Dreams Never End

by alan14

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Mult, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Mother, Daughter, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Double Penetration, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Sex Story: Following immediately after 'And Then She Smiles', the continuing adventures of Jack, Lisa & Joan as they grow closer as a family and take a trip to Blackpool

--Part II of Lisa & Jack, following on from And Then She Smiles, read that story first, because it's pretty good. Jack, Lisa & Joan are now living together, and sharing more than just a roof.

Three days after my dad left for Germany we got a couple of letters, the first was from him, a signed letter authorising Joan to act as my legal guardian for the rest of my school time in the UK, so beyond my GCSEs to A-Levels, which means he doesn't expect to be back in the UK for a while. The second letter was a form from the Ministry of Defence requesting Joan's details for payment of my school fees.

With these completed I was almost part of the family, and to be honest this on its own was strange, because for so long I'd just pretty much lived in the same house as dad, we'd not really been a family. No trips to the zoo, or the cinema, no nights sat in front of the TV watching football. I'd had a few nannies down the years, one even introduced me to the delights of sex, but they stopped a couple of years ago when dad decided I was old enough to be left to fend for myself.

Lisa and Joan were very close, they knew each other intimately, knew what they wanted and how they'd react in any given situation. I don't even know what my dad does for a job.

Lisa's dad ran off with his secretary about 10 years ago, Joan got the house and about £500k of his money, enough so that Joan only has to work part time, three nights a week at the Cross Keys pub in the village. I think bringing Lisa up alone brought them closer, whereas my dad & I just drifted apart.

As the weeks went by we grew together, like a proper family in many ways, apart from the sex that is, maybe that part wasn't normal. I had my own room, necessary for my studies, but that's practically all I did there. We worked out a system, the three nights Joan worked I slept with Lisa, then I had three nights with Joan, and Saturday nights we all slept together.

Life became like a dream, how many other 16 year old boys got to sleep with a beautiful 19 year old woman, and her equally beautiful mother?

The dream was interrupted after 6 weeks by a knock at the door, Joan answered and called for me. It was a messenger from the MOD. Now I would imagine this poor guy is rarely the bearer of good news, and this occasion was no different. My dad had been killed, a roadside bomb in Afghanistan had taken out the Toyota Landcruiser he'd been driving. There was no explanation of why he was in Afghanistan.

The messenger confirmed off the record that my dad worked for SIS, commonly known as MI6, but he wouldn't elaborate further. So I was kind of right, he was a spy, and quite possibly an assassin.

I was advised that as his only living relative I was entitled to a one-off payment as compensation for his death, and I got his pension, not a fortune, but enough to pay my way through school and college.

I was given the details of a solicitor in London who would advise me if I needed any help with stuff. Joan made me call him straight away and via a speakerphone call we established that the letter from my dad authorising Joan to care for me could be used as a basis for adoption proceedings, especially as I had no relatives and the only other option was local authority care.

Joan started proceedings to adopt me, which would take a few months, and in the meantime we had a funeral to arrange once the army had flown my dad back.

I was quite low for a while, but I really didn't know how I felt. Somewhere deep inside I know I mourned my dad, but not much. I wasn't gripped by grief, I just felt that something that was already quite remote, was now gone forever.

I slept in my own room for a few days, Joan and Lisa giving me space to think. I totally appreciated this, because I came out of my funk after 3 nights realising that Joan was now my mother, someone I loved in a maternal manner, as well as an enormously sexy woman. Not normal I know, but who is?

I came round after my three day haze on Friday, it was half-term so Joan decided we needed a little break. Most places were booked up because of the school holidays, but she found a hotel in Blackpool with a vacant family room, so Saturday morning we packed our bags and set off for Blackpool, the seaside, in October, if it wasn't for the company I'm not sure I'd be excited about the prospect.

Our hotel was away from the main strip or arcades and bars, which is handy of you want any kind of a quiet night, especially at half term. Joan had book adjoining rooms with an internal door between, both rooms had a king-sized bed, one room had a shower room, the other was a deluxe room with a really big bath.

