Those Wobbling Mountains of Flesh

by Marduk

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Double Penetration, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A woman of low social standards joins a community group to be 'accepted'. She is by the chairman, who praises, seduces and finally fucks her. With her confidence built she steps out into the world of randy men - read on.

Warren had been only three months into his position as 'chairman' for a council committee that provided for groups of people who were considered as the misfits, individuals who were considered to have fallen through the cracks of society. They were a mixture of both sexes, some young but mainly middle aged or older. The idea behind these gathering, which were weekly was to give these people an interest, a chance to meet others but also the opportunity to enjoy a very pleasant morning tea which was always provided by the local council. Warren was a bit of a rough neck, having worked and travelled through the outback and accepted individuals as they were and always made new comers welcome and maybe it was because of that, that one of the women approached him at a morning tea and asked if a friend of hers could come.

"Anybody can come May", he said. "There are no requirements, anybody who is lonely or feels depressed or just wants something to do. The council offers an array of items, like yourself you are interest in creating items with paper, some others are into drawings or others just into debating. It can get a bit hectic at times, but no body has dropped out and each week we have new faces, so your friend would be welcome. What is her name?"

"Karen, she is into her fifties, lives alone and apart from myself doesn't have many friends. What relatives she has live out of the state. I know she would love to come the only thing that would concern her is 'would she be welcome', May stated.

"Why is that? Is she some sort of alien, has three heads or something like that?" he replied with a laugh.

May sort of hesitated and moved closer as though she didn't want others to hear her answer. "Karen is very aware of her heavy breasts and feels a little embarrassed; they ... they are enormous". Warren was immediately interested. He was a tit man and the thought of such a woman being within his group made him eager to make her entry as easy as possible, so his words of encouragement to her friend were very genuine. "May tell your friend that we are all here to encourage each other and partake in the activities that are available. Your friend will be just another person, who will be welcomed and just because she has big tits, breasts won't be a hindrance and besides there are a lot of women here that are not small in that area May. Your friend will fit in just nicely", he concluded. May still hesitated and then said

"She is a bit slow".

"We are all a bit on the slow side May", he replied. However, May pointed to her head and he understood that Karen was slow in the mental world. He informed her that, that didn't matter, she would be welcome. May was beaming when she left the gathering for she could tell her friend that the 'chairman' said that she would be very welcome.

Many women had passed Warren because of his activities and many were well endowed, in fact he only sought out women who were heavy breasted. In reality he didn't like women who were so slight in that area that one could almost ask 'where are their tits'. Heavy and sagging tits were his first point of call when he checked out a woman who he fancied, the next point of interest was their backsides and generally a heavy breasted woman had an equally big bum and many times while he 'doggied' such a woman it gave him extra delight as their tits swung back and forth like the weight on a clock. The harder he thrust, the more those tits swung. The thought of meeting such a woman was making his cock grow in anticipation. 'I wonder what she is like in my other area of desire', he muttered to himself as he prepared for another class. 'Has she got hair around her cunt?' It was a question that he would ask, especially if she was what May had said and was so big, his desire was then to seduce and fuck her, after all she wouldn't be the first woman, since becoming chairman of this council organization that he hadn't stuck his cock up or had the woman suck his cock and take a load in the mouth.

As usual he arrived early, for there was some preparation to do, getting the craft tables up and being on hand to receive the parcels of food and cakes for morning tea; he also had to turn the hot water earns on. Others had arrived and he was directing some to where they wanted to go when May introduced Karen to him. "Warren this is my friend Karen". He was too much of a professional to just stare open mouthed as the sagging mountains that greeted him. May was right; her friend's boobs were enormous, great mountains of hanging flesh. "I'm so glad to meet you Karen", he said with the same degree of professionalism that he greeted all new arrivals. "May has told me that you feel awkward in joining groups like ours but be assured Karen you are most welcome and I'm sure May will show you around and introduce you others. Out of what is on offer Karen just select an interest and if there is anything else that May can't help you with, well that is why I'm here, so I'll leave you in May's hands for now and I'll catch up with you at morning tea or at other times as I move around", he said with such a smile that Karen was giggling as May led her to the craft table.

