High School Basketball Bet
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/mt, Consensual, Fiction, True Story, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A friendly wager turns into a bit more for a high school cum junkie. Read what happens when I take on the entire team and that's just half of the story. The two star Seniors take me out for more than the original bet, but that's another story

Hey all, its' been a while I know, but; as I was watching my nephews basketball game I was taken back to my high school days and a bet I made with a senior, one of my regular friends with benefits. I was a band geek, but to earn my letter jacket I was a swimmer and a team manager for basketball. Back then I was 5'4" weighed in at a wonderful 145#, had blonde hair, hazel eyes and a swimmers build. I took a bit of ribbing because I was a band geek, but had several 'protectors' who liked my unique talents. Yes they had girlfriends, but either they wouldn't put out, or at most it was a hand job, which if you all remember your teen years, just was ever enough. Rarely a week went by when one of them wouldn't stop by my folks house for some 'tutoring' or a quick round of basketball at the barn across the road. Dad was thrilled I was at least playing basketball, mom was happy I wasn't getting beaten up on a regular basis.

Anyway this specific game was the deciding factor, the difference between the season being over or heading off to finals. The coach had done his best to pep everyone up, the school was all behind the team, but they still seemed distracted. I spoke with the two players I was tutoring on a regular basis, and made a bet, winning meant whatever they wanted for a whole month, losing was just the opposite, and they got nothing for the whole month. Patrick decided to take it a step further, a win meant I did anyone on the team who wanted doing, while losing meant the same nothing for a month, you'd better believe I took that bet.

The game was tough, it went back and forth, but by half-time were were up by 4. Coach gave his usual locker room pep talk about winning not being everything, play your best, etc., but the guys still seemed distracted. As he wrapped up, Patrick said he and the seniors' had something to say, so coach left to work on the 2nd half strategy. Patrick, always the show-off and peacock, pulled me close and said, " You all know David here takes some grief because he likes music. I know several of you have called him a thing or two behind his back, well tonight he and I made a bet. If we win, any of you who want to try his special services can. I'm not talking for any of the others here, and I know there are a few, but I know he gives some damn fire head. We need to win tonight, because I will not go a whole month without his special attention. After we win, he will be in his usual spot collecting our game gear, but all you need do is ask, and he will collect something else as well."

That seemed to do it, we came out slamming them, and were never behind again. Pat suggested I stay on my knees near the bench to remind the guys what they were getting for winning. After each basket the shooter would run by and rub my head, everyone thought it was a good luck thing, but the team knew better. Yes we won, but only by one point, a foul in the last 20 seconds, sent Patrick to the line. He just pointed at me, smiled and sank two in a row, and defense did a great job at keeping them away from their basket. After all the on court celebration, I was off to the equipment room to collect the gear and anything else they wanted to drop off. Out of the 12 on the team I was doing 3 on a regular basis, and I figured they would be first. I figured wrong, first was our only sophomore, Jimmy. He stood right at 6' tall, had dark hair, green eyes, and wore size 10 shoes. He dropped off his gear and hesitated a bit, "Something on your mind?" I asked.

"So was Pat serious, or was he just being an ass as usual?"

"Nope he was serious, we made that bet, you wanting to take advantage of it? He seemed hesitant, so I reached over and untied his sweats and pulled them down as I dropped to my knees. Swinging free he had a wonderful set of big smooth balls and showed a nice fat 5" soft cock. I leaned forward and since he didn't back up, took his cock in my mouth. As I worked his cock it grew, and what they say about shoe size and cock size is fairly accurate, he grew to a fat 10", and boy did it stretch my mouth. I grabbed his balls with one hand and his ass with the other. When my hand hit his ass he tensed up, so I removed it and just played with his balls. I used my free hand to put his hands on my head, and he took the hint, and started to slowly fuck my face. It wasn't long before I felt his balls start to tighten, so I grabbed his ass, and pulled him in balls deep. I felt his thick cock get thicker with an "Ohhh fuck" and four jerks later he relaxed. I milked the last of his load out as he softened in my mouth. As he pulled up his pants, he said "Pat was right that is some fire ass head. Most of the girls I've dated can almost get the head in let alone the whole thing. You've got one more season right?"