We dropped our bags and had a group hug, "our first holiday together, I hope we have fun. I picked Blackpool because I thought it would cheer you up Jack."

"I will, we came here once when I was little, for a holiday, just me and dad. We stayed at the Pontins holiday park, down past the Pleasure Beach."

"I don't think Pontins is still there, we can have a look though, I definitely want to go on the Pleasure Beach though, I do like a good rollercoaster."

"Joan, do you mind if I ask you something?"

"Of course Jack?"

"Do you mind if I call you mum from now on?"

"Oh Jack, I would love that, I'm so glad we've made you happy."

"I've never had a proper family, and I've been thinking a lot for the last few days since dad died. Even when we're just sitting together eating or watching TV, I just feel so at peace, and I think that's how a family should be, best friends."

"Wow Jack, that's so nice" said Lisa, "best friends forever."

Joan took the master room with the bath, Lisa and I moved our bags into the adjoining room, where we unpacked and put our clothes away, we kicked our shoes off and lay on the bed, we were kissing when Joan opened the door.

"Excuse me kids, grab your shoes and coats, we're going to look for somewhere to eat that isn't a kebab shop or chippy."

We wandered around for a while and all the good restaurants were full, so we made reservations in a couple for the next two nights then took our chances in a pub.

It was noisy because they had a band playing, but we found a booth near the back, away from the stage. The food wasn't bad to be honest, decent quality burgers and proper chips. The beer was pretty good as well.

We chatted for a long time after we'd eaten, I was remembering things me & dad used to do, we went fishing a couple of times, basically sitting by a river, chatting and eating sandwiches. Dad used to enjoy motor racing as well, so we went to different types of racing all over the world, probably the most fun was dune racing in the desert, this involved totally mental 4-wheel drive vehicles with balloon tyres and 1500 horse power engines just bombing up and down the dunes. They'd regularly roll over, but the driver & co-driver would climb out and with the help of spectators they just put the vehicle back on its wheels and carry on.

Lisa and Joan told stories about things they'd done, a visit to a safari park when some monkeys ripped off their windscreen wipers, but it rained on the way home so they had to drive really slowly all the way home.

When the pub started to get really rowdy we made our way back to the hotel, we grabbed a couple of drinks at the bar and some chocolate from the vending machine and took the lift to our rooms.

Joan went into her room telling us she'd be ready in about 10 minutes, so we went into ours. Lisa put the TV and we watched the news for a bit, nothing too exciting happening so she flicked it over to a film, I don't know what it was because at that point Joan called us through.

She was stood by the bed wearing nothing but a smile and a strap-on dildo, it looked a little longer than mine, but not as fat.

"Tonight I'm going to do something I've wanted to do for a while, I'm going to fuck my daughter's brains out while you watch Jack, then maybe you can join in.

"Lisa, strip for mother then lie on the bed. Jack, strip and sit on that chair."

We did as instructed, I was so hard already that my cock slapped my belly as it sprung free of my pants. Lisa lay on the bed, looking up expectantly at Joan.

"I've never used this on a girl before, this should be fun."

"What the fuck mum! Who've you used it on before then?"

"Oh a few boys, I'd name names but you probably know them, so I won't."

"I'm not sure I wanted to know that."

"I always wash it thoroughly afterwards if that's what you're worried about."

"Stop talking mum and fuck me."

Joan climbed on the bed and she knelt astride her daughter and kissed her passionately, Lisa returned the kiss with equal vigour. Joan reached down between Lisa's thighs and deftly spread her pussy lips, Lisa bucked her crotch up in response, forcing Joan's fingers to slip inside, Lisa let out a gasp as her pussy was stretched by the intrusion.

Joan knelt upright and shuffled down the bed, she spread Lisa's thighs and knelt between them, then she carefully pushed the dildo between her daughter's pussy lips, after the head was through it slid in easily, Lisa was now used to my cock, so she easily accommodated the strap-on. Joan was surprised though, when she felt herself touch Lisa's tummy, but that's probably because she'd only used it on males before.

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