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Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Incest, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Just how badly do you want your daughter to do well? A man finds out that it's a pleasure doing business with a schools admissions clerk.

I awoke to the wonderful feeling of being fellated, my next thought was who? I tried to remember what day it was whilst a soft pair of lips and an extremely flexible tongue teased and tantalised my erect cock until finally I opened my eyes.

"Morning Ruth."

"Morning Dad," Ruth replied before going back to the wonderful task she'd undertaken.

You can call me Paul, no one else does, but that's as much as you'll get from me when it comes to personal details. Until recently I'd lived with my new-found daughter Ruth in a small village near the Medway towns in Kent. Ruth had turned up at my door almost a year ago having been kicked out of the guy she'd thought was her dad's place in Newcastle and had from a few clues left by her Mum found me. She found her way into my heart and into my bed as a lover shortly after that and we'd been happy and content. Eventually she'd manage to re-connect with her half-brother and half-sister and we'd travelled north to meet them when things got very complicated indeed.

I'd ended up falling for a lovely woman called Emma and having already met her daughter, Lauren, during a previous visit by her to see Ruth had invited them to come live with us, with Ruth's enthusiastic consent.

Those stories are told elsewhere.

As it is, I now share my bed with (mostly) Emma and/or occasionally with Ruth and Lauren. They have a system apparently, though it's totally opaque to me and as none of them are the jealous type, I do sometimes wake up next to someone I hadn't gone to bed with, usually when Emma's gone out early to work in London.

The wonderful feelings that Ruth was giving me had reached the stage where I felt I had to reciprocate and I gently pulled her up to kiss her passionately on her lips before moving between her thin if shapely thighs and mounting her with one powerful thrust.

"Oh yesssss!" hissed Ruth in absolute pleasure as I began to move in and out of her tight hot pussy.

"Enjoy little one, enjoy," I whispered in her ear as I soon felt all the signs of Ruth going into a massive orgasm.

"God ... oh god, oh god, oh god!" she wailed as her whole body seemed to spasm under mine in sheer pleasure as her orgasm rolled over her.

I kept up my relentless pounding as Ruth went into a series of small orgasms and I felt her vaginal muscles tightening and relaxing around my cock in a rhythmical pattern, as if seeking to milk my cock of its cum.

"Yessss!" I groaned as Ruth took me over the top just as another massive orgasm took her. We held each other tightly, my cock deeply embedded in my wonderful daughter, as we slowly came back to Earth.

"Wow!" I gasped as my slowly deflating cock slid out of her tight pussy.

"Emma sent me up to tell you breakfast was nearly ready," Ruth said with a smile.

"Nice alarm clock you have there," I chuckled.

"Well, she said fifteen minutes, so I thought, why not," grinned Ruth.

"Best go down then and bid them farewell," I said sighing.

"Won't be for long Dad, just till they have visited their family in France, a week tops."

"I know, but I'll miss them."

"Me too, though we may have a visitor too, that lady from the sixth-form college visiting us to try and persuade you to send me to that private select school."

"Oh yes, lot of money, but I think you're worth it as it will get you to take your A levels a year early and diversify too," I replied. "Assuming I can persuade her that your grades justify it."

"I know Dad, but I assume you'll do your best," said Ruth fluttering her eyelashes at me.

"I will not seduce her just to get you into a good school," I chuckled. "I doubt Emma would be impressed."

"Emma won't mind if it works," came a cheerful voice from the doorway.

"Hello my love," I sighed wondering just what was going on with my life ... whilst loving every second of it.

"I wondered what was taking so long Ruth," she said with a twinkle in her eye as she saw how we were lying. "Lauren won't be impressed as she hoped to have Paul herself before we left and you'll have him all week."

"Can you resist him?" giggled Ruth.

"Er no, but that's by the bye," said Emma. "Now both of you get down for breakfast, I know we have a few hours but best be prepared early."

Downstairs we all enjoyed a lovely breakfast prepared by Emma with Lauren's help and went over their plans.

"So, you have the Eurostar tickets, passports and your Dad knows what time it arrives in Lyon?" I finally said.

"Yes Paul, then after a couple of days we visit my Mum and bring her back to see you," said Emma.

"Going to miss you," I sighed.

