Welcome to College

by LOAnnie2

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Coercion, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Anal Sex, Slow, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A pre-frosh gets an unexpected welcome to college during orientation, being drugged and eventually blackmailed for her virgin ass.

Becky Freeman couldn't believe her luck. Here she was, an eighteen-year-old girl visiting a sorority house at the college she planned on attending in the fall, stuck sitting bored on a couch instead of exploring campus or checking out any of the weekend parties. As part of the school's orientation program she was paired up with one of the current students as a chaperone of sorts. In this case it was a girl named Dorothy, who unfortunately for Becky was in one of the back rooms of the sorority house getting stoned off her ass.

The skinny brunette high school senior was not a party girl by nature. She'd never done drugs, never smoked, nor had tried alcohol. While she was strictly opposed to drugs and smoking, she'd consider drinking alcohol if it happened to come up during the weekend--anything that might help her fit in when she arrived on campus for real in the fall.

Once more Becky looked around the common room bored out of her mind when her heart skipped a beat. The most gorgeous guy she had ever seen in her life just stepped into the house. Becky couldn't take her eyes off of him once she locked on, and even though she never figuratively drooled over a guy before, here was one she could literally do so with.

Antonio Azim entered the sorority house still undecided about what he would do for tonight. Did he want to revisit a previous conquest of his or was he in the mood for something new? It took but a moment before he found a cute, but not amazingly hot girl who was staring pretty intently at him. He smiled at her. To the unknowing observer it seemed like a warm friendly smile. Those who knew him however could tell instantly that it was something much more sinister. He had found his new target. He locked eyes with her while maintaining that smile and headed in her direction.

Becky was unsure if she was just dreaming or if what she was seeing was real. The adonis she just saw walking into the house not only smiled at her, but looked her in the eye. If the world were to end right now, she felt she would be really happy. But wait, he was walking her way. She couldn't help but notice the jet black hair, the broad shoulders, the perfect teeth and smile and that buff but not too bulky frame. She hoped that it was really her that he was headed toward, but she dare not look to see if anyone else could be the center of his attention.

As he got closer, he surveyed the girl--cute face, chipmunk cheeks, and really slender. No tits to speak of, probably no ass either but that was only a plus for him--more meaningful to completely fill up the tiny ones like that. When he finally spoke he chose his opener carefully. "Hey hot stuff," he said to her rather cooly. The way she lit up told him that he already had this girl practically wrapped around his cock.

She nearly had a heart attack when he called her hot stuff. No one had ever really said that about her before, and definitely not a guy so worthy of drooling over. In her mesmerized state she could only really say, "Hi," back to him. When he asked her if she was one of the high school kids on campus for orientation, all she could do was nod feebly.

"Dorothy must be your chaperone," he told her. "That's too bad, you're probably going to be here for a while unless... " He knew Dorothy, bigger girl, big pot head, but he knew he could turn the situation to his advantage quite easily. He'd have to remember to call her about losing her charge later.

"Unless?" Becky asked, still enchanted, her eyes never once leaving his face.

"Well, I could be your chaperone, take you around campus, let you see sites other than the couch."

Becky's eyes went as wide as they ever had--this perfect specimen of a guy was practically asking her out, even if it really wasn't that way. She hoped to play it cool, but her mouth was running off without her brain. "Couldyoureally? That'dbesogreat" she blurted out, words crashing into each other.

That charming yet sinister smile of his returned and he knew this girl was going to seem easy, but he had to play it right to get what he really wanted. "Name's Antonio, but everyone calls me Trip," he told her as he held out his hand to help her up.

Becky held out her hand to be grabbed by his. When their skin touched she swore that she could feel sparks fly between her and Trip. In response to hearing Trip's name, she said, "I'm yours," before quickly correcting herself and saying, "Becky, I'm Becky." Once she was up, he gestured toward the exit with one hand and moved his other arm around her. She was swooning as he led her out.

