Tales of the Dryden Dna Disaster 04: the Dominant Twin

by Honey Moon

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Hermaphrodite, Incest, Sister, DomSub, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Spitting, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Sherry and Lisa are identical Dryden futa-twins. Lisa is meek. Sherry is bold. Sherry plans to make her dream a reality by spiking a bottle of milk with the drug Futa-Pause. This will keep Lisa nice and flaccid, while making her nearly as responsive to futa pheromones as a mono-sex girl. Sherry spikes another bottle with Viagra, a drug that makes futa more aggressive in their already forceful sex lives. Now Sherry will get to lose her virginity while knocking up her sister...Or will she?

My twin sister drives me crazy! Every time I turn around, she does yet another thing to make me lose it! "Lisa, you're disgusting! Next time use the toilet!"

She gave me a stricken look, and I had the pleasure of seeing the blush almost make her face glow. "Oh shit! I didn't do that on purpose Sherry! I, um, I was watching a new download, and, uh, I accidentally reached the point of no return!"

"And you just had to unload, right?" I laughed. "Wait until I tell mom what you were doing with MY computer!"

"Wait, don't tell mom!" I almost laughed when I saw the fear in her green eyes. We're fourteen, but Lisa sometimes acts like she's ten. She thinks mom will spank her or something if she's a bad little girl! "I promised her I'd keep it clean after I made that huge mess on the living room rug!"

I couldn't help a slight shudder. "Do you know how nasty it was to discover my printer was full of semen? I even got some of your glop on my fingers!"

"So what?" Lisa shook her head; her long red hair flew around her face. You're a futanari too. You're immune to the pheromones just like mom and I are."

"That doesn't mean I want a handful of your splooge!" I snapped. Lisa cringed as I continued. "I ended up having to throw the damn thing away." I couldn't help a little grin. I hoped that some mono-sex girls smelled her cum in a Dumpster somewhere. It would drive them crazy! "You own me a new printer, Miss Pervert!"

"Hey, I'm not a pervert!" she shouted. "I, I just have extra urges, that's all!"

I calmed down a little. "Like I don't? Okay, so you're not a pervert. Just don't use my computer to watch your weirdo porn, okay?"

"It isn't weird." She said softly. "My computer doesn't have a 3D monitor like yours does. I, um, wanted to see cum flying in three dimensions! Sorry about that!"

"Oh alright already, It isn't weird. You should have looked at something in my collection. My stuff isn't all nasty,"

"Yours it too vanilla." She said quietly. "Nobody has any dicks. It's just all mono-sex girls kissing and making out."

"Sheesh, Miss meek and mild is a closet gonzo porn fan!" I lowered my voice in case mom was awake. "Hell, why should I look at dicks, when I have a perfectly good one of my own? We are twins after all!"

"It isn't fair that mom won't let us date!" Lisa sniffed in a lightening fast change of subject. "I wouldn't need porn if I had a girlfriend to play with!"

"On that, I agree with you."

Mom keeps a tight leash on us ever since that crazy night five years ago when the three of us woke up with cocks. Mom goes out and bangs a new mono-sex girl almost every night, while we're stuck home beatin' our meat like a couple of dumb boys! We get home schooled, so we spend most of the day sitting in front of our computers. Just once I'd like to slip away and find some hot girl running around without a respirator mask on! I'd walk right up and bend her right over a car hood or something and go crazy!

Damn and fuck! Mom never even lets us leave the apartment without taking a dose of Futa-Pause! I hate those damn pills! Just pop one and it keeps you limp as a noodle for up to three hours! Do you know how frustrating it is to feel all hot and bothered, but no matter what you do, your dick stays all floppy? You stay just as freakin' horny, but there's absolutely no lead in your pencil. It's horrible!

I even heard that if you take two pills at once, there's a risk that you'll become nearly as receptive to futa-pheromones as some dumb mono-sex girl! How sick would that be? Imagine a futanari begging for cock like some poor little mono?

Do you know how humiliating it is if we're out longer than three hours, and mom reminds us to take another pill right out in public? Mono-sex girls giggle at us, and futanari look down at us in pity! If we get home at night still "Paused" you can't even jerk off before bed! Worst of all is when it wears off while you're asleep. You wake up glued to the sheets from all the wet dreams!

Thank goodness Washington banned the repulsive synthetic hormones that are the main ingredients in Futa-Pause. Lawmakers stated it was a clear violation of human rights to control futanari chemically. I was so excited when I watched former president Cynthia Greenfield give her rousing Futanari Rights speech on CNN, that I had to go whack off a couple of loads in the bathroom!

