A Summer by the Lake

by Shoeslayer

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Mother, Son, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A mother and son spend a summer by the lake in their log cabin cottage. George somehow gets turned on by his mothers reading glasses and a series of notes on his old computer begins, him to Mom and vice versa. As the summer goes on, George looks at his mom not so much as a mother anymore and mother has the same feelings to George as well.

Mom and Dad have always worked hard and their diligence paid off by way of a nice log cabin on the lake in western Mass. And then when things were going fine Dad accidently juiced himself to death. He was always a pretty good handyman and knew about home electrical systems but as it turned out, not enough. Someone put the water heater on a fused circuit, one fuse blew so there was no two hundred and forty volts across the heater but half of that instead and with a wet ground, yeah you see where this is going.

Well that was five years ago. Mom is now fifty five and looking good, a bit plump with nice boobs, hips and long grey flowing hair. She works part time for the towns library and when she does work, she dresses the part pretty close to the traditional librarian. A skirt and white blouse with a ruffled v neck, the black or brown, silver or gold oval style glasses and a nice pair of low patent black heels.

Unlike the Librarians of another generation who were known to give children nightmares as they were forever shushing every child who had the guts to ask the Librarian a question, Mom is very cheery and takes pride in her title as a Librarian for the town, she goes the extra mile to see that a much wanted book is found for a patron.

Now to be quite frank about it, I always loved the looks of mom when she wore her librarian style glasses and I'd often clean them with my T-shirt and they would sparkle. Mom had a number of pairs in silver, gold or black and they all had a glass beaded neck chain that would let her glasses rest on the shelf of her sexy bosoms.

One day Mom asked me, "George, do you know why my glasses are always so spotless?"

"Ah yeah mom, I thought you'd see better if they were clean."

"Well that was very nice of you, I don't think I have seen them so spotless in a while.

"So do I have the pleasure of keeping'em spotless?"

"Yes George you do." And mom gave me a nice juicy kiss, a kiss that was probably way too intimate for a mother and son as our mouths were open and our tongues danced. Mom then reached out and with her hand in the small of my back pulled me to her so that her boobs were pushed into me and yeah I really liked that. I pulled away in time as I began to sport a hardon harder than the crankshaft in the engine of my Harley Sportster 1200.

I needed a walk, a good long walk to mull things over. Half a mile from the cabin was an old railroad line and I decided to walk some tracks. That kiss along with pulling me to her so that we were very close and the thanks for keeping moms glasses clean, started to work on me and four hours later when the sky was dusk I thought myself into having a fetish for Mom's reading glasses with the fancy glass beaded neck chains and being honest about things I knew I wanted to get my mom in the sack.

What was also interesting is that something else happened that day as I walked the tracks. Along the right of way were telegraph poles and some of the crossarms still had those old glass insulators in clear or green and maybe the way the breaze blew the branches of the trees and the sunlight shining on or through those glass insulators made me think of the way the light of the room sparkles on Moms librarian style glasses and I found this to have a hold on me, possibly in the way the tiffany lamp shines on Mom's glasses as she reads the evening paper. Perhaps it that reason I started to collect old glass insulators.

Mom went to work the next day and I was enjoying country life in the cabin. I made up some roast beef hash and eggs on the old coal burning stove and had a cup of coffee and a few Mother Parker doughnuts. I looked around and saw two pair of moms librarian style glasses, one pair was in black plastic oval shape, the other were a nice silver oval style and for who knows what reason I wanted to try them. I became rather turned on by this though not knowing why. But I figured if they got me aroused, they could be used to help me take care of some needs, and I am telling you, those glasses had some kind of erotic power over me as I had not had such a good time for quite a while and I thought it rather nice that my mothers glasses got me so turned on.

It did not take me long to realise what moms glases could do for me, those sexy black or silver ovals could really get me 'HOT' I suppose there was a famous librarian who wore the oval style and that look became tradition. Thankyou miss who ever you are as that style does a lot for my mom and me too.

