Sex, Alcohol and Family

by Happenstance

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/ft, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Grand Parent, Uncle, Niece, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Big Breasts, Prostitution, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: It's a story of how I fell in love with sex, alcohol and my own family members.

"What are you wearing?" asked Mom looking at short black leather skirt and the white top under which my purple bra was clearly visible.

"What?" I said turning toward her.

"She can't leave the house dressed like this," she told Dad, who was watching TV in kitchen.

"Let her go, she's fifteen," he replied as his eyes wandered over my cleavage, blossoming breasts and long legs and then turned his attention back to some car chase.

As soon as he said that, I left the house and joined my best friends, Irene and Jenny. They let out a whistle when they saw me, but I ignored them although their reaction did make me happy.

After spending couple of hours watching a movie with them at Irene's house came back home and changed into T-shirt and pajamas.

Mom again screamed at me at the dinner table, but Dad and I ignored her while my brother Steve, who's one year older than me, pretended to agree with her but at the same time kept winking at me.

"So, what were you wearing?" wondered Steve when he came into the room I was sharing with him as the house had only two rooms.

"Nothing," I replied getting into bed.

Hearing that, he came near me and playfully slapped my bums.

It was around ten in the night when I heard what were by now familiar noises and opening my left eye saw Steve under the sheets with his girlfriend Andrea.

Turning my face slightly toward them, I could see her locking her lips around his mouth while his hand was caressing her behind. Bringing his hand to her chest, he began taking off her top and bra and started feeling her breasts and sucking her nipples.

While he was busy with her tits, she lifted a tissue box from the floor and I saw her hand move back and forth as he sat on her thighs and then apparently came on her boobs because she immediately began cleaning her naked breasts and stomach.

Steve, who still had the sheet around him, shifted his body as she got up to put on her bra and top and tip-toed out of the window to her house adjacent to ours.

"Go to sleep," ordered my brother as soon as she was out.

"Why does she have to come here? Can't you find someplace else? This's the sixth time she's come," I countered.

"Shut up and go to sleep," he hissed back.

In the afternoon, Mom went out for some chores, so took out a cropped top I had borrowed from Irene and wore it with shorts.

"Ingrid, you'll be in trouble if your mother sees you in that," warned Dad when he saw that the top was not only exposing my shoulders and belly button but also the shape of my already handful breasts and pink nipples.

I smiled at his warning and sat down in front of TV while he sauntered off to his room.

Our house had a narrow passageway with kitchen and bathroom on either side of it while at the corner of the passageway was a couch that had holes in it and springs that went right into your ass.

The pathway led to two adjoining rooms, one of which was occupied by our parents and the other by Steve and me. Our room had two beds on either side of the wall, a cupboard, a table and chair and a window that opened to the alley behind our house.

Our folks' room, meanwhile, had a king-size bed, a big cupboard and a chair facing a full-length mirror.

I was engrossed in a movie on TV when a hand crept over my right tit and putting the palm around it squeezed my nipple. I jerked my head sideways and saw Steve staring at my boobs and smiling.

"Mom will kill you," he said cupping my left one this time.

Moving his hand away from my breast, I ran after him and chased him to our room where I began raining punches on his back but he kept laughing and then pinning me down on the bed sat down on me.

"You can't keep your eyes closed at night, can you?" he said putting his hand inside his jeans and taking out his dick.

"Touch it," he ordered pushing my hand toward it.

I clenched my fist and refused to move my arm but he simply brought his cock near my fingers and began humping my hand, just like he had done it so many times time before.

Opening my eyes, I saw the head of his erect dick pressed against my thumb and tried to get up but he pushed his hand under my top and started squeezing my boobs.

"Do it with Andrea," I shouted as I again tried to escape his clutch.

"She isn't as big as you," Steve replied pushing both his hands inside the top and revealing my breasts completely.

Bringing his crotch forward, he brought his cock near my lips but this time instead of kissing it I shouted "dad" and got away from his grip.

