The Comment

by QM

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Cheating, Incest, Mother, Son, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sometimes a comment can bring out the best or worst in some people. A son discovers what his mother is missing in her life.

It started with a facebook comment from my Mum of all people to a picture I posted on my own page of me next to a picture of my deceased Granddad. It was an old picture of him in his early twenties I believe that I'd scanned in our local library and with the help of a little Paintshop Pro magic I'd set a picture of me or rather my face on a mirror image of his photo next to him. The results were uncanny to say the least; we might have been twins despite the years between us.

Not that I was complaining...

I'm Mikey, or Dan depending on who I'm with at the time, Dan being my deceased Granddad and the apple of my still living Gran's eye. So much so that she ended up seducing me to take my 'conjugal rights' with her as a substitute for her Dan. Gran has a form of dementia which leaves her confused as to where she is, how old she is or who is her family, living or not. She's still a lovely old lady but you never quite know who you're talking to, Grace that is, or Grace that was, nor when the switch occurs either. Still with me it mattered not, I was either Dan or Mikey and both were welcome between Gran's legs as, despite her age and the shapeless outer clothing she wore, her body wasn't bad at all. I'd gone from frustrated virgin to lothario with great pleasure ... for both of us until Gran returned to her regular carer, my Aunt Becky.

As it is, it turned out Dan was quite the man with my Aunt Becky too, and Becky was determined not to miss out on a good thing either, even to the extent of making sure that Gran still got 'hers' so long as Becky got 'hers' too; which was why I had an open invitation to pop round and calm Gran down any time I liked; a situation which had my Dad mystified, but my Mum quite proud of how her little man was growing up responsibly.

If only they knew...

Then again, perhaps with hindsight, best they didn't.

One of the conversations I had with Becky in the afterglow of our lovemaking was that it was quite likely that Dan had been enjoying both my Mum and his other Daughter my Aunt Barbara which was quite the turn on for me ... well my Aunt Barbara at least; I tried not to think of my Mum as a sexual person. Such was the fun I was having it was proving an elusive subject to simply ignore as my eyes would often stray over her body and wondered what Dan did ... and how often.

Anyway, back to reality.

I posted the picture on my wall more as a demonstration of my skills than any hope of starting something as neither my Mum nor Aunt Barbara generally commented on anything I did. I still wasn't quite sure why Aunt Barbara had even accepted me as a friend, as far as I could tell from her page other than a scant few family photo's it was mostly requests for the online games she seemed addicted too, nor had she responded to my hello's either.

Still the picture at least caused my Mum to comment.

'OMG that's uncanny, you're so like him Mikey, ' was her first comment in public, this despite being in the same house when it would have been easier to shout up the stairs.

'I got curious when Gran always called me by his name, ' I replied.

'Well your Gran was spot on, you could be twins and he was a handsome devil, just like my boy, ' she replied, to my embarrassment.

That ended the public comments other than a few from cousins and friends, all in a similar vein.

I did notice a private message though from Aunt Barbara...

B<Hi Mikey, your Mum's right, the likeness is incredible.>

M<Hi Aunty, thank you, more I learn of him, the more I like him, Gran and Aunt Becky are always telling me tales about him, he seems quite a guy.>

B<You can call me Barbara or Babs in PM Mikey, Aunts are old lol.>

M<Never thought you were old Babs, you were always my fave.>

Yes, yes laying it on a bit thick, but Becky had opened my eyes to a new area of possible sexual gratification and Barbara wasn't bad looking in a skinny angry lady type of way.

B<Your Granddad was a honey-tongued charmer too lol.>

M<Lol so Gran says when she talks about him, as does Aunt Becky, though I'm not sure why she would think that.>

B<Your Gran swore he could charm the knickers off a nun lmao.>

M<Wow didn't think that sort of thing went on those days lol.>

B<Lol the young always think they invented sex.>

M<Guess people are people, even Gran sometimes makes the mistake that I'm not Dan lol.>

B<She would, though Becky says she's calmer these days, which is fine as she'll be with us in a couple of months.>

M<I pop round and be Dan to help Aunt Becky keep her in line by telling Gran to behave.>

