Boxing Girl

by Sinde Waters Clinton

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Desc: True Sex Story: Kate liked to box, she just wasn't very good at it. But the boxing club at college wasn't about being good. It was about entertaining the audience. And hard sex.

I was walking thru the Union when I found a notice for a boxing club. What really caught my eye was that they were looking for female boxers. I had done some of this in High School and enjoyed it very much. I took the number down quickly and reread the flyer. Then I took a picture of it with my phone because it was a little confusing and I was in a bit of a rush. I had a class in thirty minutes and was in the Union to grab a bite for lunch.

The Union is a big building that houses student related necessities here at THE University of Dismal obscurity in beautiful downtown Santa Clarissa, CA. We aren't very far from LA, but we are pretty small. Sports activities are generally in clubs, especially for women.

By the way, my name is Kate, I am a freshman at THE U and I am doing OK thru this first two months of academia. I came here from Tucson, AZ to get some distance from my family. The classes aren't too hard, my roomate, Lisa, is very nice if a bit too party hearty. I am missing things that used to be normal. I ran a little in HS, enough to get a Letter Jacket, a little basketball, and my boxing which had nothing to do with school. I was also working hard at Tai Chi but that has gotten lost since I started college. Actually it got lost in the summer while I worked my butt off to make a few bucks to cover college expenses. I have not found a job here that fits around my schedule which has classes day and night, not to mention lab sessions.

I grabbed a quick lunch in the cafeteria and headed for class. This was English 101 which was required for every freshman, meaning a huge classroom with 127 students registered and usually 80 or so in attendance. Everyone has a laptop and everyone records the lectures and most of us do something else while listening - me? I did the homework from my previous class today. It took less than half the class and then I reread the flyer that I emailed to myself so I could read it on my laptop.

It read:

Female Boxing Club

Just for fun and exercise - and getting rid of your frustrations!

Some possibility of paid exhibitions.

I responded with an email outlining my experience and asking about some other things like how many women were in the club. What ages and weight classes. Just so I sounded knowlegable. I was very surprised to get a response before class was over asking to meet in the Union to get answers and for Krista, the club president, to meet me in person. She had said not too many girls had applied so far, but it was a rather special person that wanted to box.

Surprise of the day!

I found Krista in the lobby and we went into a conference room to get some privacy. When I entered there were three others in attendance, the first surprise was Lisa was there, the other surprise was two guys sitting in. Krista introduced the guys, Cleve and Linc, as the trainers that allowed the club to use their facilities. When she got to Lisa we just hugged and said we didn't know we had this in common.

We talked about my past athletic accomplishments and came around slowly to my TaiChi and then boxing. I boxed Golden Gloves, I wasn't all that good. However, I had a few wins. Myrecord was 4-23...

I had been TKO'd twice which is not a very good thing when you only go three rounds. Although I wasn't very good, my footwork was average and I didn't have enough power in my hands, I did have a toughness that my coaches appreciated. I did enjoy the workout and was OK with the bruises that seemed to heal very quickly. My 'career' in boxing came to an end because I didn't make any progress and my coaches found someone better.

They showed a video of Lisa fighting with another girl and one of Krista that was a couple of years old. It looked like they were doing pretty well, but the girl Lisa was fighting was much better. The emphasis was on body blows since both fighters were wearing head gear for protection. They described the process of entering the exhibitions where you could get paid a few bucks. Not a lot, but it made working for minimum wage less interesting. They said that the exhibitions were meant to have the boxers make it through the entire 3 or 4 rounds, unlike amateur rules each round was three minutes - instead of two when you went four rounds.

We talked a bit more with both Lisa and Krista telling stories of the club fights and of the training CL Box, the Gym Cleve and Linc owned, because the Gym was mostly paid for by fighters that were Pro's or potential Pro's most of the training was late evening.

After I said I was interested in both the training and the exhibition bouts they cued up a couple of videos of the exhibition matches. These were on Youtube for your perusal but showed ads for purchasing DVD's at a website. While we were watching a few of these Krista explained that the boxers that performed the exhibitions were signed to contracts for their performance and any residual money from DVD sales. The contracts were normal for actors in videos.

