you forgot the obvious items."

"Now what did I forget?"

"You forgot lingerie and makeup. You cannot expect good clothing to hang properly without lingerie and don't forget that makeup finishes the look."

"Alice, I am not going to take her shopping for that stuff. I know nothing about makeup except to know when I don't like something. If I took her shopping for lingerie what I would chose would make her look like a walking wet dream. Her mom would have her looking like a slut or a two dollar whore so either way she wouldn't have a chance. Here is a credit card; take her and get her several of everything that she needs. Don't just get the makeup, but make sure that she is shown how to apply it. Then as a surprise get her hair done along with a manicure and pedicure. Then you take her out to lunch. I want both of you to have a good time and don't worry about getting back; I am giving you the rest of the day off so enjoy."

I was working at my desk late that afternoon when I heard a knock on my door. "Come in" I called the door opened and Alice peeked in.

"Do you have a moment for me" she asked.

"Of course, come in."

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