A Mother and a Clinging Son

by chinookwind

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A mother guides her son through puberty and then is asked by the next door neighbor to help her son.

Dianne and her fourteen year old son, Daniel were close. He wanted to be with her all the time, sometimes sneaking into her bed during the night so he could sleep beside her. Dianne didn't discourage the behavior, feeling it would stop as he progressed through puberty.

One evening while Dianne was taking a bath, she saw a smiling Daniel looking at her from the doorway. This wasn't a new occurrence and Dianne continued with her bath. He remained there until she got out of the tub and started drying herself.

Dianne was taken by surprise when Daniel asked,

"Why are girls different than boys?"

In the back of her mind, she had been waiting for that question but somehow, was hoping the school's sex education would answer that for him. The truth be known, it had. Daniel had just had his first, eighth grade class and he didn't understand any of it and wanted his mother to explain it to him.

Dianne decided that now wasn't the best time and said,

"Girls have a special place in their bodies that a boy puts his penis into. If all goes well, the girl will have a baby. This happens when they are grown up and ready to get married."

It wasn't exactly what Daniel expected to hear but it seemed to satisfy him.

That night, Dianne felt Daniel climb onto the bed and snuggle up close to her body. She smiled when his arm wrapped around her and then fell back to sleep. It was nearing 7:00am, their normal waking up time when Dianne felt her son rubbing against her. She saw that he was still asleep and pulled the covers off of their bodies. Her eyes opened wide when she saw the bulge in his underwear and knew he was having a morning erection.

She rolled him onto his back and gently shook his shoulder. Daniel woke up and smiled at his mother. The hardness in his underwear didn't seem to bother or embarrass him.

Dianne pointed to it and asked,

"Has your penis been hard like that before?"

Daniel nodded his head and said,

"Just a couple of times, it goes away when I get out of bed."

Dianne looked down at her son's smooth body and smiling face. She then did something that she would be asking herself 'why' for the rest of life. She reached down and laid the palm of her hand over the bulge on her son's underwear. When she felt the pressing thickness, her breath quickened, knowing he was like his father 'down there'. A small gasp escaped Daniel's mouth and his hips jerked slightly. Realizing what she had done, she quickly removed her hand. Daniel looked at his mother with confused eyes. She didn't know what to- do and when she saw his pleading eyes, her hand returned to the visibly twitching bulge. Daniel closed his eyes and began pushing the 'tent' into his mother's hand that was giving him strange, new feelings.

Dianne leaned down close to her son's face and whispered,

"I know what you are feeling, just close your eyes and let me help you."

Dianne took a deep breath and slid her hand along the bulge toward the elastic rim of her son's underwear. She smiled when she saw the moist circle at the tip of the 'tent'. Her finger tips pushed between the band and her son's abdomen and moved slowly inward. Daniel took a deep breath and Dianne's heart beat faster as her hand slipped over her son's erection and it pulsed into the palm of her hand.

Daniel gasped and his hips pushed upward when Dianne started a slow, gentle, back and forth, massaging action. He was indeed well endowed and could feel the his erection along the full length of her hand. As her hand massaged her son's penis, she could feel the slickness oozing into her palm and knew Daniel wasn't far from ejaculating. It had been years since she had felt a hard penis and something told her she had to see it and removed her hand from Daniel's underwear.

Daniel moaned with disappointment and pleaded with his mother not to stop what she was doing.

"I am not going to stop honey, I just want this to be the most enjoyable thing you have ever experienced."

Dianne raised up on the bed and grasped the band of her son's underwear and whispered,

"Lift your hips a little Daniel."

He did so and Dianne slowly, almost teasingly, pulled his underwear up and over his hardness, down his legs and away from his feet. Daniel sighed as his erection was released from the confines of his underwear and twitched in the air between his thighs. A rush of excitement filled Dianne's mind when she saw her son's five inch penis spring into the air.

