Before Need - Dark Temptations
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, BDSM, Rough, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, Anal Sex, Size, Violent, Workplace, Transformation,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Back a few years something happened to change lives. Rick might not be Need, but he does end up needing BBC. Be careful who you give power to in your life or it could change in ways you never thought possible.

Before Need there was ... dark temptations...

It wasn't a typical Monday except that like every other day I was bored. I happened to pass Kitty's Adult Theater as I was wandering home at around 8 - the place was nearly empty since it was the height of Monday Night Football (you know, when it was on ABC). I went searching for something ... new ... different ... but as usual I was drawn to those magazines depicting big black cocks and blondes sucking on those aforementioned BBC. Like most white males seeing a hot girl sucking on cocks makes you think it is YOUR cock she is sucking. And I suppose somewhere I began to hope mine was big ... Really big ... However lately I have been considering my fixation on watching a hot blonde suck on a BBC might have a different bent. Maybe I am envisioning those are MY lips wrapped around that cock. This is the kind of crap that happens when you have too MUCH time to think. However I am delaying the dark temptations that began on this night.

I must have been abnormally engrossed in the content of this particular magazine because I was startled by a voice very close "Those are stellar lips she has ... I know..."

He didn't finish as I jumped a bit or maybe that was his plan, make me ask...

"They do look fine..." and I really had no idea what to say after that.

"No, they felt wonderful ... that is MY cock she is sucking! She is really divine at the art of cocksucking - especially a Big Black Cock like that!"

Fault me all you want for my next action - but I still think it was normal! I am also positive that it confirmed something in his eyes. Because I checked out his package ... and was startled once again ... not because it was large (it was) but because it was visible ... not thru any clothes ... it was hanging down a substantial distance and was about a quarter erect ... I was spellbound and just a bit needy for a bit. Drooling type of needy. I assume he was smiling but I never looked up. I did hear him say "Lisa? Setup that video into a booth, please!"

"Sure Jax, it's in 6!"

"Let us partake of that fine lady in full motion, sir!" and he kinda put his hand on my lower back and guided me into a booth. The booth's weren't too exciting, nor clean, there were two benches like in a sauna, one higher that the other. He situated himself on the higher one after guiding me to the lower. His cock was right there in front of my face. I expected him to say something about my staring - thinking I should really stop. I didn't ... but I thought I should. In hindsight I think this was exactly what he expected.

"Aah, there is that mouth! It is so fine ... I can tell just by looking how good a mouth will feel wrapped around a BBC, being that I have one myself!" the humor came through even thought I didn't look at his face. I did glance for just a second at the girls mouth - it did look lucious! It was fall here in Colorado and I had a jacket that I almost dumped on the floor but Jax intercepted it and placed it on the bench next to him. My iPhone clunked a bit as he set it down.

"Oops, I hope it didn't break anything!" and he rooted through the pockets until he got it out. "Nope - looks good as new!" then he turned on the camera and took my picture. The flash startled a bit and he said "See, you have those same lips ... lips that are destined to be wrapped around BBC, lots and lots of BBC. Trust me, I know from past experience. Just watch Lynn work her lips, she was divine by the time this was shot. She wasn't real good at the beginning but she was a quick learner - and with a mouth like that she had everything she needed to excel."

"See how she uses her tongue? Amazing how that feels - she told me that sucking on my BBC was better than any other sex she ever had. It had something to do with her mouth, doing wonderful things with those lips and tongue made her quite hot! Oh, she was a great fuck, but Man! That mouth was what made her special. A mouth like that, like yours, (he was waving the iPhone around) is truly a gift to be treasured. Used often, soon..."

Yeah! I get it! He wanted to coax me into sucking his cock! I still wonder why he chose me! But in the end the inevitable occurred as I leaned in to lick that cock! As big black cocks go it wasn't all that big - although it was at least ten inches and about eight centimeters in diameter. I still don't know why length gets measured in inches and girth is metric - but I suppose a foot long cock is more impressive than 30 centimeters. I had been preparing for this moment forever ... well ever since we started talking. I was getting a lot of saliva built up to lube the way for that monster to enter my mouth. I hadn't noticed but I was ready. It took some effort to get the head in my mouth. I tucked my teeth behind my lips and pushed. I had trained a bit with a dildo I bought ... the dildo was actually to see what it felt like to have a cock in my ass. But, it could serve double duty! Right? And the last one, the one in my dresser drawer at home was just about the size of this one. Stylized and black! One thing to note - it is easier to swallow a real live cock than a dildo because the real one is flexible and gives a bit. The dildo was hard and...

