Tales of the Dryden Dna Disaster 05: School Is Such a Bore

by Honey Moon

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Hermaphrodite, Incest, Mother, Daughter, FemaleDom, White Female, Oriental Female, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, School, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Tara was just a normal highschool beauty when the Dryden virus struck. When she awoke on her 14th birthday with a cock, she was overjoyed with the gift bestowed on her! Life was wonderful, but full of frustrations. She had her best friend, but Tara had no wish to ruin things with the girl she secretly loved. School was fun, but oppressive rules kept her pent up. Her mom, also a futa, kept her on a short leash. It seemed like the whole world was cockblocking her! Something had to give and SOON!

Tara Gale knew some girls didn't handle the change very well, and she thought they were fools. When she went to bed the night before her fourteenth birthday, she never dreamed that the nasty crampy belly ache she had suffered with all day would lead to the best birthday present she had ever received!

Later, she had heard the stories on the news about how many women had panicked over what they had become, but not her. When she awoke on her fourteenth birthday with a whopping big fourteen inch penis, she had been overjoyed! When she had slowly pulled up her stretched out nightshirt to reveal the massive pole making a tent in the thin cotton material, she had actually laughed with glee. Until then she had kept her personal private sexual orientation preference a super high level tip-top secret. She had even been scared to tell her mother that she somehow just didn't see the point in boys.

Sure, guys had what it took to put babies into bellies, but the only thing actually needed was an eyedropper containing a few drops of baby gravy. Tara had nothing against them, really. She just thought of males as sort of free range mobile sperm banks, ready to be tapped if and when you wanted a kid. Now she could freely admit that she loved girls. With her big thick salami, nobody would dare say there was something wrong with that.

That morning six months ago, she had stood proudly naked before her mirror, staring at the sight of the tall honey blonde girl with the well toned body. Tara thought she looked DAMN good! She was five foot eight, but after hearing and reading all the press releases, she now knew something that most fourteen year olds could never know in advance. Due to the very nature of the change infused into her by the Dryden Sniffles, she knew for a rock solid fact she was going to grow at the very least, another four inches. The change only manifested itself in females who were genetically programmed for the superior height of six foot or greater.

Let's not forget about the tits! Tara was already the most developed girl in her class. From what she learned in the days and weeks that followed the outbreak of futanari, breast size seemed to be the other defining genetic trait. Tara knew she was going to grow at least four more inches tall, so it stood to reason her bust would increase too. Since the skeletal/muscular structure of her chest, shoulders, back and spine had been altered and strengthened at the genetic level for more efficient load bearing and weight support, she hoped she'd become a FF, or dare she dream, a G. That would sure impress the hell out of people!

Yes, Tara was overjoyed. While she heard her statuesque mother sobbing down the hall in her own bedroom over the unexpected addition to her body, Tara was delighted with the massive organ protruding proudly from her loins. She actually laughed when she heard her mother simpering about how that jerk she had been dating would never want her now that she had a dick twice as big as his. Big deal! Who needs a guy when you have one of these bad boys for your very own?

The happy teen had felt no guilt or hesitation. She moved the antique mirror to the end of her bed while giggling with joy. "It's time to take this puppy for a test drive!" she giggled, as she sat on the foot of her bed and grasped her cock. Watching excitedly in her full length mirror, she started to, well, beat her meat.

"Ooooh!' she breathed as she sort of slid the silky smooth outer skin of her cock up and down a little over it's iron hard core. "No wonder guys like choking the chicken. Jerkin' the gherkin is fuckin' fun!" She jumped up and ran to her nightstand and grabbed her bottle of body lotion. She shivered in sensual delight as she lubed up before returning to her front row seat before the mirror. "That, that's better, a slick dick does the trick!" Tara took to fapping like a duck to water. Her hand slid up and down the slippery shaft, making nasty little squishy sounds that were music to the girl's ears. "Please, let this really work! Why would I have such a wonderful cock if it isn't able to squirt?"

