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Desc: Sex Story: You do what you have to do

Sometimes I have to write stories that come into my head. I do understand that all of my stories are not for everyone. This is one of them. I would like to thank Linda62953 for editing this story for me. She makes the story a much better read.

Lately I've been reading a few stories about revenge and getting even. Hard as I've tried, I can't seem to leave these stories alone. I guess it's because of something that I did awhile back and now I'm paying the price 'mentally'.

It had been a couple of months since I did something really stupid. Now I totally regret it and I hardly remember most of it. I'm Jim Hawkins and have been married to my wife Christina for seven years. We're both in our early thirties and seem to have a good relationship. We have always been able to talk out our problems and differences.

We had agreed before we even got married that we wouldn't have any secrets between us. To the best of my knowledge, it's the way it's always been, until recently.

I worked in construction for a large corporation with my friends Ted and Bill. We do any and all kinds of household repairs or remodeling, even building houses and garages from the ground up. The three of us met on the job site a few years ago, became friends, and sometimes hung out together. We're all married and our wives are pretty close friends also. Ted and Emily have two young children. They have been married about five years and are in their late twenties.

Bill and his wife Judy are a few years older than the rest of us. They are in their early forties and their kids are now leaving the nest. Chris and I didn't want children at first but now we are considering it. We wanted to be in decent financial situation before starting a family.

Chris has two older married sisters who, along with her mother keep asking her when she's going to start a family. We've told them we are considering it now that we're financially able. Chris is off the pill now but we aren't pushing for kids. If it happens, it happens.

My parents love Chris. I have two brothers and a sister who are all married with families so my parents have never pushed the issue with us. Chris and I are considered good-looking people. I keep in shape because of my work and Chris exercises a few times a week. She works as a secretary in an insurance office and carries our health insurance.

As most men I know, I carry a little jealousy when it comes to my wife. She is well liked by everyone and just seems so damn friendly that it bothers me sometimes. We've talked about it many times over the years and Chris always smiles and says I have nothing to worry about. She loves me with all her heart and wouldn't do anything to jeopardize our marriage.

Whenever we went out, Chris looked fabulous; always sexy but not slutty. Our friends have always complemented her on how she looked. Emily and Judy seemed to always look good, too. I remember Bill once saying, "We sure are three lucky guys! We all have beautiful wives that any man would be proud of." I remember Chris smiled after Bill said that.

One time at a party I remember Bill saying to Ted and me, "If I ever swapped wives with anyone, I'd want it to be with one of you guys." We laughed it off because Bill had been drinking a lot and often times joked about our wives.

I have to say I had never thought much of it, but in a sense, it did bug me knowing other men talked about my wife. I once mentioned it to Chris and she laughed. "Honey, that's just the way Bill is, you know that."

The six of us have spent a lot of time together. We all went out together and had family cookouts quite often over the last five years that we've worked together. To be honest, I guess we have all said things about each other's wives and them about us but as far as I know, no one took it as more than a complement or joke in passing.

During some of our crazy conversations, Judy had said that Chris had told them how good I was in bed. I have to admit it embarrassed me. Later, when I asked Chris what she had told them, she just said it was girl talk. She said I was a good lover and was fantastic at oral sex.

I said, "That explains why Emily often sticks her tongue out at me." Chris just laughed.

That night after going to bed, I asked what kind of things did they say about their husbands.

"Jim, this is girl talk, I'm not suppose to tell you things they say."

"Please, just one thing about Tim and Bill. I promise I won't say anything. I'll give you the best my tongue has to offer, if you tell me." I was already rubbing her pussy and had two fingers in her.

"Oh shit! That feels so good. Promise me you won't say anything to Tim or Bill."

"I promise."

"Emily says Tim won't go down on her. She did say he is good to go at least twice every time they make love."

"You mean he won't tongue fuck her?"

"He will kiss her bush and finger her but won't use his tongue on her. Please don't let them know I told you. Now you promised to do me." I was still pumping my fingers in her and she was wet. I could smell her sex.

"Maybe I should show her how it feels." I was laughing.

"You do and you're a dead man," she laughed back.

"What about Bill? You haven't told me what Judy said about Bill."

"Ok, Ok! She said Bill is really big. Not as much long as fat. Judy says he stretches her out whenever they have sex. They can't do anal because it hurts too much. Now will you eat me, please?"

I smiled at my beautiful wife, got between her legs and gave her the tongue fucking of her life. She came twice just from the oral sex. As I began fucking her I asked her if my cock was big enough for her. I guess I was thinking about Bill and his fat cock.

"God yes! Fuck me honey, give me that big cock of yours." It wasn't long before I came hard in Chris's pussy. We kissed, cuddled and went to sleep.

I guess deep in my self-conscious mind I remember all these little things we talk about. I have to admit knowing our wives talked about us did bother me a little, but I did my best to not think about it. It did make me look at my friends a little differently when we were all together. I guess it was just the way everyone looked at each other.

I kept telling myself that I needed to grow-up and to stop being so juvenile. I had a beautiful wife whom I loved with all my heart and friends that were close, almost like family.

There were times, maybe once a month that I would go out with the guys and other times that the girls got together.

It was just before Thanksgiving when Ted, Bill and I attended a football game. We drank beer and partied on down after our team won. We decided to go to the bar afterwards and continue the party. We took a cab since we all had a lot to drink. After a couple of drinks, Ted told us he had to get home. Bill called him hen-pecked and we all laughed.

A little about Bill: he was our good friend, but we also believed he cheated on his wife. When just the guys went out, he did a lot of flirting. More than once, I saw him with his hand up a woman's skirt. There wasn't much doubt what he was doing. If I mentioned it to him, he would always say he was just flirting but not to tell Judy.

A couple of times he even called me and asked me, if Judy called, to tell her he was out on a call doing estimates. He never asked very often but it did bother me. I even asked Chris if he ever tried to flirt with her. She said no more than any other men, besides he was harmless and knew that she loved me and wouldn't do anything to hurt me.

That in itself made me wonder even more. I knew Chris was hit on because she told me so, many times. She said she knew how to handle herself and if she ever felt threatened, she'd tell me. I guess since I had such a wonderful beautiful wife, it just made me paranoid at times.

Back at the bar, Bill got us a private room and invited in a couple of women. I told him I wouldn't cheat on Chris and he just laughed. "It's just company so we don't drink alone. Chris will never know, enjoy yourself."

I was a bit drunk and didn't use my best judgment. We sat down and there was a ballgame on when the girls came in. Damn! They were young. They said they were twenty-one and working their way through college.

Bill had one girl sit on his lap and his hand was already up her skirt. The other girl sat next to me on the couch and as we talked, she put her hand on my leg. She asked if she could dance for me and stood up before I even answered. I didn't know what to say and she changed the station and put on some music.

She began dancing and I couldn't help but watch her. Before I knew it, she had her blouse and skirt off and was dancing in her bra and panties. I pulled her to me and I had my hands on her tight ass. Bill laughed and I noticed the girl he was with had her skirt up and no panties on. I could see Bills fat cock; I wondered if the young girl would be able to take it.

She slowly lowered herself down on it saying she knew she could take it. I pulled the panties off the woman I was with and began to eat her pussy. I knew I was good at it. She had me lay on the couch in a sixty-nine position and sucked my cock while I ate her pussy.

It wasn't long before she had an orgasm and got up and she put a condom on my cock, got on me, and started riding me. I was drunk and horny with a huge hard-on. I wasn't thinking about Chris now. All I wanted was to fuck this young pussy and come hard, which I did.

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