Labyrinth of Lust

by NymphWriter

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Mystery, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After taking a job promotion and moving to a new town, Yvonne discovers the unique annual Halloween tradition to keep the town prosperous and successful and learns something about herself in the process. 3rd Place Winner in 2013 Halloween Contest.

The flyer read, "Where will you be October 31st? Cum one, cum all to 'The Labyrinth of Lust.' Do you dare enter the labyrinth and risk facing the Minotaur of Desire or his seductress? All over 21 are welcome. Must be in full costume to enter. Spend an erotic Halloween in the labyrinth making your fantasies a reality, and your reality a fantasy."

Yvonne Tyler read the flyer several times to herself. In the center was a picture of a Minotaur from Greek mythology next to an image of Medusa and her hair of snakes. She was sitting at the dining room table of her friend Kelly Jameson, having drinks with Suzie Roberts and Heaven Carter. It was their usual Saturday night "book club" meeting where they'd have drinks, talk about the latest book they read, and vent about their lives.

"So, what is it exactly?" asked Yvonne.

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Kelly. "I forgot you weren't here last year."

"It's an annual Halloween tradition here," said Suzie.

"It's lots of fun," said Heaven.

"So what is it?" asked Yvonne.

"It's kinda like a carnival but sexier," said Heaven.

"Look," began Kelly, "out at the edge of town in that huge vacant field they build a huge labyrinth and hidden inside, so they claim, is the Minotaur."

"Actually, it's supposed to be two. One male, one female," said Suzie.

"Right," continued Kelly. "So, we all go in and if the Minotaur finds you, then you're his or her sex slave for the night."

"HIS WHAT?" exclaimed Yvonne.

Everyone laughed. "There is no Minotaur. It's just an excuse for a giant orgy," said Suzie.

"I've never known anyone who has ever met the so-called Minotaur, even the ones who spent all night in the labyrinth. They just say they either got caught up watching performers fuck or ended up fucking someone," explained Heaven.

"What performers?" asked Yvonne.

"Oh, I keep forgetting you're new to town," said Heaven.

"The Labyrinth of Lust gets its name because there are live sex shows," said Kelly.

"That's why it's held on the edge of town," interrupted Suzie. "It started off as a ritual for a fruitful harvest and healthy children."

Kelly shot Suzie an angry stare, then said "The story goes that one year the townsfolk didn't put up the Labyrinth because some religious zealots said it was an abomination to have such a festival. Then the town had the worst winter in recorded history. All the babies born that year either died in childbirth, were stillborn, or only lived a few days. That is, those that made it full term. Several women reported suffering miscarriages. Then all the crops were destroyed by bad weather and pests. The town nearly starved."

Yvonne sat wide-eyed listening to every word. "What happened?"

"Well," continued Kelly, "they spent the summer building a new and bigger Labyrinth and swore they'd never ignore the tradition of the Labyrinth ever again. The following year the town had a mini baby boom and more successful crops than ever before."

"What happened to the religious zealots?" asked Yvonne.

"No one really knows," said Suzie. "Some say they were run out of town. Others say they were eaten to keep the town alive. Some claim they became the first two Minotaurs after the return of the Labyrinth."

"What we do know is the Labyrinth is a lot of fun and the one night a year you can fuck whomever you want," said Heaven. "That's why the costumes, so you don't know who you're fucking. If you get pregnant, which rarely happens, it's usually a prearranged fuck. Besides, no man would dare ask for a paternity test as he might find out not only who his wife fucked, but whom he fucked in return."

"Doesn't it cause problems?" asked Yvonne.

"Only with outsiders," said Kelly in a stern voice. "If they start questioning the purpose of the Labyrinth, refusing to participate, or trying to prevent anyone from entering."

Yvonne shivered. "I didn't mean-"

Kelly laughed. "I'm just teasing you Yvonne! No one is forced to enter or fuck. It's only one night and the whole thing is torn down the next morning."

"Why?" asked Yvonne.

"Well," said Suzie, "the field is owned by a local farmer who needs the space for his crops. It's believed to be the land of the family who brought the so-called Minotaur to our community."

"And leaving the labyrinth up causes problems with outsiders who don't understand our customs," said Heaven.

