The Available Social Member


Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Gang Bang, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Double Penetration, .

Desc: Sex Story: A committee member of a bowling club is asked to visit a new member who is regarded as a 'bit slow' Slow in education but not in erotica, she becomes available as the entertainment for the men's pennants team. - read on.

A story can start in a variety of ways, this one started with a phone call from the secretary of the local bowling club. The phone rang just a Bill was about to return to his workroom; he picked up the receiver. 'Bill Williams', he said. There was a click on the other end till a familiar voice came through. 'Bill it is Albert I was wondering if you would drop in and visit a new member that recently signed up. I could telephone, but a visit from a committee member would, I think be more appreciated as the woman is a bit shy and I don't think she is too well educated, what you would say 'a bit slow'. I would like your opinion on whether we should accept her as a member. I also sent her some brochures so you can check if they also arrived. She lives in one of the old commission houses, they have been refurnished and it is close to you", he concluded.

"What is the woman's name and what street is it?" Bill replied. "I know where the commission houses are but they took up an entire block, they were built as an estate and have a number of streets included".

'She is in Barker Street, number 26 and her name is Sue Brownley".

"Ok!' Bill replied. "I could drop in after I finish what I'm doing sometime this afternoon", he concluded and then hung up.

It was after three thirty when he arrived at the address. Despite the houses being 'housing commission', they were well maintained so the occupants must have been a more 'upper class' than what generally lived in these government houses or they had some 'body co-operative' that did the maintenance. He knocked and waited for a few minutes before he heard the lock turn and the door open slightly, held closed by the security chain. "Yes!" came a timid voice.

"Miss Sue Brownley?" Bill asked. "I'm Bill Turner, I am on the bowling committee that I believed you just joined and the secretary asked me to drop in and see if you received the information brochures that were to be sent. He could have rung but as I live close by he thought a visit from a committee member would be more appropriate", he concluded.

The chain was removed and the door opened and he was invited in by one of the most unattractive women he had encountered, however, once inside he shifted his opinion to the area he judged women, their tits and this woman excelled in that area and to add cream to the cake, she was braless and they wobbled and bounced and on top of that she was wearing a nightie and it was of a light cotton but in the sunlight through the lounge window, was almost transparent. She made no attempt to put on a dressing gown or attempt to dress and as the time ticked by he was certain that she wasn't the full quid and her home, although clean was very Spartan. There were no nick-knacks around; no family photos; he got the impression she was very lonely. Maybe that was the reason for the rather erotic way she dressed, she just didn't register that she was virtually naked or it was done deliberately to attract attention, give her some excitement into what could be a very boring existence. However, when she offered him a cup of tea he didn't knock it back because he was enjoying this apparition.

She came in with a tray, cup of tea and biscuits; she put them down onto a small coffee table and in so doing both tits, with nipples hard and erect flopped out before him. 'Fuck!' he muttered to himself. 'This is one invitation I'm going to accept'. He reached up and touched them, caressing each tit in turn. He moved to the nipples which he squeezed and pulled. Her reaction was a grunt.

The next stage of this drama was at her groin, one of the hairiest he had come across, something that had already been noted for she also wore no panties; a grab of that hair, a quick shove of a finger up her crack, a fumble as he dropped his trousers, but a delightful gasp as she grabbed his erection and in seconds most of it was down her throat. One thing Bill enjoyed was having his cock sucked. Sometimes he would prefer that to an actual fuck, just holding the woman head hard at his groin and pumping the contents of his balls into her mouth and then releasing her and just have the cum and saliva pour out was a great turn-on. However, he also appreciated a forest between their legs. He stopped her and as he lifted her up said. "Let's fuck". She fell back onto the lounge, her cotton nightie in a bundle around her waste, both tits bouncing but that forest at her groin was light a lighthouse is to a ship on a stormy night. Within seconds he was ramming his saliva covered cock up that hairy cunt and she bucked and hung on as he rode her like any rider at a rodeo.

Every thrust was met with an upward motion of her backside till they were fucking in rhyme; she certainly wasn't an attractive woman, she wasn't entirely ugly but one wouldn't cross over to chat her up – but fuck, boy she was fantastic. He came with a thrust that made her erupt and give off a growl that would equal a wild beast. They stayed joined till ever drop of cum was expelled from his balls; then slowly he pulled out. She got up a smile across her face; she readjusted her nightie and then asked. "Was it good. Was I a good fuck? I like a cock up my cunt. I give your cock another suck?" she asked as she reached for his now limp but cum covered cock. "Sue I think you have drained me, however, if we have the opportunity later I would welcome a long and decent suck. However, I came for a reason to find out whether you had received the club's brochures etc", he said as he redressed.

They chattered and 'yes she had received the brochures' and 'yes she would like to go to the coming social the following Friday evening, but she had no vehicle and also she didn't have any thing suitable for a social event, she could accommodate just the bowls night, but not a social' Bill smiled and offered to take her, for as he said he lived close by and then asked her to put on her best and let him judge her wardrobe. Her face lit up as though he was the first individual to give her any encouragement and in seconds was fumbling in her bedroom. Finally she came out, her dress wasn't something from the leading female dress stores, but it was clean and attractive, he told her so and that lead to a flurry of other dresses till he told her that such and such a one was very nice and really showed off her womanly highlights, she giggled. She then undress and hung up the chosen dress, coming up behind her he cupped those melons of tits and began to rub into that forest of hair at her groin; she rested against him enjoying the sensations. Suddenly she reached behind her and grabbed his now restored cock and squeezed it, quickly turning she whispered. "I suck it now". Such and invitation was not to be ignored and in seconds his cock was free. She grabbed it and slowly, ever so slowly inch after inch disappeared into her willing mouth till her lips were buried in his cock hair. "Suck it you cunt, suck it". She didn't pause as her mouth drove him over the top of utopia. With a gasp he dragged her head hard into his stomach and let his balls release their deluge, she sucked till every drop was accounted for and when released fell back; her mouth was like a fountain of cum and saliva. She wiped her mouth and after coming out of the bathroom asked "Was it nice, did you like me sucking your cock". Such a question needed only one answer, he gave a nod and said "Fantastic".

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