March Madness

by Oldtimer

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Sports, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Safe Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: A brother and sister bet on the outcome of a college basketball tournament game.

Spring break in the Clayton household meant more than taking time off from school. It also meant the start of the NCAA basketball tournament a.k.a. March Madness. Jay and Sandy Clayton loved the tournament and watched it religiously. Because spring break was during the week of the tournament, Jay and Sandy could stay home and watch it. Jay Clayton was 17 and a junior in high school while his sister, Sandy, was 16 and a sophomore.

They had a pretty good relationship with each other even though Jay was a horndog – especially where Sandy was concerned. Jay was a nice looking kid and had a few girlfriends. He was sexually active but didn't have a steady girlfriend. Sandy dated but had never had sex. Almost since the time he and his sister reached puberty, Jay sexually teased Sandy quite a bit. He would grab her ass or look down her shirt if she wore something low cut. He would try to catch her naked by barging in on her in the shower or her bedroom. And that was just the non-verbal stuff. Jay would tell Sandy what a great body she had and how she made him horny.

Sandy – to her credit – laughed off all of Jay's teasing. He never actually caught her naked and she suspected his bark was worse than his bite. She kind of enjoyed his flirting and teasing. She didn't encourage him but she didn't discourage him either. It made her feel sexy when Jay would say things like, "You know what would look good on your ears, Sis? Your ankles." Jay was as good as gold when his parents or other people were around but when they were alone, the teasing would start again.

Both Jay and Sandy believed themselves to be very knowledgeable about college basketball and the teams involved in the tournament. On Thursday - after the field of 64 was set - Jay and Sandy were in their respective bedrooms on their computers finishing their brackets for the online pool they entered. It was a private pool with their family and some mutual friends. The winner just got bragging rights but over the past few years, Jay and Sandy would bet on a certain game or two just to make things interesting. Jay's opening offer was always sex with Sandy. He never expected to take her up on the offer so it was offered in somewhat of a joking manner and it would be negotiated down to something like doing the other's chores for a week.

One of the games - actually the first game on Thursday was Jefferson University versus North Central State University. They were the 1 and 16 seeds respectively in their region. Since the tournament went to 64 teams, no 16 seed had ever beaten a 1 seed. Jay studied all the matchups and he thought that this might be the year that a 16 beat a 1. Jay made his selection for NCSU and hit complete on his online sheet.

The game was about to start and Sandy was already in the living room watching the pre-game show. Jay snuck up behind her and grabbed her tits through her shirt. Sandy slapped his hands. "Jay!" He grinned and asked if the game had started yet.

Sandy said, "No, it's just about to."

Jay sat down next to her and said, "Let's bet on the Jefferson-NCSU game. I'll take NCSU straight up, no points." Sandy almost fell over laughing. When she caught her breath she asked if he was serious. Jay said, "Yeah! I think Jefferson is gonna lose."

Sandy laughed some more and said, "I tell you what, Bro. If Jefferson loses I will fuck you! But it's not going to happen. A 16 has never beaten a 1."

Jay said, "Just you wait."

Sandy said, "When you lose, you will do my laundry for the rest of the month."

Jay grinned and said, "I'll make sure to carefully wash your bras and panties."

Sandy rolled her eyes and said, "Pervert."

"Guilty as charged," Jay said.

"Sit down and watch Jefferson beat the crap out of North Central," Sandy taunted. "After the game you can get a head start on my laundry."

"We will see, Sis. We will see."

Jay sat down next to Sandy on the sofa and put his arm around her shoulder like they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Often times he used that position to cop a feel of one of Sandy's tits. Sandy would eventually slap his hand away and Jay wouldn't do anything else for a while. Sandy never minded how close Jay sat to her. She would snuggle up next to him when he put his arm around her. It made her feel safe and secure and if he tried to cop a harmless feel occasionally, it's not like he was raping her. To tell the truth, it also excited her a bit. Even though he was her brother, she had to admit he was a nice looking guy. She could see sitting that close to her made him hard. She was pleased she could have that effect on a guy - even if the guy was her brother. She would never be as bold and try to feel his cock through his pants but she guessed it was a nice size.

