Her Cut to the Chase

by RejectReality

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: It started by accident, but once Kimberly caught the young stud who mows her lawn checking her out, it turned into a naughty little game of wearing provocative clothing to catch his eye. It was harmless fantasy fuel, but an overheard conversation at the county fair makes her wonder if it couldn't be more. A stop at the Bingo tent may be the key to more than one jackpot.

Kimberly stood peeking through the curtains into her back yard, feeling deliciously naughty. Her children were away with her ex-husband for the summer, so there was really nothing standing in the way of a little fun. Outside, Chase pulled off his shirt, and she got chills from the sight of his muscular torso. Her eyes dropped to his waist, and she let out a quiet moan as she drank in the V formed by his abdominal muscles vanishing into his shorts.

He turned toward the mower and bent down to grab the pull-cord, giving her a fine view of his back and a perfect set of glutes. A single, powerful yank started the mower, and he got down to work.

Watching him make passes back and forth across her yard - a glistening sheen of sweat forming on his skin - she thought back to a few weeks before.

Chase had been mowing and doing other odd jobs for her for years. It worked out well for both of them, and he'd become a familiar, comfortable presence around the house.

It was exactly that familiarity that had started it. She'd been out the night before the first day he mowed this year. It had been a disappointing trip to the bar, but she'd still stayed late, trying to salvage the evening. When he knocked on the door to get paid, she had barely woken up. Thinking nothing of the clinging nightgown she had on, she let him in and bent down to grab her purse.

Catching him admiring her butt had been a shock, to say the least. She managed to keep it from showing on her face, handed him his money, and sent him on his way. Embarrassment had ruled her at first, but then she started thinking about the handsome young man having any interest in her as a woman. She was closer to 40 than 30 - nearly twice his age - and couldn't help but feel aroused at the thought.

It was a fleeting fantasy, easily dismissed as wishful thinking and largely forgotten - right up until she caught him again the next week. That time, she saw him more clearly in a decorative mirror, and there was no dismissing his aroused stare as a figment of her imagination.

Her first orgasm from her flashing fingers not long after he left was easily the most powerful and satisfying she'd had in years. The second and third weren't far behind.

Since then, she'd made a game of choosing provocative clothing to greet him every time he stepped up on the porch. Though he tried to be circumspect, she was waiting for signs of attraction and caught almost every glance or adjustment of his shorts - and there were a lot.

It had progressed to the point where the smell of fresh-cut grass instantly sent her into a spiral of arousal.

Even as she watched him through the curtains, she'd let her hand drift between her legs. Her yard wasn't large, and soon enough, he was making the last few passes. Kim stepped back and looked down to make a few last minute adjustments.

She was wearing a pale blue, thin-strapped top that bared a nearly scandalous amount of cleavage and struggled to contain her overabundant breasts. The white skirt she'd paired it with might have been rather chaste by comparison, had she not put on a pair of navy blue panties beneath. The airy material of the skirt would let that darker color shine through in tantalizing glimpses.

When the mower sputtered to a stop, she hurried over to a mirror to check her makeup and smooth back a few errant strands of short blonde hair. A few seconds later, he knocked on the door.

"Come on in," she said when she opened the door.

Chase sighed in relief as he stepped into the air conditioning. "It's hot as hell today," he said as he closed the door.

"The weather man said it was going to be miserable. Now, where did I leave my purse?"

Kim made a show of glancing around the room. Sure enough, she caught his eyes falling into the well-revealed valley between her breasts. Her smile widened.

"Ah, there it is." She let her hips sway as she walked toward it, a glance in the mirror on the wall letting her know that it hadn't gone unnoticed. Though she didn't look, she could feel his eyes on her as she bent over to retrieve the money from her purse.

She held it out as she walked toward him and asked, "Going to the fair today?"

"Later on," he answered as he took the money.

"I thought I'd wait until the sun was starting to go down, if I go."

"Probably be close to then before I get out there. Maybe I'll see you there."

"Maybe. Thanks, Chase."

It had taken her quite some time to get him accustomed to calling her by her first name, but he easily answered, "No problem, Kim. I'll keep an eye on it and mow as soon as it needs it."