She closed her eyes, letting imagination take over. Somehow having a hard penis erased all of the guilt she usually felt when thinking dirty little thoughts about girls. She pictured her favorite teacher sitting on the bed next to her. "Yes Miss Conner. That's good! Keep jerking me like that!" She let out a soft moan. "What's that? My dick is much bigger then your boyfriend's little worm? Of course it is, he's only a man." She stroked faster, pert firm behind bouncing on the bed as she worked herself into a frenzy. "Oh, I, I can call you Betty? Okay Betty, I'll stay after school today, but only if you bring some condoms. Hand jobs are great, but I want to stick my cock into your cunt!"

Suddenly, it wasn't her sexy teacher Tara was thinking about. The image of her next door neighbor and best friend blossomed in her mind. Kim was simply gorgeous! The dainty little raven haired beauty had all the guys in class drooling after her because of their stupid Asian fetishes. Tara thought of her love for her friend as much more pure. She never spent time searching out pictures of naked Japanese school girls, or junk like that! She had seen the real thing, and nothing else would ever compare! Tara was proud and happy to know that none of them had ever seen the petite little Chinese American naked, like she had. She had dreamed of that perfect little body ever since the two of them had snuck out late one night to try skinny dipping in the Chow family's brand new swimming pool.

At exactly four foot, with just the tiniest hint of breasts, Kim always complained that people still thought someone who was a month shy of fifteen years old was a ten year old brat. How many times had Tara stopped herself just in time from announcing that Kim was simply the most gorgeous and sexy creature on Planet Earth, with a perfect body that would make anyone alive want to throw her down on the nearest bed!

"Oh Kimmie!" she moaned, as her hand became almost a blur on her aching hard shaft. "You're so beautiful! I want to kiss you!" She whimpered, as she felt some strange feeling of power grow deep inside. "I, I want to fuck you!"

Something was happening deep inside. Tara's hand pumped faster as she panted. Her eyes snapped open just as the cock in her hand gave a sudden jerk. Wide eyed, she watched as her image in the mirror was struck by a long gooey streamer of white slime. She was popping her very first load! She was scoring direct hits on a mirror almost six feet away from her. She was actually ejaculating just like a guy. It wouldn't be until much later that she learned it wasn't EXACTLY like a guy. No man alive could keep firing pulse after powerful pulse of nasty wet gunk for nearly forty-five seconds.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah!' she gasped huskily as the fluid coated her mirror and slithered down to plop thickly to the rug below. Shocked at the mess she was making, Tara still couldn't stop her hand from trying to pump out every last glistening drop of semen! The last few spurts fell short, and Tara ended up laying a trail of wetness on the rug between her bed and the now murky nasty mirror.

When it was finally all over, Tara jumped to her feet, and nearly fell as she swayed unsteadily. "Holy Crap, I gotta clean that up!" She wasn't particularly afraid her mother would find out. She was just concerned that the brand new carpeting in her room would be ruined!

"Thank God for scotchgard!" she cheered as she blotted a wet towel on the rug under her mirror. She could smell the heady aroma of the gooey glop on the glass. She never knew exactly why she did it, but as she blotted the carpet, she stuck out her tongue and started licking the mirror's smeary surface. That was how her mother caught her!

"Baby, are you okay?" Samantha Gale froze when she saw her naked daughter on all fours, licking what suspiciously looked like a twenty man supply of semen off of the mirror. "Oh honey, not you too! I, I'll take us to a doctor! Get dressed! Hurry! We need to figure out what happened, and find out how we can, um, how, uh, how we can pee!"

Still on her hands and knees, Tara just calmly looked up at her mother and smiled. "Jeeze mom, don't you know anything?" She climbed to her feet and waggled her still hard cock at the stunned woman with the massive tent in her nightgown. "If you have Morning Wood, all you have to do is pop off a few loads. Then you'll get flaccid enough to go wee-wee!" Calmly walking past her shocked mother, Tara went down the hall to the bathroom and spent the next half hour firing off a few more salvos.

Standing in the bathtub to minimize mess, she popped off five more good loads, letting them spatter all over the gleaming wall tiles. She was flexible enough, and the cock was plenty long. Tara knew she could capture the head in her mouth and suck down and swallow all that precious yummy juice, but there was just something so empowering in watching the pearly white ropes of gooey aromatic fluid erupt so forcefully from her penis and fly free! Tara loved the nasty little plopping sound each powerful jet made as they struck the ceramic squares. It was so exciting to see all of her slime slowly ooze down the wall and run into the bathtub to pool around her feet!

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