The Rescue of HMS Beverly
Chapter 1: Introduction

Copyright© 2013 by Smiley Smith

Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Introduction - This is the story of the rescue of the HMS Beverly, a private space vessel transporting a man and his household's 1200 women from the planet Jewel to the planet Apple. During the trip a major disaster occurs and ship is nearly destroyed in a very remote portion of the galaxy. The story begins with the TFS Zeus and Captain Edward Jones receiving a distress call from the Beverly. This story contains sex and spanking from a M/F genre. The spanking is often severe but never without a point.

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By the year 4525 the human race has colonized many star systems. Space travel is common place, but even with faster than light (FTL) drive systems it can take months to reach the nearest colonized star system.

Communication between ships and/or planets is much faster but it is not unusual for it to take a week for message to travel the distance between close colonized star systems.

In the year 4525 life expectancy for most humans is nearly infinite, provided you do not get killed in one of the millions of ways to die quickly in the universe. You grew old to an age you chose, usually in your early twenties and you then receive annual treatments to remain that age. In reality, most people die in less than three hundred years, usually getting killed either in some accident or an assault by another person or animal.

One of the technologies that has been developed and is used throughout this story is an “autodoc.” The autodoc is a computer controlled device the can repair almost any physical damage done to a human body using various technologies developed over the centuries. It usually takes less than an hour to cure most tissue damage other than major bone damage (Don’t worry physicians ... they still need you). If you are alive and breathing the autodoc can fix you, but if you are brain dead it cannot. Getting vaporized, incinerated or disintegrated is still fatal.

Corporal Punishment (CP) had returned to mainstream life during the 3rd World War. During the war, there was an enormous amount of anarchy and crime. The major world governments did not have the resources to house criminals. Most of the world was under martial law. People caught committing criminal acts usually were summarily executed. Even in progressive countries like the United States prisons could not hold any more people. The result was that crimes unless they were of a very serious nature were ignored by the police and often vigilante justice prevailed. An example would be that theft punished by various CP methods.

The major governments on Earth collapsed during the war. The remnants of humanity formed a central world government. This government set basic rules for human conduct (BRHC). Failure to follow these rules ended you up either in the gallows or getting the beating of your life. Prisons on Earth were completely abolished after WW3 in 2052, since they led to an increase in crime, which was exactly what they were alleged to prevent.

The human race began expanding into space immediately after WW3. Immediately after the war, large portions of the Earth were uninhabitable due largely to chemical, biological and nuclear contamination. While cleanup efforts began immediately, many people just wanted to get away from the tragic memories and contamination of the war. Eventually things started returning to normal on Earth and ten years after the war, Earth had colonies on the Moon and Mars. There were large super bases of industry in orbit around Mercury and all the gas giants of the solar system. Most of these bases produced goods for space colonies. Returning the product to the surface of the Earth was expensive, dangerous and usually not profitable or practical.

The invention of a first faster than light (FTL) star drive system occurred in 2074 and became commercially available about a decade later.

Earth and the governments of the colonies formed the Federation of Man (FoM) to control, help and protect people in space. The FoM had complete control of space outside a colony’s protected space. The laws of the FoM were simple: follow the BRHC in space. The FoM did not have prisons either.

As colonies formed they changed their BRHC to meet the wishes and needs of their colonists. This meant that the virtual every star system had different rules. Some colonies BRHC were incredibly strict, while others were practically nonexistent. In short when traveling to another star system one had to be very careful what the rules were. You could easily find yourself a slave or dead if you entered the wrong system.

The FoM BRHC between planetary systems was therefore pretty flexible. It read, more or less:

1) War between star systems is not allowed, under any circumstance (if you must blow up a world, blow up your own).

2) Murder, assault, theft, fraud, kidnapping and embezzlement were illegal.

3) Free trade between colonies was required (no tariffs or taxes). Landing fees, planetary transportation taxes and other forms of taxes on the occupants of a system were allowed.

4) System could forbid the trading of various items in their systems. Items forbidden in a system must be clearly documented.

