All My Lovers

by alan14

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Double Penetration, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Amy and Gary are off to spend the Holidays with Geoff and the twins in Texas, lots of sex ensues. They meet a new friend and give everyone some good news, then have more sex.

Amy and Gary spend the Holidays with Geoff and the Twins at his ranch in Texas, I think it's safe to say that everyone enjoys themselves. This story is from Amy's point of view.

It's Boxing Day, 5am, what am I doing out of bed I ask myself. Oh yeah, we're off on holiday, our first holiday together. Being the early riser in this relationship it's therefore my job to make the coffee required to get Gary out of bed.

Yesterday we had a wonderful lunch at Dave's house; Gary & I, my mum and Gary's mum & dad. Mum's moved in with Dave now, and put her house on the market, she's agreed to split any profit with Uncle Tony to keep him sweet after he sold her the house at 75% of the market rate.

We opened gifts, pulled crackers (Gary said he'd pulled his cracker months ago, we laughed politely), had a huge lunch of goose and the trimmings, although I missed out on the dead animal parts. I'm having a rethink on the vegetarian issue, meat just smells so tasty. Whilst we watched something other than the Queen, I can't remember what it was, probably one of the Harry Potter films, Dave's maid (he has a maid, and a cook) brought in Christmas Pudding and cream, I'm pretty sure that Christmas Pudding isn't suitable for vegetarians because of the beef suet, but I already told you I'm rethinking the vegetarian lark.

Gary bought me a lovely necklace with a silver daisy and a Kindle loaded with loads of books he's been pestering me to read. I bought him a Seiko watch so he doesn't need to check his mobile when he wants to know the time. We didn't buy anything extravagant because we decided that we're not going to touch Geoff's money until we can afford to buy and run an Aston Martin, or until the house falls down, I'm hoping the former happens before the latter.

So anyway, today we're flying to Texas, it's a journey that will take four planes each way, a little one from Blackpool to Heathrow, then a big one from Heathrow to Chicago, another big one from Chicago to Austin, Texas, then a tiny one from Austin to Geoff's ranch 250 miles away.

We made the flight from Blackpool OK, then we had an hour to hang around at Heathrow before our next flight. We sat in a Costa, drinking a huge Americano, opposite was one of the many Wetherspoon pubs that are dotted around Heathrow. I can never work out how people manage to drink so much booze so early in the morning, two glasses of wine in an evening is more than enough for me, even then it's generally only at weekends or special occasions, but for some reason when people are in holiday mode they decide to get hammered as soon as they get to the airport, surely they'd enjoy their holiday more if they're sober?

Anyway, after a long wait, an hour seems to last about a week in an airport, we boarded a nice shiny Boeing 777 destined for Chicago, where we would have a two hour layover before the flight down to Austin. At least there'd be no wait at Austin, our bags would be taken to a private terminal where Geoff's plane would be waiting for us.

We had business class tickets from Heathrow onwards, Jackie used one of her connections to the upgrade for us after I insisted we'd be paying for our own tickets. There was a huge selection of films on the TVs that folded up out of our armrest, but to be honest I really wasn't in the mood for TV or films, I took out my new Kindle and selected a book at random. I'm not a big reader, I enjoyed the Harry Potter books, and I've read a load of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer books, but other than that I'm more of a magazine type of gal. Gary though is a huge book reader, he reads at least one a week, especially as we've still not got round to buying a TV. The book I picked was Hit Man, according to the blurb it's the first part of Lawrence Block's Keller series about an unconventional hit man, sounds a blast.

A couple of hours into the flight dinner was served, luckily I'd decided to reconsider being a veggie, because they'd run out of the vegetarian option, so chicken curry it was, with a halfway decent tiny bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

I'm a little worried about some things that will happen in Texas, I know I'm going to let him fuck the twins, it's only fair because I'm definitely going to, but I'm also going to shag Geoff, and that's the part that's troubling me, because I know Geoff will want to have a taste of Gary's cock. How will he handle that?

We've discussed in the past how bi-sexuality is more tolerated in women than men, and he seemed to be pretty ambivalent about the subject, so does that mean he'll be OK about it? How do I broach the subject? Oh fuck it just come out and ask is probably best, but first to turn the conversation in that direction I think.

