Sex, Love and Marriage

by brightstar

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Desc: Drama Story: A man discovers of his wife's infidelity. This is how he reacts.


Recently, I'd discovered another genre of stories that are found in this site; cheating wives stories. I am amazed at the depth of feeling that these stories generate in me, even the least scored ones.

I once asked myself what I would do if my loved one cheats on me. The truth is that I don't know. I've never been in love before; I don't suppose to know anything about it, except for what I'd read about it. So you can understand the kind of uphill task I set for myself.

But I am a romantic (or I claim to be since I don't really know anything about love and romance), and cheating goes against every romantic notion I have. I have to reach into a place that I didn't know I have to write this story. I may feel that I did good but it is left for you to judge how well I have handled the feelings and emotions that go with them.

And please remember, this is just one take of the way I might react. There are infinite numbers of ways I could react to the situation. I hope that you like it and please, go easy on me on this one.

It's funny really, how well your day could be going only for it to just turn to shit. Well, my day did go pretty great. I just made a cool 17 million dollars and some change in the market, yes, it was going pretty great.

I'd started receiving calls from clients when they saw the news, most of the calls had been congratulatory, the rest had been wistful, wishing they'd trusted me more to invest in what they'd called my hair-brained plan.

I sat back on my seat after answering the last call. I sat back with a smirk. I knew I was good, better than most people at predicting the market and following trends but I am still a man after all, and I have an ego that needed stroking every once in a while.

With the smirk still on my face, I pressed one on my phone and I was immediately connected with my wife.

"Honey," she answered.

"Hi, honey-pie," I answered her. "How's your day going?"

"Well, if I know you very well, not as great as yours is. So tell me, what happened?" She asked. Have I told you that my wife knew me very well? Yes, she knew why I was calling.

"I just made us a shit load of money," I whispered to her on the phone. Bringing my voice further down, I added, "17 cool million dollars on the market today and never lost a single dollar."

I heard her scream. She was sharing in my joy. "That's something honey. I always knew you were great but you just out-did yourself today. I hope you save some of your strength because I'm going to rock your world tonight," she whispered in a sultry voice.

My body shook hearing her promise. Sex with Melinda was always great but when she's inspired, well, let me just say that it usually is unforgettable.

"Wow," I gushed on the phone. "I better go home and get ready then. Lord knows that I need all the reinforcement I can get."

"You better, and I'd try and see if I could cut out from here earlier than planned," she informed me.

"Alright. I guess I will see you at home then."

"Yes," she answered. "And Jeff," she called me. "I really do love you with all of my heart."

"I know. And I love you as well. Probably more."

"Never. I love you more," she challenged.

"No you do not," I called back which started a back and forth tug of war of who loved each other the more. We both knew that we loved each other unconditionally which is something that trumps every other thing.

In the end, we agreed to disagree and signed off. Once again, I settled down on my chair with a smirk on my face. This time, the smirk was more pronounced. I'd just made my family a cool 17 million dollars but I was more satisfied with just a call to my wife. Love would do that to you.

Remembering Melie's promise, I decided to just shut down the office and go home. Lord knows I could use the extra rest, if Melie was to be believed. I got my things together, told Anita my secretary that I was going home for the day and that any call for me should wait for the next day, then I went home.

Coming home I was greeted by silence. Maria, the housekeeper had taken the kids out for some fun and strolling. It was a way of keeping them not bored this summer break. I made my way to our bedroom and divested myself of my clothing. I took a shower then lay down for a much needed rest.

But sleep could not come. I was too keyed up to rest. I lay down staring at the ceiling and counting the blocks and pattern that the ceiling held. But my mind kept going back to the money I'd made.

It would make things a lot easier for me and my family that was for sure. Ever since I quit my job at TGC, things had not been as rosy as they were before. I'd been a manager at TGC for two years before deciding to go out on my own.

Working for TGC had been great, a fulfilling experience. I'd started there right after my business school. The salary for an entry level job at TGC Incorporated was a quarter million. The job involved a lot of research and overtime, proposals and building business models for corporations that ensured their continued growth. Let me assure you that it was worth every penny I was paid. Besides, I'd get to work for my mentor, Mark Fisher, who was a sort of legend in the financial market.

But as tough as work was, I had Melie. We'd met during my time at Harvard Business School. She was in Law school by then. And like they said, sparks flew. When I met Melinda Aldrich, I knew right then that I'd met my special one, the mother of my kids. She was beautiful, smart, funny and witty in an understated kind of way and she was really sexy.

We hit it off right away and six months into the dating, I proposed to her. There was no point in prolonging it, because we both knew that we were meant to be together. We would have gotten married immediately but for Melie's parents.

You see, Melie is from what I'd call an old money family and I was just the kid from San Diego who wanted to go to Harvard. Yes, I'd made some money betting the market but I wasn't in anywhere near what Melie's parents envisioned for her. I was simply a white trash where they were concerned.

But Melie had a stubborn streak. If Melie wanted something, she went for it. She told her family that she would really want them to be a part of our family and marriage but if they didn't listen to her, she was going to go ahead and marry me. Her father, knowing the kind of daughter he had, acquiesced and we got married.

It had not all been smooth sailing. For one, her parents, especially her father never really got to accept me as a son-in-law but that was alright with me. I promised myself I'd make him like me as a son-in-law.

We quickly settled into married life and before I knew it, I'd graduated and was offered a job at TGC. There were no interviews or application. TGC got whomever they wanted, and they wanted me. Signing bonus alone was half of a million dollars, which I used to pay for an apartment in an upscale part of Upper East Side.

Melie also graduated and started working for Tyler, Aldrich and Newman. Yes, you guessed right, it was her father's firm. We settled into married life outside of grad school and with work and everything, we made it work.

Then Melie wanted kids. And we got them. Don't get me wrong. I wanted kids as well but I wanted it after I was established, but Melie would have none of that. She felt that we should have kids while we were still young so that we'd get to see our grandchildren, not as old people but as relatively young parents.

Then entered Jeff Jr. and Grace, after Melie's mother. Melie had wanted me to use my son as a bridge between her father and me but I would have none of that. My first son would bear my name. Melie was stubborn but when I wanted, I could be downright impossible. That was the only time in our married life that we disagreed on something. And you guessed correctly, Jeff and Grace are twins.

Six months after the birth of the twins, Melie went back to work. I single-handedly financed a crèche in Melie's office building where my kids would be with their mother. That went a long way towards endearing me to Melie's father. What do you know; the old man has a heart.

That was seven years ago. Melie and I were a pair of parents, thirty –four years of age, very much in love with a happy, stable family. A lot did change over the years. Mark Fisher resigned from his post and recommended me for his job. I was bumped up to management with all the quirks that went with it. But it was a demanding job. I had to read reports of 15 associates on different corporations, endorse them or make corrections where necessary.

That job took me away from my family and Melie. Even when I was home I would still be working. So, I discussed it with Melie then I quit my job. I was grossly dissatisfied with the job. Not only was it cutting into my time with my family but I didn't have time anymore to make research and play the markets like I used to.

So, I started my own investment company. Mark Fisher did ask me to come on board with him but I was through working for people. I wanted to leave something for my kids, especially Jeff Jr. who was showing enough interest in the financial market that was more than I can say for anyone his age group.

But it wasn't all nice sailing from the start. First, I was a relatively new player in the market, and there were others out there that had established themselves for years. You just don't understand that people find it difficult breaking a system that works for them even when they know that the grass is greener on the other side. But Melie and the kids were there for me, urging me on, driving me even when the drive had left me.

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