Husband's Awakening

by Winterfrog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Slut Wife, Revenge, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Husband suspects the worst but is unable to find any evidence about cheating and can't give up before knowing the truth. He agrees with the old saying "All attempts are good if you get results." Most people believes that even an overreacting real man is preferred to a whining wimp. This husband is a real man.

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A marriage might be a fragile thing in that it usually takes many years to make it work but only minutes or hours of talking to crush. Like many other Scandinavian families my wife, Johanna, our 7 year old son, Ken, 5 year old daughter, Moa and me, Glen Andersson, had a pleasant family night one recent Friday.

Johanna had phoned me at work earlier that day and said that she was taking some vacation that afternoon to do some shopping. So she'd be home later than usual. Coming home sexily dressed in a red top, a short black skirt, and with her nice legs in dark brown stockings and high heels, she was almost two hours late. But she had no shopping bags with her and said, "I didn't find anything I wanted."

For several reasons we hadn't had any sex during the whole week which was starting to become an unpleasant habit. So I expected this evening to end up in a great way for Johanna and me. First we had the usual "Friday Family fun" with the kids and everything went as expected. The kids had a good time and when they were sleeping in their beds, Johanna and I had a rather romantic dinner that I had fixed in advance.

In the bedroom, when we undressed for bed, she surprised me by having her sexiest laced underwear on and stay-up stockings instead of pantyhose. At first, I was both happy and very horny because I thought she had done it to compensate me for the lousy week. And for getting me in the mood for some great sex. But when I tried to begin some necking, she surprised me again by spurning all of my attempts at foreplay. And then she made her recently usual Friday excuses. "Please forgive me, but I'm too tired to think about anything like that after a hard week and a busy day. Do you mind if I just take a quick shower and get some sleep?"

I was really disappointed and said, "What damn busy day? Some shopping, Friday fun with the family and some wining and dining with me, is that such a damn bit of hard, boring work for you? Wouldn't it be better for you to take that shower after giving me my weekly mercy fuck?"

Instead of bothering to give me a reply she went straight into the shower where she forgot about having a "quick shower". When she was finally back, I was already in bed with a very soft cock and my back to her side of the bed.

Apparently she had changed her mind since she said, "Okay, I'll give in to your nagging but I'm too tired for anything beside a quick hand job since that damn ejaculation means so much to you."

"No it doesn't mean a shit any longer. Sorry for disturbing you if you already received all the sex you wanted from somebody else. No need to care about me, I'm only the stupid husband," I said and remained lying with my back against her.

"Somebody sure turned into a very sour mood, but it's up to you. Shut up with your damn accusations or you'll have to pay for them," she said. But I didn't care to reply.

Of course, I couldn't sleep after my accusation. It was the first time during our marriage, so I had expected a much stronger reaction from Johanna. My thoughts began circling around what had happened between my usually lovely wife and me. The first question was, had I done something wrong to cause her to stop loving me, or had she found something better? But after much thinking I remained unable to get any clue about what it could be.

The next question was why Johanna had been dressed up in her sexiest underwear for work and shopping. Or if she had she been shopping at all, because she hadn't bought anything. And that never happened before, either. Therefore, and after much thinking back and forth, my only reasonable guess was that she had been involved in some quite different matter. She probably had sex with a lover during the "busy shopping time", and had not used condoms. She didn't dare risk me finding out by getting sloppy seconds.

I began thinking about our sex life during past few months and after some thought there was no doubt that due to headaches and bad days on the job, there had been far less times than there used to be. After all of those bad feelings, I went to the kitchen for a cup of tea and to use the calendar in my smart phone to refresh my memory. I noticed traces of a pattern in our dwindling sex life that now only happened on Saturday evenings and a few times on Sunday mornings. It was clear that something had gone wrong between Johanna and me and that the weekdays were obviously earmarked for somebody else. This week was her first with extra sexy underwear and a late arrival home. So she had obviously been to some kind of party or celebration. However, what ever it was, this had to be brought out to daylight, even if the price would be our marriage.