The UN even got involved and barred Futa-Pause world wide. Not that it helps me much. Through a loophole, it's illegal to manufacture and distribute the junk in the United States, but not to possess. Mom stocked up just hours before it was pulled from the shelves! She must have a hundred bottles of the shit locked up in her office! She wants to keep us limp in public at least until we're eighteen! That's child abuse! Don't moms have to grant civil rights? Shit, she even gives it to friends who want to keep their futa daughters in line! As soon as they amend the law to make possession illegal, I'll tell mom I'll call the cops if she doesn't get rid of her stash!

"Sis, I'm getting hard." Lisa said softly. How about, um, we..."

"No we! We're sisters!" I snapped. "I don't care what everyone else does, I am not doing incest! That's disgusting!"

"I, I'm sorry Sherry. I, um, I was just joking!" She looked a little scared as she backed out of my room. Good! "I'm gonna go jerk off in the shower, okay?"

"You go do that." I said through gritted teeth. I had much more control over myself than she did, but my stupid cock was sure starting to swell! "I, um, I'm going to bed!"

When Lisa left, I jumped up from my computer desk and struggled out of my clothes. I almost ripped my sweatshirt in my hurry. My stupid huge boobies jiggled as I hopped around tugging down my sweatpants. Damn, I was hard as a rock after talking with Lisa about her stupid mess in my printer!

I know what I always tell my sister, but I couldn't help myself. I had to do it again. I turned to face my full length mirror. "Lisa, you're such a disgusting pervert." I said to the image in the glass. Yeah, I know I was looking at myself, but Lisa and I are so exactly alike that nobody but mom can tell us apart. She even says that after the Dryden change, she has trouble because we seem to have grown even closer in appearance.

"Look at yourself. Your beach ball tits both look like you're balancing a pink shot glass on them! Your nasty fourteen inch long cock is all stiff. Do you think I'm interested in that dick? You know what I want!"

I reached down and lifted my cock while spreading my legs. "That's right bitch. I'm only interested in that sexy little pussy of yours!"

I couldn't help a little moan as I ran a finger over my silky damp lips. "Oh, you like that, do you? You like playing with yourself in front of me? I knew you were a nasty pervert!"

The hand on my cock began to slowly stroke as I envisioned my sister's humiliation if I was to take control of her like this. "You sick freak! Now you're jerking off in front of me!"

I stroked myself a little longer. I stared at Lisa, um, I mean myself. It may sound wrong, but my identical twin is a knockout! My, um, her huge breasts were jiggling and swaying as the snugly gripping hand spread the flowing pre-cum soothingly over the thick hard cock-flesh. "You nasty pig, look at you abusing yourself!"

I stroked faster. It was getting harder and harder to settle for fantasy when I wanted to dominate my dear sister so completely! I wanted to spread those long lovely legs, and push the head of my cock between beautiful virgin lips! God help me, but I wanted to put my baby in that flat tummy and watch it swell and grow round!

"Let go of that cock!" I hissed as I felt myself growing close to the end. I had to force myself to let go of my dick. "You know I'm not interested in that! Now get on your knees and open that pretty mouth!"

I let myself fall back on my bed. It spoiled the illusion if I looked at the mirror during what comes next. Besides, it would be hard to see while doing what I had in mind. "Suck my dick, you simpering little loser!" I whispered as I flung my legs up over my head. Curling up, I opened my mouth wide and gobbled up the head of my cock.

I pretended it was Lisa sucking me as my cock lodged between my breasts. My dick felt so hot against my tongue, as my tongue felt so soothingly cool against it. I wriggled my tongue against the big swollen knob stuffed in my mouth, while thinking that I wouldn't waste a load on a blowjob when I did Lisa for real!

When I did her for real? My heart pounded as I tried to get more of my cock into my mouth. Yes, why not? I had to think of a way to bag my sister, but make it look like it wasn't my fault! There had to be a way I could make Lisa mine, without her or mom knowing it was what I really wanted all along!

Being a Dryden had its advantages. Bent over nearly double, I began bouncing on the bed, sort of fucking my own face as I excitedly thought about knocking up my beautiful identical twin! I thought having such huge tits was ridiculous, but I couldn't wait to see them on Lisa as they grew and filled with milk!

Oh God, her belly would grow bigger and bigger as she nurtured my baby in her womb! I moaned around myself as the head of my cock went deeper down my throat. We're twins, maybe she'd have twins! Would that make them our clones, since we shared the same DNA?

That weird thought was too much! My body trembled as muscles deep inside of me contracted. My cock jerked, and I was off! Whimpering and panting through my nose, Pulse after gooey pulse of hot soupy cum shot directly down my throat! I felt my tummy filling as I emptied myself into myself!

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