Life Just Bounces

by alan14

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Desc: Sex Story: After the drama of #7 - Venus In Furs. Dayna and Jo have moved into the gardener's lodge at the rear of Kelly's garden, Dayna is back at work managing the shops, and Jo is convalescing, waiting for her injuries to heal. Lorraine reveals that Dayna has the hots for Dave, and Kelly has the hots for Jo. Lorraine and Dave decide a holiday is in order to test the waters...

This story follows hot on the heels of #7 – Venus In Furs. Dayna and Jo have moved into the gardener's lodge at the rear of Kelly's garden, Dayna is back at work managing the shops, and Jo is convalescing, waiting for her injuries to heal.

Saturday afternoon, late August, Jo is lying on a sun lounger in the shade of a large tree, she's wearing just a bikini, not to show off her body, but to let the sunlight help heal the scars across her body. Most of the bruises had gone, but she had several lines of stitches from the various lifesaving operations she had undergone after the brutal attack in the cemetery. The attack that had been prompted by her poor treatment of George, a submissive, whilst making a BDSM film, and that ultimately led to the death of George at the hands of her girlfriend Dayna.

Dayna was a tall, shapely woman in her late 20's. She normally wore full length form fitting dresses that showed her curves to torment men, men who would never get to touch her. She punished them all because of the way that her uncle and his friends had treated her when she was still an innocent girl. He had repeatedly raped and physically abused her, then when he bored of her he sold her to his friends to treat or mistreat her in any way they wished. This treatment stopped when her uncle died. Dayna will never tell anyone that George was not the first man she'd killed. If anyone touched Jo again he wouldn't be the last either. Dayna's heart is as black as the clothes she wears, she didn't think any amount of love and good treatment could erase the horrors of her past.

Today Dayna was eschewing her normal dress and was also wearing a bikini, she'd bought it yesterday for a bit of rare sun-bathing, she deserved some rest and relaxation, and she wondered what she'd look like with a bit of colour in her pearl white skin.

Jo admired her girlfriend as she lay there in the sun. Dayna's boobs were magnificent, helped along by implants, but they looked great nonetheless. Her whole body is a sight to behold, she is heart-stoppingly beautiful, with an hourglass figure that is more Marilyn Monroe than Dita Von Tease, a full figure, one you could hold as tight as you liked without fear of doing her any damage. Even her stab wound had healed nicely, just leaving a short line down her left side. Dayna was thinking of having a tattoo to cover it up, Jo wasn't so sure about that idea, although colourful tattoos do look good against very pale skin, so it might be OK.

Dayna looked across at Jo, her one true love, as she lay in the shade on her sun lounger. Jo was beautiful, more beautiful than she would ever know, she shone because her beauty was in her heart.

Jo, when only 6 years old, had been raped by her brother and father, then had to witness her father rape her brother, who'd been forced to participate and was as much of a victim as she was. Despite this early horror, Jo was a good person who wanted to help other people in similar situations, she didn't hate anyone. She was afraid of personal contact with men, but she didn't hate them. Her job as a Police family liaison officer saw her face horror stories like theirs on a daily basis, but she used her past experience to help others.

Jo broke the silence, "Do you ever wonder what you'd be doing if Kelly and her family hadn't come into our lives?"

"I was thinking that earlier. James was about to ship me off to another department, probably the Export division due to my language skills. If that had happened before Dave joined the company then I probably wouldn't have been brought up in the discussions Dave had with James about a manager for the shops.

"In Export I would have been bored, so I'd have left and probably gone back to Germany, which I think was James' plan to be honest. He's a nice man if you please him, but he can be quite ruthless if you get on the wrong side of him. What would you be doing?"

"Well I'd still be in my tiny grotty flat. And I'd be single, as I had been for over a year. I find it hard to get totally comfortable with new people, I'm still not sure why we clicked so quickly, maybe it's our pasts that linked us on a subconscious level."

"One thing's for certain, we're both much better off now."

"Damn right."

Jo yawned and put her head back, she was soon asleep. Dayna lay back and soaked up the sun, she soon drifted off as well.

I was sat on the patio with Lorraine looking across the gardens, we'd been watching Dayna and Jo.

"I'll wait about quarter of an hour then I'd better go down and wake Dayna, with skin like that she'll quickly burn", said Lorraine

"It's very nice skin though."

