Bob's Your Uncle or a Modern Adult Fairy Tale

by mthommotoo

Tags: Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, Rough, Torture, Interracial,

Desc: Fantasy Story: And now for something completely different. Once upon a time, Bob Fischer was a professional hit man, a torturer and psychotic, emotionless murderer. He was also a parent any child would love to have and a genius inventor, making multi-millions on his patents and who just happened to live in Paradise. Note that Garrigeld Island, Bender Bay and Bungun don't exist. Don't you just wish they did? And all this is written archetypally in Australian.

Once Upon a Time in the Great Land of Oz

This one's thanks to Renpet, whoever he is, for the idea.

Have you ever entered a pub or a bar for simply a cold beer to quench your thirst and down the other end of the bar was a small group of people, all huddled around one man who was telling a story? The words he used were mesmerising even though all there knew there wasn't a truthful word being spoken. It was the rhythm and narration technique being used, which drew you in. He'd swear on his honour that every word he uttered were true, may God strike him down if they weren't.

The following story, I swear on my honour, is true, may God strike me down if it isn't. ;-)

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Ma/Fa / Ma/ft / Consensual / Heterosexual / Fiction / Humor / Rough / Torture / Interracial /