Pleasures and Wayward Distractions

by alan14

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Public Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: We pick-up where we left off in part 5 We Come 1, Dayna presses ahead with her plans for the shops, Kelly sits her GCSE exams and Dave is summoned to a meeting in New York, which gives them chance for a few days of shopping, culture and naughtiness

We pick up where we left off in part 5 We Come 1, Dayna presses ahead with her plans for the shops, Kelly sits her GCSE exams and Dave is summoned to a meeting in New York.

The first cheque from the building insurance for the destroyed shop cleared, the business had close to £350,000 sloshing around in the account, so Kelly authorised the immediate install of CCTV in all the shops, along with general refit and improvements. Due to the covert nature of some of the CCTV cameras the installs were all carried out whilst each shop was closed for their refit.

Some shops needed more work than others, the Doncaster shop only really needed the front repainting and some tidying up inside, but the shop in Wakefield needed an almost complete internal rebuild that saw it being shut for a fortnight. Whilst the Doncaster shop was closed Dayna found that one of the shelf units in the back room was actually a hidden door, she opened it and found a set of stairs going down, it was pitch back down there so she went back to the office and found a torch. Playing the torch around she found a light switch, a couple of dim bulbs lit the way down the stairs. She headed down, keeping the torch just in case.

At the bottom of the stairs was another door, she tried the handle and it opened, the smell that hit her was very fusty, like a locker room that had been closed for a long while. Dayna played the torch round the doorway and found a light switch, turning it on she found 4 matt black walls with wooden slats fastened to the walls at intervals, she stepped fully into the room to get a closer look, the light wasn't that bright so she had to keep the torch lit. The slats had metal rings attached, against the back wall was an assortment of wooden furniture, a bench, some stools, and a gym horse. She played the torch across the ceiling, there were hooks and rings hanging down.

There was only one conclusion, she'd found an S&M dungeon.

As she looked closer she found a couple of studio lights and a tripod.

Not only was this a dungeon, it was a studio, which brought Dayna back to a thought she had earlier, something she'd been secretly fantasising about for years, back to a very dark time in her childhood, but first she had to talk to Jo.

Meanwhile, Kelly was busy studying for her GCSEs, she's a naturally bright girl with a huge amount of common sense, but that doesn't always translate to book smarts, and so she was in a massive panic over her History, Science and French exams, Art, Maths and English not so much. The rest, IT, Catering and Travel & Tourism were heavily related to her home background, so she was happy about coasting these. Science, History and French she was dreading.

The Friday before her first exam Dave came home in a fluster, "I've got to give a presentation to our owners, the Joint Chief of Staff will be there, I'm shitting it."

"You won't be in the room with them, so you should be OK," Lorraine said.

"Nope, we don't have a secure comms room, so I have to go to Washington, to the Pentagon."

"When are you going? Kelly's got her exams next week and you were going to help her with her Maths revision"

"That's OK, I've got a fortnight to prepare, I'm going the first week of July, so that should be after Kelly's exams are over. Actually that's the other thing, I'll be there for 5 days, and James has loads of airmiles that he never uses because he always flies private, I bet I could blag some off him and we could all go, I'll be in Washington for two days, and I have a meeting in New York first, so you could spend the whole time in New York."

"Wow that's fantastic, Kelly where are you!"

"Don't shout mum, I'm only in the next room, what's up?"

"How's the studying going?"

"It's OK, I've got a few Maths topics I'm struggling with, but Additional Science is looking OK."

"Well you've now got something to look forward to, we're off to New York after the exams are over..."

"Seriously, wow that's amazing, can we go to a show, and Bloomingdales, and Central Park Zoo. Oh wow..."

"Calm down honey, get back to your revision and Dave will come through and help you in a bit."

Kelly left the room and went back to the study with her books.

"Whoops, maybe I shouldn't have told her yet, she'll never concentrate now."

"Don't worry, let's get some food together for dinner and I'll make sure she goes through her maths later."

After dinner I went with Kelly to the study, she had her maths books all laid out, with a note pad, "I'm impressed, you're very organised. So where do you want to begin?"

For a few hours we worked through the various topics she had trouble with, some were new concepts to me, but with a little help from Google we covered almost everything. Over the weekend we'd get the rest done, and touch on Science as well, French would be Lorraine's job.