I ran straight to my father's room and saw him reading a magazine on the bed, so lay down next to him.

"What happened, darling,"? Dad asked putting his arms around my bare waist and embracing me.

"Nothing," I replied putting my face on his stomach and pressing my boobs against his side.

"Go change before your mother comes," he said caressing my long brown hair.

"I will," I nodded looking at him with my dark brown eyes. "Do you like my dress?"

"Yes, but you should've worn a bra because you're a big girl now," he said admiring me from head to toe.

Instead of replying, I pressed my body tightly against his tall and lanky frame.

I knew Mom would be arriving soon, so after staying with him for about ten minutes, got up and changed back into T-shirt and pajamas. Steve, thankfully, was out when I was changing.

From that day onwards, I began wearing skimpy clothes and although initially my mother did make a scene but slowly she got tired and simply gave up.

So, not only Dad, Mom and Steve saw me walk around in skimpy clothes but also the neighborhood boys and friends.

The only person who didn't get to see my charms was my eldest brother Jake as he had moved out and was working in another city.

As my clothes got shorter, Steve's groping and cupping increased and he kept making me touch and kiss his cock while also enjoying the nightly visits of Andrea.

Dad, on the other hand, never objected to my dresses or discouraged me when I hugged him tightly or sat down on his lap wearing braless tops and short skirts.

He would lovingly put his arms around my hips, kiss my cheeks or forehead and ask me not to irritate my mother too much.

Soon I began enjoying the attention of boys and even men and one day was in Jenny's room with a classmate who was always following me everywhere and was ready to do anything when I saw him looking to my legs, so took his hand and placing it on my bare thighs, kissed him and then one thing led to another and we began having sex.

He was squeezing my boobs while desperately trying to fuck me as hard as he possibly could when Jenny tried to open the door I had locked, so told her to wait. Luckily she didn't have to wait long as he came soon, all over my stomach.

When she finally entered the room she didn't suspect us of doing it simply because she never thought I'd be doing with him and was therefore pretty surprised when I told her about it.

The whole experience wasn't good because we were in a hurry plus I didn't like him that much. But what he inadvertently did was that he opened the flood gates.

Having tasted the fruit, even if it wasn't too delicious, I simply couldn't have enough of it and began enjoying classmates, neighborhood boys and even men. I was up for it with just about anybody, from fifteen years old boys to seventy years old men.

With me sleeping around so much, the news was bound to reach Steve although thankfully my parents weren't yet aware about my reputation.

Steve, of course, took full advantage of the information and began making me suck his cock, give him handjobs and started fingering my hairy pussy and playing with my breasts whenever he wanted.

Before experiencing sex, I was always a little hesitant when he made me kiss his dick or when he squeezed my tits but now after having tried men of all shapes and sizes I let him do whatever he wanted except screw me.

He, meanwhile, kept bringing his girlfriends to our room at night and then he not only stopped hiding his naked body under the sheets but also began making love to them while being fully aware that I could see him fucking them.

But just when I was getting into swing of things, I missed my period and was carrying a baby even before my sixteenth birthday.

The development did dampen some of my spirits, but not completely. I kept having sex and even allowed Steve to enjoy the changes in my body, especially when my already big boobs became fuller.

I began wearing loose clothes to accommodate my growing size and that meant my braless tits were on display more than ever before and both Mom and Dad got a nice view of them.

On the day the baby was due, went to hospital and gave birth to a boy who was named Chris by my father after his own dad.

When I came back home from hospital, I began feeding him breast milk in front of Steve, who after all had already seen and played with my boobs countless times, but didn't feed Chris in front of my father when my mother was there.

It was different when she was out. I would go to Dad's room and while talking to him open my top and cupping my tits bring Chris's mouth to my pink nipples right in front of him.

He would sit there and watch his own daughter expose her milk-filled breasts.

By the time Chris was three-month-old, I was back to my old self, but this time I not only started enjoying sex like never before but also fell madly in love with alcohol and drugs, so it was a heady cocktail.

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