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Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Would you follow a mysterious, inhuman girl into the depths of the Earth? Well, if she was nude...

The wind howled.

Tom looked out of the shallow cave, right hand on the rough stone of the entrance. Rain was going to come. He could see that. Could already hear the thunder. His parents were going to worry. He hoped they were going to worry. They might not. They might not know he was gone yet, or assume he was at some friend's house.

They might not know he had run away.

The fourteen year old looked down at the new backpack leaning against the cave wall. His parents had bought it for him. For Scouts, they had said. A new four man dome tent, complete with rain fly, was bungee corded to the bottom of the frame. Also from his parents. New canteen, new mess kit, new everything.

They had not heard him when Tom said he had quit Scouts.

They never heard him. Not that he had noticed. They were busy. With work, with each other, with every aspect of life but their son. Maybe he was too good. Too ... no, not perfect. Hell no. He was far from that. But he never got into trouble. Never gave them cause to think he needed to be watched.

So they didn't.

Still, this was stupid. Running away was stupid. You didn't solve anything that way. What was he expecting to do out here in the forest? He had a few days worth of canned food, a hundred dollars, and a tent. That was no way to start a new life.

Thunder cracked.

It had been stupid to quit Scouts. He could have looked for a new troop. Started over with a new group of kids who didn't know him, who had the same interests. He could have done that. He liked Scouts. Liked the camping. The fact the new Scoutmaster was an asshole wasn't a reason to just quit. Just run away.

He always ran away...

It was like the sky unzipped. Rain began pouring down, blowing sideways past him. He reached his hand out, palm first. It was like a wall, a forcefield. Pulling his hand back, he thanked the god he no longer believed in for the cave. It was a nice one. Not too deep. Turning, he looked again at the back wall, maybe ten feet back from the entrance. Maybe cave was too grand a name for it. An alcove. Deep enough for shelter, not deep enough to hide some animal also sheltering from the rain and wind. He hoped. Eyes going back out into the rain, he hoped some wild animal was not now racing back to its home. He looked behind him again.

A girl was there.

He jumped, sideways, body and mind placing the strange sight somewhere down below the storm in its ranking of danger. His back came against the cold rock face, jagged edges pressing through his t-shirt. His eyes focused.

She was nude.

Not just nude. White. Not the pinkish flesh which passed for white in the categorizing of races. No. Her skin was pure white. The white of snow. Of the unreal. She stood before a blackness which had not been there before, a tunnel stretching forever into the unknown. Her hair, too, was white, if darker. Blue eyes, large, but with pupils small as if unused to the light. She blinked. He blinked as well. She was about his age, or the mystical equivalent, smaller and slenderer as many girls in his class were. Her breasts were half orbs, prominent, tips black. He then noticed her lips were black, as were her finger and toe nails. Between her legs, a patch of light grey hair.

She stood there silently. Blinking.

His first thought, once he was capable of thought, was that she had to be cold. He was chilly, the light jacket he had worn discarded next to his pack. Her nakedness was too unreal to cause a reaction. Tom hardened, though, from her beauty alone. It was an unearthly beauty. Inhuman, yet achingly human. His throat dry, he swallowed.

"Who are you?"

It came out nervous, terrified. The girl blinked, head cocking to the side. She reached a delicate hand out.

"Come with me."

Her quiet voice almost seemed to echo. She was a ghost. A demon. A succubus. A nude succubus here to kill him through sex. A wonderful way for a virgin teen male to die, yes, but he wanted it to be Alice who did that to him. Not some unreal demon girl. For some reason not as frightened, as if speech had removed some of the more terrifying options, he stood up straight, back leaving the protection of the rock.

"I said, who are you?"

"Your mate."

Mate? Damn, it was a succubus! She blinked, lowering her arm. Her hands clutched each other before her.

"Please. Come. We need you. We need you to mate. To survive. You must come. Please."

"Come where?" He looked behind her. Blackness. Blackness which had not been there, could NOT have been there. This was no secret door which had opened. It was magic.

"To our nest. To my sisters. Please. Come."