Sandy wondered what a cock would feel like inside her. She naturally thought about what Jay's cock would feel like. She knew incest was wrong and she would never do it with Jay but he was so persistent with his teasing she couldn't help but think what fucking her brother would feel like. She made the bet because she was absolutely certain a 16 would never beat a 1. In the back of her mind she wondered if it actually could happen. Then she would have to go through with it. Maybe Jay would let her off the hook. She thought it wasn't worth worrying about. Jefferson winning was a sure thing. But that infinitesimal doubt made her pussy moist.

As predicted, Jefferson had a 10 point lead at halftime. It was close for the first 10 minutes of the game but Jefferson pulled away and looked like they would roll to victory. Sandy taunted Jay some more while they went into the kitchen to get more snacks and drinks. Jay still acted confident about his chances but he really wasn't anymore. But losing would be O.K. He could take Sandy's panties and jerk off in them without having to steal them from her hamper. Of course Sandy already knew he did that but she really didn't care. Jay was willing to let his sister off the hook if NCSU actually won but wondered if she would actually go through with it. Of course, it would be a miracle if NCSU actually won.

Jay and Sandy took their places back on the couch to watch the second half. The second half began much like the first half ended with Jefferson increasing their lead. It seemed like they would win going away until their leading scorer and probable NBA number one draft choice went down with a sprained ankle. Jay and Sandy were on the edge of their seats. Jefferson still had a good lead but there was plenty of time left for a comeback. With their best player out, Jefferson seemed lost. They were having trouble shooting and NCSU was playing solid defense and hitting some three pointers. NCSU cut the lead down to two with 10 seconds left to play. Jay and Sandy were very anxious; not just because it was a dramatic game to watch but because of the stakes of their wager.

NCSU took the ball in under their own basket. They threw it in against a Jefferson press. Jefferson gambled and almost stole the ball at mid court. One of NCSU's players streaked down court after the failed steal and set up on the right side of the three-point arc as another player passed him the ball. He caught the ball, took a step and shot. The shot went through as the buzzer sounded. NCSU had done the impossible and upset the 1 seed. The NCSU bench emptied and mobbed the players on the court.

Jay was ecstatic and not just because he picked the upset. Sandy was dumbstruck. Jay leered at his sister, "So, you wanna do it right here or go up to my bedroom?" Sandy couldn't believe he would actually hold her to the bet. Plus he was acting like a jerk. Her own brother was crowing about getting to take her virginity. Sandy stared at Jay then fled to her room in tears. Jay called out after her but she slammed her door.

Jay immediately realized he screwed up. He wasn't actually going to make her have sex with him. He wanted to fuck her but he wasn't going to do it against her will. He always talked a good game but he never thought she would actually fuck him. He had fun just teasing and fondling her. He thought he'd wait a while and let her calm down before apologizing and telling her she wouldn't have to go through with it.

Sandy threw herself on her bed crying. Jay was being such a dick about the whole deal. But it was partially her fault. She was the one who made the bet. She knew how much of a horndog he was. She really shouldn't have offered to have sex with him and wondered why she said it. She never discouraged Jay from feeling her up and flirting with her. She also liked it when he sat next to her and put his arm around her. She would actually cuddle with him. She even kind of liked it when he copped a feel of her tit. Maybe she did want Jay after all. If she only wanted sex there were several boys she knew who would gladly oblige her. But they might not be very gentle with her. She heard stories from some of her friends about sex and how sometimes it was pretty rough. She heard Jay was a good and gentle lover. Maybe that was why she never gave it up to any of her dates. Maybe deep down she wanted Jay to take her virginity.

She thought about it some more and came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be so bad to have sex with her brother. She knew the reasons incest was taboo but Sandy was on the pill and had been for some time now. It helped regulate her periods and if she did decide to go all the way, she was protected from pregnancy.

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