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Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: We met, were lovers, married and then slowly went our own way looking ahead at our professions. We became strangers. I had to do something to get us back together.

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Life is a funny thing; sometimes full of love and laughter and other times solemn and insightful even despiteful. I'm Joe Henry and had been married for nearly six years to my wife Victoria until we became like two strangers living together. We didn't have any kids which I'll explain later.

There are many stories I could tell that happened during our time together. I know most couples probably go through some of the same things we have. We married young and I really didn't know what to expect.

She used to go out with her girlfriends and I often thought she was having affairs. I even followed her a few times but never found any evidence of cheating.

I liked it when other men noticed her which was quite often but at the same time I was a jealous person. This particular story is about how we met, the beginning of our relationship and where we are today.

Vicky and I met after we had both graduated from high school. It was at a party store I worked at for my sister in the evenings. I was nineteen at the time and my sister rented me an apartment they had above the store. It worked out great for me.

Vicky was a year older than me and had graduated from high school the previous year. She worked at a restaurant across the street from the store in the evenings and took secretarial courses at the local college during the day. She would often come in the store to get change and talk with my sister. They were good friends by the time I started working there.

I asked her out a few times and she always smiled and said, "I don't think so." It made my sister laugh. I wasn't use to getting turned down that often. I wasn't anything special; just a normal nineteen year old horny guy.

Needless to say I took this as a challenge. She was a good looking woman, though slightly overweight according to some people, but I didn't think so. She had the prettiest face and always smiled. I often ate at the restaurant just so I could watch her. I think I was getting a little obsessed with her.

I was young and no matter how hard i tried, and believe me, i tried, I could never get Vicky out of my mind. I asked her out once again and she agreed to go out with me. I didn't have a lot of money so i took her to a small diner and then to the movies. We kissed that night for the first time.

It was only after a few more dates at the drive-in that she agreed to come up to my apartment. We began to kiss, first it was slow, but then things started to get heated. She let me touch her breasts through the thin fabric of her blouse. It wasn't enough for me, I wanted more so I began to unbutton her blouse. She quickly stopped me, but then pulled her hand away as I undid the buttons and saw her bra covered breasts.

I lowered my mouth onto her chest and began kissing the crevice between them. I took my time and reached behind her to undo her lace bra. Her white breasts were large and beautiful. Her erect, pink aureoles stood to attention and her skin looked so soft. I began to kiss and slobber all over them. i knew she was enjoying it because she was holding my head tightly against her.

I slowly lowered my hand from her right breast to her right thigh. she was wearing a skirt that would normally be considered conservative on any other girl, but the slit on the side told another story. She opened her legs, welcoming me, and I slid my hand inside on her thigh; I couldn't believe how hot it felt under her skirt. I continued to massage her inner thigh, inching closer and closer to her damp panties. When I looked up, I could see that she was biting her lower lip in anticipation.

I ran my hand up and down her lower lips; through her panties. Seeing that she now had her eyes closed, I slipped my hand inside her panties and felt her warm, damp mound. I slowly worked my way down to her pussy - she was audibly breathing hard now.

I got off the couch, reached under her skirt and pulled off the matching white lace panties. I pushed her thighs apart and buried my face in her wet pussy. I began rubbing my face in her full muff and working my way to her clit. I placed my hands under her thighs, to help hold up her legs as she put her hands around my head, holding me in place.

I tongue fucked her, licked and kissed her pussy until she climaxed and my face was covered with her juices. My cock was rock hard and I wanted to let it out of the confines of my jeans.

I stood up and wiped my face off with my shirt. I began to unbuckle my jeans when she stopped me and said. "No! I should never have let it get this far. I'm sorry, I lost control of my emotions."

Needless to say, I was a bit pissed but I tried to not show my anger. My cock started to subside. "Well maybe next time," I said to her.

