Friends With Benefits

by Redhot 363236

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Workplace, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Two coworkers fulfill a long time fantasy

Jamie and Diane had worked together for nine years. There had always been a little sexual tension between them, but she was married and he had a girl friend, so it was more flirtatious fun than smoldering passion. Little did she know that was about to change...

One day, they were standing around talking during a break in the action, and she told him how much her shoulders hurt. Jamie mentioned that he'd had some training as a healer and offered to see what he could do.

Expecting some kind of massage therapy, Diane agreed to let him try, and turned her back to him as he held his palms close together in a way she had seen him do several times before.

"Just relax," he said, as she felt his strong hands begin massaging her shoulders, working out the kinks, but there was more to it...

As he held his hands just barely touching her shoulder, she felt a warm tingling sensation spreading out from where his hands were. It was a very relaxing feeling; but when he moved up to her neck, it felt like a jolt of electricity going through her body. He was just barely rubbing her neck, but his tingling fingers were touching all the right spots; making her gasp with barely concealed pleasure as her body reacted to his gentle touch.

Her knees buckled slightly and her hardening nipples strained against her bra as the tingling warmth moved down her spine to reach her rapidly moistening slit. It felt so good, and she couldn't help wondering if he knew how much he was turning her on. The tingling intensified as he continued working on her neck, and the passion she felt intensified with it.

It felt so good on the back of her neck, she started to wonder how it would feel if he were doing the same to her swollen clit. She tried to put that thought out of her mind, reminding herself that she was a married woman, but her mind wasn't the only thing reacting ... Her shoulder felt better, but this wasn't about sore shoulders anymore, her loins were on fire like they hadn't been in years and she was about to have a mind-blowing orgasm right there in front of everybody.

Jamie stopped just before the sensation had reached the point of no return and

leaned over her shoulder, the feeling of his hot breath tickling her ear sending yet another shiver down her spine as he asked if she felt any better.

She was almost completely out of breath, but managed to find enough to say, "Yes. Thank you.".

"God, if he only knew how good I feel right now," she thought, her head spinning with lustful thoughts. Her whole body was trembling with desire, and her pussy was incredibly wet and throbbing wildly.

She stood there for a moment watching him walk away, then ran upstairs to the restroom where she fingered herself to a shuddering orgasm while thoughts of herself being bent over the toilet and pounded from behind floated through her mind.

Despite her efforts to keep herself busy that evening, doing chores around the house and cooking dinner, she couldn't stop herself from thinking about what happened earlier. She could still feel her friend's fingers gently rubbing just the right spots on the back of her neck, driving her into a sexual frenzy like nothing she'd ever experienced before and she was getting more and more turned-on as the evening wore on.

While she had always liked the biker type and had entertained a few fantasies about him before, she had never seriously considered the prospect cheating on her husband. The problem was that this incident had ignited those smoldering fantasies into white-hot desire and she just couldn't get the thought out of her head that she probably would have jumped his bones right then and there, if they had been in a place where she could have.

Later that night, she stood in the shower, letting the hot water to cascade over her face and down onto her shoulders, washing away the stress of the day. Picking up a bar of soap, she began washing herself. Her hands glided over her smooth skin: under her arms, across her chest and over her breasts. She grasped with pleasure as her hands passed over her nipples, sending a delicious tingle through her body. She was already turned on, and closing her eyes, she allowed the fantasy to wash over her just as the water was.

She imagined Jamie in the shower with her, kissing her all over her body as he explored the soft curves she offered for his pleasure. Her hands stood in for his as she imagined them sliding down over the soft flare of her hips, then around to caress her soft buns as their lips met in a long passionate kiss.

As the kiss with her imaginary lover ended, her hands went to her soft breasts as she imagined him gently caressing them. Her fingers stroked and squeezed her already hard nipples as she imagined his hungry mouth licking and sucking them, gasping as small shivers of pleasure shot through her body.

Her hand moved down to her dripping mound, cupping it gently as her fingers slowly circled her hardening clit, losing herself in the fantasy as she imagined that it was his tongue that was driving her to the edge of ecstasy. The gentle massage of the water on her swollen clit combined with the gentle stroking of her fingers to drive her to a point of arousal she had never experienced before, each stroke of her fingers over her clit making her gasp and jump, her body was tingling all over as she made love to herself, gasping with every wave of pleasure that went through her; and for every touch that she offered herself, her body craved more.

Leaning up against the wall, she began moving her fingers faster, reaching up to caress her breast with her free hand as she slid two, then three, fingers deep into her slit, imagining that Jamie was pushing her up against the wall and sliding the stiff pole of his manhood into secret places only Gerald had touched. Her breath became short and labored as she began to pump her fingers frantically in and out of her dripping slit as she imagined it was Jamie's thick cock deep inside her, his hands holding her hips as he rammed into her again and again.

As she felt her body starting to tense, signaling that her orgasm was building, she ground her hot mound against the flat of her hand, her thrusting fingers moving faster and faster as her other hand squeezed her breast as she surrendered herself completely to the burning need within her.

Breathing harder, she went over the edge, her mouth opening in a silent scream and her entire body shaking like a leaf as her senses exploded in a mind-blowing orgasm, setting every nerve in her body alight with the sweet bliss of climax. And all through her orgasm, Jamie was there in her mind, holding her safe and warm as she shook in his arms.

Diane's breath came out in short ragged gasps as her orgasm finally began its slow decent; returning her to the real world where she found herself, once again, alone in the shower.

As she was drying off after her shower, she stood nude in front of the mirror, wistfully wondering if Jamie would really want to make love to her if she offered him the chance. After twenty years of marriage and three children, her curves were a little softer and fuller than they used to be and her breasts sagged a little, but they were still firm and full, with long pink nipples that stood out proudly, begging to be sucked and fondled.

"Well, maybe I'm not Cheryl Tiegs," she thought to herself with a smile, "but I think I still look pretty good for my age." As her eyes moved lower, they fell upon the flaxen patch of hair between her thighs, and she wondered lustfully if he'd ever had a "real" blonde.

That night, she put on her sexiest black nightie and did her best to interest her husband in quenching the fire in her loins; but as usual, he was indifferent to her sexual desires and was soon snoring beside her.

She rolled over in frustration and soon drifted off into a fitful sleep, where she had a vivid dream about an unseen lover crawling up under the sheets of her bed in the middle of the night. Seemingly unconcerned about the fact her husband lay sleeping less than a foot away from them, he crawled up between her legs and teased her with his hands and his tongue until she begged for more. More than happy to oblige, he slipped off her panties and impaled her on the stiff rod of his manhood, his deep thrusts pounding her mercilessly until her cries of passion drowned out the sound of Gerald's snoring a few feet away.

When she woke up in the morning, her whole body was tingling with passion. Her panties were still in place, confirming that it had been just a dream; but the fact that both her panties and the sheets were soaked with her juices attested to just how intense the dream had been.

As she sat drinking her coffee, she kept thinking about how much she missed the nights of wild passion, and started to wonder if there was a possibility of actually fulfilling her fantasy.

She loved her husband, so she wasn't looking for somebody to ride off into the sunset with, but over the years, they had gone from a young couple in love to being a 40-something married couple. Life was good, it was comfortable, but the excitement had faded away and with it, the sex had become less and less frequent until it, too, faded away altogether; leaving her with needs that weren't being satisfied. Part of her knew how reckless the thought was, but she still wondered if the potential rewards might be worth the risks

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