"Hey Gary, what are you most excited about doing while we're in Texas?"

"Oh I dunno, I've never been to America before. I'm just looking forward to seeing big places, the huge farms, sky scrapers. I'd like to see an American Football game."

"There's no particular people you want to see?"

"I've no family over there, so I'm not sure what you mean."

"God Gary, you can be a bit dumb some times. There's no girls you're looking forward to seeing?"

"What, oh yeah, it'll be good to see Julie and Jackie in the flesh, so to speak."

"If you're good I'll let you see them in the flesh for real. As long as you don't mind me spending some time with them."

"I don't mind at all, after all you let me have sex with Pixie often enough."

"Well, she's woman enough for both of us. How about Geoff?"

"Yeah, it would be great to meet Geoff, he obviously means a lot to you, and you mean a lot to him, so I'd like to meet this great guy."

"He may want to go to bed with me, would that be a problem?"

"Not at all, you've been with him before, and he's special to you, so that'll be fine."

"Now, what if he likes you?"

"What do you mean?"

"What if he'd like to spend some time alone with you?"

"Oh, ahh, I'd not thought of that. Give me a couple of minutes before I answer that."

I let him think whilst I read another chapter, I'm really enjoying this book and forgot I was waiting for an answer from Gary, he nudged be to get my attention back.

"Ok, I'll let Geoff see me naked, but I won't kiss him, no way I'm kissing a man, and I won't suck his dick, and I won't let him bum me. If we can work round that then OK."

I turned in my seat and kissed him, we kissed for a while, the flight attendant closed our curtain as she walked past, just in case I suppose.

"I love you Gary, you are so understanding and easy going."

We had 3 hours of the flight left, I decided to make silent love to Gary, we'd been practicing this in the garden. Life is so much easier now I'm on the pill, no more stopping to put a rubber on, and I'm happy not using condoms anymore because I'm only sleeping with one man now. Geoff will be a one-off and I'll insist on him bagging up, simply because I don't know where his dicks been, Gary will have to wear a condom when he fucks Geoff as well.

I quietly removed Gary's trousers, then I pulled my knickers off and climbed up top of Gary. I'm liking the fact that with the curtain pulled round our seat no-one could see us, how did people join the mile high club in the past before these amazing business class seats?

Slowly I sank down on Gary's huge cock, just thinking about this had made me wet enough to slip him straight in. I still can't take him all, and I'm resigned to the fact that two inches of his 9 inch cock will always elude me. Pixie can take him all, but she's bigger all over than me, I'm only 5'4", 34C, she's 5'9" with whopping 36DD boobs, fake but so well done you wouldn't know, she's also got a cracking arse of which Gary is particularly fond.

Anyway, back to the task at hand, we had to keep kissing to stop any moans or gasps escaping, that's the easy part. The hard part is fucking such a beautiful cock slowly so we don't make any noises from down below, the amazing side effect though is that we can last for over an hour and the orgasm when it comes is really quite simply amazing.

I rode Gary slowly, taking him as deep as he'd go, then lifting up until his fat head was at my entrance, stretching me wide, I had to hold my breath at one point for fear of screaming.

After a good while I was feeling particularly naughty and lifted all the way off and played him against my clit until I came, biting Gary's lip as I was overcome with the waves of lust rolling up my body. Once I'd recovered I fed his cock back into my waiting pussy and rode him, slow and steady, stopping every now and again to tease him. Eventually he could take it no longer and he gave me a few quick bunny strokes and came in an enormous burst. My pussy couldn't hold it all and I had to mop up a load of cum with my panties and napkins, which I tucked into the sickbag.

We let our breathing get back to normal then one at a time paid a visit to the toilet to tidy up. The flight attendant who closed our curtain gave me a quick wink as we passed in the aisle.

I regretted the loss of my panties when we landed in Chicago, it was freezing, and the airside shopping at O'Hare airport is shit, I couldn't find anywhere that sold underwear, so I had to sit around a freezing airport for two hours without underwear. I had fun flashing at people as they sat opposite though, it's amazing watching people's reactions, some pretend they've not seen anything, some gawp with open mouths, one man kept looking over his book. One little boy pretended to drop a coin under my seat, I do hope I've not damaged him for life.

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