Lying in Wait

by MrWings

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: 2 families, a brother each, are taunted because of their sexuality and a sister is turned on by one. Revenge is sweet when both brothers can give the bully a taste of his medicine, and the sister can just have a taste.

He heard the phone ringing but he ignored the sound. He had too many things that were more important than worrying about who was calling at this moment. His roommate was out of town for the last two weeks and it would be several more before he returned. Something about a "road trip of a lifetime" that he was embarking on.

He was glad that the dumbass was gone and out of his hair for awhile. "Damn, that phone won't quit ringing," he thought to himself.

He picked up the receiver and saw that it was a number he didn't recognize on the caller ID.

"It's done," he said as he put the phone up to his ear. "All of the merchandise has been bagged and is now ready for shipment."

Stuttering was all that he heard on the other end of the line.

"I'm going with plan B to dispose of the property. Pit has been dug and once it has been filled, my men will bulldoze the site and have it prepared once again for the cement to be poured tomorrow."

"I'm sorry, I must have the wrong number," the caller on the other end stammered.

The hum of the dial tone in his ear made him chuckle at first, then he burst into laughter as he rocked back in his chair. "Dumbass bill collectors, that ought to keep them from calling me for awhile."

Mark went back to thinking about tomorrow. Phil was in most of his sophomore classes at Southside College and Mark was about to unleash his final act upon him that would send Phil packing his bags and running back to Mama. Let him be a Mama's boy, maybe she could do something with him.

The hair on the back of Mark's neck stood up every time he thought of Phil. Phil the faggot. Phil the freak. Phil the ... Oh whatever, it didn't matter now. Soon Phil would be the pussy that he would surely never have. Mark could not stand anyone who was not a "manly" man and to make matters worse, Phil always tried to be anyone's friend. If a guy couldn't brag about the girl he scored with last night, Mark did not want anything to do with that person.


Peter hated his brother. He had always taunted him and made fun of his "not so manly" ways since they were kids. There was only one year's difference between them but his brother had always been the "older" brother that never let the younger one have a moment's peace. And when his brother found out about his sexual orientation, the taunting turned to a more violent form of bullying. But Peter had no choice when it came to taking the abuse. Their dad had died in a car accident when they were young teens and their mom had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. It seemed that after dad's death their mom had struggled with her nerves and emotions while trying to raise the two teens. Now the three-pack-a-day habit had turned her insides into a charcoal factory and she did not have long to live, even with the treatments that she was taking as a last-ditch effort. Once mom was gone, Peter worried about how bad the treatment would really be. For now he accepted his fate because to do otherwise would mean that his 'not so manly' ways would be exposed to mom. Mark could really be brutal at times.


Suzi had always been a flirt ever since the boys had started to notice her points, which seemed to be stiff no matter what. The moist feeling that spread inside her during many of the encounters with her male schoolmates kept her in a constant state of desire. Usually she rushed back to her dorm room after classes to finish what her body had initiated. She didn't want to be known as the school fuck slut, but then quite often she needed release with the real thing and not one of her toys. She decided the discreet way was to privately work her own service where she could control who her clients were and what amount of money she would make from each transaction. The extra money that she made from her activities helped to pay for the tuition, books and other supplies that her mom struggled to pay for. With this being her senior year, mom would finally get a little bit of a break with only her brother in college for 2 more years after this. Their dad had left a long time ago with the company secretary and only when he felt like it did any money ever show up in their mail. Mom's job at the factory and the money she could make from selling cosmetics on the side were the mainstay of income for the household.

Her brother ... oh my God, what had she done. She loved to read erotic writings and had found a fascination with brother/sister incest. Her brother was rather handsome and as he grew up, the girls seemed to flock around him. He was always the brainy nerd and though he would go out on dates with several of his female classmates, he never seemed to be interested in them in a sexual manner. He had been attending a church down the street and signed some kind of pledge about waiting until he was married. She quickly dismissed that as nothing she was interested in. She didn't consider herself a nymph, but she did like the feeling of a man inside of her, massaging her womanhood with each stroke and the extra wetness of his cum oozing out of her vagina as he squirted his semen inside of her.

She had thought that her brother was a bit misguided in his desire to wait, and if he was going to prolong his virginity to share it with someone special, she thought that she deserved to be that someone. One night she had the chance to take full advantage of the bulge that she could clearly see lying in wait within his underwear on many occasions as they passed each other in the hall on the way to the bathroom.

It was time for a school break and both she and her brother had returned home for the few weeks to spend time with their mom. Because of the physical and emotional pain that their mom suffered from because of what her job demanded and the stress of a single parent, she took a lot of strong narcotics, especially at night so that she would sleep and get some rest.

Suzi heard her brother come in and looked up toward the door. 12:35 AM shone brightly on her new alarm clock that she had purchased. At this angle she could see past the clock and out into the hallway where in a few minutes her brother was seen weaving his way toward his room. He might be a goody-goody and go to church on Sunday's, but he enjoyed the local tavern on Saturday nights when they were in town.

The sound of his door closing loudly, a few "Oh Shit" and drawers banging told her that he had enjoyed himself earlier that evening. She was never into all of the drugs and drinking as her fellow classmates were prone to do. She liked keeping a clear head when she was out so that she could control everything around her. No one would be able to seduce her while she was tipsy.

But that didn't mean she couldn't do the same to her little brother. She had always been the bigger sister when they were growing up, the one who looked after him when anyone else picked on him. She had taken good care of him then, and now she was going to do the same. She deserved to be the first one to show him what it feels like to be a man. She didn't want some first-timer who wouldn't know how to stroke a cock to be the initial hand wrapped around his member.

She waited for a few minutes after she heard the thud of his body slamming down onto the bed. She knew her mom would have taken the pills at least an hour earlier and would be in no shape to be up and about, much less hear any disturbance that came from any other room.

Suzi crept down the hall and stood just inside the doorway of her brother's room. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness fairly quickly and then fell upon the bed where he now was sprawled in only his boxers while lying on his back. A throaty sound emanated from the bed and slowly grew to a regular pace as she stood in the doorway contemplating her next move. It was then that she noticed the lightly colored tip of his cock slowly breaching the break in the front of the dark underwear. It seemed to rise and fall with the same rhythm of his chest as he raggedly breathed.

"Damn," she wondered to herself. "Is he that big or is he just semi-erect with a decent size?"

Suzi crept closer to the bed, watching for any signs of movement other than the occasional snort that he let out between the snores. Slowly she crept down and reached her hand upon the bed, slithering her palm toward the tower that seemed as though it were trying to disappear. She let her hand slowly fall upon his member and rest against it to see what the reaction would be. A few unintelligible mumbles was all that she heard.

Yep, he was definitely semi-hard. It was quite surprising given the evident state of inebriation that he had let himself succumb to. Slowly she rubbed her palm back and forth over him while she kept her eyes glued to his face to watch for any reaction. A couple of moans escaped now and then but no sign of either eye starting to flutter.

Just then a few grunts escaped his mouth and he rolled over on his side toward her, almost rolling off of the bed as he moved. Suzi instinctively reacted, recoiling her hand, catching herself as her breathing had started to increase with the thought of being caught red-handed.

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