Aunt Julia's Bad Day

by mattwatt

Caution: This Pedo Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Pedo Sex Story: That bad day for Julia Williams started with the encounter with her nephew Nick, and his hair brained scheme to catch her on film naked. It got worse from there, when she had an accident and, through her haze, heard her boss, John Linn Dryfuss profess his love for her, when he thought her dying. Their romance had only begun though.

Beginning With Nick

The day, that horrible day, began with her nephew Nick. He and his Mom, Shawna, Julia Williams' younger sister, were living with Julia, and Julia was providing the bulk of the money for Nick's university education.

It was an uneasy mix at best but Julia was determined to try to make it work. She hated to admit it but she didn't trust Nick. He seemed to be always there, no matter what was happening.

The thing, of course that Julia didn't know was that Nick was going to try to pull off what he was thinking of as his major coup that very morning.

Shawna had married early, the only one of the three girls to do so, and had her Nicholas.She divorced and ended up being a single mother, and Julia helped her along with that difficult task, especially financially, since the marriage 'crashed and burned' about a year ago. It was then that Shawna and Nick came to live with Julia, in her fairly small house. And it was since that time that things had been tense, at least for Julia, where Nick was concerned.

Julia had entered the business world early and was struggling to make her mark. She had done well; indeed, she did well enough to help Shawna out.

She began working for Dryfuss Inc pretty much as a laborer but she worked continually on her education and the effect of her various promotions through the years was to make her aware of almost every part of their process. At this point in her work life, Julia was assistant/associate to John Linn Dryfuss, the CEO and COO, and the owner.

The three girls had grown up in a fairly middle class Afro-American family. They were popular at school and easy to become friends with people. Of the three girls, Julia was the tall one; that is, she was tall and well built, whereas Angelia was rather thin, and tended to be intense -- especially now that she was honing in on her doctor's degree. Shawna was smaller and cute, the cuddly one.

Of course, growing up, for a while, Julia had tended to be the fat sister. No one knew why she'd turned out that way. She favored, in that respect, more her maternal grandmother than either her Mom or Dad, neither of whom were heavy. But Julia was, for years, the fat sister. (Of course, in this respect, she was 'fat' only in comparison to her sisters, who were not.)

It was only, when she finally went to college that Julia had her growth spurts. It was as though it was all waiting to happen at one time. She took up athletics and the spirit of the teams that she joined, especially the volley ball team, seemed to also spur on her new found growth.

By the middle of her college years, Julia was fairly tall, 5'11", and certainly well built. She sported, since those college days, her hair in curls that were close to her skull. She liked the short hair effect. But it was as though her heavy weight simply, over those few years, was re-distributed. She was the busty one of the crowd -- again taking after her maternal grandmother, and her sisters were certainly, at least periodically, jealous of Julia's 38c breasts —- (Julia called them 'her girls'!). She was, like Shawna especially, a lovely looking woman. She also had soft full lips that alone were 'to die for'. At her present age of 33, Julia Williams was a treat!

Her participation in college athletics left her with strong legs and a lovely rounded butt -- which also caused envy, at least with Shawna, who was more petite and had, as she would put it, 'less equipment' than statuesque Julia.

It was just at the time that Shawna's marriage failed and she needed a place to stay, to 'get away from that beast', as she put it at the time, that Julia had gotten her new position with Mr Dryfuss. She was still in the process of learning about that position and getting 'into it'.

The bad day began with Nick's final decision to put his major plan into operation. He lived with constant, or at least a frequent day dream about his Aunt Julia. He was certainly 'in lust' with her and she figured in every thought that led him, especially at night to play with himself.

Today the daydream was strong, and it was today that he was determined to make some progress. He smiled as he rolled it one more time in his mind:


Aunt Julia would ask him to help with a project in the garage. For his part, Nick was super pleased about the request to help his Aunt. He had been in lust with her for as long as he could remember. He had spent, he thought, a remarkable amount of his lifetime ogling his Aunt Julia. He secretly called her 'Julia the Body'.

This was going to be his day with Aunt Julia and that was super fine with Nick! He was looking forward to it.

