Take My Hand

by alan14

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Desc: Sex Story: Following straight on from the first Amy story This Night Has Opened My Eyes, opening the morning after the night before. We follow our heroes Amy & Gary as they go back to work, have dinner, explore each other's bodies some more and get an amazing surprise. Gary finds out all about Amy's past, how does this effect their burgeoning relationship? Read on to find out...

We drove straight to work from the hotel, most of the staff were out today, so it didn't matter that we were a bit stinky. Amy had a lot of work to do, so she went off to her office, promising to come over at lunchtime. I spent the morning pondering, my good fortune. How on earth did I manage to sleep with the hottest girl at work? And more amazingly, I now had a girlfriend.

My phone rang around 10am, it was reception, my mum was phoning wondering where I was, they put her through. I told her I'd left a note saying I was going out, yes she saw the note, but it didn't say I was going to be away all night. I told I'd been out with a girl, and I'd stayed out with her all night, that shut her up, for a minute at least, then she went off on one about sluts and did I act responsibly, I said she's a nice girl and yes we'd been careful., and if she's OK with it I'd bring her round one day, and I have to go because I'm busy, which I wasn't but she didn't need to know. I put the phone down while she was still ranting.

I got back to pondering, did Amy really mean it about my cock being huge, or was she just being polite? I was being honest when I said I didn't watch porn, yes I read lads mags, and had seen enough boobs to know that Amy was smaller than what would seem to be average, but that didn't worry me, they were nice boobs, with very responsive nipples. Oh where was I, yes porn, I didn't watch it because I was a bit self-conscious about seeing men parading about on screen, I'd seen some lesbian stuff, you know, lots of fit girls, but I wasn't ready for seeing naked men. I was curious now though, so I decided to do a bit of research about penis size.

One of the benefits of being well in with the IT guys is that I had full unfiltered, and more importantly, unmonitored internet access. They trusted me to stay away from potential sources of malware, and the fact that there was normally more people in the office limited the scope for visiting the less savoury parts of the internet.

Anyway today, as had been the case for the whole summer holidays, I was alone in the office, so I decided to do a bit a research. A few quick google queries soon told me that the average adult Caucasian penis is between 5.1" and 5.9" when erect, with a peak circumference of around 4.6". This shocked me, as I'm sure my penis is bigger than that when soft.

I locked my PC and walked across the campus to the craft studios and found a fabric tape measure. Back in my office, and thankful that I don't have any windows out to the corridor I dropped my pants and measured myself, 6.5" long and 4.8" in circumference. No wonder Amy was pleased with me.

This sent me on a different track, did she only want me because of my trouser contents, no I don't think she did, she was ready to have sex before she saw me undressed. I was happy now, I think she honestly likes me.

The door opened, shit I'd forgotten to lock it, Amy walked in and saw me stood in the middle of the room, trousers round my ankles and a tape measure in my hand.

"What you doing Gary?"

"Err, measuring myself."


"Well I was curious, you said I was big, but I didn't know if you were just humouring me, so I've been doing some research and you were right. I'm bigger soft than most men are erect. I've not measured myself erect yet though."

"That's OK, I can help you out there."

She dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth, after a couple of minutes I was as hard as I'd ever be and she took the tape measure, running it along the top she gasped, then she wrapped it round at the base, the middle and the head.

"What are the average sizes again?"

"Between 5.1" & 5.9" long, and around 4.6" circumference. I'm 6.5" by 4.8" soft."

"Well, hard you're 9.2" long and 6.5" circumference at the base, going to 7" round the fattest part of the head. I told you Gary, you've got a beast in your pants, well not in your pants at the moment. Now what can we do about it?"

"Err, I don't know, I could go down to the gym and have a cold shower."

"Oh no you're not going to waste a perfectly good boner, now we'll have to be careful as I don't have any johnnys on me, so I'm going to trust you not to come inside me, just warn me when you're ready."

