Katie's Awakening - Her Cuckold

by Q-Tip

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Gang Bang, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, White Female, Exhibitionism, Double Penetration, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After Katie's lost weekend cheating on her husband her realizes that he is submissive to her and becomes her cuckold. He is caged and his wife takes full advantage of the situation with an African-American man and his friends.

Katie and I tried to get back to normal after her weekend with Tom, but we weren't doing very well. Every time we made love together all I could see in my head was her being fucked by him, or worse, her being gangbanged by his poker buddies.

Katie tried to be understanding and supportive. She did everything she could do but I would only last for about 10 seconds before cumming so hard that it hurt. No matter what we did to prolong things, as soon as I thought about her weekend, I'd blow. We didn't fantasize any more. If Katie had wanted to I would have tried but I think we both knew I'd just cum all over the sheets as soon as she opened her mouth.

She told me she loved me and that it didn't matter. She asked me what the problem was but I was too ashamed to tell her. After awhile I guess she just thought that it was her and she started to withdraw from me. I tried to reassure her, I held her for hours, stroking her arm and telling her how much I loved her, but as soon as I was inside her I came. Sometimes I came before I was inside.

She asked me if it was about her weekend with Tom, if I'd fallen out of love with her. Her eyes were big and wet looking, she was just on the edge of crying as she asked me. She even started to apologize for being such a whore and asking me if I was going to divorce her, but I stopped her as soon as I could. I assured her that it was the opposite, that I loved what she had done, it was the best weekend of my life too. It was as close as I got to explaining, at least until later. I don't know if she believed me or not, she just looked at me funny.

The only thing that worked was to eat her until she came first. My prematurity wasn't such a problem then, as least she'd gotten hers. I even bought her a Sybian. She loved that in a big way. I thought I'd lost her to a machine, she was on it all the time.

I'd come home from work and hear her in the bedroom, even over the noise of the machine and from the front door, " OHOHOHOHOHOH ... NOW ... OH GOD..." the machine would be turned down for a minute or two, just a low rumble, and then it would get louder and she'd start again. "OHOHOHOH..." I don't know if she knew she was making noise. Her pussy was red and swollen all the time, I'd get a hard on just looking at her get out of the shower. It was then that I could see how puffy her pussy was. Her nipples had changed too, I knew that she pulled and twisted them as she rode her machine, I'd seen how hard she did that, and after awhile they became harder and longer, clearly visible through all but the thickest of her bras.

Eventually the novelty of the machine wore off some and she would just use it once every week or two. But she still loved it. I might as well have been on the moon for all cared while she was riding it. After she'd cum on the machine I could slip right into her, her cunt would be gapping and so wet that moisture was running down her thighs. It didn't matter if I came right away or not, she was already so stimulated from the Sybian that she'd get off with me no matter what.

I knew I had to do something, our sexual relationship needed help and I wanted to see her get fucked again, but I didn't want to lose her. It wasn't until I stumbled across a website about the cuckold life style that any real idea formed. I read and reread everything I could find. I looked at all the pictures and I was so hard that I needed to pull my prick out of my pants, but I didn't touch it. If I was going to propose this to Katie I needed to get used to not cumming, to not even touching myself. It just made me want to do it even more.

I was very interested in cuckolding, but not in feminization. I wasn't going to get into wearing panties and being fucked in the ass by a dildo. I wasn't opposed to being humiliated though, in fact being humiliated had been exciting last time.

The first thing I did was to buy a cock cage. I spent a lot of time on research and found what I hoped was just the right one. It was the wire type so that my cock could be touched, in spots, through the wire. It would allow me to expand some, but not get fully hard. My cock is not really small it just needed training I guess. Of course, it could be locked. That was essential. It also came with a leash that clipped on the bottom.

Sexually I had become submissive to Katie I realized. She decided when we would have sex and if I'd eat her or if she'd use her new toy. Fortunately she hadn't gotten pregnant from her weekend; after all we knew she couldn't get knocked up by me. Also she kept her pussy completely bare. Rather than shaving she was going in for regular waxing.


