(S)He's Leaving Home

by alan14

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Desc: Sex Story: This story picks up straight after Amy #4 Take My Hand, but I've switched the first person focus from Gary to Amy. It's time for Amy to meet Gary's mum Annette properly, it didn't go well yesterday, will she have calmed down? Will she go ballistic when she finds out they're moving in together? All the sex is at the end, rest assured there's plenty of it this time.

This story picks up straight after Amy #4 Take My Hand, but I've switched the first person focus from Gary to Amy. It's time for Amy to meet Gary's mum Annette properly, it didn't go well yesterday, will she have calmed down? Will she go ballistic when she finds out they're moving in together?

The alarm woke me at 7am, Chris Evans announcing the news. My arm was draped over Gary, we managed to sleep OK in my single bed then. I kissed his neck and got up for a shower, when I climbed out of bed I realised we should really have had one before going to bed, the pillow and sheets were spotted with bits of grass and soil from our romp in the garden, wow it was fun though. Gary was still fast asleep, so I tiptoes to the shower and made sure the door was closed before I set it going, he worked hard last night.

Cleaned and refreshed I crept downstairs and put on a pot of coffee and made some toast, carrying it upstairs on a tray, breakfast in bed for my hero.

"Wake up sleepyhead."

"Wha ... where am I"

"In my bed, now unless you want me to tip this over you I suggest you sit up so I can put this tray down."

"Oh wow, breakfast in bed, I've never had this before."

"Don't get used to it, it's supposed to be the other way round, but after I ripped up your back last night I thought it was the least I could do for my little stud."

I opened my wardrobe and rummaged around for clothes to wear whilst Gary tucked into the toast and coffee. I picked out a sensible blouse and skirt, with some black low heeled shoes, very professional I think, should give a good impression of me to Gary's mum.

Somewhere I had some clothes that Geoff had given me to take to Oxfam but I'd never got round to it, ahh here it is, some shirts and pants, Geoff was a little bit taller than Gary, but otherwise he was a very similar build, so I may just have to turn the pants up.

Gary had finished his breakfast and was in the shower, so brushed the bulk of the crap off the bed sheets, it'll pass. I made the bed and laid Geoff's old clothes out on the duvet, they were nearly new, in fact at least one of the shirts still had a tag on it. Julie used to buy all his clothes and she had a good eye, but maybe bought him too much.

Gary came out of the shower still drying himself off, I tried to ignore his swinging cock, we had to get to work soon.

"What's all this?"

"Some clothes Geoff gave me to take to Oxfam, but I completely forgot, they've been stuffed in my wardrobe for over a year. Some are brand new, and I think they should fit you, although I may have to turn up the pant legs. Try some on and we'll see."

He picked a purple Yves St Laurent shirt, it fit well, although the sleeves were a teeny bit long, but a shirt is fine if it's a bit big. The Ralph Lauren chinos were perfect on the waist, but needed an inch off the leg, I got mum's sewing kit and set to work.

"Ok, sorted, take a look in the mirror, you look like a new man Gary, I hope the other ladies in the office don't try to steal you from me."

"Why would I want to go with anyone else when I've got the prettiest girl in the whole place?"

"You're so nice to say that, but I know it's not true, what about Alice and Jade, they're so beautiful with superb bodies."

"Alice has fake boobs, and I don't like the way she plasters herself in makeup, and Jade may well look like a Page 3 girl, but she's so annoying with her whiney voice. You though are just perfect for me. Now shall we walk to work together or do we keep ourselves secret for a bit longer."

"No, we walk through the door hand in hand I think, let's get them talking."

The receptionist saw us first, she pushed the button to open the door and we walked through still holding hands.

"Wow Amy, what have you done to Gary, he looks like a new man? How long have you been going out, I had no idea?"

"Hi Claris, we've been going out for a while now, it wasn't a secret, we just kept quiet about it until we were certain it was working."

"Excellent, I'm so happy for you both."

We walked on through the inner door, "now let's see how long before the whole school knows, this should be fun."

Just before we separated at my office door I could hear the girls in the next office talking, we put our ears to the door, "yes, she saw them coming through the front door together, holding hands, they've been going out for weeks apparently. I've no idea what she sees in him, she's so pretty and he's just a geek."