Barely a minute after letting him out and waving goodbye, her carefully chosen outfit found a new home on the floor beside the bed, and her fingers homed in on the center of her need.

Kim sighed in relief as she stepped out the front door that evening. It was a couple of hours before dark, but a cold front had moved in, chasing away the miserable heat that had hung in the air earlier in the day. Knowing the place would be crowded, she opted to walk to the fairgrounds rather than trying to find somewhere to park.

A couple of blocks from the house, she heard someone call her name and waved to her friend Emily. The brunette hurried down her sidewalk, so Kim paused to wait for her. They were both in the same boat, having divorced a few years earlier, and had gone from neighbors to fast friends upon meeting at a bar in their quest to learn how to date again.

"I love your outfit," Emily said as she fell into step.

"Love yours too. You should turn some heads."

"God, I hope so. I'm going broke buying batteries for my vibrator."

They both laughed.

"So, I saw Chase mowing today," Emily said, and twitched her eyebrows. "Did you tease him again?"

"Maybe a little."

Emily moaned. "He is so delicious. I think I'd have already tried to jump his bones if it was me."

"That's because you're a slut," Kim teased.

"A slut would be getting some. So, what did you wear this time?"

The two friends continued to chat, reaching the fairgrounds a few minutes later. Passing by a corndog stand shortly after joining the crowd, they both looked at each other and tossed caution - and their diets - to the wind.

The blatant imagery wasn't lost on several men they passed as they walked around the circuit of the fair.

Feeling unusually sexy and carefree, Kim greeted friends and flirted with men at Emily's side as the sun sank toward the horizon. Though never keen on meaningless flings, she was beginning to come around to her friend's way of thinking. It had been almost four months since she'd had sex with anyone other than herself, and Mr. Right Now was looking just as good as Mr. Right.

Emily set her hook first, though. Kim was beginning to feel awkward as her friend flirted with a recently divorced man about five years younger, so she found an excuse to give them some privacy. "I'm going to run to the restroom and then play some bingo."

"Okay." Her brunette friend gave her a hug. "I'll see you later."

Kim chuckled and waved as she walked away. She knew the look in Emily's eyes, and doubted she'd see her again that night. The odds were better than average that she'd have some stories to tell the next day, though.

Her excuse was at least half true, so she made her way to the restrooms, which were set somewhat apart from the main part of the fair. On the way back out, she heard laughter upon opening the door. She paused and peeked through a gap in the privacy screen, seeing Chase and a group of three friends walking toward the men's restrooms on the other side of the building.

"I could motorboat those things all night long," one of them said.

"Hell yeah. Those things are fucking huge," another agreed.

"Hell, you should see them in some of the stuff she wears at home. I mean - damn," Chase said while holding his hands out in front of his chest, miming her large breasts.

She knew he'd noticed, but actually hearing him say it brought a crooked smile to Kim's lips.

"I'd like to mow her lawn for her," one of his friends said.

Chase laughed. "Hell yeah. I swear sometimes that she's coming on to me. Tits hanging out. Bending over all the time."

"So whip it out."

"Yeah, right. Just what I need is her freaking out and telling Mom. If she's pissed at me, I'm shit out of luck when I call home from college begging for money. Can't risk making a move, even if she is grade-A Milf. I'd hit that like a prizefighter if I knew for sure she wanted it. Bet she's wild as fuck in bed."

Kim shivered and clamped her thighs together, barely containing her gasp of surprise as the young men walked into the restroom. She hurried back toward the lights of the fair with her heart racing and her stiff nipples feeling as if they were about to poke through her bra.

Still in a relatively darkened spot away from the crowds, she looked back toward the restrooms and shivered again. He'd certainly sounded very serious. Lost in her thoughts and a fog of arousal, she barely reacted in time to walk out of sight behind a panel truck when a rectangle of light heralded the men's restroom door opening.

Once again, she heard Chase and his friends talking as they returned to the fairgrounds.

"Fuck that. I never win anything."

"You're fucking addicted to that shit, man."

Chase laughed. "Ah, fuck you. I'm going to sit down and play a few games. My legs are killing me."

"Whatever. We'll be around, Bingo Boy."

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