Sunny Daze

by RejectReality

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Caught my girlfriend riding some other guy, lost my job, and ended up back in my old room at home just before summer break from college. You could say things weren't going well for me. To make matters worse, I discovered that my sister had 'flowered' in my absence, and it's rather impossible not to notice. I'm in deep trouble.

You might say that things hadn't been going well for me.

First off, I had skipped out of a class one day to surprise my girlfriend with flowers, hoping she might be up for a little afternoon sex. She was, but unfortunately, she was having it with someone else, and I walked in on it.

With no way to afford an apartment on my own or any desire to return to dorm life, I moved back into my old room at home after that. I managed to keep up with my classes, but the depression that hit meant something had to give. I lost my job, which further limited my options.

As happened all too often, that muddle of the last few months was running through my head as I walked through the airport parking garage after dropping my parents off. They were going on a cruise, leaving me in charge of my eighteen-year-old sister, since I was on summer break from college.

And that was the next problem.

When I'd left home, Sunny was only fifteen, a little socially backward, and sometimes a nuisance. The very first day I was home, I found out that a lot had changed in the three years since.

As she walked a few feet in front of me through the garage, I caught my eyes straying to the sight of her butt swaying back and forth in a pair of tight shorts. She wasn't fifteen anymore, that's for sure. I'd had ample opportunity to notice that since she'd never grown out of running around the house in her underwear.

Not that the clothes she'd started wearing covered much more.

I tore my eyes away, thinking that I really needed to get laid. It had been three months since I'd caught my girl riding some other guy, and it was beginning to wear on me. I could try to chalk it up to pent-up cum, but the truth was that my little blonde sister Sunny had more than 'flowered' while I was gone. Not having had the advantage of watching it happen, the reality hit me hard.

We made it to the car a few seconds later, and I clicked the button on my key chain to unlock the door for her. She was waiting for me when I sat down behind the wheel. The sour expression she'd worn since leaving the house vanished.

"You're not really going to keep me on punishment, are you?" she sweetly asked.

"Don't even try it," I said as I put the keys in the ignition. "I promised Mom and Dad."

"Oh, come on. You did it."

"No, actually, I didn't. You were drinking and driving, Sis."

"I was only buzzed."

"How many people with their cars wrapped around telephone poles have said that? The ones who survived any way."

She sat back in the seat and sighed. "Okay, I know it was stupid - but gawd. They grounded me for like the whole summer, took my car and everything."

I chuckled as I put the car in reverse. "It's one month. You're getting off easy. They grounded me for three months the first time they caught me drinking, and I'd walked home."

"Can I at least get on Facebook? I feel like the whole world is passing me by."

"How are you going to get away with that? Mom and Dad are on your friends' list, and they're holding your car hostage."

Sunny's head thumped into the seat and she groaned. I think the reason Mom and Dad had bought us cars when we turned sixteen was for the sole purpose of using them as bludgeons to keep us in line. My sister loved that car, and she wasn't going to risk it.

"Suck it up," I told her. "The month's up when they get home. It's not going to kill you."

"Easy for you to say," she said as she turned on the radio.

I shook my head and concentrated on driving, since we were merging into traffic. A few glances her way revealed that my sister's expression had slipped back into a pout. I'd obviously been right about her trying to butter me up in hopes of some slack in her punishment.

Sunny went up to her room to mope for a while when we got home, so I took advantage of the solitude to watch the baseball game in the living room. It was nice to be able to kick back on the couch with a beer and relax for once.

I heard the top stair creak after an hour or so and glanced that way. I had to swallow hard as my sister bounced down the stairs in a bikini. Bounced doesn't even begin to describe what her perky breasts were doing in that barely-there top. I grabbed my beer and took a long pull as she reached the bottom of the stairs, and focused intently on the television in front of me.

A surprised grunt escaped me when a bottle of sun tan lotion plopped into my lap.

"Put some on my back for me," Sunny said as she stepped right in front of me.

Sitting on the couch, I was staring directly at her ass hanging out of her bikini bottom. The way the cloth hugged the perfect curves of her butt drew my eyes like a magnet. I didn't get to see it long, because she sat down on my knees a moment later.

