Do Witches Really Exist?

by DG Hear

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: You'd be surprised what can happen when you date a witch. I sure was!

Thank you to Linda62953 for taking the time to edit this story. It was a dark and stormy night. I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to start a story with those words. I finally get to use them.

Chapter 1

It was Halloween Eve and it was a dark and stormy night. The wind rustled through the trees making eerie sounds. I could hear it as it whistled through the power lines. My wind chimes were going crazy as the wind blew through them. I looked out the front window at the dark clouds passing overhead. When the moon peeked through the clouds I could see it was a full moon.

I was waiting for the rain to come pouring down any minute, but we were just getting a lot of heavy winds. I'm John Baker and I was waiting for my girlfriend Marcie to call and tell me she had changed her mind and wasn't going to her company's Halloween party. She was supposed to attend it tonight and had asked me to go, but Halloween parties weren't my thing any more.

I received a call from Marcie saying she was just leaving for the party and she would see me the next morning. She did say I didn't need to wait up because she would be late. The party was being held at Shuck's Farms which was only a mile or so away from our place. I've been out there numerous times for graduations, weddings and other affairs.

They have a pavilion at the back of the lot and the Shuck's always had it set up for different occasions and holidays.

During the fall and Halloween time they had hay rides through a pumpkin patch which was adjacent to a very old cemetery. Tonight's party was for adults only and costumes were encouraged. At the pavilion it was always lively with drinks, food and music. I have to say it was extremely eerie, scary and even spooky when taking the hayride. Especially, when you rode past the graveyard.

They also have a maze made up of stacked hay bales with scary dressed up monsters, ghosts, witches, etc ... the kids go in and can't find their way out. It's a lot of family fun, but at night it could be very eerie.

A lot of stories were told about the cemetery and the people that were buried there. As kids, we were told that people were dying to get in, that's why they put a fence around it.

Needless to say that was a joke but there were a lot of scary stories surrounding that cemetery. Many were even said to be true.

I met Marcie six months ago at a friends wedding. I knew the groom and he worked at the same company as Marcie. We began to hit it off pretty good. My friend, Brad told me to be careful, that Marcie was a wild one and has been around the block a few times. I didn't know Brad all that well, other than I had met him at the Elks lodge, on occasion. One day we were talking and he invited me to his upcoming wedding.

I was thirty-one and a manager at a parts plant. I was single and lived in a nice condo complex. It has a nice indoor pool and even a workout gym. I spend at least an hour a day getting my exercise. I've lived here for a few years, now.

Financially, I was in good shape. I had great benefits at work, including health and life insurance, a savings account and a nice retirement package for when the time came. I had recently won some big money when my friend Serena and I went to Atlantic City, our last weekend together. Altogether, I won over a half million dollars.

It was a little over six months ago when I lost my girlfriend, Serena. We were together for just over three months. We met at a Halloween party last year. I really thought she was the one, but things didn't work out that way. I figure that's why I didn't care to go with Marcie this year to the Halloween party. I hadn't totally gotten Serena out of my mind.

I have to admit I thought about her a lot over the last couple of months. I'll tell you more about her later. I guess I was on the rebound when I met Marcie. She is a good looking woman. She had a nice body, which she seemed to like to show, more than I cared for. She had graduated from college and got a job at this advertising firm as a secretary.

She was what a lot of guys might be looking for. A woman who dressed very sexy most of the time, and she had an outgoing personality and liked to flirt. She came up to me at the wedding and asked me to dance. I have to admit that I was surprised. Marcie was twenty-four and she said she recently had broken up with her boyfriend. She never did tell me why.

After the wedding, we began dating pretty hot and heavy. The sex was great and there was nothing she wouldn't do. We had only dated for a couple of months before she asked me if she could move in with me. She said her lease was up on her apartment and seeing as she spent so much time at my house why shouldn't she just move in.