As he was growing up, he would allow himself the treat of trying to decide which of his Aunt Julia's features were the best: those luscious lips, or her big tits or that wonderfully rounded ass.

It was just such thoughts that would almost invariably lead Nick to reach for his usually growing erection and play with himself thinking of Julia and what her lips would do to him, while he was idly playing with a large, hard nippled tit or bouncing a coveted ass cheek.

His Aunt Julia fairly filled Nick's world.

Nick also knew that one of the very best parts of the day working with Aunt Julia would be the hug that she gave him, when they worked together. They were a hugging family; he'd grown up knowing that and getting regular hugs from his Aunts, Angelia and Julia.

It's just that today he figured that this would be his best chance to get himself close enough to rub up against Aunt Julia.

He tried, of course, to put brakes on that kind of thinking, after a bit, since he didn't want to be poking her with his erection, during the hug. But that very thought caused him to chuckle.

Julia was already in the garage, when he entered."There he is! Mr Gorgeous! The world's most handsome nephew!" Julia proclaimed as she went down the steps and hastened over to the driveway to grab hold of her nephew.

"Look world," he proclaimed, "It's Aunt Julia the body!"

She giggled and struck a pose for him.

"Aren't you ashamed, you brash young man," she declared, "Treating your old Aunt that way?"

"I call them the way that they are!" he said with flair and she squealed and grabbed him into hug that he had been anticipating.

The hug was quick. Nick had to move away quicker than he wanted because his erection was being, on this occasion, instantaneous. But Aunt Julia felt wonderful; she smelled wonderful! She looked wonderful!

He felt at least free enough to tell her those things. It made her preen and grin at him, leaning in and planting a large kiss on him with her world class lips.

"Aren't you the silver tongued one!" she crooned to him, still holding on to him.

"Looks like you're ready to work, Aunt Julia," he said.

"Yep, that's me today!" she said, spinning around and showing herself off, still being the enthusiastic Aunt for him.

Julia was indeed dressed to work. She sported a tee shirt, proclaiming her favorite professional football team, across her large breasts, and she also wore running shorts. They were a bit baggy, which didn't please Nick all that much, since he was looking forward to ogling at her ass. (One of today's projects for him!)

"All ready, sport?" she asked.

"Well," he replied with a grin, "I was intending to ogle just a little bit longer!"

It set her giggling. "Ogling will have to take place, during the job!" she declared.

"So, ogling is allowed!" he asked.

"You mean from my not so secret admirer?" she asked with a grin.

"Got me, Auntie!" he said, "But show me what we're going to be doing, and let's get to it."

"Yes," she said, "Ogling will come later!"

("Not really!" Nick said to himself, knowing that working with his Aunt was going to be that much of a treat for him!)

They went into the garage, after Julia moved her car out, an older Mazda convertible, called Rosinante, and which she coddled and kept on the road, at times by will alone.

"Aunt Julia," Nick said, "This is a beater!"

"Yes, honey," she admitted, "One of these days I'll get rid of it."

"Sell it to me, when you do," he said.

"Might just do that!" was her reply.

She explained to him what it was that she needed to have done, and they began to do it with a will. They worked side by side for a good long time and then she indicated that she needed to get into a pile of things, that were left over from dealing with her Momma and Daddy's house, to see about them.


That's when it happened.

Nick was busy, half the time, staring at Julia's round and firm butt. He was getting, in the process, more and more excited. He constantly had to surreptitiously shift his erection around, to try to not make it too obvious.

It was almost as if she were tempting him with her movements, especially now that she was bending over this new pile of items. It showed him her 'vpl', making him grin, as he stared at the lines that her panties were making, as they pushed against the fabric of her shorts.

Nick was getting hotter and hotter, as he watched his Aunt Julia in her bent over position.

Then, heaven help him, he did the stupidest thing that he'd ever done in his life. He allowed his constantly growing and in-dwelling fantasies get the best of him. He'd been kind of preparing for what was about to happen, as stupid as it actually was, for most of his teenaged life. He just never until that moment thought or believed that it would happen, that he'd do such a thing.

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