Well, you get the idea. My own cock was straining at my fly. So much for not being gay ... not that it was bad. I knew I was into chicks - however I now KNEW really KNEW that I had lots of desire for black cocks ... and I am pretty sure they had to be black. I can say time seemed to halt as I familiarized myself with this BBC. I did my best to give pleasure. I know I enjoyed it a lot. I had pressed his balls into my mouth, licked every little bit of that BBC. I was trying to deep throat it when he asked.

"What's your iTunes password? I want to get you a little app to show off your talents!"

I was really not happy with that! What the hell? Anything could happen ... but the worst thing was I had to take my lips off that wonderful cock to tell him my password. It took just a second and then I was back making myself very happy. I didn't notice that my iPhone was sitting on a shelf taking video of my cocksucking skills while Jax logged into a website with his phone and setup an account for me. It was just about hooking up with BBC owners - I found that out later. A little later I would find out that he had texted a couple of his friends to share. What do you think he was sharing? Pictures of me sucking his cock! And offering to share my mouth with those friends. A couple came by later, after I had finished with Jax. I had cum on my face and was pretty fucking happy. Looking back I should have been scared to death. But regardless of that I had thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with BBC.

Jax was doing something with my iPhone and asking me a few questions. Turned out his was filling out my Profile. My phone signalled a text message. Jax looked and said "You up for a another BBC Rick? A buddy of mine says he is coming down and I always like to share. Especially a cocksucker with such impressive natural talent. With practice you'll be able to find BBC everywhere to suck." he paused "Of course, it is up to you if you want to keep all that god given talent hidden away like you have in the past."

The way he said it made me think it would be tragic if I did any such thing! I didn't think real long before telling him "I would love to suck your friends cock - I look forward to sucking a LOT of Big Black Cocks in the future." I wish I could say I was drunk, but I was only on adrenaline, and Jax caught it all on video which he then posted at for all to see. The door opened almost immediately and two black males entered. One said to Jax "This the cocksucker?" Jax nodded and he said to me "You shouldn't wait too long to start - there is always some little white cunts around here ... and I like to FUCK cunts better than getting head."

I didn't even hesitate to kneel before him and extract his BBC - a BBC that was longer than Jax's but a bit thinner. And it got hard really fast ... harder than Jax ever managed. I liked the thinner part because I managed to deep throat this one all the way. This time it took a long time for him to cum. Part of that was because there was another BBC that needed my attention and I split time between them. Eventually they both gave me a facial and those videos were uploaded to my account. All in all it turned out to be a great Monday night!

It wasn't until I was almost home that I realized what might be the consequences of my night of pleasure. I worked for a contractor to the government, in their infinite wisdom they had granted me a security clearance. I had no idea what was going to happen, but I did know that soon, probably very soon, I would need to inform the security office of my new found talents. Keeping them secret would guarantee losing my clearance. I got a few texts on the way home but didn't look at them until I was safe and off the roads. They were in response to Jax's request to invite friends to my introduction to cocksucking ecstasy - I really thought that then. I just returned the texts and said maybe tomorrow evening - before I was in bed I had four BBC that I was going to suck tomorrow night. All of them were over in Aurora, which is where I worked so I wouldn't have to drive through traffic to meet them. It all seemed pretty unreal but any issues could be worked out in the daylight.