5) Planetary governments had to rely on their own planetary income to survive.

6) Planetary members of FoM were required to pay a percentage of their Gross Planetary Product (GPP) as a tax, to the FoM for its services and protection. This percentage was set upon joining the FoM. New colonies were usually exempt for a period of time from this tax.

If no one broke the rules, the rules would not be necessary. The military arm of the FoM was formed to enforce the rules in space. Getting caught breaking the rules had three possible outcomes:

1) For minor offences, you got the beating of your life.

2) For a major offence, you ended up dead.

3) For a sufficient number of repeated minor offences or at the victims request for a major offence, you ended up exiled to a colony that treated people of your sex as slaves for life.

An example where the third choice was used, when a person was convicted of an assault like rape (a major offence), the convicted person was often spared at the request of the victim. The victims seemed to universally believe that the third punishment fit the crime better.

Even with these punishments, piracy in space on the edges of human space was common place. The FoM patrols could not be everywhere. If a pirate ship was caught, it was rare that the pirates would surrender before their ship was destroyed. If the pirate’s ship was disabled, the pirates would usually self-destruct the ship before allowing themselves to be captured. No pirate wanted to be a slave.

My name is Edward Jones. I am 2568-year-old Earth Human, of Anglo-American decent (White), six feet three inches tall, two sixty pounds, hazel green eyes and dark brown hair. I was born in Ohio, USA, Earth, Sol. I have been lucky and have avoided of the causes of death over my lifespan including several murder attempts, WW3 and a couple of Sol System wars.

I am into erotic corporal punishment (CP) and discipline of women in a consensual or semi consensual environment.

After surviving WW3 on Earth in the middle 21st century, I worked for my uncle, Jonathan Smyth, piloting tourist passenger ships between Earth and Mars in the Sol system, which we all know is the home of humanity. Uncle Jonathan is a genius when it comes to just about anything. He was lucky, was discovered by several rich clients, who had friends, who had friends, and the next thing he knew Uncle Jonathan had a multi-billion credit corporation, servicing thousands of clients touring the Sol system. Sol Tourist Enterprises (STE) became massive. Uncle Jonathan was the sole owner and continued to put most of the profits back into the company. Eventually, the company growth began to slow, mostly because we ran out of new clients. STE expanded to other systems that had natural wonders and started its own FTL passenger service between those planets and Earth. Soon STE had credits coming in from all the places in the galaxy that man lived.

Uncle Jonathan formed a holding company, Milky Way Space Endeavors (MWSE), split STE into several companies all owned by MWSE. He then concentrated on purchasing other companies that had potential, but needed an influx of credits for one reason or another. He made mistakes, his employees made mistakes, but the juggernaut of MWSE could handle them. Uncle Jonathan insisted on absolute safety for his employees and customers. He also insisted on employees of high integrity and paid them very well. His goal was to have employees that were happy, comfortable and able to make good decisions that did not require the cutting of corners either at work or at home. What most people thought could not be done in the business world, he made work.

Soon MWSE branched out into freight services. When Uncle Jonathan formed the first freight company he asked me to head it. He formed the Phobias Freight Company (PFC) and put me in charge. While PFC did very well, running PFC was a dangerous job. Our competitors seemed to think that killing me was a great idea, and made several serious attempts including, over an eighty year span, attacks that killed three of my wives. While Uncle Jonathan dealt with our competitors harshly once it was discovered who was responsible for the attacks, but I became more and more of a loner. Finally, when a new female acquaintance and a couple of friends were killed just because they happened to be around me at the time of an attack on me, I resigned my post a PFC.

I had made a fortune at PFC but I wanted to get as far away as possible from it. I created my own long-range freight company the Titan Freight Company (TFC) with one absolutely huge cargo ship, owned and operated by myself. I sold the company to MWSE, so that my uncle could run the finances and ensure that I always had cargo, with the stipulation that he not expand the company in anyway. Being a long-range freight company, there were few competitors interested in doing the long-range jobs because it was much less profitable over the short term. Usually the long-range jobs were carrying heavy equipment that you could not sell on the black market because it was too easy to trace. All in all, it was much safer company to run.