"Kiss me good-bye as I open this door, let's see their faces."

I took hold of the door knob as Gary kissed me, the noise inside stopped as the door opened.

I put on a surprised look as I turned to enter the office, "oh, I thought I'd be first in today." I pulled Gary into the office, the girls jaws dropped, "have you met my boyfriend Gary?"

"Oh, hi Gary, we don't see you over this side of the building often, you do look smart today, doing anything special", said Anna.

"No, nothing special, I just fancied a change from my usual jeans a t-shirts, give people a bit of a shock."

"Oh you've definitely given us a shock today, we had no idea you were dating Gary, why didn't you tell us?"

"Well, we wanted to wait until we knew it was working, and now we're sure we've decided to go public, haven't we Gary."

"Yes, we're happy that people know about us now."

Gary turned to leave for his office across the building, I followed him out, "Wait a sec Gary, I'll come with you, I think I left my phone in your office yesterday."

We crossed the playground and walked through the doors into the other building.

"See, less than 30 seconds for Claris to phone my office and tell the girls there, tell the right person and the whole world knows in minutes. Let's see if your boss has found out."

We opened Gary's office, it was unlocked which is odd. Chris the IT manager was sat in Gary's chair, I stayed out of sight for a minute.

"Hi Chris, what you doing in my chair? I'll have to clean it now."

"Well good morning to you to Gary, I just wanted to see your girlfriend, you kept this quiet."

"Well we kept it quiet until Claris saw us, now the whole school knows, we'll be in Hello next week no doubt."

"So, how'd you bag the school fitty, she's been all prim & proper for the last year, very different to when she was a student here, you won't have seen her then, a bit wild is all I'll say."

"I know about how she was before, we've spoken about her past, and why she changed, and we love each other and that's all that matters. Anyway she's right behind me, come in Amy, have you met Chris?"

"Oh yes I know Chris, a smell of pizza follows wherever he goes."

"So it's true, my god how am I still single if you can pull Amy."

"Showers and deodorant, use them or find a girl with no sense of smell", I told him, "now let Gary sit down he had a hard night last night, well we both did, but at least I was lying down."

Chris left the room shaking his head.

"Wow Amy, how do you think of those comments just like that?"

"Years of practice fending off dickheads, and I watch all seven series of Buffy on a regular basis. Have fun today, I'll come round about 12:30 and we'll pop out for some food OK."

"See you then," Gary replied, I kissed him and left the office, Chris was peeping through a crack in his door so I blew him a kiss as I walked past.

Pretty much everyone in the building came round to see me at some point that morning, curious about whether what they were hearing was true, I assured them it was.

At lunchtime I popped back up to see Gary, it seems he had about as much work to do as I had, because he was on Facebook, scrolling through his updates, I watched for a while over his shoulder.

"When are you going to send me a friend request?"

"Shit you made me jump, how long have you been there?"

"Long enough to see all the big boobed girls scrolling past."

"Sorry, I'll delete those pages."

"No you won't, they'll be the only big boobs you'll be seeing, so keep them, besides I like to look at a nice pair of tits every now and again. Hey scroll back a bit, the blonde girl, wow just look at that tattoo on her back, I love it. Has it got her name there, good, google it I want a good sized picture of those angle wings."

Gary found a really large picture, it was of a magazine spread so pictures of both her front & back, she was really pretty, with big, but obviously fake boobs, the tattoo was amazing though, a full set of angel wings with feathers across her shoulder blades, he printed it for me on his colour printer, I popped it in my pocket. My phone pinged, a friend request from Gary, "and don't go deleting any girls you're friends with just because I can see your feed, I'm not ruling your life, as long as we share the bed you can chat with whoever you like other times."

Gary continued scrolling through his updates "Who's that girl, with the glasses and braces?" I asked

"Zoey, she works at the little zoo down the road."

"Such a shame about the braces, she's really pretty. How do you know her?"

"I've got a membership there, it's a really lovely place to visit and all the staff there are dead nice."

"We'll go there one day."

"Let's go now, they've got a café so we could have lunch there. There's meerkats and monkeys and stuff"

"Well that's it decided then, off we go."

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