Sue Blindfolded for an Evening

by maxmarieuk

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Reluctant, Wife Watching, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: True Sex Story: My wife Sue is used for an evening whilst blindfolded - so she still doesn't know who it was or where.

He had arranged with some friends to take his wife Sue to their house, blindfolded for the last part of the journey. He had instructed her in what to wear - a loose, twirly, short skirt which swayed when she walked and at the slightest breeze, rose to show her tanned thighs and bottom and more as she wore nothing underneath. Her blouse was filmy and silky and showed the shape of her bare breasts and nipples.

She knew she would be used that evening but did not know how or by who or where. Would it be indoors or outdoors? Would there be one man or more? Would there be a woman? Would they be rough and demanding or warm and considerate? Would they fill her cunt, her mouth or her arse or all three?

Knowing her husband she suspected the worst as he enjoyed seeing her stretched just a little beyond what she might otherwise have agreed to in the cold light of day but so far she had never let him down.

She felt confident in her body and her appeal, knowing she was still very tanned from their holiday in France where she had sun bathed naked. Even on holiday she had fallen into sensual encounters.

She had sucked her husband while strangers watched and touched her. She had sucked strangers. She had been fucked by her husband while a crowd gathered round to watch and admired. She had almost been taken by the crowd - she had been glad her husband was there to protect her although a small voice wondered what it would have been like to have been taken by the crowd, taken by a queue of men who would have talked to her in a foreign language - talked about her while they watched, using words she did not understand. She would have felt alien and would have been their sexual object even more than usual but she had been spared that.

As her mind wandered over this, she realised the car was slowing down. She felt it pull in to a drive and come to a halt.

Max unfastened his seat belt then hers. He got out of the car and walked round to her door, opening it and helping her step out, blindfolded still. She felt the cool breeze on her legs and blouse and felt her nipples stiffen. She felt the first beginnings of the moisture in her cunt, knowing that another adventure was about to begin.

Her husband put his arm around her shoulder and guided her to the door then slipped his hand under her armpit and grabbed a handful of breast. "Let's give them a good run Sue" he whispered and she felt proud knowing that he had every confidence in her. She had never failed him yet - she had taken everything he had arranged for her - she had excited him and all the men who had met her, touched her, felt her and fucked her.

She had been fucked, screwed, shagged, sucked, fingered, photographed, spread out, tied up, folded over, bent over and stood up; she had been fucked on her back, on her knees, on all fours, standing up, lying down, on her side, indoors and outdoors; they had filled her with hot, creamy spunk in her cunt, her mouth and her arse and they had shot over her tits, her back, her arse, her face and her stomach. She had taken it all and never failed him and she would not fail him tonight, whatever was ahead.

She heard the door open and was led into a warm building. The heat was the first thing that registered, not overpowering but pleasantly warm, warm enough to take off your clothes and be comfortable. After the outside chill her nipples were warm but were still hard, now with anticipation. She trembled slightly, waiting for the first touch. Would it be someone's fingers, their hands or perhaps their lips? Where would they start on her? Being blindfolded heightened her expectations and made her extra sensitive.

Meanwhile, she was being led through a hallway and into a room where she sensed there were a number of people. She could almost taste the atmosphere of anticipation from the people in the room who were no doubt awaiting her with just as much interest as she awaited them.

Her husband led her to the centre of the room. A glass was put in her hand - he had arranged her favourite drink - it helped to steady her and relax her. She sipped gratefully. The empty glass was taken from her hand.

Max spoke.— "Well folks, do you like what you see?"

With this he ran his hand down her blouse, hefting her tits in each hand as he did so, showing their weight and their softness. Max then said "she's all yours" and went to the door, opened it then closed it so she believed he had left her on her own, blindfolded in a room of strangers. He had in fact come back into the room to observe. To see how she would behave when she thought he was not there.

Her tits were not huge like some of those monstrous types in certain girlie mags but at 36C were good to hold, good to take in the mouth and suck.

There was a general murmuring of approval and then she felt the first hand. It went to her thigh and slowly ran up her thigh, lifting her skirt and exploring between her thighs. Her thighs were gently pushed open and she adjusted her stance to let the stranger's hand get to her cunt. She opened her thighs wider to let the fingers explore her now soaking wet cunt. The fingers withdrew and then touched her lips so she tasted her own juices. She sucked the finger tips and was rewarded with a firm grope of her breasts. It must be a man, the grip was firm and masculine and felt good.

She would have liked to see what kind of man was taking liberties with her body but was not allowed to remove the blindfold.

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