Setting Her Up

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: Time to get rid of her.

Merrie was a cheerleader and the most beautiful girl in the school. In the town as far as I was concerned. I was the quarterback and captain of the football team. It was a match made in Heaven.

Nine years later I looked on it as a match made in hell. Merrie was as gorgeous as ever even after having two kids, but she had turned into a stone-assed Bitch. That's right; bitch with a capital B.

About three years ago she started being moody and began drinking heavily. I tried dozens of times to find out what was wrong or what was bothering her, but all I got was:

"There is nothing wrong with me" and that escalated into "Leave me the fuck alone."

Our love life which had been like a house on fire slacked of to a couple of times a week and then to a couple of times a month. Her drinking got worse and she started making a fool out of herself at various events by getting smashed and doing something stupid. She would bad mouth and denigrate me in front of others. She would get flirty with other guys, sometimes my friends, and embarrass the hell out of me.

She made passes at other guys and led them on. She let herself get felt up on the dance floor and there were times she snuck off with some guy. Or at least she thought she was sneaking off, but I was keeping a close eye on her so I always saw it and was ready to go after her if she was gone too long. She was never gone long enough to do anything other than neck a little or maybe play some grab ass, but it was seen and noticed by others and I received several looks of pity that I pretended not to notice.

I finally reached the point where I could no longer stand her and it looked to me like maybe in a year or so we would be in the middle of a nasty divorce. I spent a couple of weeks thinking on the situation. Expecting an ugly time of it I thought out a plan that would help me keep control of things if and when it happened, but by the time I had solidified the plan I had decided not to wait for a divorce, but to force it.

I couldn't get her to change and I couldn't live with what she was so best to end it.

There was no doubt in my mind from the way she was behaving that sooner or later she was going to sneak out of a party and instead of some necking or grab ass she was going to cheat on me and fuck some guy. If I could catch her at it I would have the upper hand. That decision made I decided to set it up and make it happen. Cold blooded of me maybe, but I knew it was going to happen anyway so I might as well get some benefit out of it.

I arranged for my parents to take the kids for the weekend and I took Merrie out to a local bar. It was Friday night and the bar had a band. As I expected Merrie drank too much and got obnoxious.

One of the guys who was there that night and who she danced with several times was Jim Reynolds. Merrie had been dating Reynolds in high school and she dropped him for me and he had hated me ever since. When Merrie was at the peak of her partying, dancing with Reynolds who had his hand on her ass, she started disrespecting me and putting me down. I walked out onto the dance floor and pulled her away from Reynolds and told her we were going home. She gave me the ration of shit that I expected so I told her she could walk home for all I cared and I walked out and left her there.

I moved the car to an out of the way spot and settled in to see what would happen. About a half hour later she and Reynolds came out and, walking hand in hand, headed towards the dumpsters behind the bar. I got out of the car and snuck over to a clump of trees where I could watch them with out being seen. I had my Canon Rebel with me and I had loaded it with low light film and I had it turned on and ready. The dumpsters were right under a parking lot light and I figured that it would help.

The two of them smoked a joint and then Jim made his move. He put his arm around her and she made no move to push him away. They started making out and it wasn't long before he had Merrie topless with her bra off and on her knees sucking his cock. After a couple of minutes of that he pulled her to her feet, turned her so she could lean forward against the dumpster, pushed her thong aside and began fucking her. I hoped that the film turned out because I got some damned good shots of the action

Merrie made no protests at all. She moaned, "Fuck me. Fuck me hard and make me cum" and Reynolds was doing his best to do just that. I was getting pretty angry watching what was happening, but it was what I wanted. Still, it took all of my will power not to stop them and beat the living shit out of Reynolds. At the same time I could not believe how turned on I got watching.

I heard a noise from off to my right and saw two guys that I knew coming out of the bar and heading in our direction. They saw Merrie and Reynolds (the two were making quite a bit of noise) and they moved closer to watch. They watched from a distance as they tried to figure out who Reynolds was fucking. Then Reynolds said he was going to cum and he turned Merrie around and pushed her to her knees. She opened her mouth and leaned forward and took the cock in her mouth and I saw her throat move as she swallowed.

That is when the two watchers (Tony Anson and Mike Bellah) saw that it was Merrie.

"Isn't that Barry's wife" Tony asked "I didn't know that she cheated on him."

"I've always wanted a piece of that" Mike said, "And now that I know she plays I'm going to take a shot."

"I second that" Tony said.

The two of them stood there and watched Merrie lick Jim's cock clean while I thought how lucky I was to have a couple of witnesses and more fodder for my plan.

Reynolds and Merrie composed themselves and Reynolds told Merrie that he would run her home. I hurried back to my car and drove like hell to beat hem there. When I got there I quickly undressed and pulled the covers down on the bed. Then I moved to the window and, with all the lights out, positioned myself so I could watch without being seen from outside. What I expected to see was Merrie and Reynolds pull into the drive, neck for a bit and then Merrie would come in ready to fight because I'd run off and left her.

Not what happened.

They pulled into the drive and they did neck for a little, but then they moved into the back seat and Reynolds fucked her again. Then, almost as if they were daring me to discover them, Reynolds walked her to the front porch and sat on the top step while Merrie went down on him. She got him up and damned if they didn't do it again right on the front porch. I don't know what pissed me off the most. The fact that they did it or that I wasn't able to get photos of them doing it.

When Merrie came into the house I was in bed pretending to be asleep. She tried to be quiet, but as blitzed as she was she couldn't help but stumble around and make noise. She got into bed and was snoring in just minutes.

The next day I got a surprise. I had done some dirty work in the yard and around noon I decided to shower. I'd only been in there maybe a minute when the shower curtain was pushed aside and Merrie got in the shower with me. She took the soap and rag away from me and washed my back. And then she did my front! When she was done she handed me the soap and rag, bent and took me in her mouth and a couple of minutes later she was leaning against the wall while I took her from behind. I didn't know what to think. It had been a month since we had last made love and even then I had to practically hound her into it.

She wasn't done surprising me. When I came she turned around, bent and took me in her mouth again and then we took it to the bedroom and continued on until we stopped to get something to eat. Merrie pretty much hung on me the rest of the day and that night when we went to bed she went after my cock again and we went two more times before falling asleep. Merrie woke me with a blow job in the morning and then we ripped off a piece before I took her out to the IHOP for breakfast. On the way home she slid over next to me and started playing with my cock and by the time we got home she had her head in my lap sucking on me. We spent the rest of the day playing in the bedroom until it was time to go pick up the kids.

For the next month and a half she was the most pleasant person ever. She was respectful and we were back to making love four and five times a week. Suddenly everything was like it was when we first married. I figured that she felt so guilty about what she had done with Reynolds that she was trying to atone for it. I was beginning to think a divorce might not happen at all.

About a month later I was coming home from work a couple of hours early and I happened to see Merrie's car parked in front of a house. I don't know why, but something made me park and stake out the car. About forty-five minutes before I was expected to be home Merrie came out of the house with Jim Reynolds. When they got to her car they embraced, kissed and Reynolds had his hand on her ass as she got into the car.

Seeing them made me furious and I wanted to beat the fuck out of both of them. All thoughts of the divorce not happening were gone. I was going to have to put my plan into action after all. I drove home, getting there at my usual time and Merrie greeted me with a passionate kiss and said:

"I hope you have plenty of energy. I plan on you giving me lots of dessert tonight."

I almost said, "Sorry, but I don't do sloppy seconds" but I didn't. I didn't want to give away that I knew she was a cheating whore.

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