Even though Trip had other intentions for this tiny eighteen-year-old, he was still a man of his word. One arm around her the whole way he took her around campus, showing her the sights on a Friday night, telling her about some of the history of the school and famous things that had happened. The entire time Trip was quite sure that she hadn't heard a word of it. At the end of her tour was his own frat house of course.

Becky thought the scene she walked into at the frat house was more like what she expected--an actual party was happening here complete with loud music, beer pong, and of course beer. She couldn't have been in the house for more than a minute when Trip gave her a large plastic cup full of what she guessed was beer. Even though she was hesitant, Trip's smile once more disarmed her and she took her first sip of beer.

Trip couldn't help but grin, knowing the large beer he just handed her was laced with a little mixture that he got from his uncle Tony. At first it would make her a bit more aloof and susceptible to suggestion, then after a while it would just make her sleep really well. Now Trip wasn't the kind of guy who'd fuck a girl while she was asleep or passed out, but he still needed her asleep to get things prepared.

For Becky the beer was rather bitter, but it was her first taste of alcohol. She had to admit to herself that she didn't actually like it, but she still didn't want to look like she was weak in front of Trip so she did what made the most sense to her--she chugged it down so she could just be done with it.

Trip wanted to laugh about her quick imbibing of the laced beer on an empty stomach, but he knew he just had to wait a little bit. In the mean time, he'd show her around the party, dance with her some, and introduce her to new people.

Becky found that being at a party with Trip was unlike anything she had experienced before. More guys than she could ever remember were checking her out, and even most of the girls seemed to be in awe that she was getting all of Trip's attention at the party. Some even seemed so upset at it that when they looked over at Trip they quickly turned their head away and tried to find something else to look at.

Being able to read people at parties was always a fun experience for Trip. All the guys were checking out the girl he'd nabbed tonight knowing just what she'd be in for later. Many of the girls at the party looking lustily at him and jealously at his current target. But the girls who quickly looked away made Trip smile the most--they were the ones who used to lust after him but had already been conquered.

Trip and Becky talked, danced, and generally checked out the party for about forty-five minutes before Trip asked her if she wanted to check out his room upstairs. She nodded very enthusiastically yes, not aware that anything was different, just enjoying herself. As they walked to the staircase, they were stopped by a rather big guy who got a squeak of surprise out of the high school senior.

"Come on Trip, you know the rules. If it's a girl's first time upstairs, she's gotta face the initiation first." Trip of course knew this. It was actually his idea in the first place.

"That's right, sorry Becky," Trip told her. "Are you willing to go through the initiation? Some girls find it really embarrassing and won't go through with it. It's okay if you don't want to."

Becky was getting a bit disappointed, she was really looking forward to going upstairs with Trip now, but she figured she could probably make it through the initiation. "What is it?"

The big guy answered her, "Look up there." And there was a board with pictures of what were pretty clearly girls' asses in panties getting spanked. "Twenty smacks to your ass in your underwear by the guy who's taking you up."

She was clearly hesitant for a moment, but her desire to go up overcame her--that and the fact that it was Trip who'd be spanking her. If that's what it took to go to his room, who was she to protest. Granted, if she was completely sober, she would have protested, but her brain didn't remember that at the moment. "I'll do it," Becky told them.

Before she could say anything more in response she was already finding herself bent over Trip's lap on the couch. He was more than practiced enough that he undid the button to her khaki's while pulling her down. One of the girl's at the party who had been through it before with someone else helped pull Becky's sandals off and tugged her pants down her legs. Whereas most girls still had their pants on while being spanked, Trip indicated with a look that he wanted her pants completely off. Once they were on the floor, he started to smack her ass.

Becky cried out, she was a bit surprised at how hard that Trip was smacking her ass. It wasn't until about halfway through that her mind made the connection that he couldn't go easy on her since she was being watched getting her initiation at the moment. However, it didn't stop her from crying out with each sting to her tiny ass.

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