"Yep, one more season, and you're welcome to come drop a load anytime."

"Cool," he replied as he tied his sweats.

Next came our alternates, Brad and Jeff, they were cousins, but could have been brothers. Blond hair, blue eyes, farmers tans, and almost hairless, unless you looked really close, and then you cold see the blonde hair covering their arms and legs. Brad was about 5'7" and Jeff was about an inch taller, being equipment manager I had seen both naked and could hardly wait to see them hard, and from the looks or their running shorts I wouldn't have to wait long. "We heard Jimmy and with Pat reminding everyone to collect on the bet the anticipation was too much." they said as they walked in. I stayed on my knees as they dropped their equipment and shorts. Brad was sporting a nice 5" cock while Jeff was a bit thicker at 6". They both smiled wrapped an arm around each other and placed a hand on my head. While I sucked on one I jacked the other and soon each was ready to pop. I leaned back a little while they finished themselves off, and both dropped a healthy load in my open waiting mouth. Once they had both finished I cleaned each cock of any remaining cum and slapped each ass as they pulled their shorts back up. "Here's to another great season," they said as they exited. Three down and 9 to go, I was going to be a happy full cock sucker by the end of the night. Next was our only black player Marcus, he was the tallest of the players at 6'3" maybe 200# and very well defined. Think Usher in the 70's defined, cut and hot off the TV screen definition, and as he dropped his shorts his lovely uncut 8" uncut cock slapped his stomach. I leaned forward and pulled back his foreskin, to find a nice tapered pink head, oozing pre-cum. I licked his head and he moaned and more oozed out. "Lick my balls while you jack me and you get even more," he said. So while I jacked his cock, I leaned in and licked his smooth low hanging balls. I was rewarded with a flow of pre that soon coated his shaft. I had never played with an uncut cock before so I was fascinated with how the skin moved over the head and spent a few minuets just watching the skin move over the head of his cock. "I thought I was getting a BJ, not a hand job," he finally said so I took him in my mouth. He needed no encouragement as he placed both hands on my head and started fucking my hand and mouth. "That's it, suck that cock, and pull on my balls," he moaned, so I did. He fucked harder, so I moved my hand and allowed him to push all 8" into my throat. "Ohhh, fuck, that's hot," he moaned, as he pulled all the way out and pushed back in. I squeezed his balls tighter and he pushed harder, I relaxed my grip and he went slower. While not as long or thick as Jimmy, he was certainly rougher and giving my mouth and throat a work out. He was also the most verbal of the current group with his moaning, groaning and dirty talk. I loved the feel of his foreskin as it slid across my tongue and retreated as he slid down my throat. I soon felt his balls tighten and with a final "Fuck, here I cum," he shoved all 8" down my throat. I felt his balls tug at my hand and his cock swell and jerk three times before he pulled back and allowed me to work some of his salty sweet load into my mouth. "Fuck," he said "you are good. Better than my girl even, she hates being told what to do and says I have a filthy mouth."

"I like hearing how good I'm doing, and love the filth" was my reply as I wiped some of his cum from the corners of my mouth. "Come look me up anytime"

"I might just do that," he said "now that Pat has decided to share this little secret." He pulled up his sweats, rubbed my head and left. As I stood, I wasn't sure this was such a good plan. Yeah I was going to get to blow the team, but I had only done four and I was already getting sore, mouth, throat, and knees. Players 5,6, and 7 came in together, which was no surprise, these three did almost everything together. Jim, Josh, a current regular, and Eric. Jim was 5'8" tall, nice definition, blonde hair, blue eyes, and with not much of anything to show in the shower. Josh was a current regular from the football team. 5'8" tall with a linebackers build, darker hair, hazel eyes, and a nicely curved thin 6" cock and smooth balls. Eric was my walking wet dream, and one of the few red heads in school. He stood at 5'6" tall, lean build, red hair, and the deepest blue eyes you have ever seen. Then there was his complexion, pale and smooth, with just enough hair to prove he really was a red head. Except for the times Josh was being 'tutored' by me you almost never saw these three apart, they even triple dated. Jim seemed to be the ring leader and he spoke first, "So you really are a fag?" he said as Josh cringed.