I was at work at my normal 6am, traffic is a disaster from my home to Aurora so I went in early. Supposedly I would leave about 2:30 for an eight hour day, this happened about twice in the last year. Usually I would hang around until 6pm and head out. Sometimes I would meet a lady that I was enamored of and drink a bit. Flirt a bit, and burn a bunch of money on her drinks. Sometimes with a few of her friends. I really was nuts about the girl but if I had really looked I would have known she wasn't interested in anything but the free drinks. But, I digress, things were going pretty well. Tuesday was rather innocuous since the big meeting was Wednesdays. I got a text when I wandered down to the snack bar (the cellphone had to be turned off in my office) that asked about lunch. Actually it said "Yo - u up for sucking three BBC 4 lunch?" as I finished getting my Diet Coke it pinged again "Bigger than Jax and the bitch that usually does us takes a few loads from each" and then directions to a place a mile of so away - what could I say, mess up my plans for lunch! I just typed "On my way, be there in ten minutes" and I went to lunch.

By the time I got close I was thinking I was crazy - not for wanting to suck those cocks, but for not realizing where I ended up. This was serious bad territory - there are these little pockets of abandoned houses that end up being used or abused by anybody that wished to be anonymous. The house I pulled up to was about to fall down, they must have heard me drive up because my phone pinged and it said to drive back by the garage. I was truly glad I had brought my Blazer to work (it was old and the weather had looked a bit dicey) The garage door went up and I could see several people. More than three - five of six - as I got out I noticed two were girls - white girls - so on final count it was four BBC owners. By way of greeting one of them pulled his cock out and asked "You up to be topped Bitch? I like to pound some ass once in a while!" he had a huge ... smile ... his cock was bigger than that! I would guess easily 12 inches - fat fucker too!

"I really can't do that at lunch! Maybe after work sometime..." wondering why I said that and then figuring with four guys - twentyish - and pretty muscular - I was probably delaying an argument. I was also on video since one of the girls had her iPhone out. And I was wrong about four guys because two more were in the back of the garage.

He started to say something as I slipped down to engulf his BBC - then "Guess you knows what you wants" my iPhone disappeared into the other girls hands and the door dropped down while I sated the first of my needs - filling my mouth with that cock!

I found out this guy was named Tyree, and he fucked down my throat as much as possible. Not much sucking but getting fucked. He was pretty messy when he finished and wiped his cock off in my hair. That first time it didn't go all the way down. But there were more to cum!

They all took his lead and finally one went clear down. And he left it down until I thought I would pass out. Then he came while pulling out and I got facialed! What a mess, this shirt was history!

They all did me twice - two went for thirds. I was worn and torn and my throat hurt pretty good.

I managed to deep throat my first big black cock! A major accomplishment - it felt good down there! Earlier one of the girls was sucking my cock - which was nice - not as nice as sucking Tyree's cock, but nice. These guys were a bit rougher than those the night before and Tyree noticed my badge - for work entry. I noticed at the time but another cock appeared before me and I went to work. Really worked at it - this one disappeared before he came that first time. Plowed into the other chick - thought he was going to ram her through the wall for a bit. But another BBC was right there and it distracted me. All in all it was a good lunch - like I said all those fuckers came twice and the others three times. I had cum all over my shirt and just by accident I had my workout clothes in the car. I hadn't worked out since I put them there so they were wrinkled but fresh - I don't like t-shirts at work but given the choice it was a no brainer. However the smell was a bit much and I ended up at the mall to get a new shirt. The girl was nice and helpful. Had a silly smile and flirted a lot - then a manager came along and asked how my purchases were going. We talked a little and when he asked for my number I was amazed. He was six feet or so - black and fit.

I must have looked confused. "Tyree says you like your throat fucked! I ain't never done that because like Lara over there " he pointed to the sales girl " most these little white cunts cannot handle BBC that way. You didn't think I was looking for a date did you?" he was really amused.

"I was a bit shocked it sounded like that ... I just like BBC - no dates at the moment!"

He looked at me a long time - kinda like you scope out a body but all his interest was on my face and neck. It was disconcerting to say the least. "Ty says you on your way to work" I nodded "I get off at 5, maybe you could bring me off after that?"

"No plans until later" I paused and he was silent "Going to Colton's for a meet then."

"Colton's? Really? How about Old C's you can swallow it all on patio!" it didn't seem a question but I nodded agreement and I went back to work.

Before I went back to my office I checked my profile and was not pleased to discover my agreeing to get fucked in the ass was part of the video they uploaded. What a fuckin idiot!

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