I had quite the time romancing moms glasses and wondering what the chances were of getting a hot looking lady into the sack. She had to be missing the sexual closeness dad gave her until he became another cadaver for the morgue to do an autopsy on and after I had my time with those sexy glasses, I had her glasses spotless.

I felt so good I started to write the whole thing down on the computer. I simply wrote it on notepad and thinking mom would never use my old tower style gateway as it is slower than cold molasses, I never bothered to hide it in documents so when Mom's laptop had a tizzy for itself, Mom went for my old gateway and read about the great time I had with her glasses.

I was working as a maint. guy for a large downtown office and going back to that log cabin by the lake everyday made me feel better than I had in a long time. What was nice is I was able to ride my old Harley Sportster to work everyday. I was getting around forty five miles a gallon but the truth was I simply loved being a biker.

A few weeks after romancing moms sexy librarian style glasses, mom started to wear them more often and then she went for the half-glasses style in gold or silver. These were of the half-round style or as some would say the half-moon and a pair of half-squares or rectangular and with the sexy glass beaded neck chains they looked very nice as they hung across Mom's ample bosoms.

One night during supper as the sun was setting, I asked Mom why she went for the half-glasses style instead of just wearing her oval style.

"You seem interested in my glasses George, do you like my new half-glasses?" As she asked that her second finger kept flicking at the glass beaded chain from which her half- moon style glasses hung and the light of the kitchen would sparkle in them and for whatever reason, I really liked that.

"Yeah Mom actually I do, just curious, I mean if something works, why change it?"

"George, what happens is sometimes I want to see well up close then farther away but one can't see well farther away through full style glasses, like my oval style but they can with the half-glasses style as one can look over the tops."

I got up from the table and grabbed a phone book.

"Let me try these Mom, to see what you mean."

She gave me her gold half-moon glasses and I tried them with the book then tried looking through them for distance, one word for this, blurry. I noticed things getting tight down there and I had to admit that moms half-glasses had a hold on me.

Mom looked down at my crotch for a brief second and smiled. "So you like my new half-glasses? will you want to keep them nice and spotless as you do for my Librarians glasses?"

"Yeah mom, why not?"

"I am glad you like doing this for your mom."

If I was not mistaken mom had a funny smile when she asked

So as I laid in bed that night enjoying the country air of Western Mass, Moms words stayed with me

"So you like my new half-glasses? will you want to keep them nice and spotless as you do for my librarians glasses?"

and that funny smile she had me me think she liked the idea of her son enjoying a fetish with his moms glasses and it made me think that maybe we could get much closer, to the point of getting into the sack.

Work was going fine as I was taking an evening course in electrical and A/C. Our building used a chilled water system which doubled as heating in the winter, simply by switching the finned sections of piping to a boiler instead of a chiller unit, then back to the water chiller which was simply a giant a/c unit with the evaporator imersed in a massive tank of water which was then sent through the finned pipe section and absorbed the heat of the office. All the while the back of my mind was on mom's new style of glasses and she had made some nice new neck chains to go with them, purple and pearl colored beads and they were much nicer than any thing I have seen elsewhere.

Where in the name of hell did June go? another week and it would be the 4th of July and I had to wonder what poor bastard would occupy the states electric chair and would the event be catered? fried chicken, onion rings and beer? yeah that could be nice. It would be an economical thing too, think of it. Ten dollars a ticket, the states prison has the cooking facilities. Say three thousand people came to see someone roast, that is thirty K in the states coffers, not that we'd be charged less in taxes but it could be a nice afternoon out for a change.

All these nice thoughts going through this thirty year old guys mind as well as moms new half-glasses and should I get deeper headers for my sportster as that could increase my horsepower by five or so and who could say they did not hear me?

Mom did up some of her one and a quarter pound onion burgers and tater salad for supper which I enjoyed very much. I was starting to look at mom not so much as mom but a hot looking lady and I think she knew it but not on a concious level. I loved it when she'd sit out on the porch and read the Boston Globe and her sexy half-glasses part down her feminine nose with those glass beads and sometimes the tiny diamonds of her beads worked as prisms and small bands of color would appear, which would make mom look even hotter.

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