"No, just your everyday cock sucker," I replied "I just enjoy seeing and feeling another guys cock,, and bringing them pleasure."

"OK, cock-sucker, think you can deal with three at once?" he asked.

"If your macho egos can handle it, so can I," I replied, and to make my point pulled his shorts down as I dropped to my knees. He didn't grow much more than he showed and 5 fat inches popped up and already rock hard. Josh and Eric came and stood on either side and dropped their shorts as well, so now in my face was a thin 6"curved cock, a 5" fat cock and a beautiful red cock somewhere between the two. This was going to be real fun. I had no trouble swallowing Jim to the hilt while I squeezed his balls, and played with the other two. Then I moved to Eric his was just as easy to swallow, and finally back to Josh. Not as easy to swallow, not because of length or size, but because of the odd curve to the right, but I had had plenty of practice during football and knew how to get him down. As I worked the three cocks there seemed to be a tension between them, they acted as if they wanted to do more than just get blown. I released all three and asked, "So want to fill me in, are macho egos, getting in the way?"

"It's usually our girls on their knees," said Jim.

"That's right," agreed Josh and Eric.

"None of you are good liars," I said, Jim made some other lame excuses while he and Josh started to go soft. Eric stayed hard as a rock and he was staring at my crotch, "Want to try the truth?" or just leave."

"Come on Jim, tell him," said Eric, "I gotta nut or I'm gonna bust." Jim looked at Josh who just nodded. "OK, it's not usually the girls it's usually one of us." Jim finally said.

"I knew something was up with you three." I said as I took his softening cock back in my mouth. "We grew up together," he continued, "jerked off together, and one night a bet led to other things, and well, it's always been just us after that."

"Well your secret's safe with me. In fact if you ever need a 4th to even things out, just let me know. Dad would be stoked to think I had more jock friends to play ball with."

"What about you and Patrick?" asked Eric.

"That just a friends with benefits arrangements. He dropped by one evening for some help with his history, and I noticed he kept pulling at his crotch. When I asked what was up, he complained his girl had given him a major set of blue balls so I offered to help. Since then he's come by once or twice a week for help with his history, math, or just to shoot some hoops."

"So when Pat hollers through the hall, 'Hoops this weekend?' he's really asking about getting a BJ?" asked Eric

"That's about right," I answered as I switched from Jim's cock to Eric's.

"WOW," all three exclaimed, "who would have guessed."

"So," said Josh nervously, "who else you blowing?"

"Sorry guys, I don't blow and tell, unless they tell first," I said swallowing Josh's cock.

"Come on guys," said Eric, "I need to nut NOW." So I switched to Eric's sweet fire crotch cock and went to town, tugging his balls, playing with his ass and sucking his cock like a man possessed. Jim and Josh moved to either side of him, and started kissing his neck and twisting his nipples. I felt his balls tighten and was soon rewarded with an "Ohhhhh, Fuck" as he gripped my head and shoved his cock deep. I counted three good strong throbs before he released my head and let the rest hit my tongue, then he pulled me up and surprised me with a full tongue in mouth kiss. As we finally broke, he said "I Love the taste of my own cum, especially in another guys mouth." Jim and Josh were slowly stroking their cocks and watching us make out, "So, someone gonna help us out," said Jim. "Want some help with them?" Eric asked, my answer was to pull him down to his knees as I dropped to mine. "just remember, I have to taste some of both or the bet doesn't count," I said. "No problem, I love snowballing." He replied as he swallowed Josh and I went to work on Jim. As Eric and I worked their cocks, Jim and Josh kissed and twisted each others nipples. The came within two thrusts of each other, with Jim winning, they both moaned loudly as they unloaded into our mouths and as soon as they had finished, Eric turned to me and we shared their loads.