One of Johanna's women magazines had recently featured a simple Gallup poll where about 50% of the married women confessed to cheating. It got me thinking about the rumors of how differently cheated husbands acted after they found out they had been cuckolded.

A small number of the husbands were turned on by a cheating wife and wanted her to do it again. Some husbands didn't care a shit whether she fucked on the side or not. A few husbands ended up in jail after having been too violent in their revenge actions. Poor wimpy husbands cried when the wife was out cheating but didn't dare to do anything about it. Some of the average husbands could forgive their spouse for a one-time mistake but would dump her if she had a lasting affair. I must say that the last opinion sounded best for me.

In the morning Johanna skipped making sour comments about our failed sex episode last evening and our family went shopping. Things went my way when a tabloid newspaper had an article on the entire front page about how one of the best known female singers in this country dumped her husband after only two years following their big wedding. She told the whole nation that he had cheated and she could not live in a marriage without trust. Of course I bought that paper.

During our coffee break back home I showed Johanna the front page and said, "I must agree with her 100 percent and say that it is better to go away immediately than to stay in a relationship with a cheater. Do you agree that our marriage seems to have some serious problems that need to be cleared up as soon as possible?"

"Are you really magnifying our little problem last evening to that level? Is it still bothering you so much that I might be tired sometimes?" She said with an angry expression on her face.

I had a strong feeling that it must be now or never for getting our problems out into the light of day. Although there was not the slightest real evidence against her, only circumstantial evidence, I decided to take all the expected consequences and accuse her of cheating.

I replied to her comments with, "Yes, it is still bothering me that you have begun to be tired weekly on a regular schedule. And it is still confusing to me why you went to work and to the 'so called shopping trip' dressed like a high class whore in your sexiest underwear? Not much of a shopping trip either was it?"

"What the hell does that mean? Is it my fault that I didn't find anything of interest?" She shouted.

"I'm sure that you found something else of greater interest. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I'm convinced that you are dating some horny creep on the side. Aren't you? I can't see any other possible reasons for your whorish underwear or why you been refusing to have any sex with me at all on weekdays except a poor fuck on Saturdays. You must be afraid I would find out by getting sloppy seconds," I said staring her right in the eyes and noting a second of fear or guilt. That made me sure I was on the right track. But a feeling wasn't enough to just dump her.

Johanna understood that I wasn't joking and she was somewhat shocked. She couldn't think of any nasty comment, so she said only, "What's the matter with you? Have you turned crazy from reading that scandal newspaper?"

I continued, "Isn't it high time to get all of the skeletons out of the closet and go on with our lives, now? Be sure that sooner or later I'll find out the truth about your affair so there's no reason to throw away any more of our time until that happens. Isn't it much better for both of us to face the truth and go on by doing what is best for our lives right now?"

She was still shaken after her surprise and didn't have much to say. "You must see ghosts in the daylight. I have never cheated on you and is it so damn strange that I'm tired on a Friday evening after a long busy week? Is it?"

"Sexy as a high class whore for the job and frigid as an ice tap in the marriage. That seems a bit strange to me." I replied and she left the room in anger and avoided me the next few hours.

Later that Saturday evening, our friends Melissa and Eric, who had kids the same ages as ours invited our family to their house for dinner. We decided to go although our quarrel was still unresolved.

Everything went fine during the first hour until Melissa asked Johanna and me if we would go to a very popular show in the capital city with them. She had gotten four very scarce tickets. And we were her first choices to be offered two of them.

I surprised everybody by saying, "I'm very grateful Melissa, indeed, but I regret to say that for the time being, Johanna and I are living one day at a time. So we can't make any plans for the future."

Three surprised people stared at me and Johanna shouted, "What in the hell do you mean by that?"

"Just what I said earlier today. The skeletons must be out before we can go forward any further," I said.

Melissa looked at me and asked, "What's the problem? Has something happened?"

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