Metroland Revenge

by Midsummerman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Revenge, BDSM, DomSub, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Snuff, Group Sex, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A travelling salesman displays his own personal wares too, as he seduces lonely women. His wife wishes to dispose of him, and on hearing from one of the other women, enough reason is found. Unknown to the male, his wife is now part of an elitist ring of dominant women; an 'appointment' is arranged with a sexy ex-military woman. It will be the salesman's last seduction, as he learns of his submissive side, but is not given long to enjoy it. The woman he has seduced enjoy his disposal.

The papers were full of the possible threat from Hitler, the promise of global travel by flying-boat, and the upcoming Munich Olympics as Albert Brown returned home to Acacia Avenue and his recently acquired newly built house. The ornate ridge tiles across the roof gave it a strangely Chinese look, and his cock suddenly bulged as he fantasised about an exotic eastern woman waiting for him inside. Albert was a travelling salesman often away from home several days at a time, and was an incurable philanderer, his job aiding his addiction. He had fucked many women, but never one from the Far East, and he would not achieve this on this occasion, knowing only his dour and long suffering wife would be the only woman to greet him. He did not know it yet, but he would never have the occasion to fuck an eastern woman now; Violet, his wife, had long suspected her husband's philandering, and now comfortable in her new house would be happy if he were to disappear. The little housewife had a dark side which Albert had failed to discover, and she had a secret lover whom she had complete control over; Violet had received a letter from a disgruntled woman in Windsor, used and discarded by Albert, she now had the excuse which would justify her actions. Albert would disappear; he would pay with his life. Arrangements had been made with her covert circle of friends, the women who had provided and introduced her lover to her. Albert would receive a request to visit a certain address, to display his electric vacuum cleaner, supposedly a lead from one of his calling cards; the woman would prove to be most accommodating, and would be his nemesis.

Violet smiled softly and gave Albert a peck on the cheek as he entered the front door; she smiled with smug satisfaction as he opened the items of post which had arrived for him, her mature cunt tingled excitedly as she saw him absorbed in a letter, the writing on the envelope immediately recognisable to her.

"Possible good fortune Albert dear?" Albert was more than happy to relate the contents.

"Possibly Violet; I've been asked if I could provide a demonstration for a couple in Hendon tomorrow, between ten and mid-day." Violet smirked knowingly; she knew exactly how the letter had been composed and that there was only the mention of a single woman within it. Her cunt now oozed as she felt the trap closing about him; she would allow him sex tonight, it would be the last time he fucked her. At mid-day tomorrow her lover would arrive by her command; he would be shown his new accommodation before driving her to the address in Hendon, her lover would be shown what happens to males who disrespect the superior sex. There would other guests attending too, some no strangers to the delights of such a punishment, others invited for the first time, eagerly awaiting the spectacle.

Albert smiled as he saw her used underwear on the bed; she was in the bathroom preparing, and this was a sign that she was open to sex tonight. Albert took the soiled knickers and sniffed at the heavenly scent of mature woman's cunt, his cock rising instantly as he thought of his recent conquests and of a fresh opportunity tomorrow. Still, his homely wife's cunt would do for now; he forsake his pyjamas as he climbed into the bed with its Art Deco headboard which accompanied the room's up to date thirties decor. Violet walked meekly into the room in a full length pink dressing gown and shuffled into bed beside him, noting her knickers had been moved, and undoubtedly sniffed; she smiled smugly in the dim light of the tiffany style bedside lamp, this would be the last time he sniffed her knickers, but he would smell her cunt again tomorrow for one final time. The ritual was the same each time; some quick fumbling from Albert which he considered foreplay, followed by Violet's spreading of her legs which signalled to him that his brief fingering of her cunt was sufficient to allow him to climb on top and insert his cock, stiffened initially by the scent of her soiled knickers. Both minds went to separate worlds as Albert's stiff cock slid back and forth in Violet's juiced cunt; Albert thought of the pretty middle-aged woman from Windsor, she had been single and lonely, so easily taken advantage of; his cock went nicely into spasm as he reminisced on how he'd tricked her into letting him fuck her; he might even visit her again and apologise for not turning up again as arranged, he had enjoyed the fuck so much and would thoroughly appreciate a second opportunity. The irony of his thoughts would be brought home to him tomorrow; an apology would be too late now. Violet's thoughts went to her darker side as she did her best to get full enjoyment from Albert's last ever entry into her womanhood; her cunt buzzed with pleasure as she thought how her lover would fuck her in this very bed tomorrow night, on her orders, just as she required to be fucked, and after she had caned him. She almost reached orgasm, but smiled in ironic fashion as Albert grunted his pleasure as he selfishly came with no regard to her satisfaction whatsoever as per usual, and then lay panting on her as her frustration peaked. This would never happen again; any male entering her from now on would not be allowed to come until she had been fully satisfied. As her self-centred husband left the bed to clean up, she worked her unsatisfied and eager cunt to a delicious orgasm as she thought of the subliminally erotic pleasures tomorrow would bring.