He had wanted to run away. Wanted to run away from his life. In his daydreams, Tom had fled countless times, gone on adventures to far away lands, magical worlds. Now that the choice was firmly before him...

"Will I return? When I'm done?"


She was honest. That was good. He licked his lips, eyes locked with hers.

"Will you hurt me?"


"When do we go? If I go."


Now. No time to think. No time to consider. One chance. To say no, was to forever wonder. To say yes, was to never see family and friends again.

The girl moved a step forward.


God, she was beautiful...

"What is your name?"

"My sisters call me Tani. Please, be our mate."

Tom closed his eyes. He was only human.


His eyes shot open as the girl threw herself at him, arms wrapping around his body. Her face burrowed into his chest, her skin as warm and soft as any girl he had ever imagined.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" She seemed to be crying. Tom found himself wrapping his own arms around her. He was holding a naked girl. A beautiful, naked girl. Her body suddenly pulled away. He released her as she stepped back. He could swear she was blushing, the white skin of her neck and upper breasts as well as her cheeks turning pink. "I am sorry. I am so happy!"

"Don't be. Sorry, I mean. I'm glad you're happy."

He could see a thought cross her face. Every emotion seemed to appear on her the instant she felt it.

"Oh! Your name! What is your name?"


Tani nodded. He could see her mouth the word silently. She smiled.

"Tom. That is good. We will make you happy, Tom. So happy. Come. Come with me!"

She motioned to the impossible darkness. He nodded. This was it. Moving across the cave, he grabbed his jacket, putting it on. With a grunt, he picked up his heavy pack, fortuitously filled with all he thought he needed in this world. Settling it on his shoulders, doing up the belt around his waist, he nodded.

"Lead the way."

The light behind them vanished.

Tom froze, foot half lifted. He was in darkness. Total darkness. Panic rose in his his mind.


He didn't know if she did. Didn't know if she was still there. Didn't know if he was still there. He turned his head. Nothing. The cave entrance was gone. The cave was gone. He was in some unknown evil dark cave with monsters...

As the heavy pack on his back shifted, he let out a groan at his stupidity.

"Oh, for the love of ... wait. Let me get a light." A minute into their journey, and he was taking the pack off again. Tom eased it to the ground, not sure at first if there was a ground besides where his feet were. Feeling his way around the nylon pockets and plastic zippers, he found the one he needed. With practiced hands, he undid the fastener and reached down past some rolled socks. His hand grabbed the plastic grip of his heavy duty flashlight. Careful that nothing else came out with it, he removed it from the pocket, finger on the switch.

He hesitated.

What would he see? A nude white skinned girl? An empty cave? Or ... would he see her true form? See the creature which had disguised itself to lure him down to its lair? An inhuman monster, ready to tear him apart and feast on his flesh?

The light turned on.

He had it aimed at the floor, ready to bring up the flashlight like a weapon if need be. The stone tunnel around him lit up in its glow, rocks black and brown. Five feet away, the white skinned Tani stood, eyes blinking. He could see, actually see, her dark blue irises shrink down, a defense against his illumination. Tom aimed the light farther from her.

"I'm sorry about this. It only has one setting, but I need it to keep going."

She nodded, looking around them.

"So bright..."

The fact he had no spare batteries suddenly entered Tom's mind. Well, he'd enjoy sight while he could. He stood again, slipping his pack back on. Tom aimed the light down at his feet.

"I'm ready. Let's go."

Nodding, the girl turned, bare feet leading them onward.

The path wound downward. Tani did not speak, although she did look back at him, happy and smiling, now and then. Tom kept a few steps behind her, keeping the girl's back in view. Part of him justified this as wanting to keep her in sight, for when she turned into a monster. Another, a larger part, just liked looking at her bare back. Her butt, too. He had never seen a bare one move like hers. The teen found it ... fascinating.

They passed other tunnels, extending off into the darkness. Tom would shine his light down them, half in fear he would actually see something. Their path seemed straight, to the point where if he knew where to start he thought he could retrace it. There would be no entrance when he reached the point at which they had entered, but at least he could get there. That eased his mind a bit.


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