"Thanks for helping me Dave, I think I need to repay you now."

She stood up and walked round the table, unbuttoning her blouse as she moved, she shook her shoulders and it fell to the floor, revealing one of the sexy bras she bought on holiday, it was a push-up bra and her cleavage was simply stunning. As she stood before me I buried my face between her breasts and filled my lungs with her scent, it was hypnotic. I reached round her back and undid the clasp, her breasts fell a little and spread out, her nipples were showing signs of excitement and I kissed and nibbled each in turn to help them along, Kelly gasped, she started to unfasten my pants, I stood up and let them fall to the floor, my cock had started to swell already.

Kelly stepped back a little and knelt in front of my chair, she spat on her palms and took hold of my cock, slowly running both hands up it in turn, it got harder and harder until it was at full stretch, she leant forward and ran her tongue around the head, flicking the sensitive area under the glans a few times, my pre-cum started to well on the tip and she took this as a sign to take the head in her mouth, she took about four inches and started to wank me with her mouth, this is new I thought, she played her tongue round the head all the while. I was ready to blow in a few minutes, I warned Kelly, she mumbled something like "I know" and then the pressure in my balls reached its peak and I shot my load straight down her throat, two, three, four, five spurts, she took them all, my girl was learning from Lorraine alright.

She cleaned my cock then stood up and kissed me, I could taste my salty sperm on her lips. Kelly then took her pants off and turned around, she knelt down and rested her head on the floor with her butt pointing right at me, I parted her cheeks and leaning over I kissed her bum-hole, playing my tongue around it, then pushing my tongue in the hole like a little penis. Kelly gasped and begged me to make love to her properly so I stood up and straddled her legs, I pressed my cock so it pointed straight down and pushed it against her arse-hole, the head popped through, Kelly groaned in pleasure.

I held still whilst Kelly got used to the intrusion in her back passage, then I squatted down, thrusting deep inside, I slowly came back up, then squatted again, I carried on like this, speeding up gradually, until my thighs were burning. As this wasn't a Jane Fonda work out I had to quit, I pulled out and apologised for being a wuss.

"It's ok, my neck is killing me now anyway, help me up"

I pulled her up and sat back down, Kelly reached for my cock and took it in her mouth to finish me off just as Lorraine came through the door to see how Kelly's studies were getting on, "oh I see your French Oral skills are improving."

Kelly let go of me and replied, "Well you're the best teacher a girl can have..."

"Well don't wear him out, I've got an itch only one man can scratch."

Lorraine took my hand and led me out of the room and upstairs, Kelly followed behind. Lorraine climbed on the bed and patted the bed beside her, indicating where I should lie, Kelly climbed on next to me.

Lorraine pushed me back and climbed on top, she pulled her panties to one side and fed my cock straight into her sopping pussy, "I watched you from the doorway, I'm so horny now", she rode me hard and fast and came quickly, but she didn't stop. Kelly got off the bed and moved round to the foot and started to lap up our combined juices, she then started to probe her mum's rectum with one hand and massaging my balls with the other. My sack tightened up and my cock stretched further, it started to pulse and I came, Lorraine leant forward and kissed me hard, she grabbed my head and pulled me into her as she came again, and again.

Kelly tended to any spilled juices then came round and hugged us both, she kissed each of us in turn, sharing our juices around, then Lorraine climbed off me and lay down, we spooned and fell into a contented sleep.

On Sunday Dayna phoned Jo and asked her to come round to her flat above the shop. She had a bottle of gin open, Jo looked at it suspiciously, "it's to steady my nerves, I'm going to tell you something I've never told anyone before"

"OK, I'm a good listener, and I also keep secrets as part of my job, so this will go no further."

"This is difficult, but you need to know this, because I love you, and I want you to know everything, I look like a strong person, but I'm not, oh what the hell, here goes. I was raped by my uncle almost every week from the age of 12 until he was killed when I was 15. Not just my uncle, but some of his friends, and anyone who'd pay him some money. They would use me any way they wanted, I can never have babies because one bastard punched me in the stomach so hard my womb ruptured and had to be removed."

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