"Outsiders who don't adapt don't stay long," said Kelly in that same stern tone as before. "You won't be like that here will you Vonn?"

"N-n-no," stammered Yvonne.

Kelly put her hand over Yvonne's and said, "I knew we could count on you."


The next day, after Yvonne opened the bookstore, she was still staring at the flyer the girls had given her. The stories they shared scared her more than anything and she was starting to regret taking this position. She had wanted to be the manager of her own store for years, and though she was the most qualified, she had been passed over several times until this site came available. Now she started to think she was sent here to either keep this location open or to force her out. The bell at the door rang as Cindy, the only employee who didn't quit when she took over, entered to start her shift. Cindy was a bubbly brunette with large, light brown eyes, and an amazingly curvy body. She was also an avid reader like Yvonne, and knew how to sell the slower-moving books. Yvonne was grooming Cindy to be her assistant manager.

"Good morning boss!" sang out Cindy.

"Good morning Cindy," said Yvonne.

Cindy walked up and saw the flyer. "Oh damn, is it October already?"

Yvonne glanced down at the flyer and blushed. "Yeah, I guess it is."

"So are you going?"


"To the labyrinth," said Cindy in an excited tone.

"Um ... well ... I um."

"Yvonne," said Cindy in a softer tone, "what have you been told about our labyrinth?"

"That it's an excuse for a town orgy."

Cindy laughed. "Well, that part is kinda true. But it's so much more. It's a ritual to ensure prosperity to our town while having a night of unadulterated sexy fun."

Yvonne looked down at the flyer. "What can you tell me about it?"

Cindy smiled. "More than most. Can I let you in on a little secret?"

"Cindy," said Yvonne, "you can tell me anything. You know that."

"But are you willing to not tell that catty bunch of girls you've been hanging out with?"

Yvonne knew Kelly, Suzie, and Heaven were a bit forceful, but didn't see them as catty. Then she thought about how poorly they treated Cindy, even though Cindy was a nice person and in Yvonne's eyes, one of the hardest working employees she'd ever known. "I'm guessing you're not a big fan of theirs."

"It's stupid, I'll admit," said Cindy, "but let's just say we have never been friends. It started in high school and I guess on some level it continues. Perhaps they were jealous of my Greek ancestry."

"I didn't know you were Greek."

"I don't advertise it, but someone in my family owns the land where the labyrinth will sit."

Yvonne gasped. "Look, I'm not sure what history you have with the gals in my book club, but I do know you're the best employee I've ever had. I also know that after what I've been told about this so-called labyrinth, I'm thinking I made a huge fucking mistake moving to this town."

Cindy looked around, then said softly, "If you promise to keep what I tell you a secret, I'll tell you all I know about the labyrinth after work today. I swear it."

The bell on the store's door rang and Yvonne whispered, "Deal," then walked up to the customer and said, "Hello, what can I help you find today?"

The day progressed as normal and after the store was closed and locked, Cindy and Yvonne sat in the office filling out their daily paperwork and counting the cash for the night's deposit. "So," said Yvonne as she signed the deposit slip. "You promised me an explanation."

Cindy put her report in the file cabinet and said, "Did your friends tell you about the Minotaur?"

"They said it wasn't real."

Cindy laughed. "Figures."


"Those girls said that for a reason. Let me clue you in. There are a few rules that only a tiny handful know in regards to the labyrinth. To begin with, the Minotaur is real. Not real in the sense of the mythological creature, but a real man in a Minotaur costume. There is a secret committee that selects the most, um," Cindy paused, then giggled.

"The most what?"

"Well-endowed eligible bachelor."

"As in?"

"The guy with the biggest cock."

Yvonne blushed, then giggled. "You're kidding."

"Nope. Every year a different man is chosen. His identity is kept a secret but we do have a way to make sure it's not the same man year after year. Anyway, the man selected can tell no one he's the Minotaur until Halloween night. Then, he makes his selection and the rest is between him and his mate. Now, there is a female chosen as well, she's usually pretty and curvy. A lot like you are, if you don't mind me saying. She too picks a guy to fuck, though often she spends the night with the guy she's dating. Finding a single woman to fuck random men is a bit tougher, but every so often they find a single gal. Most people end up fucking whomever they come across. Did they tell you about the live sex shows?"


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