"No doubt about it, they're both beautiful, but deep down they're both very troubled. Jo seems to handle it better, but I can tell she's still traumatised by her childhood. She gets a kind of therapy from her work, but I can tell by the way she looks at men, she doesn't trust them."

"Does she look at me that way? Doesn't she trust me?"

"I don't know, there's no obvious sign, but I'll watch out next time we're at the table together. Dayna trusts you though, she looks at you with a kind of adoration. I get the feeling that you're the only man alive that she doesn't hate with a passion. You might be in there."

"What do you mean?"

"I think she'd sleep with you if given the chance, and if it did happen I'd love to watch, in fact I'd insist on it, because I'd like to have a play with her body as much as you would. Jo is only a lesbian because she's not comfortable with men, so I think a dose of your cock would do them both a power of good. Kelly would want to join in too, she fancies Jo and doesn't think I've noticed, silly girl I know everything about this family."

"So what do you propose, oh wise one."

"When are you due some holiday time off?"

"Not for a while yet, I think I can get some early October..."

"That's great, it'll be Kelly's half term, and it'll give Jo some more time to heal. I'm going to book us a cottage in the Lakes for a week, we'll have some adult fun as one big happy family."

The previous Thursday Kelly had got her GCSE results, they were better than expected, especially considering the upheaval of changing school just before her exams. She'd managed 2 A*'s, 2 A's, 4 B's and 2 C's, which was more than enough for the college courses she'd chosen, Art, Business Studies, History and Travel & Tourism. An odd mix, but when you own a hotel and have a passion for photography and art I suppose it makes sense.

As a celebration we were going out to Leeds that evening, for a meal followed by a John Cooper Clarke gig at the Leeds Academy, I do like a bit of quick fire punk poetry interspersed with stand-up comedy from an OAP. I'd booked a joined pair of rooms at my favourite hotel in Leeds, 42 The Calls, and we had a table booked for dinner at Sam's Chop House, which is part of the group who own the most excellent Sam's & Mr Thomas' Chop Houses in Manchester. Sam's is one of those restaurants that is so good you could happily eat there every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and not get tired. Their Corned Beef Hash is a culinary wonder, made using their own corned beef, probably my favourite meal ever.

Anyway, I went to find Kelly as Lorraine set off down the garden to turn Dayna over so she'd cook evenly. Kelly was on the computer in the study, browsing through a folder of photos she'd taken that morning. She'd recently become fascinated with what she called Street Photography, basically candid photographs of people on the streets, in parks, waiting at bus stops, anywhere at all, as long as the photos were natural and un-posed. She mainly converted them to black and white, and the generally looked stunning, like photos from 1950's Time Life magazine features. The camera I bought her for her birthday had really brought out a talent, and I felt proud of this unconscious discovery.

She didn't hear me coming in the room, so I tapped her in the shoulder, "you need to get ready, we're going to set off for Leeds in a little while," I then noticed a few colour shots in the folder, "hang on, is that Dayna?"

"Yes, she posed for me this morning. She wanted to see what she looked like in her bikini as she'd not worn one before, I was walking back home with my camera when she saw me and asked me to take some photographs. She was wondering if you'd like how she looked, I said you'd most likely be stunned by her figure, was I right?"

"You certainly were. She's nude in those shots were she's facing away, did she ask you to take those?"

"No she didn't, I was checking the light levels in the bedroom whilst she was getting undressed."

"Have you got any of her facing this way?"

"I thought you'd ask that, they're here." She opened a new folder and there was Dayna as naked as the day she was born. Her breasts were amazing, although I suspect they're enhanced, they don't hang right for breasts that size, they must be an E cup at least. She's what some call a plus size, which means she's not anorexic, she's got some flesh on her bones, but she looks stunning. She trims her bush, but it looks very pale, a natural blonde.

"Wow, she looks amazing. Although with the dresses she normally wears you get a big clue to her shape it's still amazing to see, her skin glows, she must bathe in milk or something."

"If she asks me whether you've seen the photos what do you want me to say?"

"Tell her I've seen them and she looks stunning. Your mum will want to see them as well, leave them there while you go and get your stuff together for tonight."

Kelly ran upstairs and I went out to get Lorraine, she was just coming in through the patio doors and I called to her.

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