B<She really thinks you're Dan?>

M<Yes even offering me conjergals whatever they are lol.>

B<Lmao, lucky you.>

M<Er Babs, what are conjergals? I don't like to ask and Aunt Becky always tells Gran to be quiet and gets embarrassed.>

B<You don't know?>

M<I think it's to do with sex. Which is kind of why I daren't ask as Aunt Becky goes red and I suspect my Mum might tell the rest of the family.>

B<It's conjugal rights, the right of a husband to have sex with his wife lol.>

M<Oh bloody hell, glad I didn't ask Mum lol. Seems Gran misses Dan quite a bit if her comments are anything to go by.>

B<She's not the only one.>

M<Sorry, I know you miss your Dad.>

B<More than you'll ever know Mikey.>

M<Yeah, Aunt Becky says the same thing and asks for a cuddle when we chat, says that I remind her of the good times and the sadness she feels at him being gone now.>

B<Times I think of him and could do with a cuddle too.>

M<Sorry Babs, didn't mean to upset you.>

B<Perhaps you can give me a cuddle one day too, just to remind me of Dad a bit.>

M<Sure, any time Babs, just let me know a little in advance as I have an hour's bus ride lol.>

B<Well there's this weekend, but my Ben and the kids won't be here so you'd just have me for company.>

M<Well if you don't mind, I don't. >

B<After ten then, will be nice to see my fave nephew again.>

The conversation ended there and after I'd dealt with my anticipatory erection I wandered downstairs to watch TV with my Mum for a while wondering at the open invitation to simply pop round to Aunt Barbara's ... just on the off chance of giving her a 'cuddle' or something. Well, definitely something, as my twitching cock was telling me, as I hoped her idea of a cuddle matched mine. Still, the problem of her usually having a house full of her kids as well as a hubby had been aired and solved as I certainly didn't want them to catch us 'cuddling' at least not the sort of cuddle I had in my lecherous mind.

Thing was, until just over two months ago, I had never seriously considered my Aunts as potential sex objects. Hell I had been struggling to even hold on to a girlfriend such had been my lack of experience. Oh sure I'd banged out the odd load to a vision of my Aunt Becky a couple of times, but my fantasies had mostly strayed to images from the internet which were a lot more explicit ... at least once I'd figured out how to remove the filters my Dad had put on my laptop to stop me doing so. He really should find a better place to hide his pins and one master password, but I wasn't going to tell him.

I did notice my Mum giving me the odd glance as we watched TV and gave her a little wave the next time I caught her doing it.

"I still can't believe how I didn't notice just how like your Granddad you are Mikey," she chuckled.

"I think it was the long hair," I replied with a smile.

"True, you had it chopped off and bingo, instant Dan."

"Aye lassie, the one and only," I growled out in Granddad's thick Yorkshire accent 'Dan' style and saw Mum go pale for a second before blushing, presumably at some memory.

"God, no wonder Mum behaves for you," she giggled. "That was so like him, Mum doted on him and it brings back so many memories, good memories too."

"Aye, Becky were telling me when I were there last," I growled, feeling an erection growing at the memory of my visits with both Becky and Gran.

Mum frowned at the mention of Becky.

"Is that all she said about our Dad?" she asked a little nervously I thought.

"Just that she misses the closeness of their relationship, Mum," I replied, wondering just how I would react if Mum were to do as Becky had; then realising my erection didn't really give a damn, it was stiff and wanted release ... again and if Mum could be 'persuaded' well so much the better for me.

"We were all close," said Mum swallowing, her glance flickering down to my groin, though fortunately I believe there was little to see.

"Is everything OK Mum, I mean I'm not bringing up bad memories or making you sad?" I asked.

"Bad memories no, sad yes, I do miss my Dad in so many ways."

I moved over to sit beside her on the sofa and took her hand.

"I'm so sorry Mum, it's just I want to know about this man I so resemble. Gran says he was charming and a bit of a ladies' man ... well when she's here with us I mean."

"Oh God yes, it was something to see your Granddad entering a room, all the women's eyes would turn to look as if pulled by invisible strings and you could see the men stiffen up as if a dangerous predator had walked in on them," chuckled Mum.

"Oh my, it sounds as if I have a hell of a lot to live up to," I chuckled in return, "I haven't even got a girlfriend anymore."

"Oh yes, you finished with Angie didn't you?"

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