The exhibitions were sans head gear so you could see the boxers faces, a few punches were to the head but seemed minimal. However, many of the rules were lenient for body blows. After all these were female performers and the 'uniforms' were skimpy like Hooters waitresses. Many blows went below the belt, usually the abdomen and buttocks. And like you would expect many were to the breasts. The six or so videos showed much of the action, it was a little like I thought 'mud wrestling' was like. And the boxers got pretty sweaty and didn't wear bras. The last video showed a well endowed blonde fighting a larger black woman. The fight was pretty amazing and was won almost like in wrestling when the black woman landed a major uppercut to the blonde and she was down for the count.

We ended after that with Krista saying I should think about it and she would get back to me tomorrow. She did say that she, Cleve, and Linc would discuss if they thought I was a good fit and it wasn't just my decision.

Lisa and I went to the cafeteria for dinner and talked most of the night away. Of course the subject was boxing and I was pretty stoked. Up to now I hadn't met many new people and this looked like a good opportunity for social interaction. I wasn't too sure about the boxing, that last fighter, the black woman, was quite powerful. Lisa said her name was Tyra and she had sparred with her a few times. Although I was intrigued by her physique. She looked like a bodybuilder with great definition. I was only loosely interested in women's bodies, I suppose I was a little bi, but I definitely enjoyed spending time in a bed with guys. But, that was a hell of a woman.

Lisa informed me she was much more, she hit really hard. She liked it when her opponent showed that it hurt and came back for more.

Tyra also liked women in her bed. And many of them claimed it was a great time and would welcome another 'bout', Lisa confided that she was one of those women.

Just another Thursday ... NOT!

The sun came up way too early ... I had not slept well because I couldn't get the boxing video out of my mind! Which video? The one with Tyra knocking out the blonde. I ran it through over and over. Not able to get it out of my mind. My mind ran through fantasy after fantasy of the blonde and Tyra in a bed doing lots of things I had seen but never dreamed about. When I finally dropped off the fantasies repeated but the blonde wasn't blonde, she was a redhead and she was a little shorter and a little curvier and, well, she was me! I don't think I described myself. I don't look very athletic, I am about 5'5" tall and a bit chunky (by today's standards) at 123lbs. But I am slim in the waist and curvy. 37-24-36 A bubble butt like Kim Kardashian. By the time my alarm went off I was sweating and my pussy was so wet I could have fucked thirty guys. But what got me hot was a threesome, Tyra, Krista, and ME! I didn't remember exactly what we had been doing but it was HOT! Lisa was already gone and I was glad for that. My computer was playing some strange music that seemed accelerated and the words were too fast to understand but the melody was nice and I kept it on as I showered. I found the MP3 was from a website and I downloaded a few more by the same group onto my iPhone and headed for class.

I have a later class on Thursday, 10:30AM, I went to the Union and grabbed some yogurt and a coke planning to eat it quickly in the sunshine.

I walked over to Penwahl Hall and found a seat on the stairs to enjoy the sunshine of late fall. It was only 10 and I had some time to kill. Just as I was finishing up my breakfast a shadow cast over me. I should have been shocked by her, but I just admired that physique, the one I had dreamt about. Tyra stood in from of me, blocking the sun.

"You Kate?" - It took me a bit to make out she had said my name, it came out a bit like 'cut' but there was some garbled stuff in there too.

"Yeah, I'm Kate! You're Tyra! I saw video of you last night when I met Krista!" ... I paused as I tried to see her face, something I belatedly started raising my eyes towards. She had a smirk on it when it finally appeared. "How did you find me?"

"I'm in Chem345 with Lisa ... she said I would find Kate at Penile Hall!" again it sounded like she said cut, or cunt actually, I had to be wrong. Although later I would remember that the other words didn't get confounded by an accent. Imagine, 'Find Cunt at Penile hole', is more what it sounded like.

"Ya got vids of you boxin?" I nodded a little "On the net? Show'm to me now?" I put the question to it, but she said it like an order.

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