Our Kiss was interrupted by a "Fuck who wants this load?" and Rick, a pseudo-regular, stumbled into the room, pants around his ankles, and his cock in hand. Eric and I both opened our mouths and he got two shots into mine and another two into Eric's mouth not to mention the several that dribbled to the floor as he tried to make it to us. "Sorry Dave," said Rick, " I was waiting my turn and the sounds then sights made me hot, so I started stroking. Hope I can get a rain-check on the BJ he said as he put his nice 7" cock away." I smiled and told him he was welcome to stop by anytime. Rick was a senior, not bad to look at, nothing remarkable either. Dark hair, green eyes average body if not a bit on the pudgy side. He had a weight problem and used basketball as a way to keep it under control. His cock was around 7" cut and not very thick, but he could shoot a nice load from his oversized balls. As Rick pulled up his sweats he said "How about a game of hoops this weekend?" Josh, Eric and Jim all snickered and Jim said we know about the basketball games at Davids house. If you all really play give us a call it could be very interesting." They all headed to the door, except Eric, who stayed behind,

"Ever considered a boyfriend?" he asked.

"Not really," I replied, " With all the friends I have I think a boyfriend would get jealous."

"Not if you shared," he said, "at least I don't think I'd get jealous."

"We can always give it a shot," I said.

"Awesome," he said, then kissed me again on the lips and ran off to catch up with everyone else.

I was beginning to feel as if I had actually won a bet instead of losing one. I was getting a belly full of hot teen cum, I now had three more play buddies and a possible boyfriend. Could this get any better? OK, I told myself I can do this, only four to go, Patrick and James, who I was already doing, then Mark and our foreign exchange student Lars. Lars arrived next and he was a fine example of Swedish decent. Blonde hair, blue eyes and a very well defined body. Think Belami models of today, and the accent of his broken English was something to melt any resolve. He dropped off his basketball gear, pulled his shirt over his head then guided my face towards his. He kissed me passionately on the lips while rubbing his hands all over my body. I then felt pressure on my head directing me towards the nipples atop his well formed pectoral muscles. Who was I to argue, when a blonde Nordic god wants his nipples sucked you suck them. He used light pressure to guide me between his erect nipples and clean pits, all the time using a mixture of English and Swedish to express his approval. Finally I felt the downward pressure I was waiting on and dropped to my knees to work his cock. As his running pants were pulled down a fat 8" uncut cock sprang up, slapped his tight washboard abs, and left a trail of pre-cum from the spot it hit and the head of his cock. I licked up the precum and dove into his extra large egg sized balls while stroking the shaft and rubbing the precum all over it. More moaning and Swedish told me I was doing something right. I finally released his balls from my mouth and went to work on his cock. I loved feeling the skin retract and cover the spear shaped head in my mouth as he slowly fuck my hand and face. I removed my hand and swallowed. He moaned, gripped my head and went to town, fucking my throat almost brutally, yet with a regard for my feelings. I tugged at his balls and explored his ass while he fucked my mouth. As I ran a hand up and down his crack, he reached back and stopped me at his hole, so I explored his hole with my fingers. I pulled off his cock long enough to wet a few fingers for his ass, then went back to sucking. I eventually got three fingers into his hot hairless hole and that finished him off. As soon as the third finger was knuckle deep in his ass he let off a string of Swedish that I can only guess a the translation and fired three massive shots into my mouth. He pulled back used one hand to keep my fingers in his ass and jacked his cock to produce 5 more massive shots, perfectly aimed at my mouth. I swallowed his load and stood. Lars pulled me to him kissed me again passionately on the lips, licked a few drops of cum from my face, pulled up his running pants and said "Thanks" as he left.

As Lars exited I noticed Mark in the door, rubbing a tent in his shorts. "not sure I'll having anything you'll want after that," he said as he piled his basketball stuff on the counter.

