Salina's Wedding Night

by The Purvv

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Father, Daughter, First, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: On her wedding night, a young bride catches her hubby making out with her Maid of Honor. Oh well, he never was her first choice to give her virginity to, was he?

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Part 1

It was on Salina's wedding night that she realized the truth. It was something that for years she had secretly suspected, and indeed had hoped for, but had been too afraid to try to pursue. Now it was too late.

She had kept herself a virgin all of these nineteen years, ostensibly saving herself for marriage. Yet, if the truth be told, she would have given up her virginity eagerly at anytime during the past nine years because, since she was about ten years old, she had a love for one man.

It was a love she felt at all times growing up, whether she was around him or not. Out in the park, just walking around, on trips where he'd take her places, swimming with him in the summer or skating with him in the winter, outdoors, indoors, at the mall, times he drove her to school or elsewhere. Every time she sat on his lap, anytime that he hugged her, she had felt that love. She truly loved her father. And it was not like her friends' love for their parents or her love for her mother. This was completely different.

Salina knew from an early age that she had a problem. Even before she ever started masturbating she would feel heat in her loins whenever her father would do something special, such as give her one of his special hugs, or a kiss on her sensitive neck, or simply his big hands rubbing her arms, sides or back. When she got a little older, often in her room at night, she worked herself into a sexual frenzy while fantasizing about her dad.

Now, while dancing with her father on her wedding night, she found out the ironical truth.

Not normally a drinking man, he already had one or two too many. This was their second dance of the night together; Tony held his daughter gently to him as they danced. Although their bodies were touching it wasn't so close that people would take notice.

But Salina did. She could feel her father pressing into her and she knew that he was hard. She was nervous that someone might notice, while at the same time she was happy that he was in that condition.

By the end of the dance she was beside herself, feeling a secret excitement. Somewhat shakily, she walked away from her father and joined her husband at the main table. She thought back to the dance. It was there that her father finally confessed what she had only suspected. During those three minutes of dancing, Tony managed to tell his daughter of the secret lust that he had for her and had held inside all of these years.

If only she had been able to get him to this point at any time in the past ten years things might have been so different, she now thought. She and her father probably would have had at least one incestuous encounter and, who knows, maybe even years of a sexual relationship because Salina had always wanted that fantasy fulfilled.

On this night Tony opened up. Because she was now married and he was intoxicated, he quietly admitted to his daughter of the many times that he had looked at her and of all those times that he had fantasized about her. He didn't come right out and say it but Salina was now sure that her father had often masturbated while thinking of her, just as she had masturbated while thinking of him. What a shame they hadn't talked before this, she thought.

She too was feeling the buzz from the alcohol and her father's admission with the heat and excitement of the night seemed to have an arousing reaction on her mind and body. As she sat at the head table, her mind was more on her father's words than her new husband.

About fifteen minutes later they were dancing again and this time Salina confessed to her father her own secret. As she talked to him about it she felt him harden and push against her. Her pussy was feeling a strange excitement at the thought of having her father's cock against it.

Tony was fighting to stay calm as he felt Salina's chest pushing into his. The idea that she too had harbored incestuous thoughts all of these years flabbergasted him.

As they danced the slow dance, father and daughter were pushing their groins and swaying against each other, as close as could be allowed and still not be noticed by others at the wedding reception. The drinks and circumstances had Tony confessing things to his daughter that he never would have suspected that he would have ever admitted to her, and she too was being brutally honest with regards to her feelings.

Her swaying body pressing into him, coupled with the alcohol, had loosened him up. Somehow, the fact that she was now married seemed to make him feel that he could talk to her as a grown up. "Many was the night I'd get so horny after looking at you and thinking about you that I'd jerk off," he softly confessed, while his daughter's mind jumped. "Sometimes, while mom and I were, you know, I'd imagine that I was in you instead of her. And some nights I was able to get a pair of your panties that you had been wearing and ... I'd smell you in them ... and wish it was really you."