Fighting an embarrassing rush of blood between my legs, I grabbed the bottle and squirted lotion on her back. That didn't help in the slightest when my brain changed the globs of white on her back into something far less innocent.

Though I was determined to get it done and over as quickly as possible, the feeling of her soft skin as I rubbed in the lotion made me want to linger. I clenched my teeth, wondering what the hell was wrong with me, and finished up by wiping my hands on my shorts.

Those shorts were decidedly tighter than they had been before she came downstairs.

"Thanks," Sunny said as she popped up and turned around. She bent over to grab the bottle of lotion, leaving me staring straight down her top for a few agonizing moments.

I groaned and let my head thump into the cushion behind me as soon as she was out of sight. I could feel my cheeks burning and prayed she hadn't noticed that - or that I'd gotten about half hard.

It was going to be a very long couple of weeks.

"Good morning, sleepyhead."

I started awake the next morning to my sister straddling my stomach and grinning at me. Still half asleep, the first thing my brain latched onto was her short nightshirt riding up to reveal just a sliver of pink panties resting against my skin.

"Get off," I grumbled, pushing on her legs.

She giggled and slid backwards. My eyes popped wide open when her butt bumped against my morning erection hidden beneath the sheet, but she swung her knee over me and hopped out of the bed a moment later.

"Come on, get up. I made you breakfast," she said while jerking the sheet.

I caught it just in time to avoid her revealing me in nothing but a pair of briefs.

"Okay. Okay. I'll be up in a minute, Sis. Get out of here."

"Hurry up before the coffee and pancakes get cold."

Sunny had already cleaned her plate by the time I got dressed and headed downstairs. She stood up and poured me a cup of coffee, which she brought over before going back for the pancakes.

"Sucking up isn't going to do any good," I warned her as I picked up my coffee.

"I'm not sucking up."

I chuckled and rolled my eyes. I couldn't hold back a satisfied groan as I sipped the coffee.

"Good?" she asked.

"Perfect," I admitted.

She brought over my pancakes and sat them down in front of me. She'd drizzled the syrup and placed the melting butter pats rather artfully on top.

"Enjoy. I'm going to go get dressed."

Thank god, I thought, because her nightshirt had the most eye-catching wrinkles stretching between her breasts.

My sister knew how to cook, and I was starving, so it didn't take long to polish off the pancakes. The shorts and tight t-shirt she'd changed into when she came back in to put the dishes in the dishwasher weren't that much of an improvement over her nightshirt.

"So are you going anywhere today?" she asked.

I lifted my eyebrows. "Why?"

"Just wondered."

"I'm not going anywhere. What are you up to?"

She looked at me and must have determined that I was serious. Then, she fixed me with puppy-dog eyes.

"Can I go to the beach? Just for a little while?"

I shook my head as I stood up. "I already told you that it's not going to do you any good to try to butter me up. I promised Mom and Dad that I'd keep you here and out of trouble."

"I'm not going to get into any trouble."

"Not here, you aren't."

"Fine," she sighed as she walked out of the kitchen. "You're no fun any more."

"Tell you what..." I began, thinking I might have found an out.

Her shoes actually squeaked on the floor when she came to a sudden stop.

"You prove to me that you understand how dumb it was to get in the car after you'd been drinking, and maybe I'll ease up."

"How am I supposed to do that?"

I looked back over my shoulder and said, "That's up to you."

Half expecting another fit of pique, I was pleasantly surprised to see her brow knit in thought instead.

"Think about it," I suggested. "That's really why you're grounded in the first place. You're supposed to be thinking about what you did."

"And you'll let me off punishment?"

"I didn't say that. I said I would ease up."

"Like what?"

"Let you have a friend or two over. Something like that."

She pursed her lips and nodded. "Okay."

"Good. Thanks for breakfast, by the way."

She beamed me a brilliant smile. "You're welcome."

She continued out into the front room, and I hoped she actually would think about it. My best friend had died in a drunk-driving accident when I was sixteen, and it had really shaken me up. That was the reason I'd made the promise to my parents, and why I intended to stick to it.

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