My ship is the TFC Zeus, a Jupiter XX Class Heavy Automated Freighter. Even for a cargo ship it is huge, with twenty-four one-million-ton cargo bays. The Zeus is fully automated. A minimum crew of one person is needed, mostly to handle emergencies and point the ship in the right direction. The basic hull design of the Jupiter XX contains six crew cabins, each of which are spacious and can house twenty-five crew members each comfortably. The large crew capacity was intended to support a crew if the ship was used as a personnel transport, which I rarely used the Zeus for. On the Zeus two of the cargo bays could also transport people, but since the Zeus is much slower than a personnel transport, I almost never transport people. If I do transport people it is usually to handle special cargo in the other bays that needs constant human attention, like in one case, livestock for a new colony (I’ll never do that again, the entire ship stunk for a year after that, LOL).

I clearly did not need one hundred fifty crew members so three of the cabins are used as my living quarters, which I have decorated mostly as a late nineteenth century authentic Earth home with elaborate (simulated) woodwork and reproductions. In my “cabin” I have an office in from which I could handle all ship’s business, and any TFC business needing my attention.

One crew cabin was set up to house twelve guests or crew members comfortably.

Another crew cabin was set up as a dining area and lounge where I could entertain up to sixty guests. Often, I entertained my customers for an evening on the Zeus during a delivery or pickup while in orbit. Most people living on planet never got into space in their lifetimes. The few who did only were in space once or twice their entire lives. Going onto my ship for a quick jaunt around the local system was a treat that almost no one refused.

In the final crew cabin, I installed a holographic system, where I could set up many scenes including, for instance, spanking scenes for CP play or punishment.

Needless to say, there were autodocs in every crew cabin and throughout the ship. In space, especially alone, you don’t ever want to far from an autodoc.

People often wonder how I could afford such an extravagant setup. That usually was answered by saying, “Some luck and low personnel overhead.” The truth was I was one of the wealthiest people in the universe, between my MWSE stock and the revenue from TFS.

No one wanted to do the massive shipments and long hauls I did. I usually traveled between a heavily populated planet and a new colony carrying megatons of equipment for the colony. It takes a couple of months just to load the cargo onto the Zeus between the trips to several planets and the acquisition of cargo in low planetary orbit. I’d usually have to make several stops at supply bases to acquire the client’s cargo. The voyage to the client colony usually took eighteen to twenty-four months of hyperspace travel. Once at the destination planet, unloading the cargo could take a year in itself, often because the supplies I was carrying were part of the systems used to transfer cargo from orbit to the planetary system (for instance space elevators. Since the shipper paid the fee to an escrow account prior to shipping the equipment, I was always guaranteed a huge profit when the shipment was completed. After about four hundred years of doing this I was quite settled in. Together with my fortune from PFC, my stock in MWSE and the investments that I let Uncle Jonathan handle, my total net worth put me in the top one hundred persons in universe. Most of the money was hidden in a paper trail to keep me out of the public lime light. Uncle Jonathan’s legal staff made sure the paper trail could not be followed by the media.

Usually I bring two or three female friends, on my cargo runs. I make sure that they enjoy fun (sex and erotic spanking), me and each other. Being a rich captain, owning a monster ship as I do, and paying people five times what crew members would make doing several short haul missions in the same time frame, there are women lining up to go all the time. After the most thorough investigation I can make happens, I bring them along. During the investigation and trip, I usually find out what the women “need” in their lives to make them happier (and here I am not talking about a spanking or a man). After the trip, Uncle Jonathan and I try to make it happen for them. Uncle Jonathan and I enjoy philanthropy. Unless he or I want to see the look on the lady’s face, when her dream comes true, we usually make it happen anonymously.

I might have been settled in but after four hundred years, I was getting lonely and bored. Thinking up new ideas for the holodeck was getting difficult.

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