Salina tensed while dancing, somewhat shocked, yet strangely excited. Her heart was pounding from his admission and this vivid revelation. Then, as she realized how much she had turned him on, she relaxed and moved harder against him, feeling his arousal. She was into this in earnest by then.

"Did ... did you like that ... did it excite you?" she asked referring to his comment.

"Yeah baby, you'll never know how much..."

"God, dad, I can't believe, I sometimes thought ... but then I told myself it was my imagination. I wish I had known."

"Me too baby ... me too," he replied, thinking of his daughter's admission.

The dance ended and her father escorted her back to her seat and walked away.

She sat down alongside Billy, who was getting a little drunk himself. It was pretty obvious to her that her husband was having a good time, even without her. Salina was becoming somewhat jealous of her Maid-of-Honor and best friend Christie, to whom Billy seemed to be paying a little bit too much attention; putting his hands around her, a little too familiarly.

A short while later, while her husband seemed especially involved in conversation with Christie and the others, Salina innocently whispered to him, "I have to go up to the room for a few minutes. You stay here. I'll get my dad to take me, okay?"

Billy only paid half attention. The Maid-of-Honor, Christine, had gotten his full attention. "Yeah, er, yeah, sure ... Er, are you er, sure you don't want me to go with you?" he asked.

"No, that's all right, you're having too good a time," she said and Billy failed to pick up on the anger in her tone.

A little earlier, she had hinted to her father that she may later want him to accompany her to her room. Now she turned and looked out at the guests at their table and caught his attention. He looked questioningly and she nodded. Sensing that she wanted his attention, Tony arose and came over to her.

"What's up, little one?"

"Dad, could you do me a favor and keep me company? I have to do something upstairs," she said to him.

"Sure, babe," he said, innocently.

She stepped around the table and put her hand through his arm and they left the ballroom. As they walked Salina made sure that she was out of earshot to those around them when she said to her father, under her breath, "You can't believe how I ... Dad, you've got me so worked up, you wouldn't believe."

Tony half-smiled. He and Salina had talked so openly on the dance floor, and although he would never forget those conversations, already they were dead issues as far as them leading to anything further. It still hadn't registered to him that he was alone with his daughter, and they were heading up to a hotel room. To him she was a newly married bride who simply asked him to keep her company.

As they hurried along, she muttered, "Did you really do what you said with my panties?"

Suddenly, Tony became alert. The first hint of suspicion dawned on him as to what was happening. He tried to shake this thought, but the heat that invaded his body wouldn't let him concentrate on anything but Salina. He turned his face to hers as they walked and he sensed a strange excitement.

He drew a breath and said, "Yeah babe, I did."

Salina knew that the alcohol was affecting her, but she also knew that she had drunk a lot more in the past and she handled it okay. This was more than alcohol. There was something forbidden going on and this added tremendously to her excitement.

"You smelled me?" she asked, and he nervously nodded. She added, "And liked it?"

Tony's cock was as hard as a rock again from talking to his daughter like this. "What do you think?"

They reached the elevator bank. Tony looked at his daughter in her wedding gown. She was breathtaking. Salina looked around, making sure that no one was in hearing distance and she softly asked, "Would you like to get one more whiff?"

His erection twitched wildly in his pants as the elevator door opened. They were the only two that got on and she pushed the button for the fifth floor. The doors closed and their eyes locked on each other. Both were frightened, yet excited about what was happening.

She continued to look at her father and there seemed to be a pleading in her eyes.

"Are you sure, babe?" he whispered.

Salina nodded, somewhat nervously. "But I gotta be back in a few minutes."

Was it what she said or the fact that he came to his senses that made him suddenly hesitate?

Tony shook his head. "It's no good, Lena. I won't ... you couldn't enjoy in a few minutes. It wouldn't be fair, sweetheart."

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