The Hand of God

by Joe Buckworth

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Coercion, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Spanking, Clergy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Tiffany and Layla are typical high school girls; oversexed and curious. They love having sex with boys and each other. It's the latter that causes trouble when the principal, Sister Mary Brutus catches them in the girls room. By agreement, the students of Our Lady of Perpetual Motion School for Girls are disciplined by Father Richard Donohue, the prinicipal of the boys school across the street. Tiffany and Layla soon learn all about the priest's passion for saving souls and for teen girls.

Tiffany got to the girls room five minutes early to make sure that she looked her best for Layla. They had been so hot for each other lately that she couldn't wait until after school to kiss that little cutie and rub her hot pussy! She wasn't even going to wash her fingers when they were done so that she could smell Layla's intimate odor for the rest of the afternoon.

Tiffany Brown and Layla Van Der Aa had been friends since sixth grade. Middle school sleepovers provided the opportunity and privacy that young girls with budding sexuality and inquisitive minds need. Their first kiss, first touch and first orgasm came with each other. I mean, what are friends for? The beauty of their relationship is that they taught each other what they like, so when the time came for boys they were ready. Boy were they ready! They were ready to find out that the more popular the boy, the bigger the jock, the more self-centered they were and the less they cared about how their date felt. It was all about getting a hand or blow job and if they were really lucky, laid.

As 18 year old high school seniors, the girls had tried and discarded all the hot shots from St. Alphonso's School for Boys, which was across the street from their school, Our Lady of Perpetual Motion School for Girls. The hot shots rarely got past second base these days. What the girls learned was that it was the quiet, studious types who have the right frame of mind to learn from the girls what they liked and how to provide it. When it came to boys and sex, their motto was GEEKS RULE! Yet they never forgot about each other.

This past winter was one of the snowiest on record, which made dating more difficult. Parents were reluctant about letting the boys drive in the bad weather, not to mention the girls' parents' concerns. The Brown and Van Der Aa families were happy to let the girls have their sleepovers on weekends and when school was closed because of bad weather. Tiffany and Layla grew much closer this winter and now with graduation only a month away, the warmth of spring fired up a mutual lust.

Tiff checked herself in the mirror. Her dark brown hair was pulled back into a serviceable ponytail. She opened the top three buttons on her white blouse, exposing her see-though wisp of a bra. Her plaid skirt was rolled up at her waist to make its length four inches above regulations, showing off her long, athletic legs. She had hung her blue blazer on the hook in the last stall. She was debating whether or not to remove her thong panties when Layla burst through the door out of breath.

"Oh man, I made it!" she squealed.

"What happened?" Tiffany inquired, a concerned look on her face.

"Well, you know how old man Burdock is about letting you go to the bathroom during class," Layla replied, catching her breath. "So before class started I went up to him and told him that I had a "personal feminine emergency" that I had to take of. He didn't believe me, so I undid two buttons on my blouse and bent forward to give him a look at my bra. He was still shaky on letting me go until I grabbed his hand and put it on my ass. After a few rubs he finally said yes. The man is such a perv!"

"You weren't lying. You do have a feminine crisis ... me!"

With that, she threw her arms around Layla's neck and kissed her forcefully, her tongue exploring Layla's mouth. A moan escaped from Layla and she ground her hips against Tiffany.

"Come on," said Tiffany taking Layla's small and delicate hand. She led her into the last stall and closed the door. Layla quickly slid off her blazer on put it on top of Tiffany's. "I'm so hot for you!" whispered Tiffany as she finished unbuttoning the other girl's blouse and pulling it out of her skirt. In a flash she had removed Layla's blouse and bra, exposing her large C cup tits to her hungry eyes. She lowered her mouth and licked Layla's nipples until they stood at attention. "Oh!" Layla gasped as Tiffany sucked one and then the other.

Tiffany had her right arm wrapped around Layla's waist as her left arm made its way under Layla's plaid skirt to her panties. Tiffany pressed the heel of her hand on Layla's mound. She extended her middle finger and slid it down, pressing the thin material of Layla's panties into her hot, wet pussy. Layla bounced her hips off the side of the stall and spread her legs. Tiffany pulled the narrow strip of material away from Layla's pussy and thrust her finger deep inside the slick tunnel. Layla's moans covered up the sound of the bathroom door opening.