"There's nothing to be ashamed of," I said as I reached to pull his shorts down. Mark was another boy with a weight problem, he wasn't fat, but he wasn't your typical basketball player either. He had to watch what he ate, and exercise on a regular basis to keep his weight under control. He stood about 5'7" weighed in at around 185# (see a big boy) and as his shorts dropped his 6" cock sprang into view. "See nothing compared to Lars," he said.

"Bigger isn't always better," I said. "Personally I'd rather have a smaller cock to suck on, the bigger ones tend to make my throat hurt and sometime they are only worried about getting off. Smaller cocks tend to hurt less and tend to focus more on their partner than on themselves, and guys and girls both appreciate that. However I think we're at this point for another reason," and I sank to my knees to inspect his cock closer. Mark just stood there as I stroked his cock and played with his balls, no moaning no groaning, just stood there, I swallowed him easily and within a few strokes got him off. Nothing special no warning just a quick thrust and he was done. As he pulled his shorts up I stood, he thanked me and left. That left James and Patrick and since both were already part of the "inner circle" so to speak, i knew a blow job would not satisfy either one. Patrick loved getting fucked almost as much as he loved getting head and fucking and James, liked to fuck and have his ass eaten. I was surprised to see them show up together.

"So who's first?"

"We have something else in mind for this weekend," said James. "So get your shit together and meet us at Patrick's van." So I did just that, put everything away, gathered my few items, and headed out tot he parking lot. As I approached the van Patrick and James were talking to each other but quickly moved apart, Patrick climbed into the drivers side, James opened the back door then climbed into the passenger seat. As I climbed into the back I noticed it was completely decked out, wall to wall carpet, a futon style seat, mini fridge, camping stove, and the roof had peg board with various fishing equipment secured to it. "Looks nice Patrick," I said as he started the engine.

"Thanks," he replied "It took my dad, James and I, almost a month to get it done, we were afraid it wouldn't be done for this weekend."

"So whats the plan, don't forget even on the weekend I have to be home by midnight." I said.

"Oh, you'll be home by midnight, but you aren't staying," said James.

"Yeah, were stopping by so you can tell you folks you're going camping with us at the lake," said Patrick.

That's when Patrick's statement hits me about who did the van. "Whoa, back up a bit so you two are hanging out and working on a van together?" I asked

"How do you think Patrick found out he likes getting fucked," said James.

I almost choked on the coke I was drinking. "So you two are messing around with each other?"

"I saw Patrick leaving your place a few months back," explained James, "and I figured he was getting as much tutoring help as I was. It took some maneuvering"

"and some beer", said Patrick.

"Yes and some beer," said James, "but I finally got him to spill the beans and we've, well he's been getting my cock up his ass almost daily."

This came as a great surprise. I figured Patrick wasn't the straight jock everyone thought he was but James never seemed the type. He loved his blow-jobs, but was always had some hot chick on his arm and I figured that was the lucky recipient of his wonderfully thick 7" cock. "So back to reality, what the plan?" I asked

"First stop your house," said Patrick, "tell your folks we're camping and studying for Mondays Math test. Then it's off to a little spot James and I found over the summer that perfect for camping and fooling around without being seen."

James just snickered as we pulled into the driveway of my parents house. Pat killed the van and we all got out and went inside. While I gathered my tutoring supplies, and some camping cloths, mom packed us a nice camp cooler with hamburgers, hotdogs and some steaks, for winning the game, dad talked to James and Pat about the game. One the way out dad gave Pat some gas money and thanked him and James for watching out for his 'sports inadequate" son. James smiled as he gave me a hug,

"He might not be the sports jock you wanted but he's a heck of a swimmer, not to mention a great stat and equipment man," he told my dad

"Yeah," added Pat adding to the hug, "he keeps the teams equipment in great working order." I blushed but mom kissed me on the cheek anyway and said "We're proud of him no matter what." I loved my parents, even with the boys throwing the innuendos in their face my parents were cool. We loaded my stuff in the van and headed out listening to Patrick's favorite country station.

Make sure to check out Camping Weekend when I get it posted. Patrick and James had a wonderful weekend planned, but you know what they say about the best laid plans.

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