She told Daniel to bend his legs and spread his feet apart. Daniel quickly did so as a filling of expectancy filled his mind. Dianne moved between his spread thighs and shuffled forward, putting her son's bent legs over her shoulders. She now had an unobstructed view of Daniel's erection and heavy testicles. She the glistening gland at the tip of his penis and had to make a decision. Should she masturbate him or give him oral relief?

She decided to use her hand. Daniel would learn that his hand could also give him the joy that her hand was about to give him. Besides, it was Saturday morning and she had all day to teach her saw about the joys of sex.

Her left hand reached down and lifted her son's swaying balls and Daniel arched up gasping at the contact. Dianne smiled when she saw more oozing from the head of his jumping erection. The right hand reached out, lifting and cradling her son's erection with a gentle squeezing action. Her mind reeled at its size and warm pulses radiated into her hand. Daniel's hips jerked upward pushing his hardness and aching testicles into his mother's hands.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... Motherrrrrrrrrrrrr..."

Dianne's fingers now went to work on her son's erection. The thumb, index and middle fingers glided up and down the sensitive underside of Daniel's straining member with ecstatic presses and squeezes. She used the tip of her index finger to swirl around the slick gland causing her son to moan and grind his hips into her loving fingers. All the while Dianne's left hand was massaging his churning testicles. Daniel's mind was being saturated with sensations that his body had never felt before as ripples of joy flooded his erection.


Dianne wrapped her hand around Daniel's engorged 'manhood'. To Daniel, it felt like he had slipped into a warm, soft glove. Her hand began a slow up and down squeezing action causing Daniel to moan and gasp as his hips instinctively began matching the hand that was masturbating him. Dianne's began feeling the deep pulses of her son's erection and knew he was close to ejaculating. Both hands intensified their actions and the sounds from her son's mouth became incoherent.

"Oh ... Uh ... Mom ... What is ... Uh ... Uh..."

Dianne pushed Daniel's penis into a vertical position without interrupting her glorious up and down sweeps. Daniel felt a wonderful pressure building at the base of his penis and he gurgled as it surged up his hardness. The liquid joy swirled around his hyper-tingling gland and he squealed with joy as his first orgasm spewed out of the head of his erection.


The stream of semen splattered back down onto his abdomen and his mother's hand. Dianne knew her son wasn't finished yet and continued her relentless massaging of her son's penis. His legs, that were draped over her shoulders, locked themselves around her neck and his hips bucked his ejaculating member upward ... into his mother's waiting mouth. His hard penis nestled into her mouth and her cheeks closed around it with a deep suctioning action. An ecstatic wail echoed around the room as the second stream gushed into his mother's mouth.


It was too much for the fourteen year old and he went into sensory overload, slumping onto the bed, unconscious. It was only for a few seconds and his limp legs fell away from his mother's shoulders. Dianne sat back on her knees and looked at her son's jerking body. Her lips and tongue still had the taste of her son's essence and she smiled down at him, knowing that her mouth was going to return to her son's penis later on. Daniel slowly recovered as wonderful aftershocks rippled across his loins. Dianne watched as his erection slowly softened and slipped downward onto his drained testicles.

Dianne leaned forward and kissed her smiling son on the face and whispered,

"Let's get you cleaned up 'down there' and have some breakfast.

A happy son, followed an equally happy mother into the bathroom.

It was mid morning and Dianne thought it would be nice to relax by the pool and enjoy the sun. Daniel was in his room playing games on his laptop. She went into her room, changed into her bikini and as she walked down the hall, she went to Daniel's room to tell him that she would be at the pool. He looked up at her and his mouth dropped open and his eyes locked onto her body and the skimpy bikini she was wearing. He had seen it so many times before, but since this morning, his thoughts of his mother had changed. Dianne smiled and wiggled her body,

"Do you like how I look?"

Daniel could only nod his head as tingling sensations crept into young penis.

Daniel, being a typical fourteen year old, said,

"You have seen me naked, when you get back, can I see you naked?"

Dianne knew that their mother/son relationship had changed and it was now a good time to talk about it. She walked to the foot of her son's bed and beckoned for Daniel to stand in front of her.

She put her hands on his shoulders and said,

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