Never before had Karen felt so welcome and Warren was to find, much to has his inner delighted that she put that welcome feeling right at his doorstep. She seemed to follow him around like a mutt, each time he turned from one enterprise to another, she was there and most times there was a physical contact. However, it was a remark by May that decided him to push the 'physical contact' up a notch for she said. "Warren, Karen thinks you are a very nice person".

"Well you can tell Karen that I think she is also a nice person and I like her being around", he didn't say that he intended to push her to the limit and if she responded to fuck her, especially her bum which when she bent over for any purpose, almost made him blow in his pants. To think that a man thought she was nice was like a light being turned on in a darken room, for her existence was so dull and lifeless, she was so excited that she became so close to him in the 'morning tea' break because the kitchen was quite small and everybody was in physical contact; with such an opportunity Warren seized it. Karen's hovering mit was level with his groin. He took hold of it and pushed it against that growing bulge. Her only comment was an 'Oh!' but she didn't pull away. 'Squeeze it', he whispered as he lifted her dress till he could slip under it and feel the heavy growth of hair at her groin and this time as he slipped under the elastic of her panties and into that growth, her utterance was a distinct 'Ahhh!'

While the others chattered and enjoyed the eats, he was slowly slipping her panties down while she was continuing to squeeze. No body notice her kick them off and no body took any notice as he dropped and put them into his pocked and as he gave the clap for them to return to their tasks, he whispered. 'Stay behind when the other leave'. Using the tea towel as a shield against that very noticeable bulge at his groin he took his place at his desk and waited till nature had returned his cock to its normal position before doing the rounds of the various activities.

The others all said 'goodbye' and when they were alone and as she was picking up some finished work off a table, he cupped those enormous tits while undoing the buttons on her skirt, it fell revealing plump and very white legs with a massive triangle of hair at her groin. He rubbed it and fingered it while she gave off gasps of pleasure. He opened her blouse and removed it, she was braless and now stood totally naked, he pushed her over the table and seconds later she erupted with a cry of 'Ahhhhhh!' as he drove his cock up to his balls in her vibrating cunt. No woman performed like she did, she rose off the table as he rammed her, her tits bounced and swung if he hadn't got a hold of them and in that state for many, many minutes he fucked her, till the thrust that emptied his balls and gave Karen the greatest gift she had received in ages.

It wasn't hot but when she turned she was sweating. "No body will be coming", he said as he let her back into the kitchen. "I'll make us a coffee, but first you can have a view of what has just been up you", he said. Karen was naked so it wasn't fair that he was still dressed, he stripped and Karen gave a giggle as his cum covered cock and hanging balls were on full display. "I love women with heavy tits and plenty of hair between their legs", he said as they had the coffee. "You Karen excel in both areas. You are a terrific fuck". She burst out into an array of giggles and then they embraced and he gave off a groan of pleasure as she grabbed his cock and began to manually work it, with each pull pushing it closer to that hairy target, till the head was buried in that mass. It was a bit awkward for she wasn't light, but he lifted her up, pushed her legs apart and drove his cock up again into that delightful crack while burying his mouth over her extended nipples and while he sucked and fucked, she vibrated to every thrust, hanging on and rolling in rhyme to the ravishing she was receiving.

He didn't know if she was free for the rest of the day, all his interest was in fucking her, moulding her into nothing but an available woman. "Suck it, Karen", he said as he pushed his cock against her mouth. She hesitated till he snapped. "Stick my cock in your mouth you cunt, and suck the fucking thing". She sucked and he groaned and when he emptied his load, much to her discomfort, but to his pleasure, he again congratulated her and again she accepted his praise, for in her twisted mind, he was giving her that acceptability that she longed for.

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