She apologized again and slipped her panties and bra back on and we went down to the store. My sister was there and she and Vicky began to talk to each other. I carried some heavy cases of stock to the back room for my sister. I later drove Vicky home wondering if I should have forced myself on her.

I asked myself, after erasing the thought. Did I just want to have sex with her or did I really care about her?

When we arrived at her home that she shared with her siblings, I kissed her goodnight. I knew her parents were deceased and the siblings did there best to help one another.

I left with mixed feelings. As I drove down the road I saw Sheila, a frequent customer at the store walking along the sidewalk. I pulled to the curb and asked her if she wanted a ride. She got in and I headed toward her home, a few blocks away.

"Why don't you pull in behind the church," she said. "My husband is at home and I don't think you want to meet the drunk."

I knew what was coming. Sheila was married, but still a bit wild. She would often come in the store with her twin sister, Sheryl and liked to tease. I couldn't believe it when they first told me they were twenty-nine. They looked a lot younger than they were, being short, a couple inches under five foot and on the thin side I did ask my sister about them and she told me they indeed were both twenty-nine and would fuck anything on two legs. "Stay away from them." She had warned me.

Both were married to raging alcoholics and I knew they drank a lot too. I could tell by the amount of alcohol they bought, but right now, I didn't care about her drinking, I hoped for other plans.

She reached over and put her hand on my cock. It got hard in seconds as she undid my belt and zipper. Being a small woman she leaned over with ease and took my cock in her mouth.

Damn, It felt good! After a couple minutes, she sat up and pulled off her jeans and panties. I slid my jeans down below my knees and slid over to the passenger side of my car so she could straddle me. She raised herself up and lowered her hot pussy onto my now very hard cock. I thought about wearing a condom but she was married so I figured that she was on the pill. She did all the work as she bounced up and down on my cock.

"Nice cock," she said. I've wanted to fuck you since you started working at the store. Fuck me Baby! Fuck me hard. I want you to come in my pussy. Come on Baby, shoot that cum in me." I threw my head back and moaned in pleasure. "I want you to fuck me hard. Come on, Baby."

I began to pump into her and with her encouragement, I came hard, shooting deep into her passage. She lowered herself down as she also began to come. I held tight onto her hips, slowly rocking us both. Damn, it felt good. I looked down and watched her rub her pussy back and forth across my crotch with my cock buried in her.

She reached over and grabbed some napkins out of my door panel. I always have some left over from fast food joints. She jammed them between her legs and rolled off of me as I scooted over to the drivers side of the vehicle. As she slipped on her panties, I grabbed a few napkins and wrapped them around my cock before pulling up my briefs and jeans.

She thanked me for the fuck and said that maybe we could get together again some time. Being the whore hound I was, I agreed. One problem I had was I had a hard time telling Sheila and Sheryl apart. Sheryl did seem a bit more quiet, but that was about it.

The following week I saw Vicky a couple times. We talked for a few minutes each time and I asked her out to dinner on Friday. She told me she would have to see. She had already made other plans, not saying what they were, and was more than likely not able to make it. On Thursday, she came in the store and told me she was sorry but she couldn't make it.

I remained placid on the outside, but I mentally questioned her reason. Maybe this was her way of saying "being with me the week before was a mistake". The twin sisters Sheila and Sheryl came in just before closing and asked me if I was busy on Friday. They told me they were throwing a party and wanted to know if I wanted to come. They mentioned that is was being held at a motel just outside of town.

Sheryl did mention that she and Sheila didn't have any secrets letting me know she knew about our romp in the car. I asked them if seeing their husbands at the party on Friday might be a problem, but they smiled and said their husbands worked the second shift and wouldn't be coming to the party.

"Oh!" Sheila squealed. "There is a catch; you need to bring some beer." I agreed, knowing that I would have no problem getting beer from the store. I always paid for it; no way would I steal from family.

I haven't been to many private parties and figured since Vicky was brushing me off, I might as well enjoy myself.

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