Albert drove the small Austin the few short miles to Hendon. His cock rose as he looked at the splendid detached white house with curved, state-of-the-art bay windows, and green tiled roof; architecture often reflected the inhabitant of the building, and he was not to be disappointed on this occasion. He knocked at the door, and a face appeared in one of the three diagonal panes of glass in the door. Albert's cock stiffened as a shapely and attractive woman opened the door, dressed in a tight blouse and skirt; she looked down at him with a certain contempt.

"Mr Brown? You will bring your vacuum in immediately; I wish to see how efficient a performance can be had." Albert puzzled over her accent as he did as he was told, and watched her shapely legs in seamed stockings as she led him through the house. He noticed pictures on the wall in which she was dressed sternly in a uniform which looked distinctly military; she had mentioned in the letter that she was a widow, but had said little else, he just knew that she was a Mrs Atwell. As she showed him the kitchen she spoke again.

"I will have you demonstrate on the tiles first; this is a good test, yes? Then you will perform on my lounge carpet." Albert's cock twitched at her natural authority, and her delightful posture.

"Certainly Mrs Atwell, I'll show you how it copes superbly with any surface or carpet texture ... I couldn't help but notice your accent; you're not English?" She smiled softly, pursing her red lips and emphasising her high cheekbones before responding, her cunt moistening as she began her entrapment; she was thoroughly excited about today's appointment and she wanted him to know as much about her as possible, he would know the superiority of womanhood before he was dealt with permanently. She held the plug for the vacuum obligingly, though in reality this was to show that she would be in control at all times.

"I am from Germany and met my late husband at Munich airport; he was an aircraft navigator and worked from Hendon aerodrome. He has been gone for nearly two years now ... I do miss his attentions and his obedient service." She heaved her breasts as she spoke and casually undid the top button of her blouse. Albert's cock was stiffening by the moment as he listened to her sultry accent, but surely the true meaning of her statement had been lost in translation; 'obedient service'? Her cunt tingled as she saw him ponder her words; she would soon have him where she wanted him, and the others would be treated to a superb show. She waited for his next words before she would allow him a peep at her rear garden, prior to taking him to the main lounge; she needed him to see this, to add to her thrill later. Albert's chauvinistic tendencies would lead him nicely into a situation from which there would be no escape. Despite her strange assertiveness, Albert suddenly felt very bold.

"I can imagine what it is like, having had a man in your life, then going without his attentions; I often meet women in similar circumstances, I feel so sorry for them." Her cunt bulged as she lifted her hands to her hair and released the severe bun she had it in; she knew his cock was bulging too as the lifting of her arms expressed her breasts, giving him a view of her excited nipples, and the release of her flowing locks of blonde hair confirmed that she may be open to sex. She said nothing more, but smiled sexily at him and plugged the vacuum in. Albert swiftly applied the instrument which was supposedly the reason for him being there; as he bent down to clear areas under kitchen units, she strutted over to him, hands on hips, in a strangely provocative way. She ensured he had a good view of her legs and high heeled shoes which arched her feet and stretched her calves divinely. It was a warm day and the extra heat from the vacuum's electric motor gave her the opportunity to swing the back door wide open as Albert finished off. She smiled with satisfaction as she noted his immediate interest in the array of vivid colours of the various roses and other blooms in the enclosed garden; only the crest of the roof of a neighbouring house was visible above the flowering shrubs and hedges.

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