Blackmail Birthday Present

by LOAnnie2

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Spanking, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Food, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A guy is blackmailed into enjoying his daughter's BFF (also blackmailed) as his birthday present.

Ted groaned as he hit the snooze button on his alarm clock. He didn't have to go into work today, but he wasn't particularly motivated to start the day either. He'd gone to bed forty-six years old and woke up forty-seven and felt rather blase about the whole thing. His sex life was practically non existent, his wife gone nearly ten years, and a single daughter who was getting ready to leave for college.

On any other birthday it would be Emma who'd be waking him up with breakfast in bed, something she'd done every year since she was twelve (and of course she did get better at it as time went on), however this week she was gone, at her college orientation. In many ways he wasn't ready for her to head off to college, but he knew he had to be strong, as she wasn't just giving up being daddy's little princess, but she would have to give up her best friend Bailey too.

Emma and Bailey had lived next to each other their whole lives, but didn't really become friends until the passing of Emma's mother. Over the last ten years Ted watched as the two girls formed a bond as strong as sisters–it'd even be arranged that if something would have happened to him that Bailey's parents would have taken care of Emma.

But now for the first time since she was eight, Emma and Bailey would be separated, each girl going to the school that was the best for them. But that meant a lonely forty-seventh birthday, and of course no more seeing his daughter's 'Best Friend Forever' in skimpy summer clothing.

The doorbell rang and Ted sat up, unsure of who would be calling this early in the morning. On a typical day, only the newspaper would arrive by now, but then again this wasn't a typical day. A sigh escaped his lips as he lumbered out of bed, dressed in boxers and a bathrobe and made his way down to the front door.

He opened it and looked out–the paper was there as expected, but also a plan manilla envelope. Looking at the envelope with curiosity he picked that up and forgot about the newspaper, shutting the door before tearing open the envelope.

Once opened, he reached inside and found three things: a stack of pictures, a letter, and a DVD. He set the pictures and the DVD down without looking and unfolded the letter to read it.

"Mister Rikard,

It has come to our attention that you have been without the pleasure of a woman for several years. We are also aware that it is your birthday today, so we are giving you a gift–there is of course a catch. Enclosed with this letter you will find pictures and video of a girl who lives next door named Bailey Heron in some very compromising and personally embarrassing situations.

Since shortly after she turned eighteen, we have been gathering this material. She is already being blackmailed by us into providing some of the material you'll find on the DVD, and is aware that someday we would take her webcam blackmail and bring it into real life. Today is that day and you'll be the instrument of that blackmail.

So until midnight tonight, when she comes over you will invite her in and then blackmail her into sex. We are aware that you are not working today and she has no plans. You are to take full advantage of the situation, enjoying her however you would want to, mostly in your bedroom in front of your computer, but other places are acceptable too.

We have already gained access to your computer, and would be disappointed to learn if you didn't take advantages of some of the fetishes that you enjoy exploring on the internet. Also because of this, if you don't cooperate, we will plant material on your computer indicating you as the sole blackmailer.

As stated, she knows this is coming, so feel free to show this letter to her. She should be most cooperative at that point.

Remember, we will ruin you if you don't comply."

Ted stared at the letter in disbelief for several minutes before finally setting it down. He looked over to the stack of pictures and picked it up. He only looked at the top picture and could tell it was from her house, probably from a webcam as the letter described. Bailey sitting in a chair, completely naked, pulling at her nipples. He cringed in embarrassment for the girl he'd watched grow up, but couldn't help but notice the stirring in his boxers.

He looked to the envelope again and saw there was a fourth item inside. Once he fished it out he groaned again, a 100mg Viagra pill wrapped in plastic. He took several deep breaths then sat down, needing time to think, to try and figure things out.

Time passed, perhaps an hour as he tried to reason through the situation in his mind–the DVD and the pictures drawing his glances every once in a while. He was tempted, how could he not be by this girl twenty-nine years younger. Before he knew it, the doorbell rang again and he instantly knew it was Bailey.

