Born One Year Too Early

by Cantbuymy

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, Cheating, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Slow, Military, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: You know the rest.

You know the rest.

I should not have to say this but every time I don't, someone tells me it can't be real. Of course it can't be real, IT IS FICTION! DUH!

Like all my stories they start out as PG for subject matter and language and then I turn them into X for this site. You can ignore the X parts if you want.

The year was 2008 and I had just come back. I walked into my house and saw them.

"Now who the fu -- [I saw two young girls there too, so fuck was not said] heck are you and what are you doing in my home?" I demanded.

The woman was in shock and grabbed her children protectively. They hid behind her looking scared in my direction.

"Who, who are you?" The woman asked.

"I am the man who owns the house you are in, that is who I am!" I told her harshly but without yelling. 'Is anyone else here with you?"

"No, just my children and I," the woman answered in a low voice that showed fear.

Her children were shaking in fear. This has to stop.

Kneeling down I ignored the mother and spoke to the two young girls. They were not physically close to me but I did not want to appear to tower over them. Where they were standing I was already too close to these frightened little waifs hiding behind their mother, so the calmer I was the better it was for them.

"I am sure that everything will be ok, so don't worry and don't be afraid. I would never hurt you or your mother. I am just a little surprised to find someone here. Now don't worry, we will work things out just as soon as I find out what is going on. No one will hurt you here so it will be OK. I promise no one will ever hurt you if you are with me." I said in a soft voice.

I am sure I did not look all that great after seventy two hours of traveling and six months in some hell hole. At least I stopped off before I got home and took a shower and got some groceries.

Looking around I could see that the house looked better than I did. I had been away for six months and by the look of things nothing had been damaged and the place was clean and neat. It was cleaner than I remember when I left and I was pretty clean and neat, now that there was only me.

"The, the, the owner said we could stay here." The woman said, stuttering, almost as frightened as the children.

"What is the owner's name, the one who said you could stay here?" I asked, keeping my voice down and not showing emotion that might frighten the mother or her children. I remained kneeling and looking up at her.

"Susan and Linda said I could stay here. My daughters go to school with their daughters." The woman said, trying not to break down.

"My daughters! Well it figures." I said with some exasperation, but still softly.

"Well you must know two of my granddaughters, Carley and Carey? They are about your age so you must see them at school." I said to the two girls. I did not care about the mother at this time, she would be taken care of later but for now the little ones had to be soothed.

Getting nods from both of them I went on.

"Well then, I have a special treat for little girls that play with my granddaughters. Do you like ice cream? I have some here with me." I told them.

Of course I got a big smile and a silent head nod for "yes" from both of them, even though they were still a little shaken and afraid of me. But trust comes easy to children, especially when mom is there and ice cream is involved.

There are a few things I do when I travel. One is to make sure everything is washed and clean and folded when I pack it to go home. I hate coming home and having to spend two days washing things. I also hated for my wife to have to do it, so I always did it before I came home. There were other things I wanted my bride to spend her time on and doing my wash was not one of them.

It was lucky for them that I came home fully equipped. I stopped at the commissary and picked up enough food for a month after I hit the gym and used the showers. That too was standard for me now.

"Call my daughters while I bring things inside" I told the woman.

"What is your name? My name is Franklin." I said.

Without waiting for a response or even hearing one I began to bring in bags and bags of food. The ice cream hit the plates first. They each got a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream with sprinkles on top. I always get ice cream for the grandchildren when I come home and that is their favorite. Ok, I get some for my daughters too; a father's habits are hard to break.

As the little ones ate I filled the freezer and refrigerator with everything I bought. I even went and filled the extra freezer and refrigerator that I kept downstairs in the underground garage.

I did not talk to them but I kept my body language relaxed and I did smile when I looked at them. The girls were pretty cute and deserved a smile. There was something missing in their eyes though. We would have to work on that. This time working on "that" would have to be limited to making them smile so I gave them another scoop of ice cream and a few more sprinkles. They smiled.

I live in a small community of twenty town homes. It was two attached and each had access to a common underground garage, that was divided up into two garages for each two town homes and they were completely enclosed, so you had a private garage for each unit but with a common drive to get to them. That way there was a lot of grass on top where we were and not much in the way of pavement. The entire community was built on an underground parking structure, with lots of grass above it and great drainage. There was only one entrance to the garage from the street area.

It took about thirty minutes and while I did the unpacking and after my "guest" had a time to talk with my daughters, I then spoke with both of my daughters and told them that I would be over in a while to see them. They are always my first stop when I come home.

These days I tend to travel a lot. No one knows when I come home, not even me. Well maybe they do tell me when I am going to go home but I don't pay attention anymore. One day seems to meld into the next and the previous one. I am just treading water in life right now.

"There is plenty of food so make the girls something good and nutritious to eat and maybe when I get back you will be so kind as to finally tell me your names." I said as I walked out the door with packages in both arms. I did not wait for a reply.

It was a nice thirty minute walk to their house. They lived next door to each other with a common yard that they made common by taking the fence down. That thirty minutes is not more and a couple of miles, if that. I could have driven but I was still wired from the trip and walking would help.

Once there I was with my daughters and granddaughters and yes, their husbands too. Hell, I'm a father. The thought of my daughters having sex with a man, even a husband, pisses me off. When they married my daughters I did not give them a gun, but I showed them the bullet. I was very protective. OK maybe I am not pissed after all these years but if they hurt them I will get pissed in a big hurry. Children are forever, especially daughters.

I learned all about my three "guests". I learned probably more than they would have wanted me to know. After two hours I left and took a walk to a store I know about, from years of visiting it.

I entered my house and in each hand I had a large doll, as if we had been walking holding hands. Not a hard doll but a soft one with a round happy face. Everything about them was soft and cuddly. They were huggy dolls; well that is what I called them. They were the kind of dolls that you could hug and never get a scratch.

All three of them were standing there expectantly looking at me when I walked into the house, holding a doll in each hand, like they were kids.

"Jane, Julie, these two little girls wanted to come home with me once they learned that you two were living here, so I agreed. I am sure they would love to play with you." I said from a kneeling position and in a very soft voice. I had learned their names from my daughters so I used them. Once I heard their story I completely understood.

"What are their names?" Julie, the youngest, asked.

"I don't know precious. They told me that they would only talk to you from now on so you will have to ask them." I said as I held both dolls out.

Jane and Julie walked slowly toward me, looking back and forth at their mother at least ten times in not as many feet. Then the little hands went out and the dolls were gone, each into the arms of an enchanted child. The girls even decided who would get which doll and they did it without saying a word.

It reminded of young monkeys that reach out to touch something and then finally letting go of mother run over and grab something but realizing that they were away from mom went running back.

They ran to their mother but looked out from behind her, smiling and cuddling their new dolls.

Sometimes life is good, and at other times it is very good.

Me, I was born a year too early. You see I was born in 1953 and because of that I was eighteen in 1971. Why is that bad? That was the last year of the draft and in 1971 I was drafted and got to play in South East Asia. It was not all that bad if you didn't mind getting shot at and hit a few times, and all that other shit. I sort of minded all of it.

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