I let her move in, against my better judgment, but I did stipulate to her that if she ever cheated on me, it would be over. I don't like couples who cheat on each other. She told me she loved me and had sowed her wild oats and wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. I guess I was a pushover.

The sex with Marcie was great but she wasn't much of a housekeeper and couldn't cook worth a damn. I liked her but I couldn't say that I loved her even though during sex, I had told her so. We ate out or ordered in almost every night. Looking back, even though the sex was great, it was about all we really had going for us in our relationship.

I was still a pretty lucky guy. I had a girlfriend that would fuck at the drop of a hat and didn't complain about giving blowjobs. I had plenty of money and a good job. I was luckier than most guys. Still something was missing, I just wasn't in love with Marcie and at times I wondered if she really loved me.

She's had it pretty good since she moved in with me. She didn't pay for anything and used her money to buy whatever she wanted. Lately she has been talking "marriage." I told her, "we'll see." I wasn't sure about our relationship. Sometimes things just didn't seem right. I was in no hurry to tie the knot.

I did ask Brad if he noticed anything different at work about Marcie and he told me she still acted the way she always had. There was one guy she seemed to talk to a lot; his name was Leo. Brad told me she had dated him before she met me. He did say, she didn't seem at all intimate with him while he was around.

I received a call about an hour after I had talked to Marcie. It was a female voice and all she said was, "You should go to the Halloween party. Your lady friend is cheating on you. You'll find her at one of the mausoleums in the old cemetery dressed as a prostitute," was all the voice said, before hanging up.

I wasn't sure if I should worry or if Marcie was playing a trick on me with her workmates; after all it was Halloween. I checked, and Marcie's Indian costume was still on the bed. She must have decided to wear something else, but what? Could the voice on the phone be telling me the truth?

I decided to head over to the party. I didn't want to be seen by many people. Most of the people wouldn't know me anyway but I walked along the hayride trail and headed toward the cemetery.

About Serena:

I mentioned that I had met Serena at a Halloween party a year ago. She was dressed as a witch, but she was the prettiest witch I have ever seen. Her dimples and smile could melt ice, she was that pretty.

I noticed she was sitting at a table with six other people, all were dressed in costumes. I wore a cowboy hat, vest and boots. That was about as far as I would go in the costume department.

When I first noticed Serena, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. One guy at their table got up to get a round of drinks. I approached him at the bar and asked him about Serena. I didn't even know her name at the time.

He told me she had opened a store recently, just south of town. I asked if she was with someone and he told me that the people at the table with her were customers of hers. She had invited all of them to the local Halloween party.

"She is one beautiful woman," I told the man.

"Yes, she is beautiful but she is real quirky. To be honest with you she might be a little psycho. She believes she's a witch. I'm a little afraid of her. She is friendly, but yet distant. She just opened up her store less than a month ago."

I thanked Ted for the information and made my way over to the lady in the witch's costume. "May I have this dance?" I asked her. The people at the table stared at me. "I'm John Baker."

"Pleased to me you John Baker. I'm Serena and I would love to dance with you," she replied.

As we danced, I held her close. She smelled intoxicating and I told her so.

"Thank you, that's one of my notions. It's called 'Allure', I guess it works. Ted told you I was a witch, didn't he?"

"Yes he did, but I can't say for sure that I believe in witches, but I do believe in beautiful women. It is Halloween after all," I said with a smile. "Besides, why would you tell everyone you're a witch?"

"I don't tell everyone. I've only told a few people when I first opened the store. I guess they have told others. Ted came into my store and started hitting on me and I told him so he would stop, and I wouldn't have to hurt him. He's a good customer and still comes into my store. Since then I don't tell people unless they ask me."

"What kind of store is it? What do you sell there?"

"It's called 'Potions and Pharmaceuticals'. We sell prescription drugs, notions, lotions and potions. Also, I am a licensed pharmacist."

"You don't look old enough to have gone to college and gotten a degree to become a pharmacist. May I ask how old are you?"

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