Emma came and gave me a hug and I realised that for all I loved Ruth and Lauren; I was actually in love with Emma.

We were soon joined by Ruth and Lauren as our close family relationship was going to part, if only for a little while.

"Well I'll need to change and take you to the station, and then Ruth and I will do the weekly shop," I said eventually.

"Ahem!" said Lauren with a cheeky grin.

"Apparently I need to attend to Lauren's 'needs' too," I chuckled.

"It might be odd Paul, but it's working, both girls are doing great at school now because they aren't chock full of raging hormones," giggled Emma.

"Any needs yourself, my Lady?" I asked.

"You had me three times last night Paul ... behave," Emma said with her beautiful smile.

"Yes, but that was last night," I laughed.

"Not part of my plans to kill you by over sexing you," she giggled. "Now look after Lauren before she explodes on the spot."

I led Lauren upstairs to the bedroom but instead was led by her to the shower which she turned on and indicated for me to strip and get in with her.

"Hope Ruth didn't wear you out," she giggled as we got under the hot shower.

"Don't think so," I said, glancing down whilst beginning to use a scrubby to soap her down.

"Ooh nice! Just what I need," Lauren sighed as we kissed.

Lauren looks a lot like a younger version of her Mum, though carrying a little in the way of puppy fat and her eyes are blue, not Emma's hazel. Nor does she have Emma's amazing smile, though her sunny nature is appealing in its own right.

Our mutual soaping soon had us both gasping in pleasure when Lauren turned to the wall.

"Take me Paul ... please!" she moaned.

I knew what she meant by take me, it's the one thing she does for me that Ruth or Emma won't do and that's anal sex ... It's personal choice and it's not like I'm going to go where I'm not wanted. I took a small bottle of baby lotion we kept there for this and other purposes and used it to coat the entrance to Lauren's back passage before lubricating my cock with it. Positioning myself carefully I applied pressure forward and felt the tip of my cock slide past her sphincter and begin its journey into her hot forbidden depths.

"Ohhhh! That's so good," she gasped as I slid my slippery fingers around to finger her clitoris.

"My pleasure too," I moaned as the incredible tightness made my whole body quiver in delight.

I began with short strokes to get her used to my invasion, but soon began long pistoning ones as Lauren went into a series of multiple orgasms, something she never quite managed during ordinary sex, though trust me, she loved that too. It didn't take long, the feeling was just too exquisite for me and with a loud groan I unleashed my second orgasm of the day into her.

"God I love it that way," Lauren gasped as I slid out of her and we cleaned each other up.

"I love it too," I said as we softly kissed.

"Going to miss you Paul," she sighed.

"It's only a week, tops, my lovely Lauren," I replied. "You're back at School a week Monday."

"Going to see if you can get me into the same college as Ruth?" she asked.

"We haven't had your grades back, but if they are good then yes," I replied.

"Thank you, I love you Daddy," she said as we kissed again.

Once dried off and dressed I wandered back downstairs to help with the various travel items needing packing. Emma bustled efficiently around me and tempted me greatly with her lovely figure even if it was in winter wear. Finally with the two girls help we loaded the car and set off for Ashford International station to get Emma and Lauren onto the Eurostar train to Lyon in France.

"I wish I could come too, my love," I said as Emma and I kissed farewell. "But work is just mental and I have those expansion plans to sort out."

"I know Paul; I'm going to miss you too," she said. "But you'll have Ruth for company and the chance for a little fun with that sixth form college lady who, our friends say, will want to call and check the house over after we looked at the college and put Ruth's name down. The one who's supposed to have a roving eye and amazingly enough only her 'favourites' get in."

"Whilst you have fun with your Dad?" I asked.

"Maybe, times change and his new lady might not be so ... accommodating," Emma replied.

"We kissed passionately whilst Ruth and Lauren kept up a series of comments mostly about us getting a room and old age.

"Take care both of you and have fun," I said, giving Lauren and Emma a joint hug.

After waving them off, the journey back in the car seemed quiet, though they'd promised to let us know when they'd arrived.

"Missing her already?" Ruth asked.

"Missing them both."

"Me too," she sighed.

"Still we have the joys of shopping and a week at work where we go over the plans for buying out that machine shop in Gateshead."

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