Tiffany was sliding her finger over Layla's swelling clit when the door to the stall was yanked open and they heard, "What have we here?" They both immediately froze in place. It couldn't be, but it was ... the Principal, Sister Mary Brutus! (Sister Brute to the students). The nun took stock of the situation at hand; One girl, naked to the waist, having her tits sucked. The other girl's hand under the first girl's skirt, obviously playing with her pussy. While the scene certainly stimulated the nun, she didn't let that stop her from doing her job.

"Well, if it isn't Tiffany Tits and I Wanna Layla! Why does this not surprise me?" She looked sternly at Tiffany. "Dry your finger off young lady, and YOU!" she said pointing at Layla, "Get your clothes back on!" Sister Brute stepped back from the stall door as Tiffany, and then twenty seconds later, Layla, exited into the bathroom.

"Sister, I can... ,"

The Principal put up her hand, "STOP! There is no explanation for what I saw; degenerate, perverted lesbian sex! If you two were struck by lightning and killed this instant you would be in Hell! I am ashamed and appalled at what was going on in there! It was in defiance of every principle that we teach you here at Our Lady of Perpetual Motion. It's bad enough that you two defile the school uniform by leaving your blouses unbuttoned and your skirts rolled up to your asses; that you mercilessly tease the boys from St. Alphonso's and your male teachers, but THIS! You need to be saved and punished! Come with me to my office.

"Father Donohue, Sister Mary Brutus. I have a grave situation here that needs your involvement. Do you have any time today? The sooner the better. Are you free after school? Wonderful! I'm sure you know the girls ... Tiffany Brown and Layla Van Der Aa. I'll bring them over at 3:00. Thank you very much. See you then."

Tiffany and Layla sat on the bench outside Sister Mary Brutus's office, waiting for 3:00 to roll around. They didn't know too much about Father Donohue, but what little they knew wasn't good. Father Richard Donohue was the Principal of St. Alphonso's. At 6"5" and 275 pounds, it was obvious why the boys referred to him as Big Dick. There was also a rumor that circulated at Our Lady that there was another reason for his nickname. Sister Brute and Big Dick had an agreement that when one of their students misbehaved, the other one would dole out the punishment. No one who was punished ever admitted what went on behind the closed door, but the rumor that some sort of sexual acts were a part of the discipline was legend at both schools, for both sexes. The principals were feared by all the students. Now it was Tiffany and Layla's turn to find out firsthand.

At 2:55pm Sister Brute marched the girls across the street to St. Alphonso's. At precisely 3:00pm she knocked on Father Donohue's office door. "Come in!" was the booming response. Just the sound of Big Dick's voice through the door frightened the girls.

Sister Brute opened the door and pushed the girls through the entrance. The sight of the priest confirmed their fears. Standing behind a desk was a giant of a man. His shoulders appeared as wide as the door. Because he wore a cassock with his white collar it appeared as if a black wall was in front of them. A sly smile crossed his face as he watched the terrified young girls pushed closer to him by his counterpoint. Sister Brute stood off to the girls' left as she made the introductions.

"Father Donohue, these are the two sluts that I told you about. The taller one is Tiffany Brown and the short blonde is Layla Van Der Aa. I caught them this afternoon having lesbian sex in the girl's room!"

Big Dick raised an eyebrow. Not saying anything, he gave each girl a thorough inspection. "Nice tits on the blonde," he thought. His cock twitched as the thought of the tall one fondling them. "I'm very glad that you brought them to me, Sister. They have committed a grievous sin and the penance will be severe if they wish to restore their souls to the point of being able to get into heaven. Please leave us now. I will contact you this evening."

"Thank you Father. I know that God's will works through your hands." Sister Brute then turned sharply and went out the door.

Slowly the priest walked from behind his desk and locked his office door. He went back to his desk and sat down. Tiffany and Layla were petrified. Their hands were folded in front of them, fingers moving nervously. Their heads were down, looking at the floor. Big Dick let them stay like that for a few minutes before he spoke.

"Lesbian sex. How old are you girls?"

"Eigh ... teen," whispered Tiffany.



"Both of you?"

"Yes," Layla responded quickly.

"Technically adults, but acting like little girls wanting to experiment. That's what it was wasn't it? An experiment?"

Thinking quickly, Tiffany saw that the priest might be giving them an easy way out. "Yes father, that's what it was. We saw some girls kissing in a movie last week and we decided to try it."

"Kissing wasn't all you did, was it?" inquired the priest. Tiffany and Layla blushed as they stole a glance at each other. Neither answered.

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