Medical Benefits

by Westside24

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: Visiting the Doctor can have many benefits some of which are not all medical.

Where does the time go was the question that Donald Murphy pondered when he awoke on a Sunday morning. It didn't seem like a year had gone by, but it had and today was his thirty third birthday. He felt just the same as he did a year ago physically, but he knew that the aches and pains would eventually start as he advanced in age.

As he was taking a shower he thought he had a good meal to look forward to as his mother had insisted he come over to celebrate his birthday with her and his father. His mother was a good cook and beat the food at the fast food restaurants he normally ate at. His culinary skills were as they say, "Nothing to write home to mother about."

It was a very good meal as he had anticipated with a salad, a large beef roast, plenty of roasted potatoes and carrots, and homemade chocolate fudge cake which was his favorite. Don was thankful that the cake was devoid of candles celebrating his birthday.

Dad was his usual sort asking Don about what was happening in his life or at work. He seemed to enjoy hearing what his son was doing in his life. Dad said that things were going good at his insurance agency although the curtailment on the use of telemarketers had hurt a little. He said that the large amount of accounts he had were now the prime generator of new business although the direct insurance marketers were nibbling at his total number of accounts.

Don's mother presented him with a gift wrapped box after the meal. Judging from the box's size and shape, Don guessed that it was either a shirt or a sweater. He was partially right as it was two long-sleeve shirts, both of which were nice and from a name brand shirt maker. His mother insisted he try the shirts on as the sleeve length was always a concern because of the length of Don's arms.

Don had taken his shirt off and was reaching for one of the shirts when he heard his mother standing behind him say, "What's this?"

"What do you mean?"

He felt her hand rubbing his back and heard, "You have some spots here that don't look right. Maybe it's nothing, but I think you should go and see a dermatologist."

'Do you really think so?"

"Yes I do and I would feel better if you did see a doctor and have him or her take a look."

"Do you know of anyone I could go to?"

"I go to Doctor Allen who I think is good. I'll write her phone number and address down for you."

Don phoned the next day and was able to make an appointment for an exam in five days. He didn't think there was anything to what his mother saw, but he knew there would be no peace and quiet until he told his mother a doctor had looked at his back.

The doctor's office was located on the second floor of a building in an upscale shopping mall. The office looked new and was nicely furnished. Don noticed there were two people sitting in the waiting room. He was asked for his insurance card and given a clip board with some paperwork to complete when he introduced himself to the receptionist at the front desk. Don could see that where he worked and the name of his insurance carrier were the dominant questions on the paperwork he completed. He knew this was because the Doctor wanted to insure she would get paid for her services.

He took a seat in the waiting room after completing the paperwork. A young lady stepped into the area from a door that opened and called out his name about five minutes later. He rose and followed her into an examination room. The young lady introduced herself as Sandra and asked him to take a seat. She went over and confirmed what he had answered on the questionnaires. She asked him if he wanted a gown to put one when she was done questioning him. He said he didn't need one as he would take his shirt off and roll his Bermuda shorts up for the exam. She left the room saying he would be seen shortly.

It wasn't that long before the door opened and a woman who was out and out beautiful walked in. She was probably just short of thirty years old and about five foot nine or ten inches tall in the shoes she was wearing. She had on a white three-quarter length lab coat. Her rimless eyeglasses enhanced her very attractive face which his eyes were drawn to.

She was carrying a clipboard in her hand and said, "Mr. Murphy, I am Aria Powell, Doctor Allen's physician assistant and I will be doing your exam. Doctor Allen will be in after I'm done to confirm my findings. Will you please stand and we can get started."

Don stood and thought that going to the doctor does have benefits. Don was a little mesmerized by her pretty face and those rimless eyeglasses she was wearing. He watched her she was doing her exam and writing on the clipboard. The glasses adding to her beautiful face made for a lethal combination. He could see a ring through the plastic gloves that she was wearing, but he couldn't tell if it was a wedding, engagement, or some other type of ring.

"Are you married?" he asked.

"No, why do you ask?"

"All the pretty women I meet are usually married."

That remark caused a paused in her doing the exam and maybe a slight blush on Aria face, but then he heard, "Are you married?"

"No, why do you ask?" He thought he would give her response right back to her.

"All the good looking men I meet are usually married."

He laughed at her remark since she gave it right back to him which caused her to laugh as well.

The laughter was cut short as the door opened and in walked an older lady who introduced herself as Doctor Allen.

Doctor Allen conferred with Aria and he could feel his back being touched while they did this. He could hear their conversation as three areas of concern were discussed.

Doctor Allen said to Don, "There are three spots here that I don't like and I think they should be removed and tested just to see what they are. We can do that now if you want.

"Well I do have the time and if you think it should be done, let's do it now."

"If you'll lie down on the table we can get started."

It was a non-painful procedure except for a little prick he felt before she excised the three growths. He was told that he would be called and told what the lab results showed about the growths in about a week. He was given some anti-biotic crème to apply and told he could get dressed.

Don left the office after paying his deductible for the office visit. He phoned his mother to tell her of his visit and said he would hear what the biopsy of the three growths that were removed showed in about a week.

His mother said, "It will either be the receptionist or Sandra who will call to give you the results. The doctor or her physician assistants are usually too busy to do that unless it's something serious. Call me when you hear what they say."

Don was glad he phoned his mother. While she was nice and caring he knew she would hound him until he saw a doctor about those growths. He was glad his mother had seen them since he didn't and he wondered how many people do look at their backs. That's something that is tough to do even with mirrors. He thought the best way to do it is to have someone look at your back. He chuckled a little as he knew a few female friends who he thought would be happy to do that, but that would be somewhat of a weird request to make either before or after having sex.

Don had forgotten about the doctor visit until he heard the tune on his cellphone play about a week later.

In answering the call he heard, "Mr. Murphy, this is Aria Powell from Doctor Allen's office."

Her pretty face immediately came to his mind.

"Yes, Aria, what can I do for you?"

"We have received the results of the biopsies and I thought I would discuss them with you."

The thought immediately ran through is mind that there was something seriously wrong if Aria would be calling him to discuss the results. The biopsies had showed melanoma was the thought that crossed his mind.

"Go ahead and tell me the bad news."

"There is nothing bad, why do say that?"

"Well, since you're making the call, I thought..."

"Mr. Murphy the biopsies showed two of the growths were pre-cancerous and the other one was benign. There is nothing for you to worry about. The doctor would like to see you for a follow-up checkup in six months."

Hearing her say that brought instant relief, but he then wondered why she had made the call as opposed to who his mother said would do that. Was this an effort on her part because she wanted to meet him? That was a thought out from left field that went quickly through his mind. What the hell he thought, she can only say no. It was time to test the waters with her.

"Thanks for the good news and clarifying that. I instantly became worried when you called because it was you and not a nurse calling to give me the results of the biopsies. Thanks for calling as that worry is now gone. Now, please don't take this the wrong way but are you involved with someone because if you aren't I would like to ask you out to dinner. Don't hesitate to say no if that presents a problem and please call me Don."

There was a pause on Aria's part but then he heard, "I wasn't expecting you to say that. In answer to your question there is no significant other at this time and you seemed like a nice guy in the short time when I saw you. So yes, I would like to go out to dinner with you."

Aria gave Don her address, phone number, and e-mail address. He told her he would pick her up at seven on Saturday.

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