I found Katie in the kitchen, flipping through a magazine. "Can I talk to you for a minute?" In spite of our sexual problems we were still best friends and talked all the time. I think my question surprised her, maybe even scared her a little.

She carefully closed the magazine, and looked up at me with very big eyes and a serious expression, "of course honey."

"Katie, I know that we've been having problems in the bedroom, and I know that it's my fault, I'm ready to tell you the truth." I began.

"Oh Jimmy, its fine, I'm happy..." but I wouldn't let her finish.

"No. It's not, it's not fine Katie, and I know that you're not happy. At least you're not happy with our sex life, but I think I have a solution." She just looked at me with an 'oh shit, here it comes' look on her face.

I put the cock cage on the table between us, along with a bottle of lotion. "Katie," I began. "I loved being cuckold by you when you were with Tom." I don't think she could have been more surprised.

" ... cuck ... cuckold... ?" She stuttered.

"That's what it's called honey, when a husband's wife sleeps with another man then he's a cuckold. But it's not a bad thing." I emphasized because this wasn't going well yet, but I was sure it would.

"Jimmy, I didn't mean to cuckold ... what do you mean it's not a bad thing. It sounds pretty bad to me." She was confused, now was the time for me to move.

"Katie, the reason I've been cumming so fast is because every time I remember the sight of you fucking Tom, or think about those guys using you, I get so existed that I can't control myself. It's the most exciting thing I've ever seen, it's my fantasy. I want you to do it again." I finished the last part fast, she was already starting to talk.

"Do you still love me?"

"I love you more than life itself." I said, and then continued to tell her how important she was to me, frankly I said every loving and supportive thing that I could think of. I might have recited poetry in there somewhere, I'm not sure. She was smiling when I finished.

"So, you want me to fuck other guys again?" She asked.

"God, yes! Please Katie," I was actually on my knees as I said this. I put my head in her lap and looked up at her, "I'll do anything."

"OK ... OK..." she said as she patted my head. "Now sit up and tell me what this thing-a-whatever is." Of course I sat up like a dog, but she just pointed to my chair, instead I stood up.

"It's a cock cage," I began. I dropped my pants and underwear to the floor. "It goes on my cock so I can't use it."

"Can't use it, we can't fuck?" She was shocked again.

"I can't fuck," I said emphasizing the word 'I.' "But you can," this time emphasizing the word 'you.'

She looked confused for a moment, and then her eyes cleared up. "Oh," she said.

"In fact you can fuck all you want. I only have a couple of simple requests," I said.

"OK," she was playing with the cage now. Turning it in her hands and looking at the lotion with a question in her eye. "What are they?"

"I haven't got it all figured out but first of all: you're in charge. You decide who you're going to fuck and when," I thought that was an excellent place to start.

"You also decide when I wear the cage and when I don't, except I'll need you to take it off me once a day so that I can wash."

"Sounds reasonable," she said.

"When I have the cage on you can treat me anyway you like," I continued. "In fact, I liked it last time when ... well ... when you kind of humiliated me. It made me want you and love you even more than I would have thought possible."

She was looking at me with big eyes again. "You thought I humiliated you? And you liked it?"

"Yes, I loved it. When you called me while some guy was fucking you and I could hear everything that was going on. That was humiliating and I loved it. I knew that you were being ... well... 'taken care of' better than I could take care of you," I said.

She was nodding her head up and down, taking it all in. "I think I understand. Jimmy, I found it exciting too," she was blushing. "Talking to you, knowing that you knew that some other guy was ... inside me. It turned me on even more, so I guess I get it."

"Next, please don't fall in love with anyone else," I was pleading now.

She jumped up from the table and hugged me. "Oh honey, I love you, nothing's going to change that."

"As long as you understand that it's just sex, like your toy," I said. She blushed a little more at the mention of her toy, probably wondering if the rest of this conversation could wait while she got off on it.

"You also decide if I get to watch or not, or even if you want me in the room. For that matter you get decide where you get fucked," I just given her complete control of my sex life. As though I had control before.

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