What if...?

by MattHHelm

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, ft/ft, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Daughter, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: You ever wonder what if...? Or If only I'd. Or I wonder what would happen...? You know the drill. What if Klara Polzl had an abortion in 1888? What would happen if Goering and Mengele played one last trick on the world in 1947 just before WWII ended???

I don't know how many time I've heard the phrase, "What if..." or "I wonder what it would be like if..." or "If only I'd ... Sometime you can sit and wonder about these things. What if the South had won the Civil War? I wonder what it would be like if England had put down the rebellion. If only I'd bought those shares of Microsoft in '87, or Apple in the 90s when it hit $7.00 a share. What if Klara Pƶlzl had an abortion in 1888. I wonder what it would be like if none of the Panzer divisions had been on the beaches of Normandy in June of 1944.

June 6th of that year was a disaster. The Allied forces took tremendous losses. The only soldiers that got past the beaches were the Glider troops, the ones that were flown in towed behind the C-47. Operation Dead Stick was a success, but without the backing of those who were to land on the beaches, the troops had to pull back. The war continued on until the Heavy Water experiments and the Manhattan project finally came to fruition. Congress somehow found out about it and it took two years more to get the approval to use the weapon. The only thing that allowed it to go through was the threat that Hitler's scientists had finally solved the problem and were within weeks of using it on England.

The drop of Little Boy on Hiroshima and Fat Man on Nagasaki in June of 1947 was followed by Delano in July 31 on Frankfurt and the Hoover in August 2 of that same year on Berlin. The Allies received word that the Nazi high command wanted to discuss terms of surrender. There was only one problem. Goering. He assisted Adolf's suicide and took over. He ordered his Luftwaffe to begin their systematic delivery of the new chemical that Dr. Mengele had developed. Long range planes from all over the world took off just before the peace conference. It could be said it was the largest single launch in history. Small planes, large planes, if it flew and was under the control of the insane Goering, it flew that night.

Mengele's compound was released into the air. Something went wrong with his formula. Something he and Goering hadn't expected. More than half of the world's male population initially died, including the Aryans. The extent of the damage it did wouldn't be evident for fifteen to twenty years, long after Goering was gone. He'd been captured and sentenced in Nuremburg to death by hanging, but he cheated and took cyanide the night before his date with the gallows. The quantity of compound released in the atmosphere was such that clouds of the stuff encircled the globe. There wasn't a place on Earth that didn't get dusted with it by the middle of 1949. The effects didn't start showing until the end of that year. The world birth rate for males had dropped to less than 1% of the population by January of 1950.

The effects of the stuff were least concentrated in the Midwest region of the United States and the Southern tip of South America. Every country was affected the same. The worldwide birth rate stabilized at 2.5% male/97.5% female in all groups and subgroups. Changes were legislated once the politicos figured it out (through their experts and advisors).

I didn't notice any differences growing up. I noticed Baldwin Heights Elementary had almost no boys by sixth grade. We had about a dozen in my class, but there were none in fifth, one in fourth, none in second or third, a set of twins in first, and none in kindergarten. The encyclopedia in the school library was where I found out about 'the disease'. I knew I couldn't do anything about it, so I went about my normal routine.

A lot of the boys moved away during Jr. High. The government set up a program, similar to WITSEC, only for young males. They intended to spread the boys out around the country to allow for the maximum potential of spreading breeders out. It was completely voluntary, but the incentives were amazing. Each family was given a half million new dollars just for agreeing. Their possessions were moved for them. A new home of their choice was provided for the family, as well as a home for the male once he was ready to leave home and live on his own. With the changes in the law, he could do that at fourteen if he wanted.

Utilities were free. Food was ordered and delivered twice a week. There is no limit to the amount of food that could be requested. A living allowance is also provided for purchasing whatever else is needed. This all is granted you once you jack off in a cup and you are found to have viable sperm. We were given the option of moving when I started shooting the good stuff (I was not quite twelve at the time). We had a big family meeting and decided not to move because of all our relatives lived within fifty miles of home.

Well, that's not quite right. We got a bigger, better home. Mom, Dad, and I sort of designed it. An architect came by and we discussed what we wanted and we were shown drawings and plans two weeks later. We all agreed that was what we wanted. We were given a forty-five acre plot just north of the city limits so we could have animals. They built the house, barn, pool, and guesthouse in about four months. They even landscaped the property, put up fences and cross fences. It's a really nice place.

We were given an F250 and a Country Squire station wagon because Dad's a Ford man. I asked if I could have a car and they told me I could have any American made car available at the time. I could get a new one every year and wouldn't have to turn in the old one if I didn't want to. I liked that idea a lot! The only catch was I'd have to wait until it was legal for me to drive. Despite all the changes in the laws, driving was still regulated by the states and I wouldn't be able to drive until I turned sixteen. That wasn't too far off now.

The real effect of 'the disease' showed a glaring difference of the makeup of my class at school by the time I reached fifteen. There were only fourteen boys out of two thousand, two hundred twenty seven students. FOURTEEN, and it was like this everywhere. No one place was more fortunate than the next. The equal distribution program worked. Because of the lack of breeding stock, new laws were passed in Congress for the protection of the species. The United Nations took similar action and the US model was passed around the globe.

First of all, males were national treasures. While we were not sequestered in special locations, the Manzanar camps taught Congress and they wouldn't make that mistake again; we were protected. Males were given many freedoms and liberties unheard of before. Each male was registered with the government and given total support; food, housing, clothing, etc. for him and his family. We were also on the payroll of the US Government. Our job was to procreate. Every male was expected to mate with as many females as he could in hopes of producing offspring. Artificial insemination wouldn't work for some reason, so it had to be by direct insertion of the sperm into the womb of the female for an embryo to form.

With as few studs as were available, complete and accurate records had to be kept. Each pregnancy attributed to a male earned government credit for the donor. If he sired a female, he received one thousand new dollars. If he sired a male, he received twenty five thousand new dollars with a guarantee of one hundred thousand dollars if the male turned out to be a Y chromosome dominant carrier (capable of producing male offspring). Each male child he produced would be expected to reproduce and had to test negative for the effects of the great equalizer.

Females began to change along with the males. You can see the effects of the drug on them as well. Certainly the most startling change was the aggressiveness of the girl child, and young females began starting their periods earlier and earlier until the mean age was nine years old. Their bodies also began changing at that time. Laws and legal limits were reduced so that the age of consent became thirteen years old for girls, and for boys it was as soon as he could produce viable sperm. A three-year rule was also put in effect where a boy could copulate with a girl up to three years younger then him. So a boy of twelve, if he were fertile could be with a girl of nine, if she were willing and fertile. Girls couldn't get enough sex, so Sapphic lovemaking became a national pastime. That, along with public nudity and public sex, helped to stimulate the few males available.

My older sister is a bitch from the get go at seventeen. She was always perky and outgoing, and yes Ma'am or no, Sir all the time. Everyone loved Misty. She was the darling of the family. I came next, a little less than two years down the road. Yes, I was the second child. The only advantage I had was I was male. However I had to grow up in Misty's shadow. There were times I was temped to slap the next person who commented "Oh, you're Misty's brother" or "Why can you be like Misty?" There were two more sisters born after me. On reflection, Dad must have been infected just after I was conceived. The infection only occurred in males in puberty or older. I guess that was what saved me. By the time I got close to puberty, most of the compound was inert and there was an inoculation that would prevent, but not cure the disease. Denise and Carol, my younger sisters at fourteen and thirteen were so much easier to get along with.

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