Amy took off her dress and pulled down her panties, then she leant over my desk, presenting that lovely bum to me, I parted her cheeks and slipped my hard cock into her tight juicy pussy. As much as I'd come last night, 5 times I think, I still had come to spare, and after 5 minutes of pounding Amy my balls were boiling and ready to erupt, I pulled out and Amy spun round and took my cock in her mouth, I came as soon as she'd closed her lips, spurt after spurt of hot spunk shot from my cock down her throat, Amy swallowed it all, then licked my cock clean, she spent so much time on the cleaning that I started to get hard again, I had to pull away from Amy as she'd got carried away.

"My god Gary, I've no idea how you managed that after coming what, 5 times last night I think."

"Well, I've never had such a sexy girl to help me before, I think it's just making up for lost time."

"Anyway, I came round to see what you're doing tonight."

"Nothing, but my mum just phoned up bollocking me for staying out all night with some slut, her words, not mine. Anyway, is there any chance of you popping round to show my mum that you are really a very nice girl?"

"Of course, no problem at all. I'll even dress appropriately. 6:30 OK?"

"That's fine, are we eating out or should I have something first."

"No need, I'll cook for you."

I gave Amy my address and she left the office, leaving the door open, I still had no pants on so I quickly put them on and carried on with my penis research.

At 6:30 on the dot Amy pulled up outside my house, I opened the door and let her in. She was dressed in smart jeans and a very pretty blouse, on her feet were a pair of pink Converse, perfect dress to prove she's a nice girl.

I led Amy into the lounge, where my mum & dad were watching the local news, dad got up to greet her and she shook his hand, "pleased to meet you Mr Watts."

"Well I'm very pleased to meet you Amy, I was beginning to think Gary was either gay or training for the clergy. Where did you meet?"

"At work, we've been getting together at lunchtime for a while, then yesterday Gary took the plunge and asked me out. He's very kind and lovely."

"Hello Mrs Watts."

No answer.

"Mum, this is Amy."

"Yes, I gathered, she the slut?"

"She is not a slut Mum."

"Let's go Gary, I'm sure she'll calm down. Nice meeting you Mr Watts."

We hopped in Amy's Clio and drove away.

"I'm so sorry Amy, I don't know what came over mum, she's not normally like that."

"Don't be upset, she's just worried for you, afraid that she might be losing her boy to another woman. It's good that she's like that as it's a sign she cares about you."

"Thanks for being so understanding, so where are we going?"

"You're going to meet my mum, then she's going out for the night, to give us some privacy."

We parked in front of Amy's house, a lovely cottage very close to the school, and Amy's mum met us at the door.

"Good evening mrs..."

"Please, call me Janet. You know, you are the first boyfriend Amy has ever brought home to meet me, so you are either very special, or the first one without facial tattoos and piercings, oh how I hate tattoos."

"She's not seen them, so don't mention them", Amy whispered.

"Thank you, Amy is a very special girl, and I feel privileged to be her boyfriend."

"See mum, I told you he was lovely."

"Yes you did, and you were right. Now I'm off out, you've got Dave's number if you need anything? Good, now you two kids behave and don't burn the house down."

Janet kissed me on the cheek then got in her car and drove off.

"Mum's happy because she's got herself a boyfriend, a rich guy from the tennis club she'd been going to, with a bit of luck she'll move in and let me have this house."

We walked through the front door and Amy led me into the kitchen, we sat down at a big pine table and Amy put a book down in front of me.

"Now I need to get serious for a minute, there's some stuff you need to know about me if we're going to progress this relationship. I think you are a really nice guy Gary, and I thought this before I saw the contents of your pants. I think that I may even love you, but that's something I've only felt about one guy before, and he turned out to be gay.

"Anyway, I've done some bad stuff in the past, had sex with guys I shouldn't have, but that was a period of my life that's over and done with, but I won't be comfortable keeping it a secret from you.

"So, I need you to read this, it's my diary, I've marked the important pages, but please read as much as you like of the rest of it whilst I make your dinner. Now how do you like your steak?"

"You're vegetarian aren't you?"

"So, just because I am doesn't mean I can't cook you a steak, it'll have to be oven chips I'm afraid, baked beans OK, oh and you didn't tell me how you wanted your steak."

"Yes beans are fine, and medium, 4 minutes each side."

"Here, have a beer and read my diary, please."

I took the offered bottle of Marton's Pedigree and opened the diary at the first marked page and started reading.

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