Rob and Aggie

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: : He was clueless for ten years.

I met Agnes in the ninth grade, started dating her and we were pretty much an established couple from the tenth grade on. We had no problems all the way through high school and – cliché of all clichés – we exchanged our virginities the night of the senior prom. Once we discovered sex we were at it every chance we got.

We had been talking about getting married since the eleventh grade and we had decided that we would wait until we finished college before tying the knot.

College changed Aggie. In high school our peers recognized that we were a couple and the guys left Aggie alone, but those same circumstances didn't hold once we got to college. While there were some old classmates from our high school there the majority of students were from other places and the guys didn't see Aggie as my girl. They saw her as a desirable female and she was constantly being hit on.

I knew it was happening, but there wasn't much I could do about it. We had different majors and took different classes so we usually only saw each other in the evenings after classes and after I got off work. The attention had an effect on Aggie. She became more 'flirty' for lack of a better word. Several times I saw her walking with other guys, smiling and talking with them, but I was on the other side of the quad and she didn't notice me.

Twice I took a shortcut through the Student Union on my way from one class to another and I saw Aggie in the cafeteria; once with a guy and once with two of them. It never registered on me until much, much later that I never saw her with other girls. It was always with guys.

It never worried me. We were a couple right? We were in love right? We were planning on getting married right? So nothing for me to sweat right? She was a great looking girl so naturally she attracted guys, but she was mine and she proved it every night when we got together.

Four years later we graduated, found jobs in our fields of study, got married and began a life of wedded bliss. I was the poster boy for 'fat, dumb and happy' for almost six years before the balloon popped. It was an accident that brought about my rude awakening.

I was sitting at my desk at work when Molly from the mailroom put some files in my in basket. I picked up the top one and started going through it. I wondered why it had been routed to me since it concerned an account that Wally Bergman was handling. Wally was an old classmate from high school and college. I was halfway through it when I spotted a major error. A quick calculation in my head told me that the projections were off almost three million dollars. I was reaching for my calculator to work out the exact figure when Wally came rushing into my office and asked me if I had seen the file.

"I've got to make copies of it and be ready to give the Apex people a presentation in half an hour."

"I have the file right here. I don't know why I have it; I guessed that someone wanted me to look it over so I did, but I don't think that you want to present this to Apex."

I showed him what I'd found and even though I know it is usually only a figure of speech I'd swear to it that his face went white.

"Jesus Rob; this could have cost me my job. I need to do a quick re-work on it" and he took the file and hurried off.

It was a Thursday and Aggie always had to work late on Thursdays to get payroll out for the Friday payday so I did my usual and hit Bud's Bar after work for his half pound ground round and a couple of beers before heading home.

I'd just finished my burger and was starting on my second beer when Wally came in, saw me and joined me in my booth. He ordered a beer from Sue and told her to give him my bill.

"It's the least I can do after you saved my ass today."

I didn't argue with him over it since we weren't talking big money and we sat and talked about work for a bit and then some "Have you seen (fill in the blank) and a little of "Have you heard what (fill in the blank) did" and then Wally turned my world upside down and inside out.

"I have to ask you this Rob. It is none of my business and I know it, but you are a nice guy and I really like you. I'd like to know why you put up with Aggie's shit."

"I don't know what you mean Wally."

"Why do you let her fuck around on you?"

"What the hell are you talking about Wally?"

He took one look at my face and his paled and he said, "Oh fuck! You didn't know."

He started to get up, but I grabbed him and pulled him back down.

"No you don't Wally. You don't drop a bomb like that on me and then get up and run. Sit back down and spill it."

He sat down and said, "I don't know what to say Rob."

"Just tell it Wally. Just spit it out."

"I thought you knew Rob. I mean it has been what, ten years, and you don't know? My God Rob; how could you not know?"

"Know what Wally?"

"That Aggie is a round heeled slut."

I just stared at him, unable to ask a single question.

"I'm sorry Rob; I wish I'd never opened my mouth."

I shook off my mental paralysis and said, "But you did Wally so now you have to finish it. How do you know and how long have you known?"

"I've known since our senior year in high school and I know because I'm one of the many who did her."

I was stunned at the information, but I had a crying need to know.

"Start at the beginning Wally and don't leave anything out. Please don't leave anything out."

The story that unfolded was shocking to me. Not only the content, but the fact that it had been going on for over ten years and I hadn't had a clue. Not even a wisp of one.

Two weeks after the senior prom Wally had gone over to his cousin's house and as was his habit he just walked into the house and headed for George's bedroom where he knew George would be on his computer. But George wasn't on the computer. He was on and in Aggie. Wally stood there watching them and they both saw him and since neither one of them yelled at him to get out he undressed and waited his turn.

He and George took turns fucking Aggie until she called a halt to the proceedings. She said she had to get cleaned up and meet me when I got off work from my part time job at Jessup's Market. He and George fucked her off and on whenever I was at work until George met and got serious with Melody Martin. She fucked Wally for a couple of weeks and then one day when he stopped to see her she was already fucking Mike Bellah and Justin Walsh and he undressed and joined in. All three of them worked on her until she had to stop so she could meet me. Wally shared her with several other guys and many times she had pulled trains with more than a half dozen guys present.

"I know that we were friends and all, but it wasn't like we were best friends you know? And you remember how it was when we were eighteen and had pussy on the brain. You guys were kind of going steady, but I didn't think the two of you were all that serious anyway. I mean if you were really serious would she be fucking anybody who showed her a hard cock? And it didn't change when we started college.

"As I remember it freshman first semester she had classes Monday/Thursday and Tuesday/Friday and didn't have any classes on Wednesday. Her last class on Monday/Thursday let out at two and her last class on Tuesday/Friday let out at one. I don't remember your schedule, but when you got out of class you went to work and when Aggie got out of class she was off to a bedroom somewhere. Wednesday was like an all day fuck-a-thon.

"It was like that all the way through school Rob. Class schedules changed from term to term, but the constant was Aggie spreading after class and until you got off work. I'm making it sound like it was every day, but it wasn't. Two or three times a week though. Most of us guys were shocked when you and Aggie married. We just knew that you had to know what she had been doing, but you married her anyway. A lot of us thought that maybe you were one of those guys who got off on your women doing other men. Tyler thought that maybe you and Aggie were swingers, but no one ever remembered seeing you with another girl, but we were always seeing Aggie with other guys."

"I had no fucking idea Wally. Not even the whisper of an idea."

"Damn Rob; I'm sorry to be the one to clue you in, but since you never knew it stands to reason that you probably don't know that she has a standing Thursday night date with Bob and Bill Howard. The Tuesday you bowl she sees Mark Willard. I don't know who else she sees and when, but it is a sure bet that anytime you are off somewhere doing something so is Aggie. Not that it matters much, but I did stop doing her when you got married. Single pussy is one thing, but messing around with married pussy is something totally different."

"I don't know what to say Wally. And I don't now what I'm going to do, but I'm sure as hell going to do something."

I polished off my beer and stood up to leave. I stopped and turned to Wally.

"Thanks Wally. Thanks for the burger, the beer and for pulling my head out of my ass."


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