He put the manilla envelope over the pile of its contents–save for the letter, and went to the door. As soon as he opened it Bailey yelled out, "Happy Birthday Mister Rikard."

Ted couldn't help but grimace a little at the girl, but he thought for a moment about sending her away before finally saying, "Come in Bailey, and thank you."

Bailey didn't hesitate at all as she entered the house she'd spent quite a bit of her youth in. Ted couldn't help checking her out, in her shorts and tank top, with a bikini as underwear. Bailey was a pale, freckled redhead who generally wore a lot of sun screen in the summer. As soon as he closed the door she rounded on him with a hug and a smile. "Emma wanted me to give you that hug since she couldn't, and wanted me to make you breakfast."

He cringed a little and looked down at her as she broke the hug. "That's great Bailey, but before you do that, we need to talk."

Bailey couldn't help but notice that he sounded a little odd, and with a look of concern on her face she made her way over to the couch. "Is everything alright Mister Rikard?"

She knew she could call him Ted, but her parents had raised her to be respectful of her elders so she'd always addressed him so formally.

"Yeah. I mean, no, not really." He couldn't find the words so he did the only thing that made sense to him. He just handed her the letter.

Ted sat down and watched nervously as the girl read the letter. It seemed to take her a long time, as though she was reading it several times just to make sure. Finally Bailey looked up and said, "I was afraid this would happen."

He was surprised. He doubted that the letter was genuine (even though the pictures were obviously). With a bit of concern he asked, "So what's going on Bailey?"

The teen let out a long sigh. "Well, as you know for my eighteenth birthday I got a new laptop. Well, it wasn't brand new, my parents couldn't afford one this year. Apparently where ever they got it, someone had already hacked into it. It started out simple, apparently they got pictures of me in my room changing and stuff like that, then one time they got a video from afar of me on my bed masturbating.

"From there the blackmail really started. They made me perform for a video once a week, and every night about ten minutes before I went to bed I had to pose for a photo in whatever way they wanted. I'm sure the pictures come from those."

She looked hesitant for a moment, wondering where they might be before Ted spoke up. "I only saw the top one Bailey. I haven't looked through them or the DVD either."

The expression on Bailey's face was one of forgiveness. "Thank you Ted for being considerate, but I suppose it won't matter since you're going to get to see and feel a lot more of me than the photos and videos would provide."

Ted was stunned into silence for a moment–'did she really just say that?' he wondered to himself. The fact that she actually used his first name was completely missed by him. "Are you saying you're going to go through with it?"

She stared at her best friend's father with an incredulous look on her face–he was about to stammer in response before she finally said, "Go through with it? I don't see what choice we have? They've threatened to ruin you if you don't, and who knows what they'll do to me if I refuse."

Bailey stood up and looked to the front door. "I'll be back in ten minutes Ted," she said, heading to the door and exiting the house without waiting for a response.

To say the wait to see if Bailey was returning, or if possibly cops would be knocking on his door was rather agonizing for Ted. On the one hand, he'd watched Bailey grow up from a kid into a very cute young woman. And sure while he'd try to catch glimpses of her body in revealing clothes or swimwear when he could, he never actually thought about fucking the girl.

His front door opened and Bailey returned, now with a backpack in hand she quickly set on the couch. She returned to the door and closed it, locking the deadbolt as well. She looked at Ted and took a deep breath. "So I brought my laptop over–so that way if the blackmailers are paying attention they can see the first bit of things to know we're both cooperating."

She went back to the backpack and reached in, pulling the laptop out and setting it up on the coffee table. The computer sprang back to life as she opened the lid. Ted wasn't sure what instant messaging program it was she opened, but saw her quickly type "We're complying" to someone and hit the send button.

"So how do you want to go about this Ted?" Bailey said. "I know these people, they'll want me naked immediately, but we can either get right to the sex after, or I can still fulfil my promise to Emma and cook you breakfast."

Ted was still stunned at the turn of events